Learning to See: Breaking Down Forms (A Drawing Exercise in Observation) | Alexis Rivierre | Skillshare

Learning to See: Breaking Down Forms (A Drawing Exercise in Observation)

Alexis Rivierre, Visual Artist, Graduate Student, Life Long Learner

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7 Videos (28m)
    • Introduction

    • Project Details

    • Project Materials

    • Background & Theory

    • Observing Forms

    • Techniques in Practice

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class


 Anyone can learn to draw, especially from observation, if they just learn to understand what they are actually observing and translate, not simply what they see, but the objects simplistic nature to the page. It's all about understanding simple shapes...yes! The shapes we all learned in elementary school are one of the fundamental building blocks to drawing from observation, and that mans if you can combine 2D shapes, like circles, and triangles, and 3D forms like spheres and cubes etc. to build an image---you can draw what you see!

Join artist Alexis Rivierre for a 30-minute class that covers beginning drawing techniques and creating a still life. I am excited to share techniques and tips to help you look at the objects you draw in a new way that will aid in translating what you see to paper. Many people I meet simply don't believe they can be creative, and do activities like drawing. I truly believe that anyone can draw from observation if they put down their fears and take the time to learn to see. This class is ideal for beginners and those with limited experience drawing, but all are welcome to join.

"Seeing ordinary things anew is different from merely seeking new objects or novelty The former is a transformation of your own powers of perception while the latter is not".- Muriel Silberstein Storfer, Artist & Educator





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Alexis Rivierre

Visual Artist, Graduate Student, Life Long Learner

I love to learn, and create, which is why I aboslutely adore the skillshare platform. I am a visual artist working in multiple mediums (painting, drawing, photography, digital, video, collage and more..well, basically if the medium enhances the visual communication I'll learn it and apply it!) I am a graduate student pursuing my Masters in Fine Art ( I currently have a Bachelors of Fine Art (painting emphasis), minor in Art History, and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing...as you can tell I ...

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