Learning to Make Banana Bread | John Pamperin | Skillshare
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8 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Learning to Make Banana Bread Introduction

    • 2. Assemble Ingredients

    • 3. Creaming Butter

    • 4. Mixing Dry Ingredients

    • 5. Weighing Wet Ingredients

    • 6. Preparing Bananas

    • 7. Mixing the Batter

    • 8. Baking the Banana Bread


About This Class

In this class we will go step by step and make a delicious banana bread that you made yourself!  We will cover how to accurately weigh ingredients, how to cream butter for a rich texture, and how to ripen bananas quickly in case you don't have mushy bananas at hand.  I even will go through a gluten free option that tastes just as delicious as the origional.

To make this bread, you will need access to mixing bowls, measuring cups, an oven and bread pans.  I do recommend a stand mixer or a handheld mixer, but it is not manditory - it just takes a bit longer to make!