Learning how to draw with pencils; lesson one | Jarmo Tikka | Skillshare

Learning how to draw with pencils; lesson one

Jarmo Tikka, Teacher, Designer, Carpenter, Artist

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6 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction

    • Key elements for realistic drawing

    • Still life and sketching

    • Adding dark values

    • Deepening values and adding halftones

    • Sharpening and adding small details


About This Class

At this lesson you will learn how to complete a still life drawing from sketching to ready-made drawing.

You will learn to understand the different phases of drawing process and get a change to create and practice your own still life drawing by using onions as your model.

By drawing onions you will learn how to deal with natural material from the very beginning instead of making just typical basic shape exercise with no connection to real life. Drawing from life models will train your free hand drawing skills and eye and hand co-operation.

At this first practice you need to use only one graphite pencil and a standard eraser. That will give you an easy enough start for your new hobby. This lesson is perfect for the beginners or to those who have already started and want to learn more and improve their pencil drawing skills. 

After watching the lesson and making your own drawing practice based on that you will gain basic knowledge for making realistic pencil drawings. 

Join me on a journey for developing your own skills! By practicing upcoming lessons you will gradually develop new skills and get deep understanding of the world and art of pencil drawing.





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Jarmo Tikka

Teacher, Designer, Carpenter, Artist

I like to do things by hands, whether it comes to work or hobby. I have always been naturally gifted in drawing and painting. Besides my studies at the areas of handcraft and design I have learned many things through self study. My work as a teacher of carpentry has taught me many things from woodwork.

I am a creative person and love to make new things and designs. Items that has got an idea and are beautiful are close to my heart. I like to spend free time at nature with my self-made ...

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