Learning from M.C.Escher (Part 2): Tessellations with 4 shapes | Ana-Irina Vescan | Skillshare

Learning from M.C.Escher (Part 2): Tessellations with 4 shapes

Ana-Irina Vescan, Designer & Skillshare teacher

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6 Videos (34m)
    • 01 - Introduction

    • 02 - Stage 1

    • 03 - Manage intersections

    • 04 - Stage 2

    • 05 - Stage 3

    • 06 - Conclusion


About This Class

This is the second in the the "Learning from Escher" series.  In the first class,we went through the basics of tessellations.  We saw the process of making single-shaped and two shaped tessellations and we went through some drawing techniques on to make a quick hand-made tessellation.

Now we'll move further on to 4-shaped tessellations.  his time, things we'll be trickier and we are going to have to set some more rules and boundaries in order to end up with a good looking piece of artwork. It's gonna be harder, but it's gonna be fun as well!

So, if you are in the mood for some tessellations, grab your tools and let's begin!





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Ana-Irina Vescan

Designer & Skillshare teacher

My name is Ana-Irina and I am graphic designer living in Zurich. I love drawing and painting as my artsy hobby, but my true passion is putting my talent to use and creating graphics with a purpose. Here, on Skillshare, I am both a student and a teacher; I follow other graphic designers to expand my own horizon of creativity and I teach classes which I hope can help others learn new and fun skills.

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