Learning from M.C. Escher: Tessellations in Illustrator | Ana-Irina Vescan | Skillshare

Learning from M.C. Escher: Tessellations in Illustrator

Ana-Irina Vescan, Designer & Skillshare teacher

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10 Videos (34m)
    • 00 - Trailer

    • 01 - Introduction

    • 02 - Photoshop adjustment

    • 03 - Set up

    • 04 - Shape building

    • 05 - Customize your shapes

    • 06 - Build your cluster

    • 07 - Make a pattern swatch

    • 08 - Make something real

    • 09 - Final thoughts


About This Class

In the third part of the series of classes about Escher-style tessellations we are moving into the digital world and make our artwork come to life in Illustrator. By doing this, we are gaining control of our artwork: we will be able to modify it more easily, change its colors, make a pattern out a it and use it anyway we want. I will still refer to notions from the previous classes, like the grid types, but I will use them to create a digital tessellation.

The first two parts of this series still are very important, because they give insight into how to think about tessellations and how to create them.  This time around we are focusing more on the practical side, on how to make something that you can really use. Going digital opens up an entire new realm of possibilities and I'm excited to explore them.

So, tessellation time means Illustrator time! I'll see you in class!







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Ana-Irina Vescan

Designer & Skillshare teacher

My name is Ana-Irina and I am graphic designer living in Zurich. I love drawing and painting as my artsy hobby, but my true passion is putting my talent to use and creating graphics with a purpose. Here, on Skillshare, I am both a student and a teacher; I follow other graphic designers to expand my own horizon of creativity and I teach classes which I hope can help others learn new and fun skills.

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