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Learning Microsoft Azure -A Hands-On Training [Azure][Cloud] | Project Based Learning

teacher avatar Vijay Pooja

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (2h 22m)
    • 1. S01L01 Promo

    • 2. S01L02 Course Introduction

    • 3. S02L0B How to Create you Free Azure Account

    • 4. 02L0A Azure Portal Walkthrough

    • 5. S02L01 Essential Cloud Terminology

    • 6. S02L02 What is Cloud

    • 7. S02L03 Why Cloud

    • 8. S02L04 Different Cloud Deployment Models

    • 9. S02L05 Different Types of Cloud Services

    • 10. S02L06 Core Azure architectural components

    • 11. C08 Project1 01 Project Requirement and Implementation Plan

    • 12. C08 Project1 02 Create Resource Group

    • 13. C08 Project1 03 Walk through Resource Group

    • 14. C08 Project1 04 Create Storage Account

    • 15. C08 Project1 06 Deploy Static Website in Blob Storage

    • 16. C08 Project02 01 Project Plan & Implementation Details

    • 17. C08 Project02 02 Create a Virtual Machine (Basic Options)

    • 18. C08 Project02 03 Create a Virtual Machine (Advanced Options)

    • 19. C08 Project02 04 Virtual Machine Walkthrough

    • 20. C08 Project02 05 Deploy website on IIS Server

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About This Class

Latest 2020 Edition

This course can be taken by absolute beginners including candidates with non-technical backgrounds, such as those involved in selling or purchasing cloud-based solutions and services, or who have some involvement with cloud-based solutions and services, as well as those with a technical background who have a need to validate their foundational-level knowledge around cloud services and Azure.

The course is intended to help people learn Azure concepts quickly and give enough practice exercises to get them started with their cloud journey with a specific focus on Microsoft Azure.

Student Reviews:

Anjeev Saxena gives 5 stars and says:

Simply Awesome!!        It really helped me to understand the working inside Azure!!   

Thanks Vijay!

Anand found the course very impressive. He left 5 stars and review the course as below:

HI Vijay, it was good lecture so far....your way of teaching is excellent.....we are looking forward like azure series to buy...plz update if any new lecture you made....Thanku

Pamarthi Kanakaraja  gives 5 stars and says:

Yes it is very good for developing cloud-based projects and as well as database & big data analytics

Why you should take this course

  • PDF Included: The slides used inside the course for explaining the curriculum of AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam has been edited and provided to you along with course. So no need to worry about preparing notes.

  • Engaging Explanation of Azure concepts

  • Real-world scenarios to help you master Azure

  • Important Azure Services Demonstration

  • Complete kit for learning Microsoft Azure in a project-based approach

  • Regular Test your knowledge exercises within lectures to validate your Azure knowledge

Important Content:

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Understand cloud concepts

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals:  Azure Architectural Components

Create Microsoft Azure Account and Azure Portal Walk-through

Azure Real-world Example to help you master Microsoft Azure at the same time help you in clearing Az-900 exam

Project 1 : Host a Static Website in Azure | Azure Blob Storage

Project 2 : Deploy A Website on Azure Virtual Machine

Series: [Azure]

[Azure Cloud]

[Learning Azure]

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Vijay Pooja


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1. S01L01 Promo: Hello. You are some people. Thank you for your interest in as your hands on training. My name is visual and I'm going to take you through this course. I have several years off experience working on cloud technology in different roles and responsibilities. And I am super excited to share my experiences with you while going through the course. These courses intended to introduce you to Microsoft Azure. This is one off the top cloud service providers here. We will not go through the political concepts most of the time, but we will tend to learn by doing pretty much every topic we discuss in this course has a live demonstration north fish this. But you will also be taught how the things are happening in organizations that are using Microsoft Azure today. So you will be able to connect the dots and get the feeling off real world scenarios. These courses designed for the absolute beginners All I'm expecting you to know is that you are able to use your computer and be able to follow what you are seeing on your screen. Rest is all on me. We will start with absolute basics off Globe will understand what is clothes and it's different types. Water advantages and disadvantages is off using cloud computing along with its key terminals. E. And this is the only Tory part you are going to see in this course. Once the basics are set, we will directly jump onto the projects. We will plan to complete a small project, and we'll explore the different as your services in detail that will come on RV. This way you will know what a given as your servicemen food and how you can use it along with the best practices. This is a fully practical based approach to learn as your to keep you up to date with their technology. I will continuously add more projects to explore more as your services in future as your is quite dear to my cross off. And they're very aggressive on expanding as your toe every part of the world. And they have their cloud services to help companies off all sizes. Take a real business problems. Microsoft is continuously adding more regions and services to make it very loud and clear that it is an excellent platform which you should know and must know if you are anyhow related to information technology and want to remain relevant in your organization. If you are already working on Microsoft as your after completing this course, you will be bad replaced to complete your work more efficiently. If you are looking for a carrier change and interested in cloud technology, this course will provide a strong foundation toe get started with hands on azure at the end . Off course. I'm pretty convinced that you will be able to think in terms off designing your very own cloud solution for a given application or a business requirement. Please feel free to have a look at the course curriculum and description. I invite you to join me in this course today. See you inside. 2. S01L02 Course Introduction: Hello, You are some people. A very warm welcome to this course. I am super excited to take you through this course, which is meant to learn cloud services and particularly Microsoft Azure. I think this is the right time to take few commitments from you first and foremost important thing to get anything from the scores on Lee and Onley Ways practice. This is no the course where you will see a lot off slights and talking about different concepts without spending time on implementing those concepts and get a real world feeling . We will explore everything in a practical and project based approach. I will give you sufficient time to follow the lecture and at the same time, try all the things in the portal right there. So just listen to the lecture timely. Pause the video and perform the activity yourself in as your reporter and experience yourself as in cloud architect who is trying to find out the best solution for a given problem. There's no better teacher than experience. Yes. Next, I have myself done a lot off research while making this course. The course being presented to you is my months off hard work on preparing content and researching various Microsoft articles along with my own experience off working on cloud computing for so many years now. But as an individual doing all the work myself, I have limitations off going upto some 13 extent. Don't make those as your limitations do. Please don't restrict yourself in the scope off this course cloud is washed, and there is all this possibility to learn more and more and explore new things. So get a hint from the lectures and explored the topic in more detail yourself. If you see something interesting in as your reporter search for more content in Microsoft documents and become an expert off the topic at the same time, let me tell you. Anyone, including the Azure instructors, says they know all the azure services, and they have explained each off them. In their course, are either not aware how big is this animal or they're simply lying. Don't underestimate yourself. There are good chances that you know more than the person you are talking to, so I am not certainly Dublin who knows everything, and I would request you toe continuously feed me with your ideas, and how can I improvise the content further. Please raise your cushions on the platform if you're struck with something at the same time . I appreciate if you can help your peers in answering their Gershon's. It is indeed a great way to learn and grow next. I have recorded the lectures in slow pace to make it clearly understandable for all types of students around the globe, including those whose first language is not English. So please and Zishe the piece off video playback. As for your convenience and you have option toe, turn on the captions if needed. And if you are facing issues related to blurred video, slow play back late audio etcetera. Please contact the support him directly, which is best cubed toe guide you in fixing these issues at last. For me, nothing is more special than starting my day. Reading the wonderful reviews off my students, it literally gives me goose bombs to know how significantly my courses has helped their students around the world. Truly, it acts as a fuel for my rest off their day and continuously motivates me to prepare more and more content for you. So I, as you know, find a minute off your time and provide your review on this platform. Yes. All right. Your some people tighten your seat belts and let's have a wonderful journey through the globe. See you in the next lecture. 3. S02L0B How to Create you Free Azure Account: Hello, You are some people and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we will create a free Microsoft as your account. Microsoft offers a free 30 day trial media to all new account holders with a credit off $200. This is the nicest strategy to attract new clothes users. So first off, all Goto as your door Microsoft dot com. Let me tell you, this is also the place for you to know what latest is going on in as your world. Also, how they are expanding their global footprint and more facts about it. So if you are actively involved in Microsoft Azure, make sure you are up to date with the latest information from here. Yes, now let's proceed with creating our own free account. So click this button start free. Next, click here. If you already have an account with Microsoft, you can log in using bed. Else. You can click create button. Here. You can enter your email address and create a new strong password for your raise your account. Now you must have received an or TP in your email box. Please get that and corporate here and click next and you are landed. With this form, you will need to past few details, like phone number and a credit card to stab this. Your identity people card won't work here. You will need a normal credit or debit card. There is no charge in more in setting up a free trial account. Microsoft just wants to see your car details to verify your identity and make sure that you are a genuine user and not a board trying to use their free offing. Yes, so complete and submit this form within a few seconds. Your account will be ready, all right. Using the Microsoft account, which we have just created, we are good to logging into this as your portal and explore a new world off opportunities. Yeah. So we will walk through this beautiful looking portal in the next lecture. See you there. Get Thank you. 4. 02L0A Azure Portal Walkthrough: Hello, my dear friends, And welcome to this lecture. So in the last lecture, we created our free account and got access to this awesome looking porter in this lecture let spent time on walking through this portal and tried to understand the different components. This is just a quick walk through. We've been certainly talk about individual services in detail later. So in order to do anything in our azure in a moment first and most important thing is we need to have a valued at your subscription. If you search here for subscription inside service, we can see the subscription click here and here I have my subscription. This is a pay. As you go subscription. You might be able to see your free subscription or here please not using our as your account. We can Onley logging into this porter, Bert, for be blowing our resources in the azure moment. We need a valid and activated subscription. You can create multiple subscriptions in your as your account to create logical isolation for billing and excess management. For example, you can have a dedicated subscription for your production in women and another subscription for your all known production moments. Whichever way sounds easier from management perspective, you can go for it. That is entirely your choice, please. Not that this subscription ideally, should not be displayed publicly as it could lead to security problems for your assets. I am not worried about hiding it as this is my temporary subscription and were defeated soon. But you don't simply want to share it with everyone. When we click the subscription, it will open another blade that contains detail about our subscription. You can many is the subscription from here, including the things like Court and Else's Buzzard and Viewing your Invoices, and we can manage our payment method from here. Please explore the simple and straightforward options. Now the last important thing about the subscription is excess management. So if you want other users or your colleagues to many of the subscription, you can manage that from here. This is not very important for us as vivid many czar on accounting discourse. But just remember, we can add another user and give him or her the access to use the subscription. And those users will also be able to use the same subscription to deploy the resources in as urine moment for this. Just click ed Select add role assignment. Pick what role you want to assign to the user and select the type of security play in super home. We want to assign that all we can enter the user name when you click. Save the user whom you mentioned here will also get the access to this subscription. Yes, moving on. You can change the team or look and feel off your is your portal from here, whichever you like. Go for it entirely. Your choice. Next, you can see all your deployed as your resource is here. You might not be seeing anything in your account right now. That's okay. As you will proceed in the scores and deploy our resources, you will be able to see them here moving one. Think off Resource group as the folder or container that contains are different as your resources. And they are there to make life easy. You can think off easy resource group as a separate project or maybe as when you need that you want to manage separately. This is just an introductory video. So I'm not getting into too many details. The azure resource is which you need again and again. You can place them here in dashboard. It is easy. They crack. You're a jury moments and gives a quick access to the resources without having to search them. You can help multiple dashboards in your azure account, and it is very easy to create dashboard and customize them. Please note it is nothing much but tested. Jason file that is made to look attractive. You can export your dashboard and important to another account easily. And from here, you can create as your resources all different, kind off as your services are logically group over here, you can pick the right service that you need to deploy and proceed with your deployment off course. You can search from here to build down further in finding the right resource that you want to deploy. All right, that is enough introduction to as your porter. For now, let's keep this lecture short and simple. We will anyway, spend a lot of time in. This is your portal. So things will gradually gets clear to you. Yep. Well, that's it for this lecture. Take their 5. S02L01 Essential Cloud Terminology: Hello, You are some people. Welcome to this lecture where we will talk about some common cloud terminal Rosie. This is time for a quick introduction to these terms. Off course, we will keep exploring them throughout the course in more details. So let's get started. High availability refers to the ability to keep services up and running for long periods off time, with very little downtime, depending on the service incursion. This is the ultimate goal off using the globe. It symbolizes the idea off anywhere and anytime access to the services. As an end user, you wouldn't like to use the services or lex it. This website on which you are watching this lecture right now claims to be 24 by seven on birth goes constantly offline. For a service to have true high availability, it needs not to Onley be always on. But there has to be some guarantee for its up time from the Lord Service provider. For example, if a cloud service provider says I will give you 99.99% is guarantee off application availability, which comes out to be downtime off 4.38 minutes permanent. If that service provider fails to provide these much availability means if the application goes off line for more than 4.38 minutes in a month, the service provider is answerable. Toe this loss for few off you may be. The cloud service provider is also in Newtown. So please think off Lord Service provider and it comes me that offers you cloud services like Microsoft as your AWS Google Cloud, etcetera. You may be amazed to see the service providers are ready to provide 99.999% is guarantee also, but not 100% well, because nothing is perfect, so don't expect it. No matter work. Something can go wrong here and there, right? So the service Breuder's being responsible for these numbers have to be very, very careful with their commitments. Moving on four tolerance is the ability to continue up and operating properly in the event off the failure off some off the application components. It is very similar to that term high availability, but more precisely, this rare first toe, how you can plan toe our this couple of minutes downtime as well. This is achieved by maintaining multiple copies off your resource is, if one resource goes down, another copy off. That resource continues to serve the application. Lord. All right, even if you have insured high availability and four tolerance for your application, can your replication withstand a catastrophic disaster like flood art? Quick, etcetera, Impacting the data center where you have deployed your application? No, Great. For this, you need a disaster recovery or D. Our plan. Disaster recovery their first toe. The complete plan to recover your critical business systems and normal operations in the event offer disaster. This includes replicating all your resource is inside another data center, which is geographically far. So in case off a disaster, the second later center can be used to keep your application up and running. This makes sense. Moving on toe facility in the Cloud Computing Context facility often refers to the ability to rapidly develop, test and launch software applications that drive business growth. Cloud ability allows to focus on other issues, such as security monitoring and n else's, instead of spending time and effort on pro visiting and maintaining the resources. Lastly, elasticity, elasticity is the ability to automatically increase or decrease resources as needed. Let's understand by an example. There is an application whose uses turn says it's utilization is four times higher in the last week off the month, then any other week. Consider it as a payroll administration type off application, which comes into the picture mainly in the month end for crediting our salaries. Now tell me, does it make sense to add extra resources and keep them added to support our application? Lord, just because we will need it in the last week No, right. It will be like which days off resources and money for three weeks and utilizing it in the last week. Not a good design, isn't it? The solution off this problem is we can automatically increase the resources in the last week off the month and remove as soon as the demand decreases. So this is elasticity for you, Ladies and gentlemen, I hope now you are clear on these basic loud terminal Ozy. You will see these terms repetitively incoming lectures. So you are going to be absolutely clear on these terms. Well, that's it for this lecture. Take good care of yourself and let's meet in another lecture. Thank you. 6. S02L02 What is Cloud: Hello, my dear friends, and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we will try to understand what is cloud water. It's different dimensions and why it is being so much talked about. So here we go. Before we get into cloud computing, we should know what exactly is computing where the simplest definition off computing is? It is process off utilizing computer technology to complete a given task computing may Inbal computer hardware or software, but most in more. Some form off a computer system. Another important in cloud computing is work you logician. Virtual education means to create a workable version off a device or resource such as a server, stories, device network or even an operating system. Now, with the no lease off computing and virtualization, it is very easy for us to understand what is cloud computing. There are several definition available for cloud. Let's try to understand what leading Cloud service providers says about cloud computing. Well, according to Microsoft Cloud Computing, is that delivery off computing services, searches, servers, storage databases, networking software, analytics, intelligence and more over the Internet do offer faster innovation, flexible resources and economies off scale. Pretty much same is the definition off cloud computing from AWS. Also according Toa Nest, which stands for National Institute for Standards and Technology and is a responsible body for developing standards and guidelines. The cloud model is composed off five essential characteristics. Three service mortars and four deployment models. All right, so let's take a look at the essential characteristics off cloud computing Number one is on the mind. Self service means a consumer can. You need literally provision computing capabilities says as server time and network stories as needed, automatically without requiring human interaction with each service provider. Next broad network exists means the cloud capabilities should be accessible where different Internet browsers and mobile applications. Resource pooling means the providers computing resources are full to serve. Multiple consumers using a multi mint model were different, physical and work with resources than Mickley Assign and the S Ame. According to consumer T Mind, there is a sense off location independence in that the customer generally has no control or no lease or the exact location off the provided the sources, but may be able to specify location at a higher level. Off abstraction example country, state or data center examples off resources include stories processing power, memory, network, bandwidth, etcetera. Next is elasticity, which refers to the ability to rapidly skill up or down the cloud resources. Esper demand and the last essential characteristics is miserable. Ity cloud system automatically control and optimize resource used by live raising a meeting capability. Resource uses can be monitor control and reported providing transparency for bought the provider and the consumer off the utilized service. As for the needs to definition, these are the deployment mortals and service mortars, which we will explore incoming lectures. So stay in tune. Yes, all right, my dear friends, in this lecture, after a brief introduction, Tokelau we tried to understand the essential characteristics off cloud computing as burnished. If a service provider doesn't have these essential characteristics in their cloud services , they may not be legally allowed to be called a cloud service provider, and hence you will notice the's essential characteristics in all major close service providers searches. Microsoft is your AWS and Google clothes friends. I know the definition part is always boring, but this concept are sometimes important to know. In the next lecture, we will explore some common Edward diseases and this advertises off using cloud computing. See you there, Decker 7. S02L03 Why Cloud: handle you are some people. Welcome back as we move our solution toe some form off globe. It is obvious to get some benefits and a different set off challenges in this lecture. Let's talk about some advantages and disadvantages is off using cloud computing so that we can decide whether it is work to migrate, our solution to club or not. So let's start. Here are what is is what you get If you move your solution toe clothes. Let's talk about each of these and understand what it means. First off. One cost reduction, which you should get because you don't need to spend on setting up and maintaining large data centers. And also because you can switch off your cloud resources when you do not need them, and hence you can reduce the cost on those resources. Course is a very important factor in any business, so let's try to understand the coast at one days in detail. In running its business, A company sometime has to make a choice whether toe in cure an operating expense, which is an expense required for that day to day functioning off a business or a capital expense, which is an expense or an investment, a business in cars to create a benefit in the long term. For example, if a company needs more stories space for storing its data, it can either invest in purses ing and maintaining in new data stories. Device as a capital expense or what they can do is lead some space in a data center as an operational expense. Please know that Cape X is an upfront coast. Were wrist or packs is not enough friend coast in or Pecs. You pay for a service or product as you use it, and also you can do that. This expense from your next bill in the same year. Skeptics offers high stability. Where is OPEC's offers more flexibility? Business needs to choose between their two as for their organization needs and goals. Suppose if you're sure that you will constantly need a stories for coming 5 to 6 years, at least it is worth toe. Make an upfront investment and possesses it. Vieri's If you are not sure for how many months or years you will need that the stories and you are also not sure if their demand may increase or decrease in the near future. Let it will be fullest to locker amount in processing their stories. Got it. I like to explain the cloud concepts by relating them to our real life examples. So think off epics and OPEC's investment as their decision you make whether to person s a new house for living or whether to rent a house. Sounds relatable. No. Well, the Lawzi in making these decisions is pretty same. If you know that you will need that house for a longer duration off time. You will. Percy's it If you are not very sure you would rather prefer toe rent that house. Correct. Okay, so the cloud service provider can give us some coaster. Dante's over Native cloud. But how they managed to do this. Aren't they looking for profit in their business? Definitely. They won't profit. Right then. What is this Magic? We're simple thing. If these large service providers are buying hardware, they buy it in bulk, so they acquire the hardware at a lower cost. I also doubt providers can make deals with local governments and utilities to get text saving, lowering the price off power cooling and high speed network connectivity between the sites now, when they get this coasted one days, they can easily pass on the benefits to end users. Right? Well, this ability to do things more efficiently or at a lower cost per unit when operating at a large skill is called economies off scale. This course I don't is, is an important benefit. Off cloud computing moving on to the next point in Advent disease off Globe Facility facility means the ability off a business toe adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to the changes in the business In a moment. Another ad, Montes Off Cloud, could be better service quality because you can horse your application to in nearest the dissenter from your customer location hands, you can largely overcome network latency. Also, you can integrate latest technologies such as I OD means Internet off things and machine learning as they are offered at a service by all leading cloud service providers such as AWS And as your other advantages is, includes high availability, reliability and disaster recovery. These Edward disease can be achieved because cloud services provider, like as your are spread across the world and you can configure your solution in such a way that for what's over reason. A data center gets into issues automatically. Your solution can fall over toe other data center, which is located in some other part of the world, and continue to provide on interrupted services to your customers. And lastly, is off management. Well, definitely true in case off cloud computing, because you can pretty much do everything, including province nimmo, thousands off new virtual machines, creating new databases and solutions. And the ease off management is upto the extent that you can also destroy whatever you created with just a few clicks in your as your portal. So definitely is off. Management is very high in cloud computing. Yes, all right, friends. We dubbed about some advert disease off globe. But is it perfect for all kind off requirements? Well, nothing is perfect and nobody's perfect, including me. So it is unfair to talk about on the advert disease without throwing some light on the segment. Is is so let's talk about this and one days is off cloud computing. Now, here you go. So these are some descend want disease off glow with sometimes scarce companies which are planning to move to clothes. These are fear off change when there is no going back. Well, the is which we can start using a cloud. It is not easy decision to make toe go back to some other cloud service provider or go back to your native cloud if you do not like it later. This includes a massive migration, exercise and loss off fresh from your customer and hence a genuine cause off buddy if you don't choose your service provider wisely. Next, fear off data security as your does everything for you to keep your data safe, but this cannot be denied that it is no more in your own private data center. However, this advertisers can be overcome by appropriate use off hybrid clothes with includes keeping your sensitive and very important data with yourself while using inexpensive cloud services from azure or other cloud service providers. Another fear off moving towards cloud is fear off losing control. Well, certainly true. You cannot expect the equal amount off control on your resources sets as virtual machines, stories, devices, etcetera when you are no longer man using it directly. But hey, this can be interpreted differently. Boss, You did not want it to worry about these things. That is why you wanted to move. Your solution to cloud is hinted. So why would you still want to worry about these things when Microsoft, as your is fielding the best off best instruments and human resources to take care off these got it. All right, so in this lecture we covered some basic at one disease and they said more disease off using club. I hope you are more clear on these now. That's it for now. Take care and see you in the next lecture. 8. S02L04 Different Cloud Deployment Models: Henry, you are some people. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, let's talk about different cloud deployment models. A cloud deployment model is defined, according Toa were the infrastructure for their deployment resides and who has control over the infrastructure needs to defines for cloud deployment models, public, low private club, high peak load and community glowed. Deciding which deployment mortal you will go with is one of the most important cloud deployment. The seasons you will make. Each cloud deployment model satisfies defend organizational needs. So it is important that you choose a mortal that will satisfy the needs off your organization. This whole lecture is to make you clear on what are these different cloud deployment models . And by the end of this lecture, you will have absolute clarity on which one to choose as per your organization needs. First off, all we will understand what is each off these deployment moderns, and then we'll see what are the factors which influence our choice off deployment? So let's start with private club, as the name itself suggest, a private clothes is typically infrastructure used by a single organization. Such infrastructure may be managed by the organization itself. toe support where Hiss user groups or it could be managed by a service breuder. That takes care off it for you in this deployment model services offered over the Internet or over a private internal network to Onley select users, not the general public. A private cloud hosting solution, also known as internal CLO, resides on companies, Internet or hosted data center where all off your data is protected behind a network firewall. Basically, as the name itself suggests, Private Cloud is your very own clothes and you have full control over it. Private loads are more expensive than public clothes do toe the capital expenditure in world. In acquiring and maintaining their data centers. However, private clouds are better able to address the security and privacy concerns off organizations. Today, gravy clothes are perfect for the organizations that have high security requirements, high management demands and availability requirements. If you want to run a native application on Klauer, for example, on mainframe, which is otherwise not supported in public, lower or if you are a finance based organization or a security agency where you want full control over every single thing in your data center and you can spend any amount in maintaining your data center, but you are not ready to trust. 1/3 party to men is your application. And did, uh, then Private Club, which offers enormous flexibility, improved security, high scalability and compile INTS is a great choice for you. I hope that makes sense to you. Genius People moving onto public clothes services offered over the public intimate are available to anyone who wants to purchase them. This type of cloud deployment model supports all users who want to make use off a computing a source such as hardware or software on a subscription basis. In this cloud deployment model, infrastructure is shared by multiple businesses and owned and operated by a service provider like as you're or AWS for you. So in public, lower. If you build a virtual machine, you don't get dedicated harbor like CPU memory disk, but it is shared by multiple businesses. Means the other losers who have created virtual machine in that data center could be using the same. See few memory and disk. It is your clothes, RVs, Breuder's responsibility toe virtualized these resources and isolate your machine from other machines for you. The main differentiator between public and private Cloud is that in case off public low, you aren't responsible for any off the management off a public cloud hosting solution. Your data is stored in the Cloud Service Providers Data center, and the provider is responsible for the management and maintenance off their data center. Some Advent disease off public load are lower costs, no maintenance near unlimited scalability and very high reliability. Moving on to hybrid cloud, often called the best off both worlds hybrid clothes combined private clouds with public close so that the organizations can reap the Edward disease off. Bought in the hybrid Clower and organization makes use off interconnected private and public cloud infrastructure. Many organizations make use off this model when the need to scale up the right infrastructure rapidly, such as when love raising public clouds to supplement the capacity available within a private club. Let's understand this by a scenario. There is an online retailer who needs more Star Wars to run its Web application, which is deployed in their private clothes. But these extra servers are required on Lee during the holiday season. So instead of buying more servers by paying enough friend coast or you can call it capital expenditure. What they can do is they can rent those servers in a public law. And when the holiday season is over, they can simply release those servers and stop the building immediately. Lastly, Community club, where it is in mutually shared Mordor between organizations that belong to a particular community, says says banks, government organizations or commercial enterprises. This type of girl deployment model is managed and hosted internally or by it hurt party vendor. Example. Off community clothes include universities cooperating in a certain areas, off research. Our police department within a country or state sharing computing resource is etcetera. Access to a community cloud in moment is typically restricted to the members off the community. Community clothes are a recent variant off hybrid clothes that are built to serve the space Fig nears off different business communities. All right, friends. With this, we have talked about the different low deployment models. This is the time to understand how should we select an appropriate cloud deployment model for our organizational requirement? Generally, the hybrid cloud deployment model is the model that will be used in most organisations and is also the most suitable one, but we need to consider below factors before making our choice user experience. If you choose to go with a private cloud, you will have complete control over the user experience. You will be able to control the application, the network and, in most cases, the client systems. This allows you to tune everything for best performance and his ability. If you go with a public lower, in some cases, you might have no control over the user experience. And in a community cloud in woman, your control over the user experience depends on the agreement you have in place with other members off the community. Security Security is such an important concern that you need to go with what you're dressed , died responsibilities. Responsibilities very greatly, depending on which cloud more do you intend to go with? This can be another key factor in your decision making. In fact, one off the big drivers off public clothes is organizations desire to reduce their Internet responsibilities. You know what? This is simple. If you are a product based organization, you would obviously want to focus on your products more than anything, right? You would want to invest on making your product more intelligent, more innovative and add new features to it. Rather than worrying about men eating infrastructure in your data center and investing on human resources when you have option off easily sifting these responsibilities to a public cloud service provider makes sense good, I am sure. Now you have clarity on which type off cloud is best for any given organization. Well, that's it for this lecture. Have good care off yourself and see in the next lecture. 9. S02L05 Different Types of Cloud Services: Hello, people. And welcome to this lecture where we will talk about different types off cloud services. There are three men cloud as a service model software as a service s s platform as a service, B, A s and infrastructure edges service I. A s. Let's discuss about each off these types off cloud services one by one, First off, all infrastructure. As a service, I is the lowest level off cloud solution in this model. The cloud computing service provider, such as Microsoft, Azure or AWS, menaces the infrastructure while you purses install, configured and manage your software, including operating systems, middle ear and applications. I es helps you toe award expense and complexity off buying and many using your own physical service and other data center infrastructure. War does infrastructure means here is virtual machines. Nate walks stories etcetera, which is being offered to you as a service making it infrastructure. It is Aries. So instead, off purchasing servers, networking and stories devices here we are renting them to use and releasing them when we're done with them. And what do we mean by I is the lowest level off cloud solution is that this is only the base which doesn't do anything off it's on. You will have to install your runtime, your applications, your entire viruses and whatever else that you need. Meaning what you get from your cloud service provider. As part off I E s service is on Lee and Onley the infrastructure. I hope this explanation helps you in understanding i. R a s moving on to the next cloud service offering, which is late form at a service with B A s or past. Apart from simply giving you the infrastructure service provider also offers a computing platform and solutions take as a service. Simple understanding off past is you as the owner or developer off your application A Plourde your application cord at a suitable place and the service provider, like as you're, takes that court from their deployed and run it for you. If the application uses is going high for your application, it is your provider's responsibility toe increase the specifications or the resource is also you don't have to worry about the operating system or even the server. You can just concentrate on running your application. Yeah, these freeze don't uppers from infrastructure management so they can just focus on their application. A nice example off past is as your Web EBS, where you upload your website cord, choosing a suitable Web server for running it and as your takes care off, deploying it and running it for you. And finally, the software as a service s yes, or sex providers provide fully functional Web based applications on demand to customers. Seth is the highest abstraction level and allows you to just use the application. You don't even have to build the You just configure it for yourself and start using it. Incest. You need not to worry about the operating system. Scaling maintenance application updates, etcetera. At the same time, you have little control over your application. This service makes the user connect toe the application through the Internet on a subscription basis or be as you go basis. It is usually based on a multi tenant architectures, which means a single version off. The application is used for all the customers. That means if Microsoft, beside to upgrade or face 3 65 to a newer version or Google decide to upgrade Gmail, you pretty much have no control over it. Rather than accepting what they are offering correct. Where both office 3 65 and Jimmy are example. Offsets and other example includes Salesforce and Citrix. All right, friends. So we briefly talked about the different types off cloud Services. Now let's take a look at this diagram toe. Understand the management responsibilities off yours and your service providers in each off the service type. So first off, all in on premises Service model, which is nothing but your own private data center. You have too many is everything including the purchasing off servers and other devices, installing them in your data center, power supply network, runtime your application and the data meaning every single thing. You only have to take it yourself at the same time. In this Mordor, you have full control over all your resources means you can decide from which render you will purchase hardware and from which network service provider you will purchase networking services, this level off legs ability you do not get in any other service model as you move from on pre message toe public lower under I s at this modern, you sift some off these responsibilities to your cloud service Breuder like watch relegation servers, storage and networking, but you are still responsible for managing the operating system data and applications. Also, you have to worry about the software updates patches. Periodic maintenance is etcetera. If you do not wish to menace the underlying operating system, but you are only interested in the place where you can go deploy replication and run it from there, you can go for past or platform. As a service pass, it requires less user management. In this type, you have lesser control and did not to worry about any other thing, then your application and your data. The club service provider is responsible for managing every other thing for you in this model. Next is software as a service or says, which requires the least amount of management. The cloud service provider is responsible for many zing everything, and the end user just uses the software. As an end user, you need not to worry about managing the underlying hardware operating system patches, anti viruses, etcetera. At the same time, the end user have least control over software. In a moment in this, more than you have to simply take what service provider is serving you. We have already discussed office 3 65 version example to extreme. This concept earlier in this lecture. All right, my dear friends, if you answered both the portions correctly, I'm sure you have understood the concept discussed in this lecture. And we are all set to meet in the next lecture. See you there. Did you 10. S02L06 Core Azure architectural components: Hello, my dear friends. And welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we will talk about the yours core architectural components We will discuss on very high level how azure is divided into regions. What is availability, John? What is resource group and what is as your resource manager? Also, we will try to understand the use case off these architectural components. So here you go. Illusion is a geographical area on the planet containing at least one but potentially multiple data centers that are nearby and network together with a low latency network, Azure intelligently a science and controls. The resource is within each region to ensure what lords are appropriately balanced. And you're has more global regions than any other cloud service provider. This gives you the flexibility to bring the applications closer to your users no matter where they are. It also provides better scalability, redundancy and Rizzo's data residency. What? Your place you are living on this planet. There are good chances that and as your region is not very far away from you, as you can see in this map, currently there 54 regions and each off these reasons may have one or more data centers. There are totals 1 40 data centres currently operated by Microsoft Azure. You see, this is a huge number, and not just this, but this number is continuously growing. So as you can see in this map there already showing the announced regions where there's no data center currently. But they are in process off, stabilizing the leaders in this, and this number is continuously growing, you see. So if you are watching this video after a year 2019 you may find more data centers and more regions cool fits about as your data centers. As for Microsoft, these data centers are 100% carbon new print and approximately half off the power needs off . Running these large data centers is satisfied by real solar and hydro power electricity, and Microsoft is continuously working on increasing. This percentage is for the Also. There was a news last year the claiming that Microsoft dropped 8 64 servers into C to run an underwater data center. I found it interesting. You can get the Ural in PDF and read the news yourself another very important thing. When we deploy Annick Low Resource in Azure, we actually deploy it in some data center. But as your doesn't give us an option who specify that data centre into which we want to deploy our resources. We can Onley specify the region in which we want to deploy and then as your will only decide rich data center. It actually deploys those resources within our specified region. So the maximum level off physical granularity we can specify while deploying resources in azure is reason moving on. You deployed your application in one as your vision. It was running and bought. You and your customer were happy. But bad time comes. However, it is considered a great lent by Microsoft as your while deciding the location or for data center and while designing that it a centre also still natural disaster like flirt Earthquake etcetera is a reality and can potentially bring down a data center. Good it, God forbid. If any off this sort off thing happened, your application will go down and customers will escalate on you. You don't want to be in situation like that. So you want to insure your services and data are ridden then so that you can protect your information in case off data center failure when you are hosting your infrastructure. This requires creating duplicate hardware requirements as your can help make your application highly available through availability. Jones. What is availability John? Well off Inability Jones are physically separated data centers within and as your region. Each ability John is made up off one or more data centers. It cute with independent power cooling and networking availability. Jones are created using one or more data centers, and there is a minimum off three Jones within a single region. So let's it. This is a region. And if you please, one beer in each off these Jones. Now, if one of ability John goes down, the other Jones continues working. And overall, your application availability is not impacted. Got in our inability Jones are connected to high speed private fiber or pigs network. You can use availability Jones Goran missing critical applications and ensure high availability for your applications. Please know Ortiz, nor all as your regions support availability. John Option. As you can see in this map, few regions in US euro and one Duden in Southeast Asia. Onley support our ability, John. Option currently. Now you are clear on what is as your region. What is availability Joan and how it helps us in making highly available application architecture. Er, let us move on to the next concept that is resource group. And as your resource group is a conditioner, that horse related resource is foreign as your solution. The resource group can include all the resources for the solution or on the resources that you want to. Many is as a group, resource group is like a folder structure. Too many is the resource is and apply common policies and common access management on all of the resources within a resource group. Let us issue. These are different. Resource is you have deployed in your as your in women and the name indicates these resource is do not belong to a single project, but they're deployed as part off my people projects. Now one views deploying these resource is is deployed all the resources into one single basket, or you can call it as your resource group in your terminal. Lizzie. But it doesn't look nice, isn't it? Just like we tend to keep our personal files segregated into multiple folders like music album videos, images is etcetera here also we want to keep these resource is into different folders so that we can play some policy on Project One and a different policy on project to. Similarly, you may want to men ease access for ease off these projects differently. The resource group is a solution for this problem and helps you by managing these resources into separate containers like this. I hope this makes sense to your intelligent people. Moving on to the last topic off this lecture as your resource men is a well as your resource manager is that deployment and management service for azure it provides the management lier there enables you to create, update and delete. Resource is in your and your subscription as your resource manager or a RM means a common AP A to control all your resources. Maybe you are accessing your resource is from as your porter or from power shell cli or maybe using some s decays, irrespective off how you are accessing at last you are hitting the same a p I which is doing the actual Joe for you. All right, my dear friends, that's it for this lecture. If it was too much learning for you Let's take a short break, having nice coffee and come fresh to join me in the next lecture, where we will explore more at your concepts. CEO there, Decker. 11. C08 Project1 01 Project Requirement and Implementation Plan: Hello, my dear frames. And welcome to this lecture. The often tend to learn new concepts by going through the story part first and then pray out the things. Sometimes it becomes boring to go through random concepts without knowing the actual benefit. So I have tried to change the approach slightly. Assuming you know nothing about Azure. I'm still not taking you through the different concepts just to cover them without a meaning. For example, created resource group created stories, account, etcetera, No, nothing like that. Instead, we are going to work on real time project directly off course by project. I just means some tiny tasks which we will complete. And in this process, different as you're components which will come on our way, we will explore them. Insufficient details. So by this methodology, northwest, you will get some practical exposure off how to complete a given task in as your world. But you will also be very cute, that thought process which you need to have when you're dealing with different as your services in figuring out which component to be used when the plan sounds good. Yeah, All right. So it is time to learn something new in Azure by project based approach website website could be classified as dynamic website and static website. A dynamic website is one that is written using a server side scripting language such as PHP , SB GSP etcetera. In such aside, the content is dynamically created by the scripting language from other data sources, such as different data files or from a database depending on the actions taken by the website. User right Static website, on the other hand, is one that is usually written in plain STM l and what is in the source court. Off the page is what is displayed to the user stating websites are not enabled to connect with the database and perform some action over there. As for the user action in Azure for hosting dynamic websites, we can use as your AB services such as Web or they could run directly on the virtual machines as well. In this section, we will see how a static website can be hosted in azure with a great amount off is it is as simple as you created Nice looking as human bitch applauded toe as your cloud and boom! Your website is up and running and is ready to serve the customer traffic. Sounds like a good idea, isn't it? Well, after going through this section, you will be able to host your own website yourself without any difficulties in just couple of minutes. Yes, I'm serious about that. Just in a couple of minutes, you will be able to host your on them side. How cool is that? So I have created these estimate files to Horst in as your off course. I have used image, multiple phases, etcetera so that we can get feeling off a slightly more real world website. This is the landing page off our website. You can click here and new pays gets lorded in your browser. Currently, the files are placed in a local drive. We need toe horse this in azure. So this is a simple explanation all for project. If you wish to use these estimable files for your practice, you can download and use. If you want to create a better looking as to normal than this, you are most welcome to do that as well. All right, so we discussed about our project requirement to host the aesthetic website. Now let's talk about the implementation plan. Please understand. My intention is not to complete that task quickly. If that is the case, I can complete these in 50 seconds. But I want to talk about the different components that will come on our way in detail so that we are absolutely clear on when to use them. These different configuration options may not be important for this project, but if you have sufficient knowledge about them, maybe you can use your knowledge in some other project. Yeah, so we will spend good amount of time in completing the simple task and we'll talk about our different components with patients. All set. Here we go. Here are the steps that we will need to follow. So first off, all we need a resource group in which we can deploy. All are different resources required for this project. Then we will create a stories account inside our resource group. The stories account gives us options to use several types of stories. Services such as blob file share, people queue, etcetera. Out of these, we will need blob story service for hosting a static website. After creating a blob stories, we will applaud the estimable files. There and give appropriate permissions on the file to access them publicly over Internet. Sounds like a simple and straightforward plan. Who l Let's go ahead and start with implementation off this plant in next lecture. See you there. Take care. Thank you. Okay, so, uh 12. C08 Project1 02 Create Resource Group: welcome friends. So in order to host a website first off, all we need to come here and create a resource group resource group are logical containers for a collection off. As your resources, you can apply as your policy and the resource group, and also you can man is the excess at the resource group level. So choose your subscription and given name to your resource group. You can give whatever name you want, but following some certain standards for naming is a good idea. When you're working in a nightie organization, you may see hundreds or thousands off resource group here. So if the name off resource group itself gives a lot off information about eight, that is always welcome, right? For example, this name is giving information about ghost. My name in Mormon type the source state etcetera. Please not It is a good idea to keep the abbreviation off resource type in the end off resource name so that we need no to struggle to figure out what type of resource it is. From the name off azure resource itself. We will be able to figure out what is so and so type. Yes, the same is applicable on. We made sub made vm everything. Yes, The court on the azure resource is which you are going to deploy in. This resource group will reflect in the bill off the subscription that you choose here. So there is a relationship between resource group and the subscription matched. We can select decision from this list so that as you're will know where you want to place your resource group, please. Not even if you create your resource group. In this reason, you can still deploy your resources in any other region. No restrictions on that as such. Cool now one ways to simply process with creating this resource group by clicking here. But I want to show you the advanced configuration that is available here. So click next. Now here you can add that bags to this resource group, the exact nice you can use them to understand for what purpose this resource group was created. What is the core center? What is the type off in moment and more information as but your organization meets. So let's create few bags here. Also, you can use as your policy to enforce. Nobody is able to create a new resource group without providing the values toe these essential tags. There may be planning or management teams in your organization, which will happily excess this data across our different resources and use it in planning men. Easement forecasting, demand etcetera. For example. Collect all the data and figure out how much the non production moments costed toe the company in a given quarter and then blend how this course can be minimized by applying a different start a Z Cool. Now let's proceed with creating the resource group please north as your don't stars you for creating the resource groups you will be only charged for. The resource is that you deploy not for the resource groups. So if you have Lord off free time, you can sit and create 500 resource groups. Now, neither me nor Microsoft Azure has any problems with that. Well, that's it. For now. Our resource group is created successfully. Let's meet in the next lecture and continue working on our project. A ticket 13. C08 Project1 03 Walk through Resource Group: Hello, friends. Welcome back. In the last lecture, we created a resource group to place their different as your resources for our project. Now let me walk you through this blade and talk about important options which we should be aware off. So in the over you you can see there different resources that we deplore in this resource group we have only deployed a stories account so far. So here it is important action like deleting the resource group, exporting the resources to see SV etcetera. We can perform from here moving on in the activity long various action which we performed on this resource group gets long. We can visit the activity log to see the set off events that took place on this resource group. And this help us in debugging the issues as well. From this identity, excess management or I am pep weaken men is the excess for this resource group whom you want to us and access and what role you want to assign etcetera can be defined from here. In that tags, you are able to see that eggs which we created while creating the resource group. You want to create more texts most welcome. This even is for setting evens on this resource group based on an even that occurred on this resource group, you can call logic, cap function app, Web book etcetera to automatically performs some task for you. This is not a great time to talk about these options in detail. So if you got a high level idea that is more than enough for no yes, quick start is forgetting the documents and links to download the important tools for management off your resources. In the deployment tab, you can see the different deployments you have created in this resource group. For example, we deployed a stories account on this resource group. So that is God one as your deployment on this resource group internally at your creates these Ahram templates for you, which you can download and use to view the different configurations. Or you can download and keep it for documentation purposes. Israel. Or maybe you can use these template for deploying multiple resources off the same kind. In future Israel, there may be some compile INTs requirement in your organization like resources should be off so and so size and should be deplored in X Y Z region on Lee must be tagged properly, etcetera. For this, you can create and apply a policy on this resource group level from here. - So the policy will take care off. Compile INTs requirement off your organization for this resource group matched properties is to show you their different attributes off our resource group. If you wish to control some action like nobody should be able to delete this resource group or nobody should be ableto update the resource is in this resource group. You can actually restrict these actions with help off locks. For example, if I create this delete log here and now, try to believe this resource group you can see I cannot. I need to clear this lock first and then only I will be allowed to delete this resource group. This makes sense to you? Yeah, all right. From this export template option, we can export the conflagration off this entire resource group in the form of an A r M template. It can be kept as a conflagration backup, foreign moment, base lining and for documentation purposes, casual. Yes. Now here you are able to see different coast management related tools currently we do not have any resource deployed in this resource group. That and cures cost. But as you deploy resources in this resource group, you can come back and visualize which resources are costing you. How much money and what is the monthly forecast for your bill? If the same crane continues for the month, you can export the data in the form off. Nice looking reports, please. Norc here. All the calculations are done at the resource group. Level off course. If you want to do the course and else's for multiple subscriptions, the right place is not this. But you can do it from this course management service. Next here you can see the different cost related alerts. And also you can get recommendations related toe saving cost from as your advisor, I am leaving this section for you to explore more in details. Please ignore the monitoring part for now, I will take it separately. And lastly from here we can create the support Acourt with my cross off and have them work under defined SL is off course if you have a valid support plan. All right, my dear friends. So in this lecture we explored their different configuration options that we have at the resource group level. Please try to go through each off these and understand them more in detail. You may want to use my cross off documentation for this. Please. Not that the functionality off these tapes remain same. For example, if you see access control, it is always meant for excess management. No matter if you see it for the resource group, a virtual machine or a virtual network. But the meaning off this remains same, which is access management. So we will try not to repeat the same stuff again and again. Yes. In the next lecture, we will continue working on our project implementation. So take good care off yourself and let meeting the next lecture. Thank you. 14. C08 Project1 04 Create Storage Account: All right. So here we are. Resource group is creative. Now let's proceed with creating a stories account. For these. You can search for stories, accounts click ahead. Now select the resource group in which you want to create this story's account. Pass a name to the account. This name has to be unique globally. Next, we can specify the location. Next. What is this performance? I have no idea. Whenever we have no idea what a thing is. Look for this. I, Burton ho over it and read the help text. Oh, I got it now. So the standard stories are counts. Uses magnetic disk in the beckoned. Where is premium accounts? Uses latest solid state drives. Quite obviously solid state drives offer better performance and expensive. So if you are going for premium account option, be prepared to spend some extra money for now. Thank you, Microsoft. Me and my wonderful students got your point with help off this I button provided by you. Thank you. Similarly, you can whore over any I Burton to understand what that particular element is meant for. As a good start, Liz, read the help text available. Four account kind replication and exist here. Okay, so on the high level, this replication option is for replication off your data that you stored in this is stories account or you can say, maintaining multiple copies off your data. Depending upon the importance off data for your business, you may want to replicate the data in same data center or maybe another data center in the same geography. This is done to ensure durability and high availability off your data, dear You select depending upon how frequently you want to access the data. If it is going to be very frequent, you go for hort here. And if data you are storing is kind off law graces which you do not need immediately, you can go for cold. Here. There is also 1/3 type off here called Archive, which is not available while creating their stories account. Bert, you can set it for independent files that you are storing Archive Here is for long term stories off data. Why should you keep data inappropriate, dear? Here coast comes into the picture hot here is optimized for quickly serving you your data as and when you want. So it is little expensive gold here is little less expensive and archive theory cheapest option among oil. All right now, technically, we can click this review plus create button as we have provided all mandatory data that is needed to create this. His stories account. Other screens are optional, but let's quickly see what we have there. So the next rescreen is to define your network related configuration. Here you can choose who and all can access that data in your stories account. You can choose an appropriate option as per your requirement. For now, we are planning to access the website from public Internet, so I'll go by this default option off public and point next. Here you can define further conflagrations like Do you want to enable secure transfer or soft believe, etcetera? You can hold over these I Burtons and know more about this configuration. Please do that yourself. Next to Scream is for adding that begs to the stories account so we can add few text like this. And now we are in the large screen here we can review the different configuration we have made to our these previous screens. This is for a final review. If you want to modify anything, you can still go back and modify. Please notice this. Download a template for automation option. Using this, we can download and a RM template or as your resource manager template which contains the exact consideration we have used to deploy this histories account tomorrow. If you lose, this is stories account for any reason. You can always recreate it, using this template without any issues. So it is a good practice to download and keep this ahram template for documentation. Purpose? Yes, We get this option for all kind off resource is we deploy in Azure. All right, so we are fine with this conflagration. Now we are all set to create their stories account. So let me hit this. Create Britain. Cool their stories. Account is created successfully. Congratulations to all off you. Well, that's it for now. Let's connect in the next lecture. 15. C08 Project1 06 Deploy Static Website in Blob Storage: Hello, friends, and welcome to this lecture so far in this section, we created a resource group for our project and then created a stories account. Now let's go inside the stories account and see what is there in it for us to explore. You can see container file share people and you here. So, first off, all let's understand water these stories options in real world requirements. We deal with different types off data. We have structured data that adheres to a well defined schema and can be stored in a database table. Same instructor data, which doesn't fit neatly into tables like Jason Data and unstructured data that has no designated structure. It could be text finds audiophiles, videophiles, etcetera to handle different types off data efficiently. We need different stories services for these in Azure. We have blob's service that has container, and it can store any type of data in any amount. This is stories Service supports Hosting the aesthetic websites edge well. File share is for storing that data and sharing it with multiple virtual machines and applications. The share can be mounted to multiple machine at the same time, and it supports SMB protocol which stands for server Mrs Bloch Protocol Table is a no sequel given new store for rapid development Using massive, semi structured data sets, you can store same instructor data like Jason in this. Que Stories is a message queuing service for communication between application components. It helps to build flexible applications and separate functions for better durability across large work lords. For example, if databases down, you can design your application in such a way that till the database comes up, you can hold the different transactional data. And once the database is online, it can process the Q and store the data inside databases. Okay, so this was a brief introduction to different storage options that we have out of. These were clearly interested in the first option that is blob service. Because in this project, we want to host aesthetic website. Right, So let's click here. There's no container currently, so let's create one. We can set the access level for this container espera requirement for no. Let's keep it private and proceed. All right, so the container is created. Now we can upload our state take estimable files to this container. Cool. The files are uploaded successfully if we click an If I ve get IDs, you are here. So let's try to access this. You URL in the browser? Oh, no luck. Well, this is because we have kept the access level off container as private, so it doesn't have permission to be accessible over Internet. No problem. We can always change the permission. So now set it to allow anonymous read excess. Let's try to access the file in broader. No. And there you go. Now our esteem l files are accessible over internet. Just like the excess. Any website, Please notice this. U r l We have our stories account name here. Now you know why there was a requirement to select a globally unique stories account name? Well, it was because if multiple users Horst their website in blob storage, it should not clash. Right. Cool. With this, we have successfully deployed our static website in as your clothes. Go ahead and bring Asmus traffic. You. Can we have Microsoft as a good friend to support us handling that traffic by scaling the resource is automatically waters we can ask for. All right, my dear friends, that was about hosting the aesthetic website in club. In this journey, we explored resource groups, stories, accounts and different stories services. Finally, we deployed our website inside as your blob container. I believe it was simple to understand. Please go through the Microsoft documentation to know more about these services. Well, that's it for now. Take care. Thank you. 16. C08 Project02 01 Project Plan & Implementation Details: Hello, You are some people. Welcome to the section. In this section we will accomplish a new task that is hosting a website inside a virtual machine. Worker machines can be used to host dynamic websites and your complex multi tiered applications. Here we can use a scripting language off our choice to create the dynamic content and connect with databases to perform actions. As for the user request, we can use any programming language off our choice, like Java, PHP, jsp, etcetera. And accordingly, we can select an appropriate Web server to serve that he wished off our website users. We will host a simple website to prove the concept, but you can extend the same idea to host any off your web application Inside the virtual machine hosted in Microsoft as your club. All right, so let's talk about the implementation plan. So first off, all we need to create a resource group. Then inside that resource group, we can deploy Windows Virtual machine off course. You have a choice to go for a lie next. VMS Israel. After deploying the virtual machine, vivid install IIs Web server in order to host our website. Once I I surgeries up and running. We can deploy our website on that and access the website over Internet. This is the high level plain now, without wasting any time. Let's start with its implementation. So, first off, all we need to create a new resource group. It is simple and straightforward. Step, choose your subscription and give a meaningful name to a resource group. So the resource group is created. Now we need to deploy a virtual machine inside this resource group instead of mixing up the concepts. Let's start fresh in the next lecture with creating a brand new virtual machine. It is going to be an important lecture, so I demand your total attention on it. Consider having a hot cup of coffee and prepare yourself and then let's meet in the next lecture Dick yet. 17. C08 Project02 02 Create a Virtual Machine (Basic Options): Hello, friends. Welcome back in this lecture. Let's deploy a virtual machine in Microsoft as your crowd. For this. Click the start. Kurt, you go to a virtual machine service directly. Currently, we do not see any virtual machine over here, so let's proceed with creating a new workflow machine. Choose your subscription and resource group where you want to deploy your virtual machine and there's a meaningful name for your Roger machine here, and select the region in which you want to deploy this Western machine. This is often an easy choice to make, because in 90% of the cases you have to choose the location that is close ish to your customer or the end users off course. This is done to minimize the network latency effects. Now for these availability options, we have multiple choices. In many cases, it is okay to go by the first choice. With this, you are just deploying a plane virtual machine with no in Florida tendency, meaning If you're watching machine goes down due to any issues within your system or maybe issues related to the data center, it will directly affect your overall application availability in this world off cut throat competition. It is very unlikely to sustain in business if your application goes down very often. Just think how much you like when your favorite social media website goes down for even couple off ours. I'm sure you hate that now. Imagine if you don't like your social media website going down. How much your application users will be frustrated if your application unavailability is directly impacting their business makes sense. So if this virtual machine is a critical resource for your application availability and you cannot afford to let it go down due to any issues, you should enable high availability for this world. Permission for this. We have several options like availability. John were virtual machine scale sets and I will believe deserves. Let's talk about each of these. What is availability? Joan? Well, I will Beauty John is a high availability offering that protects your application and data from data center. Feel yours. I will Ability Jones are unique physical locations within and as your vision. Each John is made up off one or more data centers. It cute with independent power cooling and networking. Not all as your regions support, I will ability, John option. For example, if you select South India here, you can see this option is disabled. But the regions which support this option has at least three data centers in which you can deploy your virtual machine. So if you are deploying three virtual machines, you can deploy your one virtual machine in John 11 virtual machine in John, too, and one virtual machine in John three. This way, if there are any issues with anyone data center, your application availability will not be impacted because other two data centers are functioning and your virtual machines are up and running over there. Okay, so availability. John helped you in placing your virtual machines in multiple data centers to ensure high availability, but not all regions supported within a data center. How do you ensure high availability? Well, you can create availability sets. I will live desserts. Make sure the virtual machines you deploy on azure are distributed across multiple isolated hardware north in the cluster. Let me explain this so in availability said you can specify the fault domain and update domain. Indeed, a centers as your maintains your resources in multiple Rex, each wreck has its own dedicated power supply, cooling and network wire. If not specified, your resources may get deployed in one single wreck. Now if there are issues with power or cooling in data center with one wreck. And unfortunately, if you had deployed all your virtual machines in bad track, only then all the virtual machines are down, which is a huge problem. Correct, because your entire application will go down. In that scenario, Protection against this is provided as option off fourth domain, which you can specify here next. Microsoft usually don't reboot your virtual machines, but in case some security situation arises and it becomes absolutely necessary toe update some components inside the virtual machines and reboot them. Then Microsoft do it. Wrecked by wreck means all the resources in one wreck gets rebooted at the time. If all your virtual machines are lying in one single wreck again, it becomes a problem. Good a update. Domains ensure your virtual machines are placed in such a V that all your virtual machines will not be impacted at a time. Incest situation. Please visit the official documents for more details about availability sets so we can create an availability set like this. You can deploy multiple virtual machines specifying the same availability set and this way as your will take care off. Deploying the virtual machines in different Rex for insuring. If one wreck get into issues, your other virtual machines will be still up and running from other legs. Next of availability. Option. Who? Virtual machine skill sets. This option is the recently added over here. Earlier it was Onley available. Eddie Separate service. No one has Instructor's facing as your are having a tough time in keeping their content up to do it. Okay, so using virtual machine scale sets, the number off virtual machine instances can be automatically increase or decrease in the response to demand or a defiant schedule off course. These options are Do turn on high availability options for this workflow machine. No fun in enabling these option if you're planning to deploy only one virtual machine for testing purpose. So for now we are good to proceed with. No infrastructure grid and DNC required. All right now, we need to select an image using which we want to spin up this virtual machine. We can either select an appropriate image from this list. Richie set off some of the most common images, which we use in deploying our virtual machines in azure. If the emails you are looking for is not listed over here, you can click this browse link to browse the complete list off all different amazes. Here we can pick an image from as your marketplace directly. For example, if we need an image with SQL Server preinstalled on it, we can search by SQL, and now we can pick an appropriate image as but our requirement. Please notice this option. My items. From here you can pick your own customized images. For example, if you are working in an organization that makes software, ABC so instead off every time creating a blank washing machine and installing your software on it. What you can do is install your software in a word tradition. Take the image off their server and place it in shared images. Gallery so that next time when you are deploying a virtual machine, you can pick the image from here, and when the servers beans up, you will have your software in it by default. Good concept. Right. Moving on. We can select an appropriate size for our virtual machine. Not all the time. We need same hardware, right? Sometimes we need memory optimized hardware or maybe CPU or graphics optimized hardware and so on. Based on our requirements, Microsoft has group that different sizes into family or Siri's. So, as you can see here, we have B Series B series E series, etcetera. In our darkest, we do not have any specific requirement. So let's go with this general purpose age. Please note. You can change the size off a virtual machine later after deployment off the virtual machine Israel. But you have to choose other size from the same Siri's. You cannot jump from a to C series directly. Now we need to give a local user name and password to Logan. Since we are creating a Windows server, it is not throwing US assess its authentication method. Actually, Microsoft has fixed this recently. It used to show ssh authentication method for Windows virtual machines. Also earlier. Now, from here, you can select the ports which you want to enable toe allow the traffic toe this virtual machine. In our case, it is a Windows server, so let's go with our DP Port. 3389 please. Not by doing this. We are exposing the server, the whole world. And it is not advisable from security perspective, but for testing purpose. It is. Okay. Cool. There are good senses that you do not have a personal Windows server licence. But if you are working in an I T organization where departures licenses in bulk, Microsoft don't want them to be a again for the license course. So if you have a license already, you can select Yes, and provide your license key in order to save some course on this virtual machine. I don't have license, so I'm going with No, Technically, we have provided all the essential details. Now we are all set to create this virtual machine by hitting this button. Going through these screens is not mandatory. But I want to take you through these screens and show you various configuration options. So stated me and we will try to quickly walk through these screens in the next lecture. See you there. Take your thank you 18. C08 Project02 03 Create a Virtual Machine (Advanced Options): Hello, friends, and welcome to this lecture. In the previous lecture, we supplied some basic configuration options which are needed in order to create a virtual machine in Azure. We selected reason in which we want to deploy our virtual machine went through the different high availability options. Pick the right image for our requirement specifying the water machine size that includes hardware configuration like CPU memory, I hopes etcetera quite obviously cost will ready. As for the hardware configuration we select yes. Also, you may be restricted to select out off limited sizes if you are using a free subscription off course, as your cannot allow to create a virtual machine off this size whose monthly cost is much higher than your entire three months credit These all are some essential confrontation, which must be supplied in order to create a virtual machine. You know, Microsoft cannot decide whether you want in my next virtual machine or a Windows virtual machine, or you can see they cannot decide the correct hardware size for us, which has direct cost implications. But they can go with the four consecration for these additional screens, like creating pegs management options, etcetera. If you do not specify these options and the time off creating Veum. You can modify these later as well, so it is acceptable to escape to the last to step directly. But this lecture is a good opportunity to go through these steps and understand what additional conflagration options we have while deploying a virtual machine in azure data centers. In case you are wondering why so many configuration options are needed for dis creating a simple virtual machine boss, it may not be very much interesting at the time off learning, but these all configuration and settings are important when you are working in an I T organization. So it is a good idea to be a wear off these additional configurations. Yes, cool. So I'm leaking next. This blade is for disk configurations. Broadly, we have two categories here. First, always disk type on which the operating system will be installed. You have options to go with standard hard disk drive, which is very basic in terms off performance, but it is okay if your requirement off input output operations on this disk is limited. Basically, if you are not too much concerned about the performance, you can go by these next option behalf for better performance are solid state drives for solid state drives. You have standard and premium options from this table. You can compare and decide which type off disk is appropriate for your requirement. I am going with this premium. So little straight drive option. So this was about always disc types. If you want to have more data drives in your virtual machine like E Dr F Drive, etcetera, you need to attach a disc stories. So this virtual machine I've been explained you separately. How toe attach this and then create that drives inside virtual machine. For now, just understand like this, we can attack in new stories to our virtual machine. Next is naval configuration. Here you can define your we need sub made public I p and also which ports off this virtual machine you want to expose the outside world were too late Work or we need is a re presentation off your own network in azure. Basically, you define your addresses base here and by this way you are asking Microsoft to place the virtual machine inside this address space. We can create multiple sub nerds within every night for creating logical isolation. And we will need this public i p address as we will connect toe this virtual machine from outside off this virtual network. Yes. So, by specifying this conflagration as your will take care off creating this public I p address and assigning toe our virtual machine. Now comes Nick network security groups. If you select none, all your ports are exposed to everyone. This is a major security concern, right? Using basic MSC, you can enable limited ports, but the ports that you enable gets enabled for everyone. For example, if we enable 43 89 it becomes accessible to us, but everyone else can also access the same pork. We may not want this to happen so we can go for advanced options. And here we get all different options to enable pores or eventual ports toe only a specific range off I P addresses And outside this range, nobody else can access this virtual machine. So you have all these options over here you can hold were over these I Burton's to know more about each of these options I am continuing with enabling are the people to connect to this virtual machine. Now let's go to next to screen. These are few ad once conflagration options for management. Off this virtual machine, you can enable options like diagnostics so that if GM doesn't come up due to some issue, you get detailed logs to see what went wrong. You can add the virtual machine toe 80 so that people can connect to this virtual machine using their 80 credentials, and you can enable this order shut down so that at fixed time off your business hours worked. Your machine automatically goes off and helps you in saving some coursed. If this virtual machine is critical for your business, you can enable this backup configuration for this going toe next to screen. And this is for advanced configuration, in which you can install some additional easy ins on this virtual machine, depending upon your business needs. Here, you can pick up an easy in and ask as your to install on this virtual machine as soon as it comes up. If not here, you can install these agents later. Also, this is totally out office scope for this course, so let's proceed here. We can add text to our virtual machine for reporting and management uses. Finally, in this blade, we can review the different conflagration which we have made in these previously screens. I am good with all these. So hit this button and you can see our deployment is started. It Mitic around 10 minutes for Azure to deploy this virtual machine and bring it up. In the meantime, I want to show you this nice to gold as your pricing calculator. So, depending upon the different specifications we need for a virtual machine or any of your service, for that matter, we can do the course calculation using this tool. It looks great, isn't it? All right. Our deployment is succeeded. It took somewhere around seven minutes to complete this. Cool. So are virtual machine is up and running. This lecture is already too long. I'm sure you need a short break. So please go ahead and refresh yourself. And then let's meet in the next lecture to explore this virtual machine in detail. See you there. Dicta. 19. C08 Project02 04 Virtual Machine Walkthrough: Hello, friends. Welcome back. First off all congratulations on creating your first virtual machine in Microsoft as your club Here we are using infrastructure off Microsoft like stories, CPU, memory, etcetera. So this type of service is called infrastructure as a service or I A s. Please, not This is not a physical machine. This is a computer whose hardware is shared by other computers created by different as your users. And it is born to us by a technique called work allegation. This is the reason why it is called a work tool machine. Microsoft to uses their hyper writers off were for virtualization. Now let me walk you through some of the most common features and conflagrations, often as your virtual machine. So in over your section, you can see we have options to connect with this VM start the VM, which is disabled because Veum is already started and we have options toe restart, stop and even Billy, the virtual machine. This capture button is to take an image off this virtual machine. So after we install our software on this machine, if we need to create more virtual machines in future with the same software, install in it, we can capture an image off the virtual machine and then next time when you need to deploy more virtual machines instead of selecting the images provided to you by Microsoft, you can select your own customized image. By doing this, you're software will be installed and ready to use as soon as your virtual machine is created. If there is any need to mortify the network configuration off this virtual machine, it can be done. From here. You are able to see the ports that we allow while creating virtual machine. If you need to add more inbound or outbound rules, you can add them. If you want to attach more disk drives to this virtual machine, nobody's It can be done from here within a few minutes, and also you can change the size off virtual machine within the same series. From here. I request you to go through this blade. Most of the options we will see are self explanatory. You did not know each off them in detail. Just get a high level idea off what and all is available here. Cool. Now let's connect to this virtual machine, so click this connect button If you want to connect with the no server, you have option off Rdp. If you want to connect to lie next machine, you have ssh! Option and bastion is the latest option as your has provided toe. Connect to your virtual machine from your own virtual network without exposing your virtual machine toe the whole world. So I sees Windows Server. So let's go ahead and download. This are typifying if you want to see what is there in this Rdp file. Open it in the text editor and you can see we have the public i p address off the virtual machine, which we want to connect with. Now click this Rdp file. We are prompted to pass the user name and password, which we created while deploring the Watcher machine. So let's do this. Click this button for the first time. Log in. It might take a couple of minutes as the user profile is being created, so let's allow it to go through Cool. We are inside the virtual machine. It looks so great. Let's see what we have here. So our operating system is installed on C drive. You are able to see this D drive, but never use it. This is for Microsoft. To many this virtual machine. You are not supposed to place your data inside this. All right, my dear friends, we have successfully logged in into this virtual machine. Let's meet in the next lecture and continue working on our project. Take yet. Thank you. 20. C08 Project02 05 Deploy website on IIS Server: all right, friends. So we are inside a fully functioning Windows server. In order to host of website, we need to install an IIHS Web server on the system. So let's start. There is a Jew I way to install II's You know that typical Next next next type of installation, right? Being a partial lover, I don't like manual activities. You would know this better if you are a student in my partial courses. And he was, This is the simple partial command to make our life easy by saving us from a couple of minutes off manual effort. So just open a partial console and page. This common ice will be automatically installed in your virtual machine. Just give it a couple of minutes to complete. Cool. So nice off you. Power Shell II's is successfully installed on our system. Let me go toe IIs manager. So go to rent and type this command. Cool. Now I do not want to confuse you with too many details about eyes. I'm sure many off you already know that Eyes is a Web server that runs on Microsoft Darknet plateful and commonly used on Windows operating system. It is a worship time and stable Web server. Many off your favorite websites are hosted on I A server, and it's being widely used in production in warmers for many years. Ah yes is a full fledged web server and you can program your website to connect with database and present the content to your end users. You can deploy full flesh dynamic websites on eyes. But my isn't That is not to teach you web development in this course, right? So we will proceed with deploying a simple stated website on Lee. If you wish, you can create and deploy a dynamic website on eyes that is entirely your choice. Yes, I've been sure you a very simple technique to deploy a static website on eyes. I'm showing this technique just because I do not want you to confuse in different eyes related options. You know, it is a huge topic in itself. Okay, I s comes with this d Ford website or you can call it the lending pays off eyes. This website is pointed to this location and this estimate filed by default. So instead of creating a new website on eyes, we can just go to this location and replace this fine with our own estimate file. Simple, right? Cool. Let's implement this. So I have renamed my estimate file. Now I'm deleting these files and pasting my own esteem. All files over here refresh the browser piece and there we go. Our website is up and running on IIs inside this virtual machine. How cool is that off course We are accessing this website locally but this is an important step toe Confirm that website is up and running now let's proceed toe access this website from outside of this virtual machine in order to access the website from outside off this VM over Internet. We need to specify the I P address off this Veum So paste it like this in grocer What is this? Why the heck? The website which is up and running inside the server is not accessible from outside held before getting frustrated and blamed Microsoft Azure for this thing. The website is up and running on the server. We have already tested this. We know that this is the public i p address off Veum. So technically we are directly hitting the virtual machine. There must not be any connectivity issue with respecto Lord balancer or DNS, Etcetera. Then what ends is there between my browser and our virtual machine? Well, simple thing is STP traffic flows. Why Airport eg zero. Did we enable that port? Let's confirm inbound port rules. Well, no, we did not enable the sport. We just enabled Port 3389 to be able to logging into the server. But we never border to enable port eg zero Do you do this? The web traffic is never allowed to reach the eyes. Web server. Why? Airport number 80 Did you understand the concept? Clearly? Now off course. I have not surprised off this result because purposefully I did not enable port zero. I wanted to demonstrate the importance off these routes. So I did this. Now let enable STT people a zero and tried to exit the website. No. And there you go. Your website is accessible from outside world over Internet. How cool is that? All right, my dear friends, with this we have achieved what we wanted to achieve in this section. I hope I helped you in learning something new and interesting. Now you have glimpse off how the real world Web se which you use in day to day life are hosted in reality. Yes. Still it is a glimpse on Lee. Don't get over Well, there are still a lot of things like security scalability, Lord delancy etcetera comes into picture. When you washed a public website. In this action we successfully deployed a virtual machine, installed iis inside it and deployed our website. And then we exist Our website over Internet. This is indeed a great a human Congratulations to all of you. Well, that's it for no Take care. Thank you.