Learning Lightroom 3: Photo Books. Slideshows, Maps and More | David Miller | Skillshare

Learning Lightroom 3: Photo Books. Slideshows, Maps and More

David Miller, Multimedia Artist For Primordial Creative studio

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12 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction to the Finishing Modules of Adobe Lightroom

    • Map Module

    • Book Module Pt 1

    • Book Module Pt 2

    • Book Module Pt 3

    • Book Module Pt 4

    • Slideshow Pt 1

    • Slideshow Pt 2

    • Print Module

    • Web Module

    • Catalogs

    • Wrap Up + Project


About This Class

Adobe Lightroom is the industry standard program for cataloging, editing, and finalizing digital photographs; its modules accommodate the creative workflow in the same manner traditional photographers would build a livrary, develop their work with craft and skill, and create prints or books or slideshows.  

In this series "Learning Lightroom" we tackle the modules one by one, breaking down all the features and explaining how they may be relevant to any photographer.  

This class focuses on the finishing modules - the Map, Book, Slideshow and Print modules, with a brief word about the Web module.  

Part 1 of our Learning Lightroom series, the Library module, is located here!

Part 2, the Develop module, is here!





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David Miller

Multimedia Artist For Primordial Creative studio

I'm David, a multimedia artist in Phoenix, and my studio is Primordial Creative.  


I have always been interested in the visual arts from an early age- drawing, painting, and clay- but around my high school years I became interested in photography for the social aspect of involving other people, the adventure inherent in seeking out pictures, and the presentation of reality that wasn't limited by my drawing skills.


One thing in my work that h...

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