Learning Hacks: Introductory Course On Better Learning | Josh Marquez | Skillshare

Learning Hacks: Introductory Course On Better Learning

Josh Marquez

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11 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. Getting the most out of this course

    • 3. Finding the problem

    • 4. Incorporate more supplies

    • 5. Learning ritual

    • 6. Using your time wisely

    • 7. Reading more effectively

    • 8. Learning journal

    • 9. Comprehensive Checklist

    • 10. Learning resources

    • 11. Organization


About This Class

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to learn new information?

Are you tired of reading your textbooks countless times only to memorize a tiny amount of information?

We live in an amazing world where we can learn about everything and anything imaginable! The world's best professors are only a click away, yet there is too much information for us to learn all at once. 

We are all motivated and inspired by some of the world's smartest people; the super learners. They all start at the same place with zero knowledge and the desire to learn; just like us. 

We need to learn how to read, study and learn more effectively to minimize our efforts and reap the benefits. 

We don't need to read a whole textbook to learn the material and we cerntainly don't need to spend all week on a single concept. Learning new skills is amazing but it shouldn't be so tedious!

This introductory course will allow you to look at learning from a different perspective and start to develop study skills. Not only will you have more confidence in the way you study but you will also capture the information quicker and be able to recall it a lot quicker! 

This course is meant to be be engaging, you will be provided with everything you will need to become a successful learner. Including handouts, instructions, and support at any time!

This is a a quick course that will get you up to speed on some of the best techniques for learning! I understand that time is of essence, therefore you will learn the information necessary for your success in less than an hour! 

Can you imagine enhancing your reading, learning and studying in just one hour? This course contains no fluff, instead only actionable steps that will help you immediately! 

This course will continue to grow and bring you the best information on learning. Your success is our goal!

Learn how to:

  • Use your time effectively 
  • Learn information quickly
  • Apply learning techniques to your life
  • Recall information quicker 
  • Use learning resources effectively
  • Create a productive work environment
  • Make the information engaging and fun!

Hack your learning today and become a genius!


Enroll today and start working on your New Year's resolutions!