Learning Experience (LX) Design: Teach Anything in the Workplace! | Marcela Pineros | Skillshare

Learning Experience (LX) Design: Teach Anything in the Workplace!

Marcela Pineros, Senior Learning Experience (LX) Designer

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15 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. 01 Welcome

    • 2. 02 Unit 1 The Big Difference

    • 3. 03 Unit 1 Getting Big Results

    • 4. 04 Unit 1 Summary

    • 5. 05 Unit 2 Fill a Knowledge Gap

    • 6. 06 Unit 2 Fill a Skill Gap

    • 7. 07 Unit 2 Fill a Motivation Gap

    • 8. 08 Unit 2 Fill an Environment Gap

    • 9. 09 Unit 2 Summary

    • 10. 10 Unit 3 Knowing Your Learners

    • 11. 11 Unit 3 Intro to LX Learner Analysis

    • 12. 12 Unit 3 Sample Learner Summary

    • 13. 13 Unit 3 Sample Learner Profiles

    • 14. 14 Unit 3 Summary

    • 15. 15 Unit 4 Final Thoughts


About This Class

Learning Experience (LX) Design is a design approach that can help you create truly exciting and transformational courses. Read on, if you are planning to teach a course or have to train anyone in the workplace! 

Think about a time when you've learned something new and felt exhilarated by it! I live for those A-ha! moments. After 20+ years of experience designing solutions in the learning space, I've gathered a set of tools and resources that I regularly use to make those moments happen. Having designed successful solutions for clients like NASA, MIcrosoft, Citigroup, Steve Madden, Perry Ellis, Nissan, Toyota, and more, I have confirmed that these strategies apply to nearly every industry and type of business.  

We've all been there. Forced to sit through training that makes us weep, snore, and contemplate tossing our laptop out of a window. Learning is an experience, and it shouldn't hurt! 

This course is the first in a (hopefully!) series of courses. I will walk you through the initial steps for producing a transformational, engaging, and effective course design plan. You will download templates to help you focus your thinking and ensure you have all of the information you need to support your learners in their journey. By the end of this course, you will have in your hands a LX Needs Analysis that you can use as a starting point to design a series of A-ha! moments, strung together by practical tips and activities everyone will be excited to test out on the job. 

Maybe you are completely new to training and have been asked to build a course from scratch. Maybe you have years of experience and have looked at the typical course thinking , "There has to be a better way."

There is. Let's get started!