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Learning Arabic - Speak Easy Egyptian Arabic

teacher avatar Theresa Khalil, Something Unique

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1

    • 3. Lesson 2

    • 4. Lesson 3

    • 5. Lesson 4

    • 6. Lesson 5

    • 7. Lesson 6

    • 8. Lesson 7

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About This Class


In this class you will learn the basic Arabic grammar, phrases and words that will help you in your daily life activities. 

The course is for someone who wants to begin his journey with the Arabic language and maybe a way to discover how it is simple and easy to learn. 

The course is focusing on the speaking skill. 

I have been teaching Arabic since 2005 and here in this course I gathered my experience in a nutshell 

more about me www.theresakhalil.com 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Theresa Khalil

Something Unique


Hello, I am Theresa Khalil, Arabic writer, documentary filmmaker, content creator on YouTube and more..

Art, culture and creativity are my passion.

Arabic is my native language and I have been teaching Arabic for foreigners since 2002.

I hold a master degree in documentary filmmaking and always filming and creating content for UniqueTV channel

I have 3 books published.

I would like to share with you my skills and my passions which will help you pursue your dreams and have a positive impact on your life.

Let's stay in touch!!!

- Learn more and get inspired by my lifestyle  on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/fokaira

- Watch inspiring documentaries and join an out of the box community on https://www.youtube.com/c/uniquetvfilmSee full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Terry is Italian and I'm on our vic Native Speaker. I will be teaching you in the scores the Egyptian cook with Arabic, where you would be able to initiate a conversation and Egyptian karaoke will. You will learn how toe speak in different situations, such as in a restaurant in a taxi, or just how to introduce yourself and speak to a stranger. I have been teaching Arabic for foreigner since 2000 and five, simply because I enjoy it. And then this course I would be giving you the basic skills off speaking Egyptian, colloquial Arabic. Before I start the course, I would like to explain to you the difference between the Egyptian colloquial Arabic and the classical standard are weak. So in all the Arabic countries, people read and understand and write the classical Arabic. Ah, it's usually used in writing books and magazines and the subtitles off the movies. Also, the Koran is reason in classical Arabic, but unfortunately, when it comes to the daily basic interactions and conversation, the colloquial Arabic is the one that is used and it's different from one country to another. So every each are big country has its own dialect off colloquial Arabic. So why the Egyptian clock with it happened that the Egyptian clock will is the simplest, colloquial Arabic on Also, Egypt is the Hollywood off the east. And so over the years it has been exporting to the Arabic countries, movies and songs. So all the Arabic countries are familiar with the Egyptian colloquial dialect, while the opposite is not happening. So I hope that this course would be useful for you if you really want to learn the basic Arabic conversation, how to start talking in Arabic and see you in the course. 2. Lesson 1: Welcome to the first lesson in this lesson you will learn about now. Owns now is an Arabic are divided into masculine and feminine. So you can actually repair toe something as a she or a he. For example, a book is a he A picture is a sheep, so even the objects have gender. In this lesson, we will learn some new words that you would probably use. And let's have an example with some masculine words. Book. Get there. Get there A book shared out. Share down ST Shed out, Baked, baked a house or a home show. Schobel Work showing. So all those are mosque. Um, of course you would ask, How can we differentiate between masculine noun on a feminine noun? I will tell you, but for now let's learn more about some feminine words. Sora picture sorta sound A clock or a watch Santa Half le half le party, Half le huh? Half le. And if you don't know why I'm writing Seven city, you can refer to the first bid you before we start toe note. How do I explain pronouncing the words? I guess, uh, I guess, huh? Holiday? I guess they do not have anything common between the feminine words. They all end with a So that's how you can differentiate between a muscular world and feminine work. Uh, the feminine words ends with off course. There are some exceptions, but, um, this you will learn on the way. But for now, this is the the basic rule. Let's have some more masculine words. Tallet student Call it Anna means I am Anna. Anna told him. I am a student, Khalib. If I want to say a female student, then Saliba, you add add and the liberal Call it caliber. More stuff more mpri Maza. You want to make it a feminine. It will be more suffer more suffer on a more stuff. Anna. Fallible murderess without reason. Feminine mood addressing Dalip Taliban Watts off more suffer, murderous mood a reason. Mood ears moodier. So, my dear, is the masculine to make it feminine mood era. Call it waza more that risk moody the liberal more suffer. Mother Teresa, would you if I want to point to something and say this is I would say that if the thing I'm pointing to is a muscular So, for example, that protect this is a book, and if I'm pointing to something that is feminine, then it's the the sore. So let's sum it up. The lesson was about the muscular announce and the feminine owns. Now you have, like a basic vocabulary off some new words that I hope it will be useful. And now for your homework, you need to make two sentences, the 1st 1 pointing to something masculine and the 2nd 1 pointing to something feminine. 3. Lesson 2: Welcome to the second lesson. I hope that the homework off the first lesson was not so difficult. And this Listen, we will learn how to question how can you ask What is this we learned in the last? Listen, have to say this is by saying that or the simply If you want to ask What is this? What is a a the What is this? And, uh, what is this in the decade tip? If you want to ask about a person who is this, then who is mean? I mean I mean the the mood Aris them with years One of the most important things is saying yes or no off course. So how can you say yes and Arabic? Are you uh, you, uh how can you say no look or le or less that attack, are you a decade it them with Aris, then mish murderous and mission is not. He is not a teacher. La Onda Mitch McGary. So are you. Now let's learn few very important words. How can you say a woman woman said men around getting a girl bent a boy while a sit bent? Well, one of the most important questions is asking someone How is he doing? How are you? And how are you in Arabic? Is is a yak Zou. The answer is of course, fine is why use quietus Anna quietus And usually we say also thank God which is Alhamdulillah El Hamda Lily on a quiet 100 in there is there yet and hum dilly quietus. So that is the second. Listen, I want you to make a few questions inspired from what we learned today. 4. Lesson 3: Welcome to the third lesson. I hope by now you started discovering that Arabic is not so difficult. So let's talk about the identification off a noun or an object. If I want to identify a certain world in English, you add that, for example, the car, the book in Arabic, it's end el que te in half le. Okay, let's have two important questions we usually want to ask about. Where is something and when It's something. So where in Arabic is fain and when is Empta? Let's have an example. Empta, L Half, Fla. Saying is, Get up to answer those questions. You need some more vocabulary. So let's say, for example, Hannah here. Hannah Hey, neck there. Hey, Nick Hannah Henick Bharara Outside butter, Goa Inside Goa border. Hannah Henick Okay, more words tomorrow Boca, Boca. Today in the harbour, in the heart or in the harder you can drop the N in the harder tomorrow. Boca today in the heart. So Empta in half le in half. Le Moco Empta in a Gaza in, I guess in the horrible, I guess A holiday feign in Welland. Let's say I want to say he is upstairs a well, a four full. And the opposite is that how that downstairs and while it for a while that finish Khattab, if get tapped for elk there, Penna. Okay, so today we learned how to say in also how to question location on time and also some new vocabulary that will help you to answer those questions. Let's have the homework off today. I want you to make one question, one answer asking about a location and asking about time and see you and listen for. 5. Lesson 4: Welcome to this in number four today we will learn the pronounce. How can I say I am? He is. She is. Okay, so that's start I Anna on the hola. Hey Yeah. Homa, Ente or NT for female And finally enter. If you want to say that you are tired, you will say Anna, stop Been Dobbin means tires star Ben and the female version off cabin is Dar Bana If I'm a girl on the older female and I want to say I'm tired than Anna Gabbana Dobbin Dobbin We had it in previous lesson where you know that for the feminine you need to add a dent. Okay, so Tabin tab in Another important word is martial rule mash whole busy. Many people are busy, so maybe you are one of them. You want to say that you are busy on a measure, Mashal? Oy the on the Musial with If a female is talking, then Marshall Hula hula on the Moche ruler. And how much would if I want to say something is easy? Sell still does. That was a lesson Il does, sir, is the opposite of Easy is difficult, which is sob and Eric sob Saab son. And that's of course, that Okay, so today we learn the pronounce Ana in the Hayya HOA Homa. Okay. And we learned some objectives like Onatopp ban on commercial will and also how to describe something easy or something difficult. Now, the homework for today is to make one sentence based on a pronoun. 6. Lesson 5: Listen, number five Sometimes you are sitting with someone. You actually don't have anything in common. So it's always a good idea to talk about the weather and the weather. And Arabic is go and go and go hard, ill go barren. Algo quiet is quietest. You remember we had it before. You can say and acquires. It means I'm fine. But if you say El Gallo quiet is it means a school does not. Heart is not cool. So it'll go hard in the harder ago with battered in the hospital. If you want. Ask someone. What do you think of the weather today? What do you think or what is your opinion? A rock. Yet he will go air a yak, Phil, go in the heart. Then he can answer and go with the heart, the heart and Gabbana hard. Don't Barrett. If you want to say it's very hot, if you want to say very in Arabic there are three words. All of them represent the world. Very you can say. Get them. Are we or house? They go hard. Get them. Go hard. Go hard, Hollis. Three of them means that they have the same meaning. Same exact meaning. Okay, So your homework for today Air I x and go in the heart of them 7. Lesson 6: Welcome to listen Number six if you want to say there is and out of a que se feet feet Fickett there him There is a book here. If you want to say there isn't Murphy's lefties my fish get of him 3/2 fla in the harder they have flat in the huddle. Are you one? There is 3/2 fla in the heart fi against Boca There is Ah, holy day tomorrow. Are you, uh, fee? I guess a Booker. Sophie, My fish. There are also very important words like end How can you say end and is well or we ana way Enter. Ah! Now we enter on that we hold Whoah we Hey you r k So how can you say also also is come in Fickett there, Penna How you are Feei, come in. Fekete there with he sore Figured their best bus means only Fickett their best. Fickett Deboo Feca man. Sore mish bus. Not only, Okay, fake it. That panda. Wolfie, come in. Quarter Russell Carasso Copybook picketer, Goofy Carasso. Few Walla to recommend she bent. So your homework Can you put we in a sentence? 8. Lesson 7: lesson number seven, You are sitting with someone you want toe talk. You want to ask them about their name where they're from, you know, just to get to know them. So how can you ask someone about his name? Name means is it's if you want Ask someone about your name. What is your name? A. You know that what is a a s MK or is make a Both are correct. This Mike a Anna Ismea. Today's a inte is McKay. It's a smack. If you're talking to someone, it's me. If I'm talking about mining, it's me. It's Mark. Okay, Ente men ain Where are you from? Inte min ing Ana Men must Ana Men America Ente Minion, If you want to say I am American on a, um, Ricky on a more Australia if they don't talking is a male on the monastery. But because I'm a female and the most syria on, um, Australia Interamerican e Let's ask about what they are doing in the Talib polyp student. Well, uh, or well, uh, more stuff. More love in total a boualem walls off. Ah! Now call it on a waas on that mood ear. So Now you know how to ask someone about his name. About where does he come from? Uh, what does he do? So your homework is to tell me in the men in 9. Lesson 8: welcome to this in number eight. In this lesson, I will just teach you to simple things. How to say good morning and good evening. And then I will start asking you some questions to check if you are still following the course or not. And I would wait a bit after every question Wait for your answer and then I will tell dance . You can also stop the video a bit if you need time to think so let's start with showing. You have to say Good morning. Good morning. Is Saba El? Here is a bit complicated. Sabah is morning and in fair means the good thing. So Sabah hair. Good morning, Saba. Good evening, miss Set in this heat. So my head, I said Okay, now let's have some questions. Is a dick. You should say quietus. And if you are a female core Yusa and thank God and 100 in it. Next question. India back it it okay? Saying in Welland you can say in well, it Hannah or a well at four Inverlat air attacks will go in the harder and going The heart of the hush Empta in half low at half Le Book room that Weylandt, You should say yes. Are you well, that wallet Fickett hair Penna luck. My fish get up in my fish. So that was a quick revision. We will continue with our lessons. So see you in the coming fit You. 10. Lesson 9: in this lesson. Let's imagine that you are in a taxi and you want to go somewhere. How can you deal in such a situation If you want to tell the taxi driver, where are you going? You say, Anna Raya, I am going on the raw. Yeah. And then the name of the area or the name of the street on Araya. Mustering. Get either on the Royal Shera. Mohammed Ali. Okay, let's say you want to tell the taxi driver to go left. Sherman, she met Togo, right? You mean you mean straight Allah to a little she men, You mean? If you want to be polite and say if you please, Then last summer, she Menlo summer. You mean those about this issue it This is me. Okay. If you want him to be quick, then say ba soda before, although some are If you want him to slow down. Bish, Wish Wish, wish Bish ways. No. Sora. Okay, let's say you arrived. Don't tell him it's here. This enough from before. So Hannah and the low summer Finally you want to pay? So you will say it fought done, Father. Here you go. That far done. in Foose and fills in the coming. Listen, we will talk more about the money and all the expressions related to money. So your homework for today How can you tell a taxi driver that you are going to? Roxy Brooks is an area. 11. Lesson 10: Let's talk about money for sure you will deal with money. Want to buy something So money is INF Loose Felos elf loose If you want to ask about the price of something then became the became or we can the It depends What is this object? Feminine or mask? Began its affair Ba can And for the answer, we will just have in this course the numbers from 1 to 10. You can, of course, and prove your knowledge about the numbers through a book or an audio book. So let's have the numbers first From 1 to 10 we're head where? Huh? Where? Head it Name the name the later out of bomb Femsa. I am So sit the said the Sabah. The menu they saw all ashore. Then all shot. So you can the the Bashar ogni Guinness pound or bashara do Losh bashara euro. So you need the number. You need the currency and you know how to ask became If you're asking about vegetables like Keanu became a kilo, become it name. Kill it. Name QB can How much to kills? Cost If you pay then then you want the change or the rest of the money. The rest is cold ill Betty saying in bay you paid and they didn't return you the money fan in bay. If you are in a restaurant and you want to ask for the bill, it has Ebola. Osama in his head in his up cam in HOA became How much does the coffee coast became? An hour. Okay, so you know how to ask about the price? You know the numbers from 1 to 10. And now I will ask you one question as a homework and give me an answer. You can choose the currency you can choose. The number became if Kuttab the became became a state Abdeh. 12. Lesson 11: Finally, I think it's important that you know how to express yourself when you are sick. How can you say that you are sick and Arabic sick means I in I am. And of course, it's different from Dobbin, which is tired. So, Anna, I am. If it's a female who's stalking, then on a i n Okay, When you go to the doctor, then you address the doctor by Yeah, doctor or doctor, It's OK. It's similar doctor or doctor and then you need to express, uh, the symptoms you have on a Andi I have on a on on andi soda. So the, uh on on the alum feeders there's or there's mean smaller toe soon. So on the Alum Pain Fi, there's or tooth and on the Harare on on the AM sick, I am sick on the ISS hand its head and probably the doctor will give you a medicine. Medicine is thou though hot doubt taking medicine that a lot more wrote that looked more road, you know, tell later. But when you add it to something, it becomes, tell it there later that a lot more wrote Fignon in one day hood in Doha a lot more rot fee in you. It does the this minutes. Okay, so that's the most important words that you may need If you visited a doctor Now for the homework, let's say that you are not feeling well and you want to tell the doctor that you have fever . What can you say? 13. End: thank you for joining me on the scores. I hope it was useful. It's of course not. Everything is just the basic introduction for critical Egyptian Arabic. But from this scores you can start adding up to your vocabulary. I wish you all the best and I'm looking forward. Toa, see your homework. The project that is combining all the homeworks you had for all the lessons and good luck.