Learning Adobe Illustrator's Shape Builder tool | Caleb Bryant | Skillshare

Learning Adobe Illustrator's Shape Builder tool

Caleb Bryant, Designer • Illustrator • Entrepreneur

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4 Videos (16m)
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    • Creating Basic Shapes

    • Creating Architecture Shapes

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About This Class

Learn to create and manipulate shapes in Adobe Illustrator with the Shape Builder tool.

One of our favorite and most used tools in Adobe Illustrator is the Shape Builder Tool. This tool is versatile and saves a lot of time. In this class you'll learn how to use and apply the Shape Builder tool to your vector artwork, whether it’s illustrative, design focused or fine artwork.

This class is mainly for beginners, but anyone who doesn’t understand the Shape Builder Tool is welcome to join in.

We look forward to it!


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Caleb Bryant

Designer • Illustrator • Entrepreneur

Quiet but bold, succinct but impactful, candid but kind.

I'm a graphic designer and owner of Bryant Brothers Creative which is based out of central Ohio. As a child I always enjoyed creating and I still do today! I'm passionate about design and architecture and I unite the two together whenever I can.

In my free time I enjoy tending my reef aquarium, being with family, and photography.

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