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7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Class intro

    • 2. How to develop an eyecatching first paragraph

      good story1.jpg
      good story2.jpg
      good story3.jpg
      good story4.jpg
      good story5.jpg
      good story6.jpg
      good story7.jpg
      good story8.jpg
      good story9.jpg
      good story10.jpg
      good story11.jpg
      good story12.jpg
    • 3. Discussing the different genres

      understanding the genres2.jpg
      understanding the genres3.jpg
      understanding the genres4.jpg
      understanding the genres5.jpg
      understanding the genres6.jpg
      understanding the genres7.jpg
      understanding the genres8.jpg
      understanding the genres9.jpg
    • 4. How to develop a character

      developing the character1.jpg
      developing the character3 new.jpg
      developing the character4 new.jpg
      developing the character5.jpg
      developing the character6 new.jpg
      developing the character newer1.jpg
      developing the character newer 2.jpg
      developing the character newer3.jpg
      Developing 7.jpg
    • 5. developing the plot

      developing the plot2.jpg
      developing the plot3.jpg
      developing the plot4.jpg
      developing the plot5.jpg
      developing the plot6.jpg
      developing the plot7.jpg
      developing the plot8.jpg
      developing the plot9.jpg
      developing the plot11.jpg
    • 6. The importance of narration

      narration 2.jpg
      narration 4.jpg
      narration 5.jpg
      narration 6.jpg
      narration 7.jpg
      narration 8.jpg
      narration 9.jpg
      narration 10-2.jpg
      narration 11.jpg
      narration 13.jpg
      narration 14.jpg
      narration 15.jpg
    • 7. creating your story

      Creating the story2.jpg
      Creating the story3 newer.jpg
      Creating the story4 newer.jpg
      Creating the story5.jpg
      Creating the story6.jpg
      Creating the story7 newer.jpg
      Creating the story8.jpg
      Creating the story9.jpg
      Creating the story10.jpg

About This Class

In this class you will learn how to write for an older audience. Remember this is a free write class. The audience you will learn to write for is teens to adults. You will learn to write in all genre styles, but whatever genre style you choose to write in for your final project is your choice. This class will teach you how to craft a short story and how to write a novel if you wanted to. I will teach you the various genres and which ones sell the best. You will also learn about basic things like narration, dialog, character, plot, setting, and other elements that make a good story great. I will also discuss how a ghostwriter, editor, and proofreader are important to work with. I will even discuss ways you can sell your stories or novels online or through self publishing.I am going to be editing and adding more videos soon so if the videos seem ambigous or misleading please let me know. Oh I look forward to conversation too. That's what get's this class going the most.





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Joshua Peck

Freelance writer and graphic designer


My name is Josh and I'm a professional freelance ghostwriter and graphic designer. I have been working as a freelancer for 5 years now. I do most of my freelance jobs on Fiverr and Craigslist. I also maintain a freelance services website, a Fiverr blog, and multiple facebook pages. I have written over 300 short stories, 200 blogs or more, and 100 or more various other writing projects. I have also designed over 300 logos and a multitude of other graphic design projects for clients ...

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