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Learn to speak italian with a native speaker. - Beginner class - Presenting yourself

teacher avatar Giuliana Maddaluno

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Greetings

    • 2. What’s your name?

    • 3. Where are you from?

    • 4. What do you do?

    • 5. How old are you?

    • 6. Where do you live?

    • 7. Final thoughts.

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About This Class

This class will teach you how to present yourself in italian and cover a few basic grammar skills such as gender identification of words, singular and plural, to be and to have and a few words. At the end of the project you will be able to:   greet peole say your name and ask about the name of other people talk about where you come from talk about where you live tell people about your profession   And you will also be able to write a little text about yourself.   This class is for all that want to learn italian, you don’t need any prior knowledge.  

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1. Greetings: Journal. Senorita Senorita Cats and I got seven venality. Welcome to mate Allen Kruse. I hope you will enjoy it. It At the end of discuss you will be able to present yourself Say your name where you come from, a world you are And where do you live? And let's get started. My name is Giuliana and I am, as you probably already guessed primitively I currently live in or strap. Please don't mistake in real Australia and I work with students that need help learning Italian. It's cool. I already worked with all girls and it was so much fun. So I thought, Why don't you chalan? And here I am in this class, you're going to learn how to present yourself in Italian and some basic creme. Oh, yes, I know, but it still will be fun. You can begin with greeting other students in the project section. Are you watching the Speedo in the morning? So say bon giorno. Is it 19 your time zone? Then try Ghana Sierra, Are you going to bed? What? I'm not You just want to say hi Se child or Salva and tell us what Italian words you already know I hope you enjoyed this video. Why your practices? I say to you Arab identity. That means good bye. See you in the next one. 2. What’s your name?: child I got It has come back in this video. You're going to learn hard to present yourself to others. I am sure you have already heard a few Italian names. But how do you know if we are talking about a man? Are all women? It is simple names demands wouldn't be are female lease for example Giuliana Medea on uh Giuseppina Rosa. Angela Francesca Name stood and wouldn't Oh are male names, for example Giuliano model Antonio Luigi Carlo Angela Francesco. But what is with names did and ridden E or an I. Most of them are made knees, for example Juice it but Salvatore Michaela Giovanni. But he's a really few. So you can remember name did and wouldn't all our meal names and names that and wouldn't aid are female names. Try to transform your name in an Italian name If you're no sure, try using a name, translator or line or ask me in the comments section No, How do I say my name is? It's me camel and then you need than me stands for the my and Camel is the present tense from the form off the web Cam RC That can be translated with Toby named So if you were trying to translate word by word you would have something like I am named. Maybe you already saw that the I stands in brackets. This is because in Italy you don't need toe. Always say who is the subject off the freeze? Who is making the action? This means that you don't need toe. Always say that I I'm doing something. For example, if I say you are beautiful in Italian, it is enough If you see are beautiful because the different forms off the Arab are so specific that you already know if I'm talking about me or she are you and you know how much you telling just to talk? We don't have time for so many words, I notice it is. This is a lot to remember But don't worry, you won't need it yet. I just wanted you to hear it. So you will already be familiar with it when I bring it up in another class. So it to someone me, Kalma Giuliana means my name is Julian. You know that I am a woman because my name ends. Read, um, eight male names ans written or In few cases we didn't e or an I. But how do you ask other people about Johnny? Just ask it to that means And you tell us in the project section what your name is and ask other about their name. So the last recap, Mickey Ammo. Giuliana it to Thanks for watching. Are you there? 3. Where are you from?: child I got Welcome back in this media. You're going to learn how to say where you come from. To do so, we have to learn first develop s its or to be. We start with opponents. You're to Louis Les. No, we boy Loro, that corresponds to I you he she maybe you notice that we don't have an it. We prefer to truce between May and the female birds. Then we have we you on day. So Esiner works like this E Osuna to say Louis Air Les Noisy ammo boy. See it, Laura? So no, that means I am. You are. He sees she sees we are you are they are You can see that the words are different for each person except for the first and the last one. So you can see it that when I say salmon, I know that I am talking about us. I don't need to say Newey, but I can if I want to. For this exercise, we Onley need the first person your soon and then you nationality In my case, it's Italian. So it is. You're so no Italiana. Note that a word ends with an aide because I am a woman. If a man says it, it would and wouldn't. Oh, as we learned in the lesson before. And that would be You're sooner, Italiano. I have here a few example Off nationalities. Americano Americana, Australia. No. Australia H Siano, A Jit Seanna Messi Cano may see Khanna Bracciano, Coriander, Coriander Argentino, Argentina Chileno She leaner Russo Roofs Graco Grey Cup We have also, if your worst that end wouldn't eat. This remains the same for men and women. For example, a man say's you also know in Liza and a woman Saiz, you're so no in Lisa Inkley, sir, in police, Your landing said You're Lundy said Orlandi. Sir. All undies. If England, he said. Finland, Isa nor Biggie said, nor veggies. Jeannie's Jeannie's Frenchies, Frenchies, Porto Keisser for two days can not decent cannot decide. That was my lesson for today. Right in the project section your name and your nationality, any talent? Of course, If you couldn't find your nationality, just ask in the comments section or try to find it on an all in dictionary. But don't forget to post it here as every kept. We know how to greet people say our name and nationality and how to ask him. And you show me camel Giuliana So no italiana it to You can connect the true phrases reading e that means and dark of use it with their air from Louis air. That means he is the finished product would be show Mickey Amara Juliana IHS Sooner Italiana it to the male Burson would be chow me Cam Adriano s Uno Italiano A true thanks for watching at 50. 4. What do you do?: told I got C. Welcome back in this video, you're going to learn how to say what you do for a living. What your profession is to do. So we need again s it? Can you remember what forms they are? Yo, Sona to say Louis Lay noise. Samel boy. See it, Laura Soon? No. We need our profession. We stayed in the lesson before that Words that ends with an o. R. Male Words and words that answered and a are female words. Now there are a few exceptions and a lot of them off professions. But don't worry. We will see them together to make it a little easier. I made a table that we're going to feel together after the video. You can dollar to table and try to fill it by yourself for the example. I choose two names. Domenico, that's the name off my brother and Giuliana my name. So did you know if you are talking about a man or a woman? Artista Artista Jordan. Analista Jordan Analista dentist. Sta dentist Sta Regista Regista. Okay, cool car. Mechanical mechanical. Open your hope. It ia either Alico Hydraulic Postino. Christina Abukhater Abukhater. Our kidded toe our kid Eto. These are the corresponding worlds in English. We have artists journalist, dentist, director, cook, mechanic, laborer, lumber postman, lawyer and acting. Now a few other words we have again are two persons to me. Nickel and Adriana made it cool. Medical infinitum Year Infirm era Peru Kierra Peru Kierra Contented Can Tanti Profits soared. Profess Saurus Comedy it it Comet Yetta A story at three. Chip Don't Tour door tourists did it toe. Direct creature Ingenieria engineer, student student is TSA. This corresponds to the English words doctor, nurse, hairstylist, singer, professor, waiter or waitress, actress, director, Dr, executive, director, engineer and student noted some words like medical engineer or architect. Toe don't have a female version, but just they're still working on this in Italian. So maybe we have soon medical other words like Artista arrest the same for boards genders. So we have. Don't make me go a artista or Giuliana a artista Both words and within a. But we know that Dominica is a man, so we know that he is artist. But it's a male artist. The is just way to remember This is to run the vocabulary as it is, so that was my lesson for today, Right in the project section your name, where you come from and your profession. You can also try to fill out your table and posted there. If your profession is not in a table, write it in the comment section so that I can help you or search it in a dictionary as a recount. We know how to greet people, say your name, nationality, profession and hard to ask them. And you it is so me, Cam or Giuliana So no italiana you. So no artista it to We can add an out of professional simply by adding an E between the true profession like we didn't lesson before. For example, Towel Mikhail More Giuliana Sooner Italiana. So no artista a student Issa it to please remember, Don't confuse the E return air with the accent. That means Louis Air as he sees the 1,000,000 version off. The phrase would be Chow Mikel More Giuliano. So no Italiana. So no artista is to dentist it to Thanks for watching, added Efty 5. How old are you?: So what? I got you. Welcome back in this video, you're going to learn how to say how old you are. Contrary on what you will think. We don't need a surges time. But in your verb obviated, that means to head any talent. You don't say that you are many years old, but that you have many years. But first things first. How does a very poor you or to I Louis lay noise at BMO Boy Evita Loro. And that corresponds to I have you Have he is. She has we have. You have? They have. If you remember, you can leave up to prone on you too. Louis lay noisy boy. Laura, if you want to now to say how hold we are. We need the numbers. They are called new Mary. Well, you know, do it. Three. Quite true. Ching quit se set down. Oh, too. No other dhe owned itchy door ditching three DJ Quat toward itchy queen. Dhe se teaching de Just set them. See Chart de Chan. Northern Binky. I think you know dainty do where the t three Llorente, If you have noticed, we have no the words for 20 and 30 and we add the numbers for one tonight. So it will be a friend. You know, Trenta do wear Trenta three Trenta quad and so on. If in orders 31 or 21 you have the words for 20 or Trent up and you live to a old and add the You know, this is on Lee with the one and eight. So you would have Trent photo or vent auto. Then we have qua Raanta here again. The same quiet on to know Qahtan do it Choir on three chin Quanta sis son said Santa Oh Santa No Banta Chin. Now that we know the numbers, we can put this together Europe or being tea set on me If you see the eo is again in briquettes so you can live it out if you want to and say or being dissected. And that was my last one for today, right into projects section your name where you come from, your profession and how old you are. You can also try to fill out the table about the numbers and post it there. If you have any questions, write them in the comments section as Rick it we know how to greet people. Say your name, nationality, profession, how old you are and how to ask them. And you show me Cam or Giuliana Sooner Italiana. So no, Artista is student Issa all going to set the army A To the male version would be chow me Cam Adriano So no Italian soon Oh, Artista is student or venti set on me it to Thanks for watching Adam Identity. 6. Where do you live?: Joe, But I got to you. Welcome back. In this video, you're going to learn Hard to say. Where do you live? For this? We need the present tense off irregular verb. I'll be tired or to live in this context it means inhabit. So where do you live? It tell in. Verbs are divided in three groups, depending on hard infinitive form ends. So we have got it. This is the first group. It it This is the second group and era their third group. We have for this lesson Onley appetite that belongs to the first group. So we're going to concentrate on Lee on this group. Develop works like this, your capital to a beauty. Louis lay Albita noise a bt ammo voy appetite. Laurel Abbey. If you're going to memorize it, make sure that you are also the problem with it, so that you always know who we are talking about when we don't see the name or do problem. So you remember. You don't need it to say, but it's better if you learn it with over when we talk about where we live. We have two options talking about the SETI ordination. Both need a proposition but a different one. For example, Raboteau are barely know in Germania or your Habito a New York in America. So you see, barely know is the city. Germania is the nation. So we use Hey CTO in plastination. Contrary to the nationality, we don't need to a coordination or city with agenda. The phrase remains the same for woman and men here, A few nation and the corresponding nationality Did Monye, Spagna, Franchot, Dahlia I was India's Terra Mexico Argentina cheese there. But I see live job opponent Gina I'm Medical Africa Age itto victor Romania, Canada That was my lesson for today. Right into projects section your name where you come from, where you leave your profession and how old you are. You can also try to feel out to table about to nation and posted dear. If you have any questions, write them in the comments section as a recap We know how to greet people Say your name, nationality, profession where you leave, how old you are and how to ask them. And you chow Mickey Ammo Giuliana So no Italiana Alvito A Sally's boot ago. He knows him so no artista Yes, student tests. Oh, Venti. Set on it to the male version would be shall me, Camel Giuliano. So, no Italiano Abbey. It'll Asali sport ago, you know? Still, so no artista years to dental or venti set on it to Thanks for watching out of identity. 7. Final thoughts.: Charlotte at sea. Well, come to my final video. My final thoughts give you congratulations on completing the project. If you don't have yet, please upload your project in Project Section even if it's not yet finished. This was my first kill share video. I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you could learn something from it. You know, I should be able to present yourself. So your name where you come from a live and hold you. If you still have travels right in the comment section, I will try to answer you assume as possible. Try to repeat the words that he learned the phrases that we learn as many times as possible . Talk to your family and friends. Even if they don't understand, You're really doesn't matter. You should practice and practice and practice, and you soon will be better. I look forward to see your questions, tips and fit beg and thoughts about what you want to learn next So I can included in my next video. I hope that you and try to project that you had fun and it was worth your time. Thanks for watching. See you in a next class. Out of 50