Learn to paint whimsical watercolor portraits

S Sukilopi, Artist, Skillshare teacher

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9 Videos (32m)
    • Presentation

    • Sketching a face

    • Choosing a theme and a palette

    • From digital to watercolors

    • The hair: wet on wet technique

    • Painting the face

    • Hair painting: dry on wet technique

    • Acrylics and pencil details

    • Final words


About This Class


You often hear how portraits are the hardest thing to paint, and how tricky watercolors are as a media. Well, how about combining both and having fun with it?

All we need is a little planning and a few tips to fully enjoy the magic of watercolors.

In this class I will take you through the whole process of painting a simple and beautiful watercolor portrait.

You will learn:

-how to sketch a simple face

-how to select a theme and specific elements for a harmonious painting

-how to choose a digital palette and recreate it with watercolors

-how to use wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry painting techniques

-how to complete your work and make it pop out with pencil and acrylics details (or any media you like!)

Anyone can take this course but I have purposefully kept the technique simple so that even beginners can complete a project and be pleased with the result.

Material that I use:

-Igor Trestoi watercolors (which I think are now called White Nights)

-Van Gogh watercolors (individual tubes)

-Canson Watercolors XL 300g. This paper is simply fantastic; not expensive and of great quality, my personal favourite (their Montval range comes nowhere near this one, imo).

I would like to stress the importance of watercolor paper, because it makes the whole difference. Even mistakes look pretty with a good one!

-Polychromos color pencils

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Another absolutely lovely class by Sandrine!!! In this one she outdoes herself with sketching and watercolor techniques made very easy to execute, to create a stunning project!
Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker

Fantastic class. Loved it!!
A wonderful example of just how easy it can be to create beautiful watercolor art. See how to choose your colors, mix your paints and how to apply them to a unique whimsical portrait painting. A fun class to watch. ;-)
Robin Slee

Let your inner artist out!





S Sukilopi

Artist, Skillshare teacher

Hello, I'm Sandrine (or Suki Lopi, my beloved artist name)!

I am an artist who loves using all kinds of media and especially watercolors. I occasionally design patterns in Procreate, and also enjoy working on digital collages.

I sell my art on print on demand websites, such as Society6 and Redbubble.

Although I strongly admire artists who can perfectly reproduce what they see, it is not my personal aim to do so. I favour creativity and imagination over realism and per...

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