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Learn to paint a beautiful landscape using Instant coffee

teacher avatar Swapna Namboodiri, Abstract artist/plastic sculptor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials needed

    • 3. Coffee as paint

    • 4. First wash

    • 5. Starting with sky

    • 6. Adding layers

    • 7. Intermediate phase

    • 8. Final details

    • 9. Bonus: to add an extra bit of detail

    • 10. Thank you

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About This Class

Hello friends, Myself Swapna. I am a professional artist/plastic sculptor. I work with discarded plastics to create sculptural artworks. I love working with various unconventional mediums to create art.

In this class I will be taking you through the step by step process of creating a beautiful landscape painting using just instant coffee. This class will include :

. Introduction to use coffee as a paint 

. Techniques to mix coffee to get desired shades

. Choosing a landscape and turning it into a monochromatic painting

This project is perfect even for a beginner and doesn't need any prior knowledge in drawing /painting. Coffee medium is really flexible that there won't be any mistakes which cannot be corrected. So get ready to take a coffee break, and  paint  a beautiful landscape painting !!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Swapna Namboodiri

Abstract artist/plastic sculptor


Plastic sculptor. Extremely passionate to contribute  greener days for the coming generations. She upcycle plastics to create sculptural artworks .She try to bring a unique style in each of her work, with different painting technique, using pourable fluid oil paints and acrylics. Giving freedom to the colors, She has worked on a range of subjects, like nature and outerspace, people and culture,  social awareness etc. 
Nature being her favorite subject, she like to create unique texture and visual treat using plastic scraps. With the inspiration, imagination, and emotions, she delves deeply into the soul of the work to portray it in its best.
She has past experiences in working on various interesting mediums as glass, fabric, coffee to name a few. Usage of brigh... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, guys. Welcome to my first game Shake lights myself. Sapna. I mean Indian artist currently based. Out of that, I make abstract artworks and plastics cultures. I make relief sculpture landlords using discarded plastics, and I consider this as my contribution for a greener planet. You can find my sculptural artworks on my INSTAGRAM account or on babies online art galleries like finder or such I also love exploring various other medians is a not so calm . That's how I got inclined to its coffee painting. Coffee is a very flexible medium to work with, which gives beautiful dressers. I've tried my hands and we restrict centric needs with coffee to create these beautiful paintings. So in today's project will be creating a beautiful landscape painting. You will be guided to dilute coffee in different consistencies toe obtain various shades for a monochromatic painting, and by the end of this project, you will be also to use coffee as a new medium for your records. I hope you all will enjoy trying out this new technique, and I can't wait to see all the projects that you guys come up with. So let's get started 2. Materials needed: Now let's look at the materials that are required for this project. We need watercolor paper I'm using in a fight size 200 GS and and that will be stuck to a solid surface using sticky tape. Then we need clear walking, and I'd be using to wrong brushes for this project, one of sites to and the other obsessed in. And we need instant coffee powder that will be really available to please and way need a pencil just to draw a rough outline on people. So let's get started. 3. Coffee as paint: now that your family, with the different materials required for this project, let's see how to dilute coffee in different consistencies. Here. I've taken half of this phone off coffee, and I'm mixing it with almost same quantity of water. I'm mixing entirely so that all the dreams get the salt properly. If the better in your place is really cold, you can try to use lukewarm order to dissolve the grains. Easy. I'm hoping for a medium consistency here. Let's try out the shed on a watercolor people. Next time, taking lesser quantity of coffee powder on will be mixing it with more proportion off water , so I'll be getting a very diluted version. I'm mixing it thoroughly to dissolve all the greens. No, let's try out this shape and you can t really see the difference and shape here. Let's try applying multiple layers of coffee here. I'm applying a little off consistency of coffee, and on top of that, I'm giving a layer off slightly tickle worship. You can see them blending smoothly. We can apply this wet on wet technique in your artworks, where you need gradual variation of sheets. Next time, a plane bet layer of pains On an already dried potion, you can see strokes of Bt genes after loading the brush with diluted coffee, you can try dabbing the brush like this to get a beautiful grassy texture on the beauty. It is fun to family rice, with this median using various lose fresh fruits being a very flexible medium to work. But you can use a paper towel to absorb excess coffee to remove an unwanted restaurant. Unlike other mediums, you don't have to worry about the pains getting dried because coffee can be diluted at any time, using just few droplets of water, even if you leave it unattended for hours. No, you're all set to create a beautiful piece of art. 4. First wash: he feared a beginner. I would recommend you to keep a reference picture for this project. Let's get started by a plane. Strokes of Clearwater over the watercolor paper. No, we're all set to give. The first wash with coffee Way will be giving the base layer with the lightest shape. I'm starting to give Straits drugs towards the horizon line. You can also use a flat brush if needed to give these drugs. - Now I'm starting to walk about the horizon line using an even lighter shade. So here we have divided the picturing to do portions about below the horizon line, so it will be easier for us to work with. 5. Starting with sky: Based on this reference picture, I'm going to draw a rough outline off the landscape before drawing the outline. Make sure that the paper has steadily dried after replying the first wash of coffee. And also I would recommend not to make Dr Ben so much here. I'm drawing a lighter outline off the mountains, so on land. Now I'm going to give a medium consistency of coffee as base layer for the mountains. After loading the brush with coffee, I'm dabbing it over the surface to get a textured effect. - No , I leave this portion to get dried in the Meanwhile, I work on the sky to add a bit more details. You can add loose trucks by moving the brush side to side in order to add sandals. Background. I'm using few droplets of water to dilute the portion. And with the paper travel, I'm just absorbing the coffee. Carlin. From that potion, you can see the beautiful reserved, So in order to highlight that potion, I'm just adding a slightly thicker consistency of coffee. And then I'm just giving jobs outwards. - Know that our Skype ocean is almost finished. We will right away give the shadow off mountains on the river, loosen up your creativity and feel free to add any details of your Charles 6. Adding layers: Now we can start adding the base layer off the front portion off landscape as speeded earlier way can load the brush with coffee. I've taken the medium consistency coffee and then dabbing it continuously to get textured next time, adding a few rocks on the side before reading. More less will keep this for drain. 7. Intermediate phase: Now we're in the intermediate fees off the painting, and we clearly have a design here and now we can start working on various return dry layers to get a beautiful effort. Here. I'm adding another layer off mountain range, and I'm using the thickest consistency of coffee here. - I'm your adding some finishing touches on the bag round moments as well, which will add a perspective to the whole picture. - Now I'm giving the reflections off the newly added mountains. Now we'll believe that portion to drive, and we'll start working on the front landscape again. I'm giving some highlights to the rocks here. That, and adding sum's chalks to the side to get an effect of the water to get the reflection of the sun on the water. I'm diluting that portion on dropping with the paper tower toe. Absorb excess of coffee there, and as you can see, we have the beautiful reflection. - While this leg get dried, I'm going to add some clouds in the problems 8. Final details: Now we're approaching the final stage of hiding details with the size to round brush and take a consistency of coffee. I'm Addington. Strokes of dress. You can loosen up yourself and enjoy the whole process of creating so that you get the best presence. I'm adding few dots to highlight the flowers and seen on the reference image here, I'm adding futures, and here is a beautiful, monochromatic landscape painting. 9. Bonus: to add an extra bit of detail: here. I'm going to show you how to add an extra element to complement the painting. This is Golden three D liner from February print. Usually, I used this for my class paintings here. I'm going to use this to highlight certain portion. - Now it's finally time to take off the border tapes, and that is a complete it landscape painting. 10. Thank you: thank you guys for joining me in doing this beautiful coffee painting. I hope you are like this book. I really can't wait to see all the projects that you guys come up with. You guys can loosen up all your creativity and enjoy the process of creating this beautiful landscape painting. I hope you guys will stay tuned because I'd be coming up with more interesting projects. So thank you guys and see you again in my next review by