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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Ganapati idol painting Intro

    • 2. Colors to be used

    • 3. Skin color - Start

    • 4. Skin color - Done

    • 5. Painting Dhoti - Part 1

    • 6. Painting Dhoti - Part 2

    • 7. Painting Shawl or Shela

    • 8. Painting the ornaments - Part 1

    • 9. Painting the ornaments - Part 2

    • 10. Painting the eyes - Part 1

    • 11. Painting the eyes - Part 2

    • 12. Painting the eyes - Part 3

    • 13. Painting the small details

    • 14. Summary

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About This Class

This course can be used independently or as an extension to my course "LEARN THE ART OF CLAY SCULPTING: MAKE A GANAPATI IDOL".

This course teaches you everything that you need to know for painting a Ganapati idol using acrylic colors. Using the same techniques and sequence taught in this course, you can use other types (poster, organic) of colors too to paint the idol.

You'll learn which colors to buy and how to mix many other colors from the basic colors.

Most difficult part in painting the idol is painting the eyes and that is shown in detail so that you get the necessary information and confidence.

So, take the course, paint the idol, enjoy the experience and feel more spiritually connected!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer



Download my ebook. 



I am a fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor based in Pune, India.

I chose to become a full time artist in 2011 after 15 years of corporate career in manufacturing and IT.
During my education and corporate career I made art on weekends and exhibited it through solo and group shows. But I wanted to make more art and more often!

After quitting my day job, I've created and sold my own art more often and have taught 20000+ students through my workshops, courses and membership.

My art teaching method got refin... See full profile

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1. Ganapati idol painting Intro: Hello and welcome to this course. My name is Amanda Monarchy, and I'm a fine artist on a sculptor as the name of the course. Oh, yes, In this course, I'll be teaching you how to paint other NBA title to say the same thing. Visually, I'll show you how to turn, and I don't looking like this into an idol looking like this. Most crucial part of painting and idle like this is to paint the eyes of the idol, and I've shown that in great detail so that you, too, can pain the island's eyes easily and without any fear. Over the years, more than 400 participants off my in studio bookshops have used the same techniques to pain the idols they're made. Now I bring these techniques to you online so that you can watch them any time for many years to come. By the end of this course, you will not only get the information and confidence toe paint a gun pretty idle on your own, but you can later apply the same techniques to pain any idle on the statue. This course is a great companion to my other course titled Learned the Art of clay sculpting maker than pretty idle. That course teaches you how to make a gun pretty idle on this course teaches you how to paint again. Put the Arctic. But this course will also help you equally If you have already made an idol on high, bored and idle are you want to repaint an existing idol? So I'll wait for you inside the course Happy painting. 2. Colors to be used: Welcome to this video when I'll be teaching you how to paint the company Idol made out of clay. I'll be using the colors which use here right now on your screen. They are accurate. Nicholas on. I have chosen the colors, which are marked as non toxic. So here is Indian yellow than I have black. I have a family in blue and then Crimson Lake extra wide. I've chosen picture. Why? Because it has more body than the no titanium white or any other white in aka Liquid Tuesday. And finally I have an eagle, which is also which is the one which we used to paint the ornaments. I buy these colors in 500 middle packs because I need a lot of color, but you can buy colors in this. How much for family size? Because mostly you'll be paying the only one I love Joe made at home. Okay, then I use just two brushes to paint. One is a flat brush, which is about happening right, and the recent task on and another one is, ah, find deep brushed Sandra's, which is which will be using to paint the eyes and finally pills of diver. Other than this bottle, Neil is Ah, pull off waterway. You can. We should be watching your brushes on a piece of cloth to wipe the press. It's since your were using actually colors. It's important to use to watch the process frequently on not let them dry outside is because once the actually color dries the brushes, if it dries on the process, the process will be off. No use anymore, Andi. That's why we have to take care of the braces on why are washed them as far as soon as the painting. 3. Skin color - Start: So here is that a little bit of Medo on? Be painting it now. What I have here is a color which I have made by mixing three colors together that's white on a bit of red on bit of yellow on. Does that color bitch I'll be using for the skin? So what you do is, um, they get on the bus on start painting. What I'd be doing is I'll be even painting the ornaments with this color on, and many people ask that we need to paint the idol with white color before we start painting with the final colors. But if you're using acrylics on the paint's Machar, primarily opaque, then are more more big than not transparent, then you need not pain the island with any basic alone or white color to start. So what are we doing is now every painting? I'll be also using this color as the base color for the ornaments on that trial, depending even the crown and the ornaments with this cup. So let's get started with thinking it's always good practice to start from the top of the idol and then come downwards because if something drips, then you can always clear, I think in the parts ended and the model as the painting, All this item with the skin color is going to be a Lindy Crosses. I'm not going to show the whole process. I just continue doing so on. And once I've finished painting it, I'm issuing the complete idol. 4. Skin color - Done: So here is the idol. After I have applied the skin color, you can see that I have applied the skin color on the ground on disability as well. Another advantage off using AK really colors is that if you're doing the clay modeling or you made the idol for the first time, then the joints tend to be lose on accurately color forms of film. On the surface on that acts as a support for the loose joints, so that's an added benefit off acrylic color. Off course, you can use ah, other colors like off the colors, which are also commonly available on. But they don't form us skin on that leech toe that doesn't basically add support to the item that just gives color. Another thing is those colors also are not, Um yeah, fixed in the sense that if that is, it's a mortar. Droplets fall on Idol, then those colors also 10 toe mixed with water again and start flowing so you will see some public are the surface becomes uneven, the color so from the idea of the droplet, has fallen on, gets and gets displayed and goes toe goes with the order so that doesn't happen with actually color, so that's the second advantage. But make sure that you avoid the colors, which are not marked as non toxic. It means on the color should be known toxic, and you will see a marking on the tomb of the color. On generally the academy and based colors, the reds and yellows are the ones which are toxic. Tonight I will go ahead and paint in that estimated. 5. Painting Dhoti - Part 1: for the duty. I'll be using the Indian yellow color bitch I showed you in the first list off colors on using using additive. I wouldn't have not added anything else in this on. I'll be applying that on the duty part off. You will see that this color is slightly more epic than this color. But a zit dries. It tends to be more topic than what it is right now on what you can do is if you still find that after dying also you, can you feel that the color is more transparent than what is required and you can apply another coat off this color at once. The first layer is dry. Oh, you would also know that the skin color has come out, has mistakenly God on the things like the Shelagh or the soul Andi areas where it is not supposed to be there. But then that's fine. We'll be touching up at the end off the whole printing process. And you should not buddy about that right now. So I go ahead and think the duty No 6. Painting Dhoti - Part 2: here is that after I painted the duty in your local area Andi now and repainting the shawl off the idol and the booster. 7. Painting Shawl or Shela: preparing the duty. I'll be using this red orange color bitch I've made by mixing two colors that so the crimson leak and the Indian yellow, which I showed in the evening. The proportion you start with the yellow color on, then go on, adding that as you required, that's an easy That's easy way up mixing this orange reddish orange, then starting with red and adding yellow because the red has most tinting strength than the Lakota. 8. Painting the ornaments - Part 1: Now you can see that I have painted the shawl on also the bolster on. Now I have started painting the golden ornaments on the crown off my idol and again show you died. And when I finished painting the ornaments in Gordon Color, I'll be using mostly this broad brush itself who pain because with the smaller 11 number bus and become difficult. And it's very time consuming pain, the any surface, which is more than a line onda. Another big off this brush is that you can if you want to play out big this portion off the golden ornament you can go on and like this instead. Off on, there's no need to go on the sites off the ornament and painted because, anyway, it's not seen on. That's the reason. That's one of the reasons why I think it The idol are even the ornaments with the skin color so that there's no gap. There's no placing in between the skin color and any other color, like the golden colored kid, so there's no real need to go in on pain. I armament on this side. Okay, so I get on painting this and finish it and show you diarrhea again. 9. Painting the ornaments - Part 2: This is how the idol looks now and the state of ever invented the Golden Bar. You can see that I've also Braun a line on the edges off the show here and also on this side so that it gives the impression off shall being woman with golden thread. 10. Painting the eyes - Part 1: Okay, Now let's talk about the eyes. First thing. What you have to do is, uh, fame. The ice on and that eat in white color so that we can then in the eyes probably on the right brain has could dry up. So I'm building on also the I I hadn't in the reward, huh painted this brown. But until you have to do it again when I come back I missed out on building eyes. Right. Okay, so Big one I white on now I'm bringing the other night also in worker on this color has driver Then we can then paint on on Amazing that there is a line here. Both the eyes should be equally distant from that plane. So this i the this point of the I am this point of the I should be at the same distance Also, the angle at which the eyes are sick should be also same. Now, most part off this measure. Eman has to be done already while you're making idle. But if there is some mistakes like mistake in terms of placement of nine or size of die, you can do that correction to some extent vile painting so well, when you first draw the eye, you can if you're not familiar with it. Any drawing or painting, what I can do is write as a practice. You can grow eye with a pencil and then try to elaborate with the color. So that will give you some confidence in terms of using the brass directly on the under. This have drawn one. I broke on its start from here and ends here. And then, if you can see that clearly on and now we should be able to see. So now I'm going over to that side. I have actually drawn that I brought with Brown color earlier, so that stays in place because I think it is correct. And the correct I I can see that this Ivanhoe has to be slightly up here. So you have to do all this, uh, planning before you put pink on the 11. Painting the eyes - Part 2: in some brown color here by adding adding some red on black on I'll be using that brown color or the preliminary Brian of Die on a little bit name convinced that everything is in its right position. I'll be using darker Brown Colorado in Black Club Who paid I Okay, so I only have one eye, which is Glendon Brown. So now you go work through the other eye bending the market depends. I don't have any hesitation in bringing order, You know, I'm supporting one hand my right hand with my left hand so that I get oh, steady hand on It is no hand shaking my hands which might get a fuzzy line. So this is the I've well I know want to pain by this time the right paint disordered right up on. This is the Lord I live on. Here is the No no. Any painting the eyeball. I'm going Everyone I ordered to be here. I'm generally pain The eyeball. Later color. I mean the thin brown being so that I can I in the reflect some? Like when did the edges off Bible making them darkened. Begin. See, I have not made the eyeball. Go, Benjamin. Obviously, the Buddha. I want you being in the same position on the site Off the are going to be in the front. So likely you can, uh I won't on this side on. And this is what it is in no looks. And this data in this one do, Could it this I grow? Look, you're 12. Painting the eyes - Part 3: now I want, I know, repainting the whole eyeball as it is, I depending only the upper Riley black on. I know. Let's bring up a really first there is a privately. Then I'm outlining. No, I want. And I knew putting one plan Lord, in leaving the believing the part of diamond and is Andi since it will reflect more light. Well, it's not as dark of this Give extra like to them. I told I Look, now I'm thinking No, I grow again with black color more lipped. You can back this pending I on a sheet of paper first. Before you begin this, begin doing this on Nigel that really usually much more confident then you are actually doing it on. So now I get it was done that I because painting, then then I'll grant no guy. Okay, I just need to make my brush more weak. So you know, you're going off the island on and the sender in, uh, the upper island should be dark on. The lower eyelid is not as thick or dark on the operating that I was writing on. No, I think I need to have some more. Some more brown color to die on the side because I'm accidentally made it more black washing my breath Why bin it? So that I don't get extra water. And then again being late brown color on or left though blank this poor correction that and you have on the ice all I have done. 13. Painting the small details: Now, what remains to be painted is, uh, dusts science on the stomach. I've already done one of those and there's one more here on one on the other side. Then we have the markings on the hand. Why won t the you can make the needs just that's the brush on. Like to take the shape of the name off the cleaner. On the other hand, I think this Yeah, and also the names on the on the foot. What remains is actually a little things. One is the base off the idol, Toby, or the platform on which they were sitting on the mouths that is painted. 14. Summary: So this is how been completely painted Idol off position Look like from the last after the last video, I would have had It is I've been in the base with a dark color that I added the yellow and red back on Got this knuckler Onda pain the most I had in black and white together to get this if you need, you can put a little amount off blue color to get the looting. But that's not a must, Andi. That's how on an idol is to be printed off course. If you have done on Idol in our different pose, you might have blue pain. You may not have the bolster, depending are some. You might have something Addis NATO depended. So what I tried to show here is my way opening and idle. Andi, I hope you've learned something. All of this on you depend in the islands which made