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Learn to paint Skies and Silhouette landscapes using Watercolors

teacher avatar Shanan Subhan, Fine Artist | Art Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art supplies

    • 3. Painting#1 Sketching

    • 4. Painting #1 Tracing

    • 5. Painting #1 - Background

    • 6. Painting #1 Silhouettes

    • 7. Painting #1 Detailing

    • 8. Painting #2 - Background

    • 9. Painting #2 - Silhouettes

    • 10. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to my new class on painting Skies and Silhouettes using watercolors.

There are two class projects, the first one is a painting which teaches you to paint the swirly night sky with building silhouettes and glowing lights, the second one is painting Sunset sky view with silhouettes and tiny lights. 

I will explain each and every step right from supplies to the finished paintings. I have covered all the techniques required. If you are someone who is not so good at sketching then don't worry I have covered that as well. 

I hope you will like this class, have a fun learning session.

Good luck

Happy painting. Stay safe

Love, Shanan


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shanan Subhan

Fine Artist | Art Educator



Hello, I'm Shanan Subhan, an Artist currently residing in Bangalore, and born & brought up in Udupi,India 

I am an Engineer by profession and an Artist by passion and everything.

Nature/landscapes are among my favorite subjects to paint. I thank nature and great photographs for inspiring and challenging me.

I started coloring at an early age, even before school taught me to read and write. Unaware of art and the theory of colors, I loved scribbling on papers, books, and walls! All I felt was colorful walls are merrier than monotonous ones. 

Although I loved painting and coloring, because of studies and the competitiveness of day-to-day life, I somehow got disconnected from art a few years ago, but I always f... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. How are you guys? I hope your lassie I made this pandemic. Welcome back to my another's country class. I'm challengeable on the artist behind Water cools I live in Bangla, India. I love painting with watercolors on acrylics on my works are mostly inspired by beautiful nature Guys, I'm really excited for this class. There are two class project. The 1st 1 is a swirly night sky with delightful building salvage. You're we will learn toe paint building celebrates with bright lights and also this multi colored swirlies kite I'm looking at the building. If you feel you're not good at drawing, then you don't have to worry. I've covered a separate chapter on sketching with super easy steps. The 2nd 1 is a sunset sky with abstraction which, unlike here we will learn toe being dramatic sunset sky with dense clouds on abstract hillview off tiny houses, this class covers mainly the subject like skies and salvage. Both are designed for anyone at any skill level. If you are a big no, you can still take up this class. I've neatly explained all the techniques required to create these paintings. Also, I'll walk you through on the supplies required. And then we will mourn toe being the lines capes one by one with detailed instructions. So without any further delay, let's just start our painting process. 2. Art supplies: let us talk about the supplies that we would need for this class. Mostly I would need the watercolor papers for our painting. This is 100% Corton Watercolor paper. Then I would need a rough paper for sketching and praising. Coming to Palos, I will be using Khan for tea. Set from art philosophy. I will use this year's off blue like cabal blue on portion blue, then black and born number. Then these range of Spink Palos from some laws nexus alone, orange color and also Helios Copal Color way Have four brushes. Ah, large size brush for washes. Medium size eight. Brush a size for detailer brush on a very special fine line of rush. For my new detail ings, however, you can go with any supplies that is available with you. There's no compulsion on using the same sir place. Then we have pencil skill and the reservoirs catching masking tape to seal the sides off paper water containers for cleaning our rushes, paper towels for wiping extra pains or water from brushes. Finally, a ceramic plate as palette or any regular palette for mixing colors. Okay, nice. That's all about the supplies. Well, one got next chapter 3. Painting#1 Sketching: in this chapter we will be sketching the outlines for the buildings Elbridge I will use to papers for this project. One is watercolor paper for painting on the other one is for sketching. So this is a very thin paper which is actually you show printing are some rough purpose. I will Skase the outline on this Enough paper on later Praise it on the actual paper actually the process in the coming chapters. So here is a rough composition nearly in the center. There will be a big building like a prayer hall on There will be some other small houses and buildings in and around the main building. If you're confident that you can directly paint the silver choosing the being brush, then you can skip this chapter The stop trouble before the ones who need guidance on sketching. So draw a line in the center. So after drawing the state line, draw a horizontal line which is spoken regular. Tow this cortical line next on board the edges off this line draw lines off three centimeters each. Next, we will mark 0.5 centimeters onboard the site mark on the upper side as well Draw a straight line between these two points on, extend the line 2.5 centimeters, so this line will be 3.5 centimeters now mark one centimeter onboard the sites from the previous lanes on also market in the top level so that you get a straight line. No joined these two point on. Make the straight line on in the top part. Extend the line. The one centimeter draw a horizontal lines connecting the world pickle lines at the same level, since we have drawn lines at different levels. Now we can create a triangle between these two lines that it depicts us look. Marquardt centimeters onboard the side on this horizontal line bra state lines taking these points as a reference draw slow beeline right, and I'm lost around 50 degrees on board the site on draw a straight line connecting to the bottom horizontal line. Now connect these those logs using the horizontal line next draws straight lines off about the centimeters about this line. We will join these two lines using an arc draw a second, our condo off this on on top of this make circles and then a straight line, which depicts a small power on this building. Next we will grow the railings on board the sides off this way will come downwards. Got two lines on board the site on the A circle about that which resembles our gold. We'll also draw two circles on the railings. Then we'll come back to the slogs on Give it a declarative look. Next, real brother. The worst using these lines has in a French point, the doors will have a semi circle on the upper part. Okay, so sketching the main building is done. No. Well, it is the lines which are not required, that it is easier to trace on the actual paper since the paper is really thin. So it is it carefully. Next, we will draw the houses and other buildings in and around this main building, so I'll be drawing it random, leaving different height. You can do this as you want known that as I'm moving towards the corner of the paper, I'm increasing the height of the building. So this is based on the perspective. - No way. I'm going. This smooth feelings lamppost are a street light. Then some electric miles are you convey directly. Paint them on Dr Paper so I will strokes get singular on one toe. Tracing are plotting it on the main people 4. Painting #1 Tracing: All right, Let explored the sketch onto our main people. For that, you need toe on the paper on scribble on the back side with a pencil. The entire area should miss cripple well, so that you can praise it. My sleep. Doing this will help you in getting a need sketch on you won't get any unnecessary remarks on the actual people. You know, when you draw something on the actual on main paper, we make mistakes, right? So to avoid that, we're doing it in a separate paper and then tracing it here. Once you have done this, we will take our main people on at that order it So we get up off X kitsch. So I'll stick these two papers together using a masking tape to keep them impact. Okay, so I'll start drawing over this using my pencil on. I'll apply slightly more pressure. You can you scale if you want O get straight lines. Go over this need Lee. The pencil marks on the back side of the paper will be traced onto the actual paper way. Oh, Okay. So this is it done. I will remove the tail on dsi. How it looks Okay, so we have got nice pencil marks, but it looks lighter in color. If you want, you can start painting from this type itself. I'll make us get your slightly darker so that it is clearly visible in the screen and and also allied some elements like Windows, Wiles and all of that. So I will draw with these tracing marks. OK, so I will draw with the dressing marks. You know, even though it takes more time, but it gives you need and finished looking sketch for your being thinks the end result is gonna look really beautiful. Way. So we'll draw some windows now, so I'll also add some new windows. All right, so you don't get the sketching. Just wanted the painting part. 5. Painting #1 - Background: in this chapter, we will get started with the painting process. So I have came down the two sides of the people and masking things. You can even see all the four sites as well. For the colors, I will be using one for tea set by art philosophy on for the brushes. I have three brushes off different sizes large medium on us detailer brush and I'm using a ceramic place as my public. Then we believe two cups off water. One is to rinse off the dirty beans on the other. One is to Lord clean water, for example. When we do it on, their techniques will leave clean water. Okay, so we have all the supplies ready like to start the process. First we will paint the sky. So for painting the sky we will go with the wet on wet technique. But down that debt is nothing but we really But the paper first with clean water and then we apply wet paint. So load your large brush with clean water on generously apply water on the paper that I'm applying water only about the buildings idea. So do not apply it on the buildings. Make sure you apply even cut off water on what? I shouldn't part along the people. It should be evenly distributed on while applying the what run the sky area. You need not have toe strictly for other outlines of the building because and then they were going to paint up silver. It's over this with black color. Okay, Now I will take roasting color in medium consistency and applied in us. We're leaving. You just need to move around your brush to get baby effect. So you some blank spaces in between two pink areas that you paid. Now take a look on small amount off black to create a darker blue collar You can even use indigo are pains, clears and ordinated this kindof since I'm limited to this palette. So I mixing these two colors to get a doctor Would your brush widow mixed paint on a light on the blankets? No, just yours. A little duller, very light. But I want my painting to be more vibrant. So we will apply another layer off same Bates. But this time a little tickle consistency way. I'll carefully applied the change over the buildings area. - Now I will add another layer off darker blue beans. This will help me at you more vibrant painting. I will be mixing go by blue, Prussian blue on born number. To achieve this color, make sure that your paper is damp when you're doing this exercise. So if you are using 100% court paper, it will remain damn for longer time. You can paint the similar sky in other paintings as well. Once you learn some techniques, you can incorporate them in your add up in Texas. But you just have to observe and see the techniques used. Okay, Next, we will be in the lights in the building, still rich, so full shall take small amount off a local O on mix it with the equal amount of water. So I learned my brush with this and local law on apply on the doors and windows. So you are. You don't really have to be precise because we're going to cover it up with black below way . Then they will use a bit off orange with this local and apply around the corners off those and windows to create some mediation on depth independent. Now we will create stars in the sky, so we will be using white watercolor used tickle consistency pains on start making. Tiny doors are random places to depict. The starts are. You can load your brush with pains on gently tap on the brush to Sprinkle the paint. If you want. You can even use white gosh are acrylic panes. Watercolors are pento. Fade away a little once it dries, but using acrylic or wash colors will make it look prominent going on. In the next chapter, we will paint the buildings. 6. Painting #1 Silhouettes: okay. He always will pain the buildings and went so I will use some black Hello on makes a small amount of water. We will be making it medium consistently, So it is easier toe cover the large You. I will start applying the pains carefully near the outlines on. Then I'll paint in all areas. When you're painting the art of in those, do it very neatly way need all those four sites on the windows to the street. You can also gain some additional lines which will depict like balcony Palast are some spaces in the building. The first layer that we've been there will slightly fade out after drying, so we will apply another layer off black paint. Okay, so if you have not want to use black low, then you can create your own Doctor Qala by mixing aka colors like while it burnt umber green. Or do you have to mix all these colors and you'll get a darker pigment? Keep on the corners and I just child on. Keep applying the pinch. The inter around the doors in semi circle. Ask Kylie and there are those tiny windows above the door, painted carefully, so we'll paint the main building now on. We'll work our way up towards the tower. No, I don amusing size for Lina brush. You can go with the even Tina Bridge. Whichever you're comfortable with. Will pain does Amis SoCal on the circles that we sketched so it will look like a light. I don't know what that is called, but we're going to pain there. I didn't send myself. Then we will paint the main power. No good will pain the decorative architectures on also the tower off the building. Paint me, then close scratches onboard. This thing will come down on being the railings using straight lines by leaving some gapping between way. It's okay if you are taking time to be in these details. Next, we'll moon on start painting the right side of the painting. If you observe the brushstrokes, the pain is little dry. So it is giving me a glide texture, Which is why I mentioned earlier about using the medium countries sensitivity. So I lied some order and make it medium consistency. Now I'm being indicators on the Bosnia off the decide off the buildings. Do it carefully again on leave the gaps for the windows wherever required. I'll show you another style of painting window, where I'll be leaving the blank space for the window without having the background. A local will force create that and then, once it dries, will apply some local order. So that is another silence trending the light in all the empty 80 us. I left my another layer off black pains to make a darker way. Way will add the details on. Also add some additional structures like lampposts or some small doubles are all stuffs like that. Now I use this Princeton extra fine line up to create the vials. So as you saw, I tried painting the vials with size four brushed but in gay political line. So I just wish toe, just find. I know you can use your size zero or a size one for the same. Having this fine line Oh really helps me create my new deals, our extradition lines. In the next chapter, we will cover the debating parts of the doors and windows 7. Painting #1 Detailing: all right, so I will start off with painting the window in a different style, as mentioned of urine in the previous chapter. So I had left this blank space for the window. Now I'll be filling it up with a local. If you want, you can go with this technique. I will apply orange paint on the street light, making it brighter in color. Then we will go ahead on paint the details on the doors so we will be drawing with grid like structure, using our fine line off rush broad outlines on the two doors except the middle one. Do some space and then draw a horizontal and vertical lines, neatly forming. Agree for the door in the center. We will paint only one vertical line and then paint some other horizontal lines, create small squares inside the spaces and then fill it up with slightly darker beans. Next will be in the roads on the windows, on bein some minute details. - Way , way, way will add a touch off orange color on the doors. To create some charter effect, carefully remove the masking tapes from the site on. We are done. So that's all about this painting. Let us move on to our next chapter and learn our second painting 8. Painting #2 - Background: all right, this is a second painting that we're going to loan. First off, all, I will mix my paint father dense clouds on keep it ready so that it will be easy and quick . Oh, I will. Makes ocean Blue bond number on a little bit off black to make a darker pigment. We're going to paint a sunset view with silver. It's which is far from the viewpoint. So imagine yourself watching this view from your balcony or a help point. You can see the silver to with tiny light. Then there are these mountains, which are barely visible, So basically I'll call it a semi extract painting. Okay, so I have mixed these colors and created a new pigment, so I'll test it out if the pigment looks fine for me. Or maybe I like some new color while bathing. Let's see how it goes. Oh, you can simply go with in the Gore paints clear. But I'm trying to create my own colors, using only this palette way. We'll get started without being thing Lord, a local on. Start applying from the bottom of the page. You're what I'm following Britain. Great technique. So as you can see the paper display on or you don't pain surveyed, unlike our previous paint, think there is no need off working the paper in this technique, the gallows daily vibrant it is good. If you have last size of us, you can paint it easily. So next I really makes a little orange with a low can apply it on this because they want smooth and gradual, greedy in between a low and think So next time we've been thinking color. I'll also apply this random orange color in the bottom part so that I can create the variation in the light. No load your brush with being color and applied on the top part off the people. So if you can see, I have 23 pink Pelosi. Oh so one. Is this crimson on other one? Iskandiriyah? Well, Scott, So you can go with anything? Calo Doctors are level with you. For example, Clemson blows magenta opened, upping anything locally. Now simply, can you brush over the splintered area to get a nice and smooth finish? Now I use the paints that are mixed earlier. No doubt the people instantly rate, so I'll be performing this exercise on over a paper. So I learned my brush and apply this by slightly diving the brush on. See how the color combination looks like. Well, I'm not quite happy with the color combination, so let me makes purple color. Does this Okay, I've got a darker boy late. Let's see how this looks. So this new school, we'll go ahead and paint some more cloud your I'm painting the clouds in different sizes when you're painting. This does not apply more pressure being these clouds with very less pressure. Otherwise, you will get sharp edges It's using The pains are blended well with the background because our reporter still like Okay, So if you feel your people has dried at some places, then I will recommend you to start over with a fresh wash artist, apply the paint on, make the people wake and then quickly go on with the dark patches off clothes. As you can see, there are some sharp edges on the globe. So I'm going toe soften these clothes using a damn brush, and then if there are any patches or blend in with a local, which is no background colors moving ahead, we will add some depth to these clouds using a darker color. So I'll makes Guantanamo on black and lord my brush with this kinda and then gently dab on these clothes. One letter time dabbing my brush over. These painters are used to create darker on dense clouds. So right now this color might appear a bit striking toe ice. But once it price, it is going to look fine. So you don't have to worry about blend the colors with the Bagram, so there are no sharp edges. So he really what happens is when we paint with watercolors, we get so impatient that we want to finish a lot work as soon as possible. But you need tohave patients while working with watercolors made for the layers to dry on. Work with Vibert layer by layer and don't rush to complete the process. Enjoy the whole process. Only then the result will be able to through. - So next. I will use my damn rush to soften these clothes. We gently on the areas where there are sharp. Just when you're doing this exercise, your brush will naturally live Some beans. Let that pain with their on your brunch. Don't wash it. So next with the same pains, we will be in this small and build clothes so we'll pin in the sky part on, then want to bring those silver? It's 9. Painting #2 - Silhouettes: in this chapter, we will be in the abstraction which I will be using dry on dry technique or drivers technique where in the paper and pains both would be dry. So take a small amount off. Maybe a drop off water on added to the pains and make sure the pain consistency is really tick. No audio brush with this stick. Black beans are in. Gently sweep your brush across the people. This will create a nice texture. So it will naturally give this blank spaces in between which will appear as light. Okay, wait. I forgot to be in the mountains, so I'll stop this in its process. Your on. Then we'll come back to this later. No one will take a small amount of one down. But I'm making a minute. Inconsistency on. I will be in the mountains with this color. You didn't need me. - Next I will paint another layer off. Mountains were slightly dark. Can color this time again . They go slightly darker color and make outlines for these mountains. Making outlines will give them the objects that we are being thing. All right, we're done painting with the mountains. So now we will proceed with painting the silver, which are then said earlier, we will be painting with driver. Stick me, so load your brush with black alone on gently apply on the paper. Leave some mellow spaces purpose me so as to depict the lights from the tiny houses. So if you absorb, I'm making these tiny square like structures. Time painting around them. Gently sweep your brush across the people on uncovered the entire area, leaving some and no spaces in between here and there. Dipping the light. I can see my painting looking just like the way I had expected. So the other day I was watching TV on. I happened to see a similar sunset view with these tiny late houses. That's when I decided to give it a try, but the sky was playing undone. Why don't off adding some moral dimension? Dramatic sky, the mountains, the toys off colors are all my own addition to this painting. I am Greece. You toe. Try something that you see in your day to day life by implementing the techniques and to learn some others. Believe me, you will learn much better than any tutorials. So I personally seen that when you give yourselves a certain task, are some responsibility your brain starts working harder. It's okay if you feel Keep trying. So moving on Do painting. I have covered the entire area and then in the backside I'll be making these bushes which will be depicted as trees. - Okay , so we are done with the painting. Now let us remove them. Asking Dave's from both the sides. Let me add some wires and poles in the scene. Give it a natural look. I'm using a fine line of rush to make the details. All right, then we are done with the painting. I hope you like it. 10. Final thoughts: Hello again, guys. Thank you for watching my class. I hope you enjoyed watching this on. It makes me so happy to be teaching you all on skin shirt. If you like my class or if it was helpful to you in any way please do leave a review for my class. Your support really means a lot. And also, don't forget to share your class projects with me in the projects country. I'll see you in my next class. Stay safe.