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8 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction

    • Creating a Template from a Sketch

    • Drawing Straight Lines with the Pen Tool

    • Shapes vs Lines

    • Drawing Curves

    • Refining Curves

    • Converting Points

    • Finishing Touches


About This Class

In this course, you'll learn all the ins and outs of the infamous pen tool. The method I show utilizes shortcuts and modifier keys so you can do just about everything you need to without switching tools. Once you understand how the pen tool works, you'll be able to draw anything you like as a clean vector graphic. Stop avoiding the pen tool and start mastering it today! 

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Macoe, great job! My first Skillshare class, and just what I needed. If you took Illustrator years ago but are stale on pen tool skills, this is for you! Very clear on all essentials and great shortcuts. Can't wait for the pathfinder video you promised! Hint, hint!
Very interesting class. Thanks
Jay Mayu

Illustrator & Software Developer





Macoe Swett

Art Director, Designer & Teacher

Macoe Swett is a designer, illustrator, art director and college instructor with over 20 years of experience in the field of graphic design. She earned a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University in 1994 and an MFA in Graphic Design from Miami International University of Art and Design in 2008. Her passions include storyboarding, infographics, custom typography, illustration, and integrated branding solutions. 

She loves giving entrepreneurs the first tangible visual re...

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