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Learn to draw cute animals using simple shapes

teacher avatar Fabiola Bonghi, Art is my greatest passion :-)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction - basic shapes

    • 2. Let's draw the kitten

    • 3. let's draw the Teddy Bear

    • 4. let's draw the Unicorn

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About This Class


Do you love kittens, unicorns and teddy bears?

Have you ever wanted to draw cute little puppies but feeling like it's too difficult for you?

Do you want to learn a simple, effective method to draw complex figures?

Simple Basic shapes

In this class you will learn a simple method to draw a kitten, a kawaii teddy bear and a tender, big eyed unicorn using basic shapes as a circle, an oval, a drop shape and a bean shape!

Process you will learn in this class is suitable for both beginners and experts willing to find a new approach to illustration sketching.

This course is also a good way to learn how to teach your children to draw simple animals in a short time.

What are you waiting for?

Grab your pencil and start drawing!


a sheet of paper

a rubber

a pencil

That's all!


Fabiola B.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fabiola Bonghi

Art is my greatest passion :-)


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1. Introduction - basic shapes: Welcome to this new drawing cores. My name is Fabula Bonghi and I am a painter and freelance illustrator. In this class, I will teach you how to draw three simple subjects. These are small baby animals that occupy a special place in the imagination of young and old people. I'm going to show you how to draw a kitten, a unicorn. Thank you. 2. Let's draw the kitten: The main idea behind this course is to simplify the complex shapes into simpler shapes by breaking down to figures of the practice. First of all, we take into account that the kitten's head, there's an almost spherical shape. After drawing a circle right inside it, a five-point at start pointing downwards. And the points where the star touches the circle. Let's mark more evident dots. And then joined damn. Drawing. A slightly more flattened circle with a mark angular shape. These is the head of our kids. On each side of the hat, you may now add two triangles, which will be the cats II is, since we are drawing a puppy, the 0s are quite large compared to the head, and they will have the shape of these triangles. Now let's draw a small Ramblas in the lower part of the head. From the upper corner of the rhombus itself, we draw a rather short straight line. At the end of this line, we had a triangle that will represent the nose of our cat. We draw now a very light line with the pencil. The joins the left APICS of the nose triangle with a base of the left ear. After doing it, you may pass on the. To do the same, we draw two circles, one on each side of the nose and alone light lines, so we have just traced. Then. We add to the left and right of each circle two small dots. In this way we have drawn the eyes of allocating, which will be big just because the puppies have begun tenderize. We can mock the irises and the highlight into the peer builds up our kitchen. To draw the body of our Get. Yes, thanks to the shape of a large drop whose team is located under the head itself being visible. At this stage, we draw the lines in pencil with a rather light stroke. After drawing the body of the kitten, We are the two drops, one other ride side and the other one on the left side of the body. Then it will be his front pose. After that, on both sides of the body, draw two rounded triangles and add two small sausages next to the two triangles that you have just thrown. They will be the hind legs. Once we have. The shape of the body and the lads, we go off the rails again with a heavier stroke without drilling those birds after body of our copy that's attached to the body itself. The lower part of the legs, we will mark with tools small dashes for each boat to indicate the toes of the cat. Okay. Once we have chased the sheep and the kids hate this types of my kitchen, since I imagined it as a European grief, keep him his stripes that we began to trace it starting from the upper CHEOPS, to continue then. Now the whole body. 3. let's draw the Teddy Bear: Now let's pass it a teddy bear. To draw the teddy bear drew a vertical line with a pencil. If I did, I said that the upper part includes about 60% and the lower part, forty per cent of its length in the upper space drove us over. And the upper right and left side of the circle draw two semi-circles that represent the ears. Trace then the shape of head and ears with a stronger pencil stroke. While reaching the lower part of the phase slightly make an indent inside the circle itself on both sides to simulate the cheeks of our teddy bear. So that they look chubby. Then join the shape of the chicks in the chain. From the chain, you may now start an ideal line that goes upwards and ends in a triangle. It isn't knows of Alabama on the left and right of this line in its initial part, due to small curves to draw does not. Okay? Divide the initial circle with a light stroke into four equal parts. And the center of the left quadrant. And in the center of derived quadrant, rather too small eyes and love them. Add small eyebrows. You can now draw the body plays in it in the lower part of the space that we have defined by drawing our initial lie. After drawing the body had to drop shaped figures, add the pose of our teddy bear. No oppose could also be in the shape of two small drops. Makes sure that the wider part overlaps so that you may give a note of tenderness to our Teddy Bear. Not you can go over the whole drawing with a pencil. In this case, heavy stroke will not go into places where lines overlap. Once we have traced the edge of the head and a body with astronomy stroke, you may raised to initial lines that we have traced with a lighter stroke. If we want to make our Teddy assume a different position, we can also place its suppose in a different fashion. In this example, we can see how drawing one of the two pose in a horizontal position gives a greater movement to our teddy bear. Now, let's go over the edge of the body of our Teddy Bear, if you want to denote the lighter area to highlight the autonomy of our puppy, Remember that when you create a character, add in some small details, it's fine. It characterizes it and makes it more particular. In this case, I added a small bile or kind of Pantheon and put in his hand a little flower. 4. let's draw the Unicorn: Let's move now to the unicorn. First of all, you may draw the shape of a beam with its left side slightly wider and it's right-side slightly smaller. This is man to be the body of our unicorn. Human. Now add in the front side of the body, the front legs, and the shape of too narrow rectangles with rounded ends. As you may see in this type of drawing, there are no edges, but it has rounded lines. And the backup, the body of our unicorn, you may draw another bean-shaped figure with a wide part, pleased inside the body and it's a smaller part pointing outward. Please note this being is not in a horizontal position, but it is in a slightly slanting one. From the end of this figure, you may now trees a small rectangle that represents the final part of the hind leg. Next to these lag, you can now add the second hind leg of which we will see are little lower part. As you can see by drawing a small short line on the end of all the legs, we are marking the space of the hooves of our beautiful eunuch. God. Lets go back, drawing neck and head. First of all, I'd like a banana shape. Then I did stop. I rounded triangle to draw the neck of our hosts. On one side of the circle, draw a rectangle whose ends are always round it, especially the end that represents does not. On top of the circle itself. You can now trace two small triangles that will be the use of our unicode. Okay. You may now add two locks, one on the forehead of our little animal and the other one along its neck flask waiting the main, don't worry about drawing every single lack of domain. Just draw these two sample drop shapes. Then if you want, depending on your skill level, you may choose to add details and make a more detailed may. You may now add a small circle. And then as pre-visit down for the eye of our kitten to arrowheads, remember to add them on both sides of the boat. So strolling the eye and the bottom of this now, you may now draw a small kind of comma. It will be the nose under the part of the main that covers the forehead of the unicorn. Let's add the most special features of this kind of mythical creature. Let me draw a saddle, just a U-shape on its stand for descended itself, and also add a small triangle that bonds. It is distiller. How are you and the car is now ready.