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Learn to draw The Scorbunny

Rob Mcleay, Chief Tutorial Designer

Learn to draw The Scorbunny

Rob Mcleay, Chief Tutorial Designer

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5 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Warm Up Methods using Shapes

    • 3. Step by Step Scorbunny + Power Tips

    • 4. Clean Up your Scorbunny

    • 5. Scorbunny Colour Tutorial

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About This Class

Howdy! Rob here from The Rob McLeay Drawing Show and Mcleay Workshops. In this episode I will be showing you how to draw The Scorbunny from Pokemon.

I will cover how to warm up like a pro that will help you to draw the Scorbunny in any pose! There is also a bonus project + challenge to complete at the end to see what you have learned!


Meet Your Teacher

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Rob Mcleay

Chief Tutorial Designer


You are a prodigy cartoonist that doodles relentlessly late into the night and always that few minutes in the morning just before heading out the door to work, on the bus, at lunch, on the way home on the bus, on the toilet…


Hello, my name is Rob Mcleay,  founder of Mcleay Workshops, an online cartoon school for people that can’t stop doodling.


Hey Rob, why should we invest our time and energy with you?

The solution to all your problems is right here!

I have brought my project making skills from the classroom to an online environment, giving students the chance to flex their drawing chops with over 100 studio-style projects to complete. 

For YEARS I studied the professional artists from Disney... See full profile

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1. Introduction : I had everybody rob here from the road. McLay during show. It's gonna be fun. And today decision, we're gonna be drawing that score, Bunny. Oh, yes. Let's just say it slowly. The score bunny. And as per usual, we break it down to three components. We've got the war maps. Technical skills in the middle of the project is gonna be fun. Let's get into it. 2. Warm Up Methods using Shapes: and let's get into it. Yes. Woe to the special fix. Do you table? No, I don't. To me half analysis stuff up nuts. You know what? Well, that's a picture of my iPad. Fantastic. It does work. Greens are looking at multiple things at the moment. Look, he's mean corner there. That's good. Just just let up. All right in front of us. This is my friend Nets, your friend and the front here. God is the plan. All right, we've got the warm up, but the warmer. We're gonna take about five minutes. They're gonna move into step by step on how to draw school money. Anyone. We want the project. And this one is going to hold up model sheets and modifications. Interesting stuff. And they may be a challenge. Been test Coolio. So the warm up zoom in there. But let's digest what I've created. No. When doing your warmups, what you want to do is to try and find things in the character that you can draw quickly. Now, in this case, it's all about the shapes. The school bunny has two core shapes. It we're going to start off with and possibly ah, third but for simplicity steaks and help you to warm up to make it easy, we're gonna just use two ships as we see here. Never got, um, I'm just whoever and rant, but two shapes here pencil the head, which is? It's on a workers that bring it down that shape there. And then we've also got the torso. What is going on? Don't do that. Don't do all that in the tool. So that is much better. Got so what we're going to do and that's warm up, is to draw both of those shapes and different angles. All right. Doing different things. We're gonna do this for about five minutes, and that's gonna help us to draw the score, Bernie. And it's gonna feel quite natural. No, my favorite color rock. Just a couple of de miles. And explain to you how to achieve the best. The best circle, investable. The first thing and it'll focus on is their proportions. So we look it School bunny's head in the school bunnies torso, what you have. Teoh considers how many heads how many torsos fit than the hit. OK, so that's the torso there, and we look on my character. You could probably fit one torso. This is one and but hits. That's what I think, the proportions upset If you consider those proportions when you're warming up, then when you got to draw the actual cartoon off the school money, it's gonna feel quite natural. So I'm just going to draw a little bit bigger than the original drawing. Doesn't he met at this stage? Is all about denies proportions correct, and the torso torso is just slightly smaller. Then the hit. Okay, once you've sort of figured that out, I want you to put a whole page limbs, revivals and circles. Manly Abel's for this one because the school bunny his with a little more oval than sickle . Let's just get rid of that's that again. No, I say five minutes form for a woman. How we don't you do as long as as it takes to get you hand like coordination, working in getting those proportions correct, but nice and simple. You couldn't even get a little bit crazy and move it, Torso Ivor, But more now to get the perfect arrival. As you may be aware, if you've watched my other videos is to rotate your arm when you're drawing circles eyeballs instead of for the whole bunch of heads just to get the rhythm working, and then you can add the torso. Also, torso Remember the proportion size proportion sizes said it fast 100 times one torso equals one head one and a little bit of a heat. Once you've done about two or three pages worth off body shapes, we wouldn't go here and start adding quite possibly the ears. Instant guidelines. Justo, um help us to get through to next stage. So with the score, bunny Ah, he does it two years. And if you look at the is compared with the head, they look just slightly larger than the hit itself. Every door circle, noble here. Never here the pretty much the same. But to may I think, said that just a little bit bigger. So if we through that number one in is this gonna be ovals? No. Remember to keep them around the same size, just a bit bigger than the actual hit itself. Take it to bow down and it's just you want a warm up the Goa you ahead torso and is heads torso IHS Okay. And That's the process that you should take when you're doing your warmups. If you're gonna be copying approach if you want to draw the best school bunny ever, you want to identify the shapes, look of the proportions and keep it simple. Now you want to spend 24 hours doing just that, see, in the next, uh, decision just 3. Step by Step Scorbunny + Power Tips: Okay, you Daniel Warmups. It's now time to draw the real thing. That's right. We're gonna draw the school, buddy. Remember those shapes that we began our warm ups worth? We're gonna do exactly the same thing here. Firstly, we're gonna be during a rough What can a rough sketch off our shapes We're not gonna drop perfectly straight away. That is the wrong thing to do. If you can draw this perfectly straight away is no point in you being here, But I'm going to show you the proper way so you can draw things quicker in the future. Oh, yes. Here we go. Got the head, and then we've got torso in. What you can also consider is a lot of action or draw a lot of action here, and we're gonna draw a lot of action hand. It just helps us toe angle out character quickly and give it a bit of life, but of a Jewishness. But this first initial sketch should you should take your, um should be quick. Should be reasonably quick. You should have seen too long on it. I'm just getting rid of years. We're gonna see what I'm doing. Remember, we bank begin. Now remember, we begin with a hit in the torso and the ears, and these are just two rivals. She happened to a long gated Bible. Should I say so? It was kind of pop those in there and see how they look. Not going to commit too much right now. Perfect. I'm gonna head out guidelines for our eyes and also the center line so we can place our nose in our mouth. I just added, the is as a shape we tournament too. More defined is very so now you can all read in the arms first or the feet first. It doesn't really matter. I tend to go back and forth around, and it depends helm feeling. So I'm gonna add in the leaks and you start off with a wire frame first. Those are my legs just basically drawn in the bones and very, very lightly sketched in the in the both the faith. So I may need to adjust in later on. No. Get too worried. If you'll character doesn't look exactly like the school bunny. Do your own vision. Okay. Enjoy the process. Enjoy copying it. Joy Understanding. Um, how the characters created animal control. The arms are literally over was as well. We can just start Lee Children out to equal bombs. This is what your picture should look like. And it should take you no longer than five minutes to sketch out this. These shapes, it's when you stop when you when you begin the date I'll is when you should slow down. Well, im I'm going to focus on the face now the facial features. There's my God line on a sketch out with the I was going to go, you know, and no still quite light and rough. Um, I need to adjust. Now that is, I think we could go. We could do next as well because that's sort of joining face. You know, you notice that the is has I'm hoping there is. I have two shapes, one slightly larger than the other. We're gonna start off with rivals first in them a going to chisel them out, not committing too much on the dark lines yet. Now my time have ago. It she is we're talking about. Well, call me is for Smith Simplicity stakes, But that may be something else because there's your ears on top as well. So it shows you how much I know about school bunny to apologize for your fans out there. School begins. The small is cause they do look like years. Come on. This really we did is and I'm going to talk to you a little bit about, um uh, negative and positive drawing native chefs and positive shapes just to help me place. It helps you to place the the actual body parts of your character in the right place by doing the state make. So it takes a little bit. Right now, the five boxes out, like so my box that out, like so you start to see different shapes. All right, so these shape there, there's my shape. This what I'm trying to do is trying to bring this shape up to here and try and make it similar. So that's a sort of a drawing take make. I recommend digging deeper on this on other courses that I run. We can have a look online and see will be some examples online. But if you want to learn more, just let me know. Message 4. Clean Up your Scorbunny: So we've got out core shapes and and then it goes to develop our sub shapes and smaller ones. Now, the next thing we need to do is for Gotham if they're in the right place. And we do this by considering the silhouettes off the character silhouette is the actually the outline. So if you're not sure, if the body parents in the right place what you do, did you start to run your eye around the outline off the character? What? That And then you come over to your site and you make sure that the outline is similar to the one that you're copying. So just start this process now, so I kind of start going a little bit darker as well. What you'll find here is you'll be picking up little things that don't seem quite right. So yeah. Ah, maybe in the wrong place you'll see little curves and little divots, and it's not looking at the negative space as well as the positive space come down by the league Here. Underneath league with the footers, you noticed that comes around and in that cup again, and it's for the arm starts and your is a pregnant meant come up and begin the ends. A great technique to practice as it will help you to put things in the right place. Now, I'm joined us on the iPad so I can work with lies. Amusing Sketchbook. Priority one tonight. However, you can do this on a drawing board with a light civil lightbox drawing board so you could put a piece paper on top. I have a rough drawing and clean it up. So this is what this is going to simulate? Is that exact techniques? Now, I do have drawing boards for sale. If you're interested, I make them myself the night of acrylic. Really steady six millimeters. Um, a little bit of video in Atlanta, Rome portable and comes with a 300,000 year warranty. I'm just kidding. We don't live that long, but totally recommended a little like behind it. And do you trace over so many version? All of a I'm an animation drawing board, so watch out for that. Okay, So no, general during this is the time when we slow down. So this first part should take you 5 15 minutes. This in the expat should take you a little bit longer. Depends on how quick you are. So I tend to do a a sort of Ah, a cleaned up version, but slightly rougher. A rough drawing, but slightly cleaned up show. I said get away. Because now I know we're all my shapes are and another in the right place. I can start to feel confident when I am during in my data. You don't want to do this at the beginning is what will happen is you'll find that body parts would be on the wrong place then going to MIT. Cleanup is not my speciality. I struggled My I can do it, but I don't enjoy it. But some people doing exactly a job an animation could clean a pas. It wasn't for May, but I'm gonna do my best. And I'm sure you do better if you haven't done so. A radio I do recon mean coming on board in my Facebook group in pricing your your arm drawings. So weaken mark them means well. What plan? You're on. You noticed my cleanup's not like what you see. It's no big deal Seriously. It's my style. He runs got their own way off of drawing. But what you'll find is it You're the way you start. A drawing is always the same. Waves begin with shapes. You always begin lightly. Thean product. Well, that's your style. How do you want to finish the drawer? You go two ways you could drawer like keep on us. Which is fine. Nothing wrong with that. That would do that with Mangga. People do do that with, um, sort of Pixar slash Disney slash DreamWorks dog illustration. We could be really unique and develop your own style and be known for your style. You've runs different and there's no wrong way. Is that the end of the day? If you enjoy what you're doing, that is I was gonna make you a great drop. You're right. Looking good. Feel free to the wind. Will fast forward three This exciting piece of we can mute. May I put some music on try and duplicate what I'm doing? It's OK. I don't mind you moving me more, does it? She meets me. Pretty sure my child does as well. I guess I'm at a point now where I'm gonna go and clean that Make it a rule noise. But as it is. And I said before cleanup has is not something that I enjoy doing. This is what I like. This is what I enjoy, like doing. I like getting into this stage and, you know, put my color, uh, underneath that just by using liars. So that's why I'm gonna be doing next. We're gonna go stacking up these lines that I've just created if you're afraid to cut to the next scene. But this is what I'm gonna do The next five minutes is just backing up and commit to my line way. The great thing about sketchbook pro is this cool little do Dickie here. We're gonna shake your hand. This helps me to pull it all together. Now you'll find that some programs have exactly the same thing. So definitely does help. I recommend looking into it. If you had to have an iPad or a tablet off some sort, you're cleanup will probably be way better than mine is. My patience is Mourners teen Mourners team per scene. Your personality should dictate your during style. No, I couldn't Spain. Six hours of one. George, I don't Tallet so busy. However, you may have time would I like to do is I want to give what's in here onto paper. Love it, but don't do it. I got crazy as you. Probably. Well, we're to get better what you do. You must practice a lot. I am. When I was younger, I would roll for 23 hours straight and you know, almost late. It took me a good five years to get a raising withdrawing state. But on would of a slow learner. This one. I like teaching because I love the craft. Where was the going with that conversation? I'm not sure. You're probably wondering where I'm from. From New Zealand. I don't hear wrong bottom of the South Pacific for a little country run run extra Australia ? No, not part of Australia. We don't. We're not full of hobbits either. We're not shortened hearing, but most people think we are. Well, some of short here. I don't know why I'm shading. That would be coloring it later on and should scared about it. Okay, get a nearer right there. Right there. Should be ready to color. We're my shedding you in four. Kirky, Focus, Rob. Focus. Looking good. Looking good. Looking good. Yeah, well, I There no escape is talking that up about. Okay, so here we go. Ah, next next video is going to be about coloring. Could be quite simple by English. A couple of techniques. It's gonna make the character pop off the page, and you can go away and do exactly the same thing that's gonna be you. You got to use us straight away. So I'm gonna stop now, and I see in the next video you 5. Scorbunny Colour Tutorial: connection. Well, we will. Were were Well, I can't remember what was not. Welcome back. True. True. True, True. True action. OK, now it's time to color your school bunny. Now, these obviously a few different ways. You can do this. I'm using a tablet, so I'm gonna be using, um, I iPad sketchbook. Pro pence. So it's pretty cool. Or you can use a pencil on paper coloring in pencils or whatever it is that you want to use . Slightly different method will average way. There is no wrong way. That's what do you got? Just use it. Okay, But I'm gonna be using layers on sketchbook pro. Enjoy. So let's get into it now. A sketchbook pro. They got a fantastic I drop it'll which means it can suck up a color. Here it is. I'm gonna suck up a color boom. He's a I'm going to use just a general paintbrush and just going to chip away at it. I'm sure you good size. I'm pretty sure to be plenty off coloring tutorials from other illustrators. No, not ah, What a big color like coloring. But it's it's I find I I prefer just to build my character, skitch it out and move on. I will do color, but it's always digital. I don't really good manual kind of pencils or felts or what? It was gonna bay. Um, because there are advantages off digital. It's quicker. And if you do a mistake, you can exit easily. This color in position. I'm going to just quickly go through and base colors down and then under a little color, a little bit of shit are should I say And then I'm gonna show you one cool trick is gonna make your character pop pretty cool Looks you're attacked toe to toe, Mr A few things. There is a big deal, All right. I think I got most of the colors. And now, if using tablets and sketchbook pro, here's a trick Credit you laugh. Bring the capacity down to 21%. Choose black What? And then go whether you're drawing using the reduced tell a pellets. This is the This is the quick wives or you can There is otherwise. But this is just a real quick way of doing it. It's the non thinking way. It seems to work quite well. Let's see how drum beating the shadow to his foot. If your light source is coming from the top right from here, then you're going to leave. Ah, leave the top part of the foot there. No shadow, obviously making a bit of a must. You know, it was pretty pretty basic. This one Just great. Good, warm up. One great thing about Pokemon, is it? The quite simple drawer, the city of Lisa. But tryingto get it right can be tricky as well. That's why we draw shapes of beginning Justo, just to understand how how they're drawn. And then you can, um, through the school bunny any different angles despite writing the shapes. Okay, Next step. A little little trick that I was talking to you about letting them boast of the patient. These two passes I'm gonna just laid out in color. And then I'm going to just fill up Bob, the recent character. What? Because this is very white carriage you get What done is it was really groovy looking tattoo Inca. Ah, paintbrush a minute will big, super big and always there is a problem here. There's no whites. I'm gonna go and just touch up and finish off the character wouldn't. But I want, uh I might actually still this way. Do you know it makes sense, doesn't it? To do to do. I always had this funny feeling. I'm not recording. I'm just not going anywhere. I'm gonna stick around and check out the project slash Challenge. Um, these different is different labels to it. Amanda. What? What Skill liver. You're at moment. You gotta do at least some of it that's going to involve a little bit of basic information . Nothing too complex was in use. Animation techniques, but leggy today The old at my pants I might need to read, but it b but you know, a pad. No, I am going, but quicker than normal. I won't taught it up. I just You sort of get the idea. All right. But what I'm trying to achieve no, if you're using just color pencil in a bit of paper home. Fantastic. When you do the background, you can just go around it. OK? Any color, But use this color cause it's the best color. Let's get of no pinky. Sort of ready. I don't know what tell us cold, but it's no us. All right, so there we go. Um, call like that. Oh, but do so? That was a quick color tutorial. I enjoyed it. Going to go to the next stage and check up the projects. Last challenge, and I'll see them just