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Learn to do stuff program

teacher avatar Michael V, Also known as Learn Coding

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. xampp

    • 3. database

    • 4. wordpress setup

    • 5. theme plugin

    • 6. pages

    • 7. 5 menu

    • 8. homepage settings

    • 9. home

    • 10. home section button

    • 11. home section features

    • 12. home section features 2

    • 13. learn more

    • 14. customer section

    • 15. bug fix

    • 16. Customizer creating the footer

    • 17. about us

    • 18. our skills section

    • 19. our team section

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About This Class

In this Wordpress Elementor course I will teach you exactly how to build a fully-functional Wordpress websites using the Elementor Page Builder you don't need to buy anything to follow the course.

In this online course you will master the Elementor Page Builder and will learn how to build awesome Websites in a few hours.

Would you like to learn how to instantly create an amazing WordPress website for your business or blog?

Would you like to make money charging over your clients?

Would you like to learn how to build a website from scratch with the Elementor Page Builder?

Would you like me to teach you each and everything that are needed to create a professional WordPress website?

If You answered YES~ to every question given above, Congratulations.

After taking this course you'll have a unique, professional and easy-to-use WordPress Elementor website to be proud of - and you'll have created it yourself without buying any theme or plugin!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael V

Also known as Learn Coding


My name is Mikel I was born in eastern europe and I'm an expert in Wordpress, Webdevelopment and programming. During my school time I learned a lot about Webdesign and Webdevelopment. Afterwards I specialized my self at Wordpress. Meanwhile I created some Wordpress Themes. Nowadays I'm self-employed in several businesses and if you have some questions you can contact me by my E-Mail.

If you have some problems with any of my courses you can contact me, I'm willing to help you.

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Technology Web Development

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1. Introduction: In this course, you will learn how to build this website with a writing a single line off coat to follow this curse. You relieve Anita Web Post because I will show you how to set up a local host. I show you how to create animations, a block and the contact page. You will also learn how to import template and how to make the website responsive. We will only use the free features off the elemental page builder so you're only to buy anything to follow the curse. After this course, you will become an elemental expert and you will be able to create awesome websites without any coding skills. You have also a 30 days money back guarantee. 2. xampp: let's set up our working environment and install some our local host. That's like the English losing flicked on download for Windows. Let's click on OK and next here we need to select PHP. My Edmund and my SQL is also very important. So let's click on next, Next, um next and and install it. OK, now click on finish and let's start over some control panel. Let's use the English language and safe. All right, now let's start a pitch and my ask your and move on. 3. database: Let's move on with our database and type in Google work, Press English and let's download its year were press download year. Let's Donald the newest version off work press No, it's safe it but our desktop so safe your is it. And now let's just up here Long toe host and go to PHP my Edmund and let's create a daughter base. So click Euro Daughter base here we can change the language Right now I have the German language, but that's a mirror here. Let's put in what WordPress and select utf 16 utf 16 rights here and create. All right, that's it. No, we have our daughter base and we should open our some folder and yeah, put our WordPress draw in the some folder here Local C Some we need to open work again. Local C, Some H T books. Now let's open WordPress here. Rename it to and it's Call it Putin back. And now let's put in the work press foil in the HD Dogs. Oh, folder And no, we can Yeah, open it and let let's put it in a folder. It will take a while, all right. And now let's rename it Guten back. Okay, now let's move on 4. wordpress setup: Let's syrup WordPress. So type in local host and our full. The name Putin back. All right, No select English. Citing title. Let's take Putin back using a Edmund and password. 12345 confirmed at email and install WordPress. No, we can lock in. So let's type in over user name and pets work. Look in and now everything is working and we can move on. 5. theme plugin: Okay, lets don't know this theme. Go to appearance themes at new and now let's search for Ocean Ocean VP. Let's install it. Okay, now let's also activated and installed the plug ins here. We can see this team recommends the following plug ins, Lamento Ocean Extra and VP forms. Let's stall Elemental click on the mentor Install now you again and store No. Here we can also go to begins. Oh, it's installing. So let's wait a little bit. Let's go to begin installing plug ins here. Now we have we need to install Ocean extra. No, we have to activate Elemental. Let's go back to plug ins. Let's have a look. Um, here, plug ins and stall plug ins here we have and a mentor and ocean extra and that's it. Now we can move on 6. pages: Let's also create some sites. So or pages, goto pages or pages. Let's remove this one and also the sample page. So now we can go to pages at New and Let's create our home page, So type in home and published at New Page about US public now. Better one. The contact page published No, the block page block public and also services. So services publish. So that's it. Now we have all our pages. Let's move on. 7. 5 menu: Let's also create a menu. So Goto appearance menus. Let's call the menu primary, Create menu and he, uh, select all these. And here we can display the location and let's select main. So it's always the main one on the top. So here we can also, but home on top your block is the 2nd 1 Your this and context should be The last soldier saved the menu. And then we can also prevue year. Let's have look, so when we click on within sight, we can see here on the top is our menu all right? 8. homepage settings: Let's also select the home and blocked page. So go to settings reading. And here we can choose aesthetic page and let's say Home page, home and post page block. Let's save it. And now let's work with the home page. So we go to home here, we can see this is a blocked page. This is our front page, our home page, and we can click on it and let's work a little bit with the ocean VP settings. So right now, this is how it looks like, and we will work with the elemental editor who will edit this page. So let's juice here. Content layout we won't full with. So without this sidebar, because it's our home page Cyprus fold moderns here. We don't need to use them here. Head on. We will say disabled because he had display top are we don't want a top bar display header and yeah, we want the head are the Hera is This is the Hera here Gutenberg and Home Block service about us and contact and Hera style threefold logo. I don't have a mobile right now, so I don't want to use a tear main navigation. Let's use primary. It's the default one because we said that the primary menu should be always on the top on the main position. So let's hear now here it's very important. Title display page title. We don't born on this home page thes home. And so we will say this able and breadcrumbs wouldn't have bread crumbs. And Food Road is also all right. So now we can update it so and you page no. So, as you can see, everything is gone and we can work with the elemental Paige Miller. 9. home: Okay, let's move on. Move our home page. Click on Edit with Elemental. All right, now let's click here on Add new section and select the section. It's also so here stretch sex Chine full with and here we can go now to lament and choose some elements. I wanna have herring so we can say OK, doesn't matter here. Html take for C CEO. So can say center it and welcome. Yeah, said Welcome to the website or to my website here. No, we can styles and shoes Black column then typography we can use. Tell Yana the size should be Boat 72 Fund. Wait, let's Yeah, take 6 600 and yeah, that's it. No, let's click again here on the button and dreck another herum here, center it and say elements or Gutenberg or whatever your website name. So let's also go to style color black. Take Pa Griffey. Let's use open songs. It's very popular from Weights 500 and transform Upper case, and also the size should be about 15. Let's make it 70 and go back to here. It's all right, and here let's make this one a little bit smaller. So a boat 41. Okay. All right. No, again. Back here. Let's choose this divider. And you can say it should be a boat here. First center it formed. Wait to pick, sir. And then let's make it about there. The five or more here. About 50. So no gap or yeah, zero and all right, now let's here and here we can select the section at its section. Got it. And here we can go to style and that select. Then where is its classic and image? Now we can upload some files. You can use my images. I will provide you all the images which I'm using because I'm using free images from several websites. So let's hear. We have tutorial and a mentor and background, and I will use the main one. So let's insert it. And now let's also change the Cal again to white. You're white, white, this one white. And here back again, three on it and leads also make it. And then here, attachment fixed. We can scroll, can just play around with it. He repeat, no repeat size cover and all. So go to hear advanced here we can, for example, use some petting 50 or but more table 60 and ok, 10. home section button: Okay, Now let's select the battle or even better, in the section. So here, spritz right here and now we can say, Let's put in button. Let's have a tea right here. We can shoes, pipe takes splits. Social As the text here, we can put in our link our social link here we can also select Open in new window, OK? And yeah, you're 10. I don't know for social maybe will use our Facebook. So here, let's take this one. And now we can put on our Facebook link this Oh, course which it uses the Facebook link. Um, but our Facebook link So Okay, that's it. Now go to typography again. Open open, sons. Size is OK. Wait. Everything all right? So now we can change. Maybe the background color and select blue and border None. Border radius. What's make its Yeah boat And maybe more here, like this 20. Let's double IQ ated So no, we have 2nd 1 can put it here, Then go to style and I mean hunting. Yes, Continent left change, for example. Here, the text color. No, no background. Come out. Let's change it, black. And now let's have also some effects. So when the button over it will go to this is this is the text teller. Oh, let's make background white and text blood. Mm background. White takes, like hover and duration buttes like this. And here you should change it a swell so hover text color. Let's make it the same black back from white and animation pupils. And also it's taint change here. The content, Let's say contact contexts. And let's use year on address book something that this So yeah, maybe it's competiting, Terry. Okay, it's two way too much. 10. It's you. Maybe let's have a look a little bit 20 that also 20. And I hope 2020 And maybe with less wealth and 12 Yeah, let's 12. 20 12. 20 And make it your the same white. I'm changing the petting because you can see and buttons are not have not same, um, length and yeah, so it's looking a little bit weird when so Yeah, let's have it right. You're Yeah, but 25 25 and bottom. Let's leave it. Or, um, you're Yeah, maybe 10. Yeah, we need 12. 12 year 23 20 five. Yeah, So no. Okay, now we can one here off course. You don't need to do it with the pairing, but I did it. So that's year at new section. That's making like this and here. Style, select style and year click. You're good, Some headem. It's that year. What's WordPress? Expert home content on the right side. Right? Okay. Style. Oh, click here on the section No style. Classic backroom type color. Let's make this one black. This one stone classic do Okay, We need some content. So, Pierre now click here on the section. We should also make it full with Stretch or let's have look. Oh, no. Um, I would like to make it books again and not stretched. Okay, let's work here a little bit more with this one. So click on WordPress expert now and we can change the color. The family again opened songs own size. Let's make it a boat. A teen or 20. Let's make 20. Um, yeah, and maybe the weight a little bit 500 years like this, and now we can select another heading. Same. No can say my very, um here. White typography family again opened songs, sighs, little bits. Big. Yes, like this. And here we can also use the text editor. You're style, right? Color white typography, open songs and size the boat for in this But this and what we can do is we can say duplicated. And this one we can the meat. And now click here. Edit column and style background This And here you need to edit this Hera left home. Edit Hera left. I had a text editor style left. So OK, and here No, we have to edit this section and we have to go to advanced. And your margin We can use negative margin like 45. So that's it. And you? 11. home section features: Okay, let's work with the next section. So here. Oh, and it's you concede. Here's a little news take. So let's fix it. The cure style advanced, and yet this is the mistake. We have to click on a link well used together and unlinked it. Let's delete this, dear. Oh, and yet So now we can select your section and it's working. Okay. No, Select again are heading and let's say, are How were feet, Cheers and center. It's hello, black typography opens, songs, sighs. Let's make it and that Ball 26 and waits 600 maybe, and it's make IDs 600 okay, now we can fund here heading one more center again. Style black family open sons sighs 32 weights to make it 500. Let's change the content. Se Mexi Moon, Cetus Fake chewed. And that's it. No, we can use here again the divider and make it black weights. Yeah, two or one. Let's make it one center. No, gap zero. And with like it a little bit smaller. 20. So, this now we can go here again and use the bacon books a new feature. So it's right for it. Okay, here, you know, Or here we need to delete it. And let's make some intersections. Course Here. Let's take the divider. Put it here and no. Okay. And in the intersections, we can put in our Aikens. So 1st 1 unless you think it Waas. Yes, This top you year s. You can see however you want. I want to fold framed Ford style. Mm. Primary teller, black hover, weaken Use hover effect Fring Or here. Poor this pop. I use Pop. Okay, this is But it's is Oh, I think it's the wrong one. Sorry. And this one? I want I can box. Just Aiken? Yes, This one. Okay. No one has the right one here with desktop. If you this is let's say, nice designed. Here's some text. Okay. Here, Here. No, it's Look, this now we can go to Tom the content. Let's make the contents. Yeah, this color tape partner, if you again open songs and the description color. I like it. That's just convulse off the sizes. Well, but just change your to open songs, right? And yeah, OK, let's make it. Yeah, like this. Maybe sighs. Yeah, yeah, 40. This And here we can also change Transform to upper case and the size to won t Let's use 21 . Okay, so this looks great. No unjust, complicated and drag tear or wait a little bit. It's back when you three so we need to change your little bit. So we need to se content here in the section. And we need to say you're one more or copy it at New Year. Right click. OK, it's year. Go at new. Okay, this is how it works. So as you can see, No, we have three just right click. And here, as you can see and then add new column All right. And you who could copy and paste and work a little bit. You can say that's whoa communication and cussed you move. It is, I think she or good communication communication customer satisfaction is designed. So it's also change year instead of desktop. Sure, they have some. Okay, the name off the likeness comments. And here we can use and it Aiken box instead of this top. Let's use diamond. All right, that's it. 12. home section features 2: Okay, let's make the next section. So let's select the structure. And here we can just copy pace that change it to always ready. And then let's also call P. This one paced suit and all it so copy and paste the text. It's this one. Copy, copy. And okay, Nedra working that. Just make it like this. And then just this year and OK, and now let's all so choose the button. You're we have for social button copy and King duplicated. And then just use it here. Um, in central. All right. No leads work with the section here. Let's just here. It should be also centered, So center All right. And now we can work here can stretch it. And what else can we do? We can also use here you can say full with style who can use shape divider. And here we have some. For example. It's licks we have trying waves or where is it? This one pirate needs que That's use. Let's take this one. Okay, let's make its this and the bottom one the same here. And what else can we do? We can also make something special here. We can go and say, background and background video. You fall back, weaken. Just take this image. So and let's also select here and change everywhere the color, right? Yeah. So, White Boyd. And maybe even let's school here and go to advanced, Maybe make it a little bit. Um, no, you're a little bit petting. Maybe even more like this. And here now its own. So change the background. So we have this. You will need to put out put in our video link. But we have to also change the shape divider here. Two white and the other one also white. This? Yeah, this looks great. And now we can here go again, toe our backgrounds. And here I have a little link YouTube link. You can put in every four K video, and here we go. I know. As you can see, this looks great, in my opinion, so you can design it like this. The section. Okay, No can update it and go on 13. learn more: Okay, let's make the next section. So your selected structure stretch full with. Then let's take this in the section. And here we can call P paste. You can call P. Okay, here just duplicated and drag a tear and also with this one and put it here. Then it's change it like this. Okay, it's also copied. You don't need to do it, weaken. Just here. But you'd text make it like this, all right. And but we can copy button and paste it here and let's change it Olympic, because doesn't look very nice. So let's select year the, um content. So who can say text, learn more and then instead off a sport clips they needed and on to this and no, let's go to the style. And here tape Pa Griffey. Yeah, okay, let's leave it. But the text color. Let's make it black and backgrounds white and border solid like this and box Cheryl, it's Yeah, let's make it like this a year. And then this is our button. And right here we can just put it emits. That's selected upload files, select files. You here, let's take this one. Let's insert it and maybe Let's also work here a little bit, you know, It's going to style owned. Yes, this one style. And here? No, here in this. And then we can go to style. So this intersection and use shape divider on top. So look, this we could use, but I don't know why that's changed. Here, make some changes. So we have large. Let's make it full. Central, medium, large, fun, custom form. I'll take maybe. Oh, that's clear it. Yeah. Okay, let's leave it like this and let's move on. Or Okay, let's make some changes here. Can say full with and no gap. And OK, And now we can actually go to style and the shape divider and use here, for example. Let's let's use Yeah, this looks, let's use this one. So no, it looks like this. And maybe go back to here And because I know we have here a little bit here at this section . A little bit off petting, uh, on the bottom. Okay, let's leave it. So what? When we need it? Yeah, Never mind. Okay, let's leave it like this. Okay, Let's make it maybe a little bit more mobile friendly, So let's delete it and put in here heading. Delete the text, then go to style. Here, select this one style. Hello, Whatever Image this Petrie default. Repeat, no repeat size. Let's say cover. Okay, it's more mobile friendly, and I think it's looking better. So let's leave it like this and maybe go here. Style layout here, you know, full well, full with height. Okay, let's leave it like this. 14. customer section: Let's go on. So let's like tear doubled sexual. So we have two sections against stretch full with no get. And here in this section, no, that's first. Make this one again. A copy or no, it will be white, so we won't see it. So let's copy this to Paste. It's here. Let's duplicate this and drag. It's here and the same with this divider. It's can I get? It's OK, so I have it. So Greg Tear and then we need the information here. A copy and pastes. Who's okay? Let's just take this public ated, then put a tear. All right, now just we just need to center it again Year, and maybe we'll need to take this. Let's leave it. And also take this button. Stoop, lick. Eight. This Burton and let's drag it here. So now we have a section, and what else do we need again? Let's make mobile friend. We need to do doot like this and elemental. Otherwise it won't work off the images, so just use this middle trick so you know we can go here style and then back round. Classic Emit uploads its use in this take, and let's Also insert the media Your golden again center center attachment default. Repeat no repeat size cover or maybe contain Yes, let's make it contain. Here we go. And no, let's also use here again. Save divider on the bottom said, Look here, you can just look around. Which one looks great? Art This one? Let's take it. Let's make it this. So that's no, maybe a little bit petting. Okay. And let's change here. All the Yeah, it's viewed this or this change here to unbelievable design. Um, great souls. Okay. And you go. And next one I would like to take again. Korpi, you're in this next sect, then paste it. Our customers. It's this And then let's select or it's complicated. The shape divider. Oh, oops. A copy made me. You're paste. Can can move in this one. Okay, And now let's go here and use another element here. A very nice element is also this. It's like I said, Look here. Image, slider or image. Caruso. Pace it here and then take this. You, Ida, put it on top. You can get some images, upload files again, select files. Here we have company and we can just take all of these? Yes, no, it's loading a little bit. Let's wait and then create the new gallery. Okay, now let's create the neglect gallery insert gallery. And here we can just say, for example, food or medium. Let's have a look. Okay, let's let's thumping. And here we have some, and then you can see look for slights and sleds to scroll and so on. So, yeah, that sets. No, we are ready. And let's work with some other pages. 15. bug fix: as you can see here on top, we have a gap and I related We have it also on the bottom here. But here it doesn't really matter. But I would like to remove this one. So if you can see here, we can right click. That's look at it year. I just want to show you. So we have this you content rep. And why ever we have paring top 50 pixel pairing bottom 50 pixels and how to fix this back ? We can just go to style and advanced here, then and make here my here 50. Then just make it minus You can see. No, we have no gap in the same thing. We cannot right here. Just go style advanced sends mind. So we have 50 and then just say minus all right. No, we can update and move on. 16. Customizer creating the footer: Now let's work with the customizer. So exit to dashboard and let's was it decide? And here you can click on customize and that's have a look how we can change the Hera in the customizer. So as you can see here we have site identity and we can rename it just elemental. I will name this menu here we can we have our primary menu. Widgets will tell you later what we can do here. Home page settings. Here we are already said it here. General options Here we can change some colors. For example. Here you can see the link other is changing. So make it like this you This is column And of course, we can also change here this color off our elemental and and yet so let's move on here. General settings. You can changed the layout sightings. I would not change it because we're using the elemental page builder and so way can customize it. Our page here it's not important. Also, here we can this road to top to change it like this one. And of course, we can change here the color off it and customize it right here. Pig nation not important because I turned it off. Forms, buttons and their own is not really important. Sous Well, typography. If we change our typography in the elemental page builder so we don't need to go right year top bar. I disabled the proper and so and later when we work with the block, we will make some changes, for example, to change the sidebar. But right now, we're using it for the home page, Not for the block and you. But now we can work a little bit with the food up. Okay, so we can They're off food or widgets or food or bottom. We can go to our digits. And for the 1234 would show up right here so we can get some widgets. First average. It could be our, um, about me, which it. And here you upload your image or an image. And also that year, I put in some things you're and it should show up. So here you can see. Now we have a threat here. Then we have our So it's a mentioned before you can put in here your image upload the image and yeah, so but six, then for a to we can put in. For example, um, it's a really nice one is, um, Instagram. And as you can see here, you can put in your tag. For example, if you're using and individual tech, for example, you have a shop or whatever and here to change it to six. And maybe the style should be also yeah, like this and also follow us. You can also select your instagram profile, but I will. I want to have it and sheer remove to follow us. Okay. And the 3rd 1 can be, for example, Social Aiken's and we can put in. So Instagram Facebooked were plus linked in and I don't know you too. Now let's have a look. And this you can see off course. We can change the color, but and also the style. But I will have it at this one. So that's it. And here we can for four or four we can use, Um, we have it navigation. So we have the navigation on top and on the bottom. We call it just many and select our primary menu we made. Let's have a look, notes loading. That's rude. Another one. Okay, no it's working and call it menu, and I don't know why, but we have to delete this one and you. Perfect. And now, the last thing here copyright we can change. It can say copyrights. Um, all rights were used is or oxygen reserved, or we can just a minute copyright. And I don't know, just put in your to thousands 19 all rights reserved or whatever you want, or we can also enable it. But yeah, it's holy like I will enable it so you can disable it, enable it however you want. Okay, that's it on. Let's move on. 17. about us: Okay, now let's work off our about us page. So click on pages, All Patriots and here on our about us page. Here we go Now again, content layout. We would like to have 100 full, both without a side parts of 100 with head. Oh, it's just able to pop are but unable the hair on because in the Hera we have the menu and the menu. We have primary and title. We don't wanna have a title, so let's update it and edit with elemental edit. Fundamental and no, that's Wait a little bit. All right? No. Let's click. Select your structure. Typical structure. Here we have our heading. It's click on it about us, then center style. Wait, let's make the tape over a thief. Open songs. Perfect 45 picks. No, Yeah, straight white color. Then we can go to the section Advanced layout Stretch section content with full with no advanced here petting. No, let's make later. Let's go to style here. Classic background than image. Let's select the image this one and go back to here. Let's make it center center attachment. If old or yeah, fold. Repeat. No repeat size contained costume cover. Let's have cover, then advanced petting 45. All right, that's it. And now we can move on. You can click here new structure here. This type of structure, then, of course, we need to go stretch the section full with No, we can put in some heading. I can't say best solutions. And you can have style black tape over open songs. I would 20. Wait 500. It's like this, then public ated here. Let's change the typography to 24. Wait. 600 then, um we are special and all right, so let's move on now. We can used the divider with 20. Get zero and hello. All right. No text editor. Let's move to defy del Want higher? Okay, this here the textile again Black. Take poker. A few open songs. Oh, storms and fun size. Yeah, maybe 16 on a smaller audience. What? This and we also need the button. You go here, we have to put in the link off our contact page. Click on it, Korpi, and put it here. Then we can go on and make the style Text background. Black border, Radius 20. How so? Takes the black backroom white. Pure words, solid one picks of border. So this and yeah, that's it. No. Let's also make the petting. Oh, one off the this column. The 25. Yeah, so left side. It's ready. Now, let's make the right side right side. We have again for the, um, response of solution. We have to put in here the hair on the lead needed. So what will show up correctly on smartphones or other devices like tablets? When we don't use the header, it won't show up correctly. So we have to use this kind of solution. And so just make it like this. Then we have to go to background. Yes, Classic. And here I would like to use this image off course to confuse all the images. I'm using it. They are free for use. No lights. And you can I give you the downloads? File off all the images? No repeat size cover. All right, that's it. And let's go on 18. our skills section: Okay, let's make the next section again. Select the structure. Let's take this one. Here we go. Now let's go to the elements and I would like to use here the Progress Bar. Um, let's design it a little bit here. Let's say my skills were press then type, uh, you don't need it 90%. Well, let's make it 96 came display show height show. And in the he ever you shouldn't be or, you know, it's make style year color. I said, Let's black and yeah, with this titled style text. Hello, black progra thief again Open sons Contents here. Or let's delete this one. Yeah, to make it like this and then we can go here. We have some effects example, but I need this. Okay, then. Or let's put it this year. Change it to name and then Web design. Okay, now leads duplicated. 12 um, three, 44 times. Then on the right site, I would like to have duplicates and drag the barricades ends. Greg, uh, it's changed positions. Duplicates. Great. Here again the decades Rick duplicate and drink. No. Let's or it correctly. So one should be here. Swing there. Change these. And you go, Let's also juice Year 25 pixels here. Okay? And then changed. Text our skills. Well, press experts, and okay. And maybe I would like to here, use also some counter, but let's make it. I need it. It's whose you take the intersection and then year can the use the counter? Where is it? You're no don't implicated to lead it here. And then, let's say starting hundreds ending zero. Okay, there's, um let's say on time. Care to know what's the buck work on time? Uh, style text, like, take pornography open. Okay. And here also take a graffiti open, Sons. You know, we can duplicated and dragged here Another one. Hands copy and paste. Okay, that's it. Oh, and one more thing I would like to at here is here on layout, of course. Stretch full with and style backgrounds. Radiant. And this and white. Yeah, let's make it like this. So no, we can move on 19. our team section: Okay, let's make the next section again. Wouldn't work stretch full with. And here I would like to use and duplicate and let's put it year. And then I would like to go to the section style, background, classic and image I would like to upload fire and back round to here we g o. That's insert the media. And then I would like to you some in the sections style. I would like to use some counter again. You're fruits on pole. Then you can see kids. Let's make the full cool number. Oh, okay, let's leave this text. And here you can put in White Take biography. Oh, songs. Let's make it a little bits Mourner, 45 and the title also opened. Old songs sighs. It's changed the color first, also too white and, like 24 21 and right, No, let's duplicated drag and then here, right click at New column and a new column, and then copy Peace Paste. And what else do we want to change here? Let's change Also go to advanced here petting. Let's change the petting 25 but only on and bottom. Yeah, and no picture is also strange so go back to here at section center center attachments fixed. Repeat, no repeat sighs. Come along. So this is how it looks like. And here we can edit that section and again it's here. And I would also use some safety wider fan capacity. Yeah, like this. And on the bottom. The same. So we have this section right? Then let's make the next one select the structure. I would like to have three, and here we can do some new one new elemental elements, like and where is it? Aiken box. You're We can use this and then off course, primary teller Black on. However, we can own sin. So some or hang wobble. Let's make this and it's you're on the content can see are let's make it again this color topography open songs. And here also Scripture, typography, open songs. All right. And also that changed the item year. Use this one. Then we can poppy paste taste and the change your it's delete this and your address caught year headed item box. Let's use this one. All right, so we're this and no, I would like to Yeah, And here Copy this. Make the next section paste. Here it's change it a little bit style, so contents, then center it. So let's copy Poppy, this shape divider pace that and off centre, it's Let's make this with Diego content, style and topography and maybe 45 Chris experts. And change is to are team. And no. Well, it's use here. The image Caruso and it's some images. Upload files. Select Fire Toria, Percy These four and create insert. Let's make it medium and slights to show for Okay, let's make three. You can see Yeah, like this. All right. Looks great. Let's move on.