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Learn to do stuff program build

Michael V, Also known as Learn Coding

Learn to do stuff program build

Michael V, Also known as Learn Coding

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27 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Setting up our local Wordpress Website

    • 3. Introduction to: How to migrate our local Website to a live Server

    • 4. Creating Database

    • 5. Export local Database

    • 6. Changing URL in the Database

    • 7. Uploading local Database

    • 8. Downloading Filezilla

    • 9. Importing our Website with Filezilla

    • 10. Changing wp-config File

    • 11. Changing Permalinks

    • 12. Changing Password

    • 13. Introducing: How to migrate a live Website to new host

    • 14. Creating Database on new Server

    • 15. Export old Database

    • 16. Importing Database on new Server

    • 17. Exporting content from the old Website with Filezilla

    • 18. Importing content on the new Server

    • 19. Working on the new wp-config File

    • 20. Changing Permalinks on new Website

    • 21. Introduction: How to migrate the website from live server to local host

    • 22. Exporting the content with Filezilla

    • 23. Changing the url of the Database

    • 24. Importing the Database

    • 25. Moving our Content to the local host

    • 26. Changing the wp-config file

    • 27. Bug Fix

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About This Class

In this course I will teach you how to install XAMPP and be able to use Wordpress locally. After that I show you how to upload your local website to a live server without any plugin. We will work with the database and the wp-config file. Last but not least we will transfer an online website to another webhost.

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Michael V

Also known as Learn Coding


My name is Mikel I was born in eastern europe and I'm an expert in Wordpress, Webdevelopment and programming. During my school time I learned a lot about Webdesign and Webdevelopment. Afterwards I specialized my self at Wordpress. Meanwhile I created some Wordpress Themes. Nowadays I'm self-employed in several businesses and if you have some questions you can contact me by my E-Mail.

If you have some problems with any of my courses you can contact me, I'm willing to help you.

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1. Introduction: In this tutorial, you will learn how to install a local warp. Recite with sump. After that, I will show you how to immigrate your local WORDPRESS Website to Life Server. You will also learn how to transfer your own land website to another host without using any plug in by only editing the VP conflict file and database. After this course, you will be able to create a local server and migrate your website wherever you want. 2. Setting up our local Wordpress Website: Let's start the course with the installation off our local environment. So let's installed some our local host type in some in Google than the first Link Select English download. And now let's install it. Yes, OK, Next we just need my sq and PHP my Edmund. So let's select it next next, and let's install it. Okay, now the installation is done and we can click on finish and let's start a patch and my ask you and create a daughter base and install WordPress. So let's go and type in local host. Then PHP my Edmund. Then click on the outer base. Select utf 16 Been and let's call our daughter based Redick's Free Eight. Okay, done. Now we need to install WordPress. WordPress, English. Let's download the latest version off work Press to drag it on the desktop and let's open our some folder Z Sam Ht Dogs and put a work Chris here. Let's rename it. It's called Redux of This and just drag. It's in this folder, but stop the installation. Okay, lets go and pipe in local host read X how you name the folder. So let's select English. Continue. Let's go, Dr. Based name. We call it readings. Use the name rules. Password, no password and submit. Run the installation. Title name. Let's call it. Just read Uggs. User name. Edmund Password. I will take 12345 Yes, Confirm email. Just type in one and install WordPress. Lock in type in Edmond and off passwords. Look in Perfect. That's it. That was the installation. Let's continue. 3. Introduction to: How to migrate our local Website to a live Server: As you can see, I installed WordPress steam. And now I would like to transfer my website from a local host to the life server. 4. Creating Database: the next step is to go toe are hosting website. So here we have to click on or see panel. I have conflicts. I'm sure you have, for example, see panel. And here let's create a daughter base and that's it. So if you don't know how to create a database, just ask your hosting provider. 5. Export local Database: The next step is to export our database. So type in local host Click on PHP my Edmon Now we have here are Redox Daughter base and just go here on export And here just click on gold This is this is our database so we can and look up In which folder? A tous here and let's move it Tore course folder and that's it. 6. Changing URL in the Database: now, I would like to work with our database. So let's hope more course folder and open our database with were pet. As you can see here, we can read daughter Base Redux. I would like to change it. So let's go here to PHP my admin and lock in. Here s to concede this is our database which we created and here, put it in now we have to change our your l So click on here this button. And now we need to get our your l local redux. This is search for and now we need our website. Your l This one This is our life website your l and put it in here without this loss character. So like this. So now replace all and that's it. Let's save it and move on. 7. Uploading local Database: Now we need toe upload our daughter base. So let's go back to PHP. My admin. Click on import. Choose our daughter base Redox and that's it. Now we click on Go Import has been successfully finished. 8. Downloading Filezilla: to follow the tutorial, you need to download filed Xylan and just go on. The website filed Zilla Project of Orc and Download declined. 9. Importing our Website with Filezilla: Now we need to open fire xylem and put in our host name. So and here, Now we have to go to HTML. It depends on your holster. So here we have our index dot html file. And so yeah, we have to put in everything where the index dot html file is. So let's remove everything and let's open Are some folder ht dogs some? No, look some, but here we have a Redox folder. Let's open it and move everything to our server. This will take a while. 10. Changing wp-config File: Let's work with Rvp Conflict file. So this is the are weepy convict or PHP file. Let's view and edit the file. As you can see here, Dr. Based name. This is the name off or database. Put it in, then. Database user name. This is our user name database passport. Here. We need to type in our password. Here. I get my password. And so if I click here and I just type it in safe now, just click. Yes, and that's it. 11. Changing Permalinks: As you can see, it worked. This is our website which we moved. And here when you type in slash VP Edmon. Now type in our email and passwords from the beginning and now go to settings and per mailings. And this is important. Just you can change it or just save it. I will just save it. India, that's it. Now our Perma wings work. So we click here. It worked. 12. Changing Password: Now, I would also like to change the passwords. So go to users. Your profile. And now your nickname, Admin. Let's leave it like that. And here, generate passport and we can just type in. Hello. 123 Of course you serve. You should use a better password. Why? Um, like this. Confirm Use off. Weak password. Okay. Okay. Again, just hello. 123 and update for a profile. And yet this is how you can change your password. 13. Introducing: How to migrate a live Website to new host: now I will show you how Toe me great website from one server to another. So I will me great This website from this server to this server 14. Creating Database on new Server: First of all, we need to create again a new database. So I will do it. You can use your C panel and that's it. Don't forget you have to create the daughter base at the new were posting provider. 15. Export old Database: Now we need to go back to our old website, which you're going to migrate and look into our PHP, Edmund. And here you can see this is our database and we want to export it. So click on export and go. And now we can save it at our desktop. 16. Importing Database on new Server: Now let's look into PHP my Edmund for a new website here you concede the database name and now work at our daughter base. Let's open it again. With were Pat And here we have to replace again the database name So put in the new one for a new website. So this is the new one and now also the u R L Search and replace search for lead. Search for the old one The old your l. And put in the a new one also lost Slash. Let's deleted like this and search and replace. All done. No, we can close it safe now. We can go to our new website here. This is the database for the new website and we just click on import and search and here we have our new doctor base and open it and click on Go and that's it. 17. Exporting content from the old Website with Filezilla: Now we need to go back to our old website and get the FTP host name, user name and password and put it in here in our fighters zilla. Then we can go back to our HTML and here you can see maybe, yeah, it's not HTML at your server. So just search for the content and or where your eight index dot PHP file is and all the other stuff. So now we need to click your own desktop course. And I created a folder content as you can see. So now we can move all the content here, all the stuff, and it will take a while, so let's wait. 18. Importing content on the new Server: Now we need to go back to fired Xylan and type in the information off the new server. So host name. Remove the old one. Type in the new one. Same for log in and password. I already did. So quick. Connect. Unless you can see here HTML again. It depends on your provider. But as you can see here, you need to find the folder with the index stock PHP file and let's remove everything. As you can see, this is the new one so deleted. Yes. Now we have two good go here for and put in the content. And again, it will take a while. Off course. I meant index dot html and not PHP, because in the index dot PHP is the WordPress version. 19. Working on the new wp-config File: Now we need to work again with our VP conflict File viewing edited. I already removed everything, so it's empty. So database name, database Name is the PHP my admin Name off the new web server. So locking in your PHP my Edmund and type it in. So now we need also database user name. So go to your C panel and or ask your provider. So database user name. It's this one database password This here and my SQL host Name this here. Call P and Paste. That's it. No, let's safe and yes. 20. Changing Permalinks on new Website: no s. You can see everything word. And now we need to lock in again. So go to your new Web server to your new new website and type in slash V p admin. And here, off course, we need to put a our information. They don't change and there is something wrong with it. I googled it. And now we have to add this to lines in our VP conflict fire. So go to the conflict view and edit. And now we have to add this to lines. So save it and no, let's update. As you can see, no, everything works. So now we have to go to Perma links again and safe changes, and that's it. 21. Introduction: How to migrate the website from live server to local host: Now I will show you how to migrate your website from your life server to your local host. So let's go. 22. Exporting the content with Filezilla: So, first of all, we need to lock in an hour Fides. L again. So type in your user name, your host and so on. Now go back to our html fuller. Or what for folder you have where your index dot PHP filers and to know I need to export all the stuff here. You can see the content folder is empty. So let's export everything. Basically, here we have it. You can see this is our desktop. You have to go here on desktop or where your full arrest course content it's empty and now export everything. 23. Changing the url of the Database: Now we need to go back to PHP. My admin and lock in. Go to export. Here is our daughter Base export and click on. Go Now I will drag it in our full. Of course. Let's open it with were pet and here database How we won't name the database and just I will name it were press one to free. We didn't create it right now. Well, we didn't create it. And yeah, so we need to create now the WordPress 123 daughter ways at our local host at our local server. And also, um, we need to search and replace this u r l and put in our your elem. So search for this without the slash And now we need to how we will name it. Let's have a look. I will name it. Local host were press one to free. So we will need to create a folder with the name were Press 123 or 12345 were press 12345 is then the folder name and yeah, we're purse. 12345 And the doctor based name will be. Then we're press 123 or yes. Wordpress wanted three daughter based name and folder name were Press. 12345 Source search and replace all. All right, and no, we can close it. 24. Importing the Database: Now we need to go to our control panel and start a patch in my SQL. After that, we need to type in and local host. Click on PHP, my Edmund. And here we need then to create a new daughter base. So click on new doctor based name. We're purse. 123 Let's take you tiff. Um utf 16 and create. So now we need to import our database. So click on import, choosing the file, click on and no course. And here we have our database and click open and go and no, it's done. 25. Moving our Content to the local host: Now we need to search for our local host folder. So let's open it. Just click here on Sump, then on search for HT docks. And here we go. Now we need to create our folder as you remember it. Waas Wordpress 12345 And now we need to open more content and move it all in our folder and that's it. 26. Changing the wp-config file: Now we need to go in our WordPress 12345 folder and search for a VP conflict file. So let's open it. So, as you can see now, we have my SQL database user name. It's basically this name, so let's copy it. This is a doctor base. Then we need my SQL database user name. This will be route. It's always root. And the database password. We don't have any password, so we remove it and you know, we can close. It's and safe. And let's have a look. Local host. We're press 12345 As you can see, everything worked. No. As you remember, we need to also safe our Perma wings. So type in Edmund and the passwords is the same. No. As you can see, there is the spark and yeah, we will fix it. 27. Bug Fix: to fix that problem, we need to copy again the two lines of code. So let's copy it, then go back to our VP conflict file. Open it. And now on top, we have to put it in. So here on the top, we put it in. No, we can save it. So it is safe to and no, we can load our website. And as you can see everything, it's working now again, we need to go to settings per Mullings and just safe changes an issue conceit e Now, if we go posts and so on everything, it's working, That's it.