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Learn to do stuff program 423

Michael V, Also known as Learn Coding

Learn to do stuff program 423

Michael V, Also known as Learn Coding

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15 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Testing our page speed

    • 3. Installing a plugin to decrease the size of images

    • 4. Decreasing size of images

    • 5. Installing a plugin for caching

    • 6. Plugin for optimizing JS/CSS/HTML

    • 7. Saving changes

    • 8. Speed Boost Plugin

    • 9. Installing a plugin for AMP

    • 10. AMP page Builder

    • 11. Removing plugins

    • 12. Remove unnecessary Fields

    • 13. Wordpress php compatibility check

    • 14. Locahost for compatibility plugin check

    • 15. Localhost setup

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to optimize the speed of your Wordpress website. I will show you some plugins, so you will be able to minify your image size, css/js/html code. You will learn more about AMP and much more. You have also a 30 days money back guarantee.

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Michael V

Also known as Learn Coding


My name is Mikel I was born in eastern europe and I'm an expert in Wordpress, Webdevelopment and programming. During my school time I learned a lot about Webdesign and Webdevelopment. Afterwards I specialized my self at Wordpress. Meanwhile I created some Wordpress Themes. Nowadays I'm self-employed in several businesses and if you have some questions you can contact me by my E-Mail.

If you have some problems with any of my courses you can contact me, I'm willing to help you.

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1. Introduction: in this video, I will show you how to make your website faster. We will install plug ins, optimized images and create an accelerated mobile page. If you want to know how to speed up your WordPress website, this course is for you. You have also a 30 days money back guarantee. 2. Testing our page speed: So this is my website, and let's make a little speed test on Google Page. Speed inside. As you can see, it's a little bit slow, Mobile 54 Desktop 79 yeah, let's make it better. 3. Installing a plugin to decrease the size of images: The first thing I would like to show you is how to compress images and war press. So let's go to plug ins at New and let's search for the plug in compress images. This is the right one. Tiny Pin Ji is the creator. Let's activate it. So here in settings, we can click no on compress. And yeah, we can choose here some options. So let's leave it like that. Yeah, and we need also to register on this here. We need to click on a P dashboard, and here we have our A P. So now we can compress some images and let's save the changes. 4. Decreasing size of images: Okay, now we can go here on media and click on bulk optimization and start bulk up to my ization . As you can see, we saved a lot off space and yeah, let's move on. 5. Installing a plugin for caching: Now we need to download another plug in. So let's go to plug ins at New and type in VP Fossas Cash. So now we will cash faster and it will make our websites also significant faster. So all the images and yeah so all the images will load faster. Let's see here, let's click on VP, fosters cash and let's enable everything and submit. 6. Plugin for optimizing JS/CSS/HTML: Now I would like to install one more plug in. Let's type in out or optimize like this. And now let's install it. Now. This plug in is awesome because it includes the optimization off JavaScript images. And now okay, images, for example, the lazy load. Not only that, we have now the smaller size off the images. We save some space now. We have also fast the lowering time off the images. So let's click on settings here. Let's click on optimize Java script. Um, yeah, where we have the warning. Let's don't do this. So just Joey's group foiled CSS files leads. Leave it html and yeah, we can l so optimize images. Lazy load. And yeah, that's it. Here we can also remove God Google fonts, but I don't want to remove emojis and safe. And here here I forgot here removing strings, safe changes and yeah, that's it 7. Saving changes: I just want to add that when you are on the GS, CSS and HTML and you make some changes, always saves the changes, and then you go, for example, to images. And yet here you make some changes before switching to, for example, extra or somewhere else. Always make sure that you click on safe changes. 8. Speed Boost Plugin: another plug in that I recommend is the speed boost pack plug in. Because it has some awesome features for WordPress and also Google Analytics. But let's go here at new plug in search speed boost. Peck, do you know this one? Now let's activated. And as you can see now, we can go here to the speed, post pack and speed booster pack. So remove query strings. WordPress years. You can see all the stuff for work press. We have the verging ping bags. Um, yeah, we don't need here. We don't need it. Also saving. So let's save changes. Then we can go to advanced, and we have already lazy loaders, and we need it so unable. Instant page, if you want. Here, you can read it. What? This? Yeah, it's a kind off. If something goes wrong, then you have the incident page. So now don't use it. And yeah, I think we don't need hear anything for advance. But what we need is to goto Google Analytics. And here, if we have tracking, I d. You have to put it in here Tracking code position always in the footer. This able? Yes, Um, and into my Sapi. And, yeah, that's it. Now we can also check our page speed. Let's go to the page, put it in each year and let's have a look and us, you can see it improved. 9. Installing a plugin for AMP: Now let's install another plug in. It's called a MP, so at new it will basically make your website foster. When someone the searching your website in Google, it will men if I your for example html. So here. Let's installed this one from Amit Colucci. So install. Now let's activated and yeah, let's take the one for beginners. So no things. And yet here website type we have block. Let's leave it. Where do you need a MP here? Recon juice, Let's say for posts and pages. Our home page only can also use pages then, yeah, design and presentation. We can leave the logo, select color and just leave it. Analytics tracking. So here we have to put in our Google Analytics I D. And privacy settings here. Ah, we can activate it. And the cookie bar or yeah, situate this advertisements. Um, yeah, let's believe it. Because And we can also go to the designed one designed to Yeah, let's take. He's in one global headroom. Yeah, let's leave it. Let's look on the home page. Excerpt length. Let's change it to 15 and look yeah, it's also put in here the Rete mauling and on your change image size. We can also do it. Let's get to it. Break bread crumbs, forum page social It's deactivated and yet lets it know that safe changes. And now we can see that we have here the visit a MP You can click that you can click on accept and yeah, this is our a m p. So when people when they come on over website um on the MP, they will see this one. So we have This is very important the privacy settings and yet and we can have a look here . As you can see, we have our logo. This is the luego course. We can change it and also click. Yeah, it is here CEO Elemental support performance. We can also mean if I the CSS if we want brother catching, of course. Yeah, again. Here logo. We have to change it. Who want tools? And here homepage home page. We have Yeah, sleeve it Endia save changes 10. AMP page Builder: Okay, Now, I would like to show you how to create posts. So with the MP builder, we go to posts. And here, let's create a new one. So click here at New and let's at the title. Hello, world. So this is the title. And as you can see, we have here now the A M P Page builder and also here The normal normal page bill is so we can also use this content as a MP content. But I would not recommend that I would use here the A m P page builder and here s you can see we have columns and here the modules so we can just drag here. One column Let's say heading. If you're heading stepping title, then another one, Um, you can use the new column and here we can put the image in or we just put it in the same column. Let's make it like this. Yes, let's remove it. Your image hero can select the image. I will just choose this one safe. And then I would also like to put a text here again. And here we have our content. And here you can write your normal text. So as you can see, we have some more stuff that we can put in. We can put in a new columns, and yet this is how it works. We can also use the pre build A MP layouts. So as you can see there some pro ones. So if you want to use these, you will need to buy the plug in. But we can also use the free layout. And we can just used the landing page, for example, or future based on pricing. Let's let's have look so this is how it looks like. So this would be actually your A m P version off the page. Okay, so we can just click and here on impart. And as you can see here, we have everything and we can click here on image and change the image and so on. So we can actually um, yeah, modify all the more Duits. So yeah, we can also remove it if we don't need it, but let's save it. So, yeah, now you can see this is how our and a Pew website would look like we have heading and so on . So we also need to put in some content here because, as you can see off, click on Prevue. We don't have any content because this is on Lee the mobile worsen the MP burden and not on the real one. So, yeah, what we need to do is just put in here our real content. So here, put in our and that's a look. It's heading Titou and so on. 11. Removing plugins: to speed up our WordPress website. We also need to remove all not necessary plug ins. So let's have a look to save some space. So let's remove this one. Have a look. This one this well and I think also don't need this because it's only block and that will Khmers because I don't want to sell anything. So let's remove it and let's remove this sort, so all right. 12. Remove unnecessary Fields: I would also recommend to deactivate the comments. So let's go to settings and discussion. And yeah, here on settings. Let's remove all that here, the email me you can leave it by. But I will also remove it and words also important is here the Alberta display. Let's remove. It s well and, you know, weaken just safe it. 13. Wordpress php compatibility check: Let's install another plug in plug ins at New. And let's, um, starlet. He had the PHP version checker and still no, um, this plug in it's a really important because the peach be weren't iss um yeah can actually speed up your WordPress website incredibly. So let's start the skin. Because before we update our PHP version, we should check everything. So PHP version seven Um, yeah, let's skin the site. First of all, only active plug ins and themes. So let's have a look. As you can see, we have some unknown plug in, but also no arrows. And yeah, I would actually recommend you before updating your PHP version 27 to install a local host and local host like, um Sam and test their Actually, the plug ins, if they can work, are if they work on PHP version seven before you destroy your website. So actually, I would recommend to use PHP versions heaven. It's really important. Go to your Web post, and yet change it to ph. Puberty and seven and actually test every single plugging on your yeah, on your Samp local host 14. Locahost for compatibility plugin check: Let's start the course with the installation off our local environment. So let's install some our local host type in some in Google than the first Link Select English download. And now let's install it. Yes, OK, Next we just need my sq and PHP my Edmund. So let's select it next next, and let's install it. Okay, now the installation is done and we can click on Finish and let's start a patch and my ask you and create a daughter base and install WordPress. So let's go and type and local host. Then PHP my Edmund. Then click on database Select UTF 16 Been and let's call our daughter based Redick's Free Eight. Okay, done. Now we need to install WordPress WordPress, English. Let's download the latest version Work Press to drag it on the desktop and let's open our some folder Z Sam Ht Dogs and put a work Chris here. Let's rename it Let's call it also Redux kind of this and just drag. It's in this folder right on. Now let's stop the installation 15. Localhost setup: Okay, lets go and pipe and local host read X How you name the folder. So let's select English. Continue. Let's go, Dr. Based name. We call it readings. Use the name Ruud's password. No password and submit. Run the installation Title name. Let's call it. Just read eggs. User name. Edmund Password. I will take 12345 Yes, confirm email. Just type in one and install WordPress. Look in type in Edmond and off passwords. Look in perfect. That's it. That was the installation. Let's continue.