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Learn to do stuff program 3

teacher avatar Michael V, Also known as Learn Coding

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Xampp

    • 3. database

    • 4. wordpress setup

    • 5. install plugin and theme

    • 6. demo import

    • 7. overview

    • 8. add accomodation

    • 9. more options

    • 10. second accomodation

    • 11. season

    • 12. rates

    • 13. generate accomodations

    • 14. test check in

    • 15. coupons

    • 16. bookin rules

    • 17. fees and taxes

    • 18. general settings

    • 19. mail settings

    • 20. payment paypal

    • 21. shortcodes

    • 22. how to change the content of the front page

    • 23. customizer

    • 24. menu

    • 25. manage content

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to create a real estate Wordpress website with a similar function as Airbnb.

I will explain how to you how to create taxes, fees, add payment options and much more

You don't need to know how to Code

ou don't need to be a programmer because we will won't programm in the backend. We will only use the plugin Hotel booing plugin and a Theme from Motopress. Both are for free. So after this course you will be able to create this website on your own without spending a single penny

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael V

Also known as Learn Coding


My name is Mikel I was born in eastern europe and I'm an expert in Wordpress, Webdevelopment and programming. During my school time I learned a lot about Webdesign and Webdevelopment. Afterwards I specialized my self at Wordpress. Meanwhile I created some Wordpress Themes. Nowadays I'm self-employed in several businesses and if you have some questions you can contact me by my E-Mail.

If you have some problems with any of my courses you can contact me, I'm willing to help you.

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1. Introduction: In this course, I will show you how to create a hotel booking real estate website with WordPress without buying any theme or plug in, I will show you how to add accommodations, changed the prices by seasons, create punks, sent emails and also at PayPal is payment. After this course, you will be able to create this website without writing a single line of coat and managed the content. You've also 30 days money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Let's go. 2. Xampp: let's set up our working environment and install some our local host. That's like the English losing flicked on download for Windows. Let's click on OK and next here we need to select PHP. My Edmund and my SQL is also very important. So let's click on next, Next, um next and and install it. OK, now click on finish and let's start over some control panel. Let's use the English language and safe. All right, now let's start a pitch and my ask your and move on. 3. database: Let's move on with our database and type in Google work, Press English and let's download its year were press download year. Let's Donald the newest version off work press No, it's safe it but our desktop so safe your is it. And now let's just up here Long toe host and go to PHP my Edmund and let's create a daughter base. So click Euro Daughter base here we can change the language Right now I have the German language, but that's a mirror here. Let's put in what WordPress and select utf 16 utf 16 rights here and create. All right, that's it. No, we have our daughter base and we should open our some folder and yeah, put our WordPress draw in the some folder here Local C Some we need to open work again. Local C, Some H T books. Now let's open WordPress here. Rename it to and it's Call it Putin back. And now let's put in the work press foil in the HD Dogs. Oh, folder And no, we can Yeah, open it and let let's put it in a folder. It will take a while, all right. And now let's rename it Guten back. Okay, now let's move on 4. wordpress setup: Let's syrup WordPress. So type in local host and our full. The name Putin back. All right, No select English. Citing title. Let's take Putin back using a Edmund and password. 12345 confirmed at email and install WordPress. No, we can lock in. So let's type in over user name and pets work. Look in and now everything is working and we can move on. 5. install plugin and theme: install the plug in and theme. So go to teams and at new and let's search for Panama Amiriyah this install it and also activated. Okay, Now we have to install three plug ins. So begin installing plug ins, install contact Form seven a return and also installed hotel booking light return to require plug ins in stolen and also the one click de more in part. So return toe required plug ins and also activate it all. Activate activity, activate and now we can ever look. Let's visit the website. So this is how the website is looking right now. Let's move on. 6. demo import: Now we have to download the demo, so go to two worlds and here to import. And as you can see, here's the one click demo import, So click toe run important. And here just click on importante mood data. This will take wild about 5 10 15 minutes, so let's wait a little bit. 7. overview: Let's have a little overview. So let's click here on a visit site and let's have a look. So, as you can see, this is the default template off our website, which we import it so you can see it's looking pretty nice here. We have all rooms off course. We will create those rooms and our own. So here you can see we will customize and little bit. But it's nice to have ah, default template. You're in C the rooms. We have also some pages. Of course, we will also customize the menu here. I would show you how to do this. The about us page are immunities Here, you can see also we have a block and we will create some block posts. You're we have a menu in our menu up here it's our restrooms. And then we have also gallery, as you can see and our contact page it's already designed. We just need to type in our information's, and I will show you how to do it. How to yeah, make our own Google maps with our yet places and yeah, so that's it. Now we had a little quick overview and we can start working 8. add accomodation: Let's have a look on how to create some accommodation. So let's click here on accommodations and slits at recommendation type. So, for example, we have a hotel and we have a single room here. We can put in our description. Then we have served short this scripture in, so you can type in here your information, then off course discussion. Police don't low comments. Number off a condition. This is a very interesting because we can have several single rooms. So the same room, like three times in our hotel. So we can just type in instead off one and create three times this room. We can just type in three, and it will create three those rooms. So also here recon capacity. Let's type in two adults, one Children size 40 and you can put a view can just put in Seaside. Then that's type Here on the bad type. We can click on settings and let's create some bad types, so we just need to scroll a little bit down. And here, as you can see, we can add bad types and we can put in, for example, single bad, and I bet one double bed, one child bed and maybe double bet. So Okay, so we have those three beds, three options and now we can just safe changes. It's way Tevin Foods and off course. We need to go here on over, site on over new recommendation. And we need to publish it or safe draft. However you want to do it. But I would publish it because now it's updated. So we have created our three bad types here. Single bed double beds. Um, yeah, double bed plus child bad. And here is you can see we have outs of total a commendations three because we said police create three. And here, as you can see now, we can just Yeah, choose. Let's take this one double bed plus one child bad and cheer. This is also very interesting. Some available services and we can just create a new service. So I clicked on it and how we were gonna call it. Let's call it extra cleaning. Pulling your script Ching and local mints, please. Not price. Let's say $5 on Dhere. We can just choose once I don't think so per day. So we can just $5 today or pay guest I think for cleaning, it's Yeah, we can put a guest choice, Um, or per day, let's, let's say, per day per day, $5. And instead of per recommendation, we can also put in per guest. So when they're like five guests in the room, it will cost for everything. But in small rooms like the single room, I think we can put in for a commendation. So but you can also use it for guests. Or when you have two guests, it will cost $5 per guest. And so it will just for a commendation. So let's put in a recommendation and what else we can also put in here feature image for the service. So let's set featured image. We can go to upload files. I will provide you some images. Let's upload thes three Um, yeah or upload. And of course there will be more and let's take this one. So I will take this and publish. So we have our extra cleaning for $5 per day and yeah, so here we have to off course. We have to update it because we wanna see this option. So we updated the extra cleaning and Now we should see it. And as you can see here, we can important here some available services so the customer can decide. Will he clean himself or shoot someone else? Clean this room And we can also put an extracting boat to Jim and yoga, okay? 9. more options: Okay, let's work with the right side Burn now. So as you can see, we have some more options, like the recommendation categories. So we can filter our recommendations so we can add new equipment recommendation category. And here we can put in, for example, first floor. So we can say this is the 1st 4 maybe hotel in And, um yeah, hamburger. So it's put in here and enter so we can put into your hotel and Emburgh hopeful in New York or wherever in London and yet so we can filter it on places we can put in, like first, the first floor, second floor, just yeah, filter a little bit, Tex, we don't need Tex communities. This is no interesting, because what our communities communities difference between communities and services is that these costs money. So for this, the guests should decide Yes, you want this or not? Will she pay for it or not? And here this is totally for free. So we can say in this room you will get hair dryer in drum safe and here we can put in, for example, and you want, like, car. Let's put in car part king. So Anto. And as you can see, everything's working. Now we have more communities and yeah, here. Post attributes, nothing important. A reviews. We can create some reviews or put in a gallery. And yeah, we can put in a gallery. Maybe we will do this. We will also create a seconds a combination. But for this one, we don't need the gallery. Let's put in here featured image and take this one. Okay, so we have no this featured image, we can update it. And we are not ready yet because, as you can see, we have no prices, and yeah, so But we can just I have ah, quick overview on this room. So as you can see a single room and yeah, so we can't We have a calendar. This is how it looks like. And yeah, So let's go on 10. second accomodation: Let's create the second accommodation. So goto accommodation types and let's have a look I would like to use and also the photo gallery show you how to work with it. So let's type in like, um, double bed room that's put into your stretching and exerts. It's been excerpt. Don't allow comments. Number off. Commendation. It's put in here, too. Adults, too size 40 again view. Here we can see site bed, a double bed here, available extra cleaning, dreaming, yoga, surfing lessons. Then let's go here the right side again. Let's put a total in Hamburg, Um, double and then go to here communities. So let's put in here like hand, draw him and yeah, and here we have the photo gallery and let's select some here. We can put in this this this this All right at two gallery and future image. Let's take this one. All right, so now we have our double bathroom and let's publish it. And now I would like to show you Oh, it will look. So it's click on here from the Perma link and yeah, so here you can see again the description. And here this is Oh, you can watch the gallery. So this is how it will look like if you add the Geller's. So I would add gallery So it will look like this, in my opinion. Way better. So on the home. And yet here, issue conceive e the Did it like this? Yes. You can see here the featured image is the background here, this background and then we have this photo gallery we go to and our recommendations here on our single room. We can also add a photo gallery. I would recommend you to always at the photo gallery, so they use, uh, you can see more and yeah, off course it will look way better the design. Um, yeah. So let's at year, some other off course, you don't need to put in a lot. You can just put it this and this. Let's update it. And now let's have a look how it will look like and, as you can see, single room again. The photo gallery, What we put in here in the photo. The featured image is always in the background. Here. You can see this is the background, and then the full to gallery will be right here. so always put in featured image. And if you can some. Yeah, a photo gallery? No, he has to concede. Here's the description. All the information, the availability And yet so once you're I can click on. Okay, let's move on. 11. season: Okay, let's move on and let's have a look. Here on the left side, we can see categories here. We can also put in your categories your name's lock description s. Yeah. We also made total in Hamburg. Okay, here we have the tax from can put in Texas. I usually don't use tax, so you don't need that here. You can also put the enmities. Yeah, attributes we don't need any. And here seasons, this is very important. Let's create some seasons because we want to have more than one price. For example, in the winter, we have a one prize and summer we have other price because you or maybe on holidays, the prices higher in the winter, the plot prices low and we don't I want to change the price the whole time. We want to have one price for every season. And yet here we can put in the price for the season. Let's call it spring. So write down spring date here we can put in. Yes, the spring will start on the Yeah, you're it's putting there and will end, which is the correct eight. And I remember 20 seven here. The state. Okay, this is all spring season. Start with a capital letter and yet okay, lets publish. So we have a new season spring, and we would like to add a new season. Let's call this season summer. So we have also a summer season, the summer season. We'll start your 1st June and 23rd September and let's put in here. Okay, this is our summer season. So let's publish it. And yeah, this is how you can create seasons. This is very important and you can also create Harley Day and you don't need to change the seasons all the time. So you put one price for summer one price for holidays, one price for the spring, and it will change automatically. 12. rates: Now let's have a look on rates year rates and we can add new rates. Here. We can choose the accommodation type. Let's choose our single room. Okay, then let's create one. This is very important because now we can, um, yeah, decide which price we will use. So at new season price here we have, like spring summer. Okay, so we have two adults, one child Children. And if we would, hero can put in enable pry variable pricing. So we have to ELTs one Children. The price will be $30. Let's say then that's put in at variation. And here we could put in, for example, one adult, one child and then to l zero child. But for this we need premium upgrade to premium. So if you want to have several options for example, not only two eagles, one Children, but also like to Els won 20 Children. One adult, zero Children, one adult, one Children. So all the options you will need to upgrade right here, but yeah, I don't want Oh, use it. And as you can see, control, you will have some more features like, yeah, you're this adding in restoration from the beckoned prices based on the number of guests and night and so on. So if you wanna buy it, you can do it. But yeah, we can also move on without it would just say will always pay the same price. It doesn't matter. Are you alone? You just pay for the room, Not for the people. So OK, so it doesn't matter off this two Children, Adel's no Children or one adult or whatever Doesn't matter. So always $30 per night. Okay, let's update the rate then. Let's mm say here and now. This is okay. Here we go. We have Let's okay, we have no title. Let's call it, Let's call it single room. Let's say it with plus breakfast. Okay, so this is our let's say will also bring breakfast in. Okay, so then we can also put in here at new season and we can put in you will spring your summer summer. It will be a little bit more expensive, so you can just copy this text. Put it in here so we can have a look where we're this takes the pier so summer the price is higher. Then let's click on rates or let's at new rates and accommodation. We have our double a bad room create rate here. We have also put in our title on its put a double bedroom and you can put in spring $40 $60 . Okay, that's updated. And, yeah, that's it. And we can also put 1/3 rate just to have looked. So right now we have, for example, for this one single room plus breakfast. But we can also put in for the single room here, for example, single room. So we know which room. Plus all, like, all inclusive. No, we can select single room create and now choose a higher price. So we have spring $60 summer, $80. Okay, so this is also how you can yeah, decide. Like which price? The user shit get. So if you doesn't want to have all inclusive, you can just take the cheaper one with only breakfast and off course. We should also put in our, um, off course. This is not the best solution. And a second solution I would like to show you right now how we can solve it. We could just go to accommodation types and here we can choose our single room and yeah, we could also just instead off put in, like, all inclusive and breakfast like we did it. We could also put in here at new communities we could put into your breakfast, and here we could create a new service. And here we can just at new service. And we can call it all inclusive description. No comments allowed. And here we can say, all inclusive will be 15 extra dollars periods per day, off course and charge per guest. Of course. So this is like a service. I think this is even better to do it like this for the all inclusive and breakfast solution , so we can put it an communities like breakfast. So you will have a breakfast. It doesn't matter what you choose. Um, here we can put in breakfast, but I don't wanna do it right now, but you can do it. I'm just showing you how you can do it. So there's two solutions for this. So when here we can have like, and now you can put in Okay, let's let's do it at Auntie's breakfast. So the breakfast will be. They're so you can see. No, we have in our in our okay, brick fists. Okay, it home here? No, you can see breakfast. And here we have our all inclusive 13. generate accomodations: Okay, now let's click on services. And here we can see all our services. So on inclusive extra cleaning boat to rescind so on. So here we can also create some new services and now click on accommodation. And this is also very interesting because here you can delete you're accommodations because , as you can see, what created three single rooms So the same room three times, for example, when we have total and we have the same room three times. So we don't need to create this room three times, we can create it. Um, yeah, only once. And the plug in will get rate in the room three times, as you can see. So we have several rooms which was created on Lee ones. And yet so it's a time saver. So let's have look on generate accommodations. And this is also very interesting because, um, let's say you created three rooms here for our single room. Were created the single room three times, but yeah, well, we board or I don't know how we we bought one more room and now we have four rooms, and here we can add this room and we can also tighten it. He resorts, for example, we can put a single room number off accommodation so we can put in one more and we can create. Been right here. Of course, we can also, um, put entitled, But it will also, um yeah, the same title. It's always And as you can see, Yeah. No, we have single one. And you created one more. Of course we can. You could rename it on same room for 14. test check in: Okay, Now let's in the heavy look on our website. So this is how it looks like here. We can put in the check in, check out annals. Children, for example. Yeah, Over. Yeah, we can test it here. Just wait here. Search results, then. Okay. This is not and what we create it. But as you can see here, this is how it looks like on let's have a look on our click on rooms. And here we can go to, for example, here. This is all a single room you can see here. We can check in date. Check out Date Adel's too one check. Here we can say single room, $240. And let's have a look on reserve. You can again put in adults. Children. Full name. Name here can decide. Here. Issue concede. Choose. Great. As I mentioned before, there two ways how we can but do it here we can single room breakfast, $240 or single room, plus all inclusive which will cost $480 So we can make it like this for breakfast. And I think this is even the better way. But you can make it like this way. And then just at here, for example, an all inclusive so single room, we could make it without breaking the single room. And then But I think this is better. Better to make it with those rates, but you can decide how you want. I'm just telling you how there are many options how to do it. So weaken, say, like singing room. Then we don't need your all inclusive. I can just say single room plus all inclusive will cost $480. And then we can just put in extra cleaning per day. And Jim and yoga $50 per day for two guests. And, yeah, so it s you can see. And the price is changing. And now we just need to type in our full name country. No. And we can book No. So let's click on book now. On reservation submitted. Detailed details off reservation have just been sent to you in a confirmation email. Police check your inbox to complete booking. Okay, so now I can go back, and here we can click on booking. And as you can see here, we have all our bookings and yeah, so I will explain it in the next section. 15. coupons: Okay, so you can see here we have our date guests, the email name and how much is already paid. Why is this important? Because maybe. And you want that the guest will pay, like, 10%. And the rest of the money will be on cash, like on hint. So yeah, so here in see how much he paid and payment history. You can also click on here telling the this is very important because here we can see this is very awesome, because here you can see every single date when someone bought Ah, yeah, a room. And you can click on here. And the good thing is that we have here, I think four rooms. So the guests can also check in again checking against the recon. See, only one is Yeah, bought. So here we have, like one. We have also this room, this room in this world here. And you can see the i d. Check in date all the information and yeah, here you can see total paid zero and yeah, so let's and look and yeah, so year. We can also click on poems and let's at new and as you can see, home told coupon percentage, Let's say 10% year and a commendation type. Let's make it for a single room check in it and also put in you're check out before so we have but minimum days, too, for one maximum usage limit light 10. And yeah, so we can also create Capone's so very nice. And we can also hear Decide for which accommodation and yeah, the chicken before after Can Yeah, and no, we have a coupon, all right. 16. bookin rules: Okay, let's move on. So we have also booking rules here. We can put in like, um, a rule that Yeah, you can check in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on Here seasons So you can configure here a little bit, but I done think it's necessary Can, like, put in that you can only check in from Monday to Saturday and not Sunday. Check out the same and you hear a minimum. Stay like two days, two nights, three nights and also yeah, select here. The recommendation and the season maximum stay like 50 nights right now, but you can also put into here like 100. 17. fees and taxes: Okay, let's have a look on Texas and cheese here. We can put in some fees, for example. Yeah, new fee. And your per guest. Like, I don't know, car fee or whatever you want to put in and per addled and limits. And yeah, you're you can just select it. And here you can. Yeah, let's create it takes. But you feed Tex. Yeah, where you want to call it? And yeah, I will label it, for example, that fee for bed tax and accommodation per day amount. And here you can put in, like, $1 and yeah, that's a done service text. The same, for example. Yeah, let's say breakfast or whatever. Or kids, maybe a fee. But you can decide. I don't know what you have in your in your hotel, which services, and so you can just here make your fees your taxes. And yet so it's very simple. And yet so we click here and done, and here, as you can see, $1 for that text 18. general settings: now, I would like to go to accommodation and settings. And where is it? Here right now And worked here a little bit. Here is you can see you can decide which page should. Yeah, the user. See? So search results page off. Course search results. It's already created by the theme. And yes, so we don't need to change anything, But we could We could create our own page and just put it here in so conformation modes here, this is very important. Now, the confirmation is, by custom of via email. What does it mean? Here? I will show you, and we already did it. So we can just like here, and then we can check in the check out. Okay? Check and reserve and no, yes year. And then we can, um, book. No. Okay, so now we're booking it. And now let's have a look here. Booking confirmation reservation submitted details blah, blah, blah. So now we can go here. And what does it mean by customers via email? It means that the cast UMA gets the email he can't pay with pay Paul with, um yeah, whatever. Credit cards. And you will have He will gets and he made I will show you how to change the text off the email or put in. And this you can see here. And now you can yourself You have to go here on pate and yeah, I just have a look. Payment history, all bookings. And you can Yeah. You see yourself that the booking happened and you can delete it or do whatever you want with it. And yet you can't really? Yeah. Get payments right now. But you can put in your email police, um, sent money to this orb, uh, payment on cash. Like bring the money and you can live here. And yeah, that's the one way. But another way would be change here. The settings conformation mode by Edmund Menu Lee. It's that same. And as you can see here, here, you can say at payments manually and yeah, free payment. I know you can look on payment is three. The payment happened. So after you're paid their dollars And so after the customer sense the money you can do click here on edit and make it men. Usually this is the one way you can do it the other ways. I will show you later. So here. Confirmation page, of course. And nothing special. Approval time for user at 20 minutes is okay. Yeah, This is important. Check out. You can Yeah. You can leave it as default search options. Um, worse. Here they pick a date for mitt and cheer. This is very important. United States U S dollar. Or maybe for example, year. Oh, this is Yeah, because I'm from Europe. You can make it. You can change the currency. You're bad types. We already discussed about that show. Lois Price, template mode. Um, demote and disable booking. Here. We can hide reservation forms, for example, And buttons. So the customer counters of eight. Yeah, a room. And you can just put in I'm Yeah, well, holidays. I, uh, or I'm on vacation. So kind of that, but yeah, you need It's because now everything is working. And, like books, calendar, we can change the color, then clock and yeah, so very simple ends. Yeah, let's move on. And I will show you what we can change. No, it's 19. mail settings: Okay, now let's work with the email. So we have here our Edmund email, and as you can see, we have and email template. And here we have booking, booking ideas pending and have you booking detail of booking customer information. This is our confirmed you booking site title, new booking, booking a D subject. And yes, you can see we have here our that proved booking email. So email that will be sent to admin when customer confirms booking to the end to you. So to your email and your this email. And here we have also cancelled booking email email that we re sent to Edmund. So you will also receive and it's you concede this is the and email you will get your this . Your email can put in another email, but I think this is not that important here. Customer emails. This is way more important because this is what the email as which email will be sent to customer and both customer and the Edmund will receive emails. So, as you can see here we have dear customer, first name costume, a customer name, we can leave it like this. And, um, here e mail here we have also all the possible tax. So for both booking total price and so on. And as you can see here now, this is the important part here, this one and new booking email confirmation Edmund email that will be sent to customer after booking is placed so this email the customer will receive after the booking ISS placed so year. Here is rations pending, and yet you can also disable it by clicking here. But I think this isn't that smart. So let's leave it like this and you booking email email that will be sent to custom after booking. It's placed so the customer will receive two emails. Not only one. Ah, here This email is sent when booking confirmation vote is said to customer confirmation via email. That's right. Now what we have so only on booking confirmation. Or so um, here email that will be sending, booking, disapproved, approved. Here we have dear customer booking, total price wherever and cancellation details. Template. Yeah, so I think you understand Understood it. It's not that hard to understand. Booking is approved, um, conformation modes and yeah. So the only thing I would maybe change or give you the device to change ISS here. This email ascent when booking confirmation will set to customer confirmation via email. And in this email I would also put in, like how you want to receive the money. Um, he total price and hereby, total price. You can add some text, you can say, for example, please send the money two. And then whatever puts your PayPal accountant or or cash or whatever. So here, you can put in all the information your information. Yeah. So this would be smart, because now the customer will receive this email and he doesn't know how to pay. And here you can. Yeah, put in your information. So the customer know. Okay, this is how I will pay. Or you can write down here pre. Please pay on when you are rife. Okay, then. Or yeah, I would even and this was wasn't that smart, And I wouldn't put it here because this is this template ISS sent to. This is the confirmation, So Okay, this is in this one. Okay, this is both on confirmation votes, so Yeah, but this one would be smarter because this is after booking is placed. So after the bookings placed, I can put in police send the money to and sheer email sent after booking. Yeah, it's the difference. And this is when the booking is approved. So after you proved it, this is what will happen, All right. And here we have also human settings. We have your adminstrator email from email from name, and yeah, so you can put in your base color and so on, so let's save everything and fun. 20. payment paypal: Okay, now, this is very important here. We have our payment gateways, and I think most off you won't use the here off here on general. Let's open the customer payment options. Um, here we can activate, for example, test payment or PayPal. Right now, it's on our some server local hostel. We can't, um, tested sandbox mode. But here, you can also test that. So just, say, an able payment titled Papal Description Pay via PayPal. And here you have to put in your business email. Put in here. You're you may. And here off course, we have to go down year. Where was it? Booking here. Confirmation vote and off course by customer, via email by Edmund. Or we can decided and say confirmation. Open payment. This is, in my opinion, the smartest choice. But you can also and men use it. You're manually ins and e mails and so on. Or cash however you want. It's up to you. So let's save this changes. And now we can activate PayPal, check out stripe, brain tree, and so on. So we can activate or pay on arrival so we can no change safe. That changes. And now let's make the magic happen. So as you can see you, you can go now. Here on our website, click here on this room. It's let's check availability. Then go on reserve. Guess name your dome. This one and dearest, you can see payment method PayPal. Pay the paper so the customer will pay or he cans Book. So no book. No. And as you can see, let's wait a little bit here. We have to put in our papal address, so yeah, everything is working and perfect. 21. shortcodes: one more thing I would like to show you is here on shot coats. Here we have all the shot coats. And how does it work? We can go on, for example, pages and create pages and put in there our short coats, This example here, our contact us page or better. Let's use the, um I'm sure it's using a shot coat. Yeah. Okay. Here we can put in a short court. The confirmation. This is hold. Contact us. Page is made, but here you have to put in your contact form. It's already there, but, um, here we have, for example, the search results. Sure they're using one of these short code. So we have all the shortcuts, and let's have look here. You can just choose one. Yeah, services and so on. So patriots loading. Okay, here, check out. So creating Checco patriots. Just call the page, check out, and then just put in the short goat like here. Just classic editor, and then the shot coat. And then for no. Um, yeah. So this is how it works. 22. how to change the content of the front page: Okay, now let's work with the front page. So this is the front page from our website and here, all the content and how to change it. And it's very simple. We have to go to all pages and to change. For example, this Hera image We just need to go to here our welcome to prime area photo and yeah, let's change a little bit. As you can see, here is the feature damage and it's the same image. So this is when you want to change this image, you just need to change it here also. As you can see, here is no content. But here is a lot of content and it's also made the kind of smart because we just need to open pages. And here we have some patriots, for example, the story of plum aria rooms and suites. So it's open this to story, Maria. So as you can see and we just need to find those here pal Marius, one of the most a recognizable coastal resorts located in fancy persa. So this is as you can see, this excerpt. So if you want to change this text, you just need to change it here and off course. If you want to change this text, you just need to change it here. Let's change it to very hotel. And here. Yes, Well, okay. No, we updated it. And let's update its year. And this you can see here off the changes. All right, So this is how it works. And also the story off by Maria, As you can see here, the story of Maria. And here's also the featured image. So here you can change the content, then rooms and suites. Here you can also post, and you're short coat for the rooms you made. And here's the text. Here is the featured image. So this is hold for your comfort. This I'm sure you can find it years. Well, I just need to go to the next. So it page here for your comfort. Personally, I didn't get in touch. You just need to Yeah, it's making, uh, we did it before. It's very simple. Just open the page, and then you just need to add your content, change the content and so on so you can change your everything just by editing the page. And the design is already there. and yeah, you're just put in all your content that you have or delete it if you believe it won't appear off course. So it's lowering. But yeah, I think you understand how to manage your website. And yet and your issue conceit e Just one more example Here, featured image. Let's go down to your page. Get in touch. And this you can see this is how it looks like. This is hold. It's made So you can just put in your content. For example, reservation your hole number This you're two and now update it. And of course, you can also use the gluten back a detour and put in more content. And yeah, it's up to you. I think this is very simple and clear how to do it. And if you want to use other images, you just need toe. Okay. For this one, there isn't an image. So, for example, we go to we have some hope pages, for example. Here, the story of pilot areas you can see this is the content. And here is a featured image, and when you click on it, kiss here you can see how big the pictures and you have always to use the same. Um yeah, Hyatt 23. customizer: No, let's work off the customizer. So click here on the customizer and here we go. And you can also click on the block so the block will open because now we have to work with the customers. So, as you can see, we have the site identity here. Gutenberg. I can put him, for example, the every. Okay, All right, then we have Call us. It's not important. Year current header image. What is the header image? It's this one, so you can change it if you like. And, of course, what jumped Florida picks its background image important year, your primary menu or social. You can decide which men you would like to use on menus, Of course. Um, yeah. So Food menu, primary menu, food and social socials menu, primary, primary menu. But we will change it later. Here. Widgets from page site. But don't change this. This is this. Cyprus should be only the And here on the site bar, this is Yeah, for some pages, for example. Maybe we have some patriots with the site bar. That's a look. Maybe on our single page. Look on it later. So yeah, Homepage settings, static page here you don't need to change anything. Theme options here. Block options, classic box or classic white. The in colors, the header overlay color. This is this overlay color theory can change it. So food options, this is Here's the food, and this all rights reserved is here and yeah, here, old soul room lis, search through south list. This is all for the some sites, So yeah, that's it's now let's have a look on. Yeah. So the search past not really important because we are not using the sidebar. But of course, here we have the site for when we'll using. When we're clicking here soon here we can change the site borrowed. Just going to voyage. It's sidebar. For example. Move this one on this one. Yes. Quincy's years also some text, so Yeah, it's this and this. So this is how our site bar looks right now. I think it's nice and a year old, so the text and you can off course change it if you like. For example, let's they need it. Yeah, this is how it looks like. Yeah, OK, no, let's publish it and move on. 24. menu: Now, I would like to show you how to change this menu, the primary menu. So let's go to you're is it appearance menus? And now we hit. This is our menu. And yeah, so here we can change it. For example, I don't wanna have this Pa graffiti. Let's leave. This page is for block page menu. It's also the gallery you're go No congest say where the menu and should be should appear here off course. You could also create new menu. And yeah, but why should we just use this one? And of course, all of these patriots, for example. Let's have a look. So we have the page rooms, we have the pages about our enmities block and contact the block off course. And how to change how to make posts. I would like to show you you posts on pages. Um, which pages would like to change? I showed you how to change the front page, but now we have also some other pages. And of course I would like to. So you how to change these? A swell. So contact, it's look contact us, then we have all so on the pages. Um, it's about Poe merely are home about Permira. Is it on here? This and I would like, change our enmities here. So we have these free pages and let's have a look. So it's safe menu how we can change this pages. 25. manage content: can know the Patriots are here, and we can have a look. We can change here. Our enmities we offer and whatever and Yeah, So if we go back toe pages and or communities, rooms or entities, this is the amenities that we created. All this M Nitties. As you remember, Extra cleaning description. This is and yeah, all entities are Yeah, plugging issue using here by this short cut off course. If we would delete it here, it wouldn't show up. So this is hope to change. I m Nitties the content. This same for hear about primary A Here, you can put in your image for course. Look, always that the size is correct. So you can, for example, also click rights here. Then just have a look here. You saw it. This ice is 411 260. So, yeah, it would be better to use this size here. And you can change all the content just by clicking here and then change it. For example, if we would like to change the gallery, you would just Oh, here, remove this image and here uploaded image so we can, for example Move, move, move on then upload some new. Very easy, I think. Yeah. Okay. I don't have images right now, but I think you understand how it works. Same goes here, and yeah, so and you're a swell. We can just edit image and then use another image. Off course. The size should be the same. This is important. Your congest this one on the size, so this should should not Ok, ok, looks pretty awesome. So Okay. Yeah. Yes. You can see the size is not correct. So always, um I won't say it. So we moved. Look, always that decisis correct. Then it will fit in so well. And here the contact us. Of course. The same just changed the content. And course you should also here, maps. And your for example. I don't Yeah, I don't know If you like to use it, you can also Yeah, just remove it. And here int contact form off course. Just copied this and then put it here and yeah, that's it. This is how easy to manage the content and to you