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Learn to do build program

Michael V, Also known as Learn Coding

Learn to do build program

Michael V, Also known as Learn Coding

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16 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Installing Localhost

    • 3. Installing the Theme and Plugin

    • 4. Creating an Amazon affiliate Account

    • 5. Adding affiliate links to the books page

    • 6. Affiliate Blog post creating a table

    • 7. Affiliate Blog post creating more links

    • 8. Changing Blog post settings

    • 9. Working on the Blog page

    • 10. Setup the Newsletter

    • 11. Changing the Homepage content

    • 12. Removing the Woocommerce shop

    • 13. Working on the Footer

    • 14. Ceating a policy page

    • 15. Working on the navbar

    • 16. How to customize pages

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to create an affiliate Blog using Wordpress and the Elementor Page Builder. Together we will design pages and setup the newsletter. You will learn how to use the Elementor Page Builder and how to integrate Amazon affiliate links in your website.

After this course you will be able to run your own Blog and manage the content.

Meet Your Teacher

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Michael V

Also known as Learn Coding


My name is Mikel I was born in eastern europe and I'm an expert in Wordpress, Webdevelopment and programming. During my school time I learned a lot about Webdesign and Webdevelopment. Afterwards I specialized my self at Wordpress. Meanwhile I created some Wordpress Themes. Nowadays I'm self-employed in several businesses and if you have some questions you can contact me by my E-Mail.

If you have some problems with any of my courses you can contact me, I'm willing to help you.

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1. Intro: In this course, I will show you how to create an awesome looking affiliate website with the elemental page builder. We will design block posts in which we use our affiliate Lings. I show you how to install themes and create forms. We will customize pages, set up customizable cookie messages and much more. You have also 30 days money back guarantee. 2. Installing Localhost: Let's start the course with the installation off our local environment. So let's installed some our local host type in some in Google than the first Link Select English download. And now let's install it. Yes, OK, Next we just need my sq and PHP my Edmund. So let's select it next next, and let's install it. Okay, now the installation is done and we can click on finish and let's start a patch and my ask you and create a daughter base and install WordPress. So let's go and type in local host. Then PHP my Edmund. Then click on the outer base. Select utf 16 Been and let's call our daughter based Redick's Free Eight. Okay, done. Now we need to install WordPress. WordPress, English. Let's download the latest version off work Press to drag it on the desktop and let's open our some folder Z Sam Ht Dogs and put a work Chris here. Let's rename it. It's called Redux of This and just drag. It's in this folder, but stop the installation. Okay, lets go and pipe in local host read X how you name the folder. So let's select English. Continue. Let's go, Dr. Based name. We call it readings. Use the name rules. Password, no password and submit. Run the installation. Title name. Let's call it. Just read Uggs. User name. Edmund Password. I will take 12345 Yes, Confirm email. Just type in one and install WordPress. Lock in type in Edmond and off passwords. Look in Perfect. That's it. That was the installation. Let's continue. 3. Installing the Theme and Plugin: Now let's install the plug ins and theme. So let's go to appearance. And at the new theme, I would like to use the US Astra theme. So type in ASTA and let's install it. No, we have toe. Activate it. And now I would like to download the Astra Starter sites plug in. So let's click here to get started. And let's choose here the l a mentor patri biller. Okay, so now we have here in the appearance the Astra sites and what we have to do now is to install some other plug ins, for example, the Here, we have to click on plug ins at new. And yet here you can also type in the ah, Asta starter. So as you can see, um, here, this one is it. So you can also download it right here. So but now we have to type in l a mentor. Elemental table. We need the an elemental table plug in here table parents for elemental and let's install it and activate. Okay, Now we can go to here on appearance and go to ASTA star sites. And as you can see here, we have, um, some that you can buy, but I would like to use free the so it's you can see we have here some templates and you can choose one for your affiliate website. So, as you can see, if you have a fashion block you can use for that conduce that template. But I would like to use the life coach so we can click here and yeah, I would also like to delete previously important sites. So everything is clean. No, we can impart the template. Now we can click on view site and as you can see, this is our website right now. Okay, that's it. 4. Creating an Amazon affiliate Account: Now we need to create an Amazon affiliate account. So let's type in Google M ism affiliate and go on the affiliate program amazon dot com. Look in here. We have to type in our email and passwords. So now we have to click and here joined now for free. Would you like to start a new application? Yes. And now we need to put in here all our information. Then we have to click on next here. We can put in our website, but you can use um yeah, just any website. Even if it's a fake one, it don't need to be a really one. So if you don't have one right now, you can just put in here whatever you like. So let's click next here. Your profile. We just need to put in some information. Ah, Health blanc. It's put in, for example, just whatsoever. Ah, and and therm devices whatsoever. Primary topic books and and other year we can put books and yeah, that's it. Other block, uh, email offline. Other block CEO and filly eight e. Coomer's How you built lings per month plus 8 500 or 505,000. But you hear about us? Not important. And finish So Okay. No, it worked. Now here. The payment and tax information later. And that's it. Now we can create our links and yeah, that was it. Let's continue. 5. Adding affiliate links to the books page: Okay, now let's click on pages here. We have books and edit with elemental. So here, as you can see, I change something here, for example, favorite books. You just need to click on it. And as you can see, you can You can change here. The title you can change. Yeah, the tax, the linemen. But, um I don't want to do it. I want to click here on the books. As you can see. For example, I would like to make it affiliate link to place here. Affiliate link. How should I do it for first of all, let's removed it to remove the image. And here we have. Yeah, the book. So I will click just on image. Let's copy it the medium one. That's a look and or yeah, let's deleted this one. And we will place the text editor instead of it. Then we have to remove the text, go to text and place it. Okay. The medium one is too small. That take the large. One car appeared in place. It looks better. And if we go your own style, we can line it center, and then we have to put it on top like this and okay. And now we have to change the height. So we just click on it. It's make it a little bit larger. Yeah, like that. Just make sure line, center. And okay, this is just make sure that all the images are have the same height. Let's have Look, this one is Let's make it 100. Let's make it like 200. 300. Okay. And now we have the book name and yeah, here. We can also put a link. Just click here on text. Now, let's copy the link and place it here. This is the wrong one. Yeah. Carpi paste, Book name and get it. Now we can just put the Linkous well and tearful book name we can just use again. Let's change it. Medical medium. All right. To show you one more example, I have here one more book. I copied the link. Then we click here, Delete the image because we need text editor place here in the text editor. Then we need to go and delete text. Click here on text, place it go back to visual here, center, then match the height with all the other 2 84 Let's make it a little bit smaller. Yeah, like that. And here I can click on. Get it now click on the text. Copy it. And here for the link we put in our link. And then we also need to copy the heading and just places here. And then we write down. I just clicked here on Carpi, and then you can just click here in the ah, click here and then paste it like you normally do. I just click control V to place it. 6. Affiliate Blog post creating a table: Now let's click create our first affiliate block post. So make sure that you click on update and yeah, let's go back to the dashboard and create our block post. So now we click on posts at New and I will type in, for example, Bali grass juice powder because I will promote it. And also make sure that you click on add it with editor with Elemental, because now we will and not just created normal block post. We will make it a little bit fancy. So now we can put in here some some sort off text. So here I created a script. I recommend you to create oneness. Well, when you write something So first, use your text editor and write down everything you want to use. So I have here my text. You can just use whatever text you like. Just copies something from Google because it's not important what you write down rights. No, because we don't publish it. Of course, when you write something on your ah website, you should write all your text on your own and done copier just from somewhere. So here But for now, it does not matter what isn't here. So we have right there, Text editor. And now we have the text, The description. So I will have you today I will cover one off the best whole food supplements and whatsoever. So an introduction you will need. And the next thing I would like to add here is something like table. We use it. This one is special item which we, um, download it with the plug. And we downloaded the plug and elemental tables. And this one is it? So we have now the text table header and we can use, for example name. We can just here name, then table, head row image. So then we can it another name image. Wait. And one more. It's right. It big and price. Let's also change something or von settings we can hear custom with. Let's make it 20 five for everyone. 26. 26. Move that 26 26 26 um 26. All right, now we click on table body. No, we can just at item at item. Let's make three items and make it new row and item you row and item. Okay. Doesn't look that item, not a neuro at item at item Now at item, Euro and that's it. Oh, no, it goes at item at item and that item. So that's it. And now you can You have also to right down here. For example, What I would like to use is a link. So I will make it like this eight riff and then a And what is the first supplement will persona? So write down. Okay, I search for some supplements, so I found some. Let's use this one. So when stare off, no persona right and navy and that is it. So we just click here on what we want. We want the text so we can use the fulling off the short ling. The fooling is easier to um Yeah, the short link is easier to use, So let's use the shuttling. The fulling is easier to change, So yeah, whatever you like. But you can use in the short ling. So we click here and paste it. No, it's you can see. We can just copy it going table. So this to on table you're four. And look okay. This is the wrong one. Table five And instead off navy, we use not to all of us. So instead of Navy tolerance and off course, we need to get the text. Let's copy it and place it carpet again. And this one's not wrong. Wrong, wrong. This one should be it. And the last one should be by whole foods. So we just change it by whole foods and click your on text and no, just copy it and replace the old link. That's it. Now we can off course use the image. This is also important. So here we just go for and ball egress juice. We can click on it here, and we need to get the image. The affiliate image area. Let's use the medium one. So click here and just place it then here also, we need no the image. Copy it, place it and the last one image. Copy it and place it's here. Now let's fill in all the other, um, important things for Navy, for example. So we just put in instead off table Dara, we put in the price SE 100 dreams 100 dreams, 100 grams and the prices, um, 95 um, ponds. Ah, 60. Let's just use year old. So just um, here we have 28 99 21 8 99 4 200 200 grams and 28 99. Of course, the prices can change, so make sure they're up to date. And the last one. 250 grams for 215. 21 15 21. Yeah, So that's it. As you can see, the images are way too a big so let's change it. And what we need to do is here just for this one. I already did it. Click on small. Copy it here. The same. Click on image. Small carpi IDs. Go back to L. A mentor here, change it. And for the last one, this well, image small click and paste it. And what we also need to do is click here. No, on center it here. Also click on Advanced Drawn Settings center and here it's will advance settings and center . So that's it. Now we can move on 7. Affiliate Blog post creating more links: So let's place here heading Let's and Year first place Navy, that center it inlets place tech. Set a tone here. We need to click again on image. Let's take the medium one context and place it and click on style and center all rights. No again. Take Seritham Place it and I prepared text. Just call appeared and place. Okay, that's it's then we can do another heading. Let's type in, Ah, second place not to Hollis. Center it and oh, I just forgot. And we I would also like I'm going to use buttons, but for buttons I will need a new plug in. So let's just continue so no to Arlys. Then we just put in. Or do we have buttons right now? No, I can't see here. We have the button. Okay, we don't need to do one. So let's just place this one. Um and it's written down Check price. And then here we just need to text for the link. You in the link Center it. Let's honey here, click on background color. Let's make it bloom and hover. Effect hover, intimation you Let's make grow or let's here pupils and also the border radius. Let's check it out. 45 six. Let's make it 12 with more like that. The only thing is, why do we have Yeah, this looks better. So let's take it. And then we need a little bit space. So let's have a look here. Space. Let's have a look in style way. We have so much space. Emily left. Colonel Gaps. Content. Okay, It's the paragraph. Okay. No, we had to change it to paragraph. Okay, now, Hollis No. What we can do is just doublet, Kate. Then we can just take it and then we use again. Click on image. Copy it. Delete this one and place this one and here again Duplicated. Put it here. Duplicate. Put it here. Off course. We need to change link Copy. Pace it, then make another space and public eight. Donut on. Let's change the positions. So by whole foods, whole of foods, then public eight. The image again did eat it. Take here. The image. No, that's the wrong one. Here. I'm text. No, that's correct. Duplicate the text again. Of course, you should write your own text and not just copy it all the time. But I think that's obvious. Duplicated. And here we need to take the text again and place it. So that's it. Now everything is working. And here, the only thing I would like to change us here a little bit space. So this is our product page. So our affiliate link page here we have some affiliate products, and by clicking on this image is or the company name, people get toe our affiliates and side page. So they so we earn money. Okay, that's it. Let's move on. 8. Changing Blog post settings: Now let's work on our block page. So go to pages or pages and click on block. As you can see, we were using here the guten back, a detour. So let's click on the section post grid. And as you can see, we can't see our post. We can see our post because, um, yeah, we have to change something. So here we have our post type post pages. We have posts, categories, and here we have to change the categories from use to all. And here we can also decide the numbers off items. So okay, this post, we have to Yeah, to remove. So we have all our posts up to 20 here. We can change it to 10 or yeah, 11 here we can order by date and so on. So let's update it. And also remove the hello world post Goto all posts, and here we can just remove it 9. Working on the Blog page: We should also change our settings at our post. So click at posts all posts than our barley grass juice poder click on it. And here is you can see we have the Perma wings who can leave it like that Categories. Here we can add one, for example, healthy lifestyle. And let's put it in luck and health. Then we also have tax. We don't need Tex and featured image. This one is important. So let's upload. File this one just a random image. But you should select one good one soul. I will choose to this and exert we don't need and discussion here. We can also remove the allow comments, for example. So that's it. Let's updated and move on. 10. Setup the Newsletter: Now let's have a closer look on our newsletter. So let's go toe to our home page. And as you can see, we have a newsletter. It looks amazing, and I would like to work a little bit on it. So if we go to weepy forms here, you can see we have a food, a subscription form, and if we click on it, it's lowering close. We have now this headings. Here we have the notifications, and here we can put in our email right now. It it's using the admin email, and here it's OK, we can leave it. But just that, you know, here you could change the email. So let's go back to Fields. And as you can see here, I want to subscribe because, um, I don't think that looks great. So let's remove it. Year. Let's remove this one, This one. And here I accept terms and condition and the label here we can write down private policy, for example. Yeah, that's it. No, we can save it and leave it like that 11. Changing the Homepage content: Now let's work on the content off our home page. So let's go here and click on Edit with Elemental. As you can see, you can change here. The text just clicking on it. Here, it can change it. You can click here and post put the Lincoln. So I will put just my block link in here in the block link here is text your image. You can change it. I will just leave it like that here. I would like to change something instead off just images. Um, I would like to make it my A block. Uh, Paige, my block section here in the media. As you can see, we have these three default block posts, so I would like to take them your this one. This one here in the last one. Then we also should change the sighs. Let's take medium. And here we could change. Also the text, dearest. You can see we could just copy it and paste call P. Okay. It's the wrong one. Um, ever this. You can see we just used the images off some block posts and yeah, we can also link them just so you can see. Okay, we didn't have them right now. Um, but, for example, for this one, however, um, we could just do it like that. Just use some images for our block posts and then just link them to our block posts. Here. Link. No, we have the link. We click on this image, we will come to the I'll get to do Block Post. All right, That's a look here. View Mawr. We could just go on the block page. Here you have it. Copy it and put the Lincoln here. Work with me. Yeah, just leave it, OK? No, let's update it and go back to their dashboard. Here. Let's click on here. Now, let's use old So the customizer to change a little bit. Okay. Here. As you can see, we have the global You're topography. Let's click here on the Eiken here. We can remove and change the logo. We can, um site title. We can use another title. I will leave it and tack line Ritz. Let's remove it Or just we won't display it. You know, we can publish it. So so use not per case. Upper letter year 12. Removing the Woocommerce shop: As you can see, right now, we have a Woo Coomer's shop. So let's deactivate the newcomers plug in because we don't have anything to sell. So as you can see, we can go to the basket to the card. Um, year old. Let's go to the or home page and we don't have anything to sell. So why should we use Vou Khmers? Okay, here on work with me, we have something to offer, but we don't have any products. So let's go to our plug ins and let's remove here our commerce de a t v eight. Now. If we update, as you can see, we don't have it anymore. All right, let's go on. 13. Working on the Footer: now I would like to work on the forum, so let's click on edit with elemental and food. As you can see, we have now or subscribe to my newsletter. We have year our Aikens will we can put in our Facebook link. But we can also remove it, for example For here moved You can just click on Twitter and put yet with telling or just remove it all. And of course, here are life coach. All rights reserved congest Remove it here. It's deleted. You're it's to lead. This s well And you know what's dead. Okay, some more links. Boots? Yeah. Now what looks and we can safe over forum. 14. Ceating a policy page: Now we also need a private policy page. So let's Google terms and condition template dot com. And here you can just click on the private policy template. And here you need to fill everything out. So you have a business website, no personal block and so on. Just fill it all out. And I read it so we can just carpi all the stuff, um, here. And we can go toe all pages at a new one, and here we can put it privacy Bolasie and just put in. Remove what year? No, we have our privacy policy. Um, yeah. You can also remove it if we want to, and no, we can just publish it. 15. Working on the navbar: Now let's change our Neff bar or menu. So go to appearance menus. And here we can remove something, like work with us. I don't need this page. Let's remove it. Books block contact. We can maybe also Yeah, we don't need, but we could also use here a post, but I don't want to do it. So, um, Patriots we can here at old. So the home page and, oh, uh, policies at the ends year. It's a primary menu and let's say vids, and as you can see, it's working. 16. How to customize pages: Now, I would like to show you how to customize the about us page and the contact page. Huge is need to click on edit with lament or, for example, under about US page. And here you can just remove all the text you can click on the image. You can use your own image just by removing it and then just clicking on Choose image here you can also, For example, if you don't like my golds or my passion whatsoever For example, my gold you don't want to have it. You can just delete the section you can see And now you just have my passion and this text so you can customize it like that and you can click on update and the same goes for the contact page. Just click on edit with elemental And as you can see now we have our forms, the P forms. You can edit it by going back to, um here and VP forms and then just like before going on the contact page contact form, and there you can choose your settings. So nothing special. And here, for example, I would like to remove these here we have our e mail year. We can change something. Remove that. Maybe the Here we have our street and just leave it and or contact. So as you can see, you can customize it very easy, and now we can update it and it's done.