Learn to do Viral Dance Moves (Part 1) - For Beginners | TheVerb Studio | Skillshare

Learn to do Viral Dance Moves (Part 1) - For Beginners

TheVerb Studio, Explore the dancer in you.

Learn to do Viral Dance Moves (Part 1) - For Beginners

TheVerb Studio, Explore the dancer in you.

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10 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Shoot move?

    • 3. Shoot Dance Steps

    • 4. Shoot Dance on the Music

    • 5. What is Running Man?

    • 6. Running Man Dance Steps

    • 7. Running Man on the Music

    • 8. What is Harlem Shake?

    • 9. Harlem Shake Dance Steps

    • 10. Harlem Shake on the Music

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About This Class

There was a time when everyone knew the fierce dance moves of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” We’ve come a long way since then and lately, there’s been no shortage of trendy new dance crazes that take over the Internet. And so, TheVerb Studio brings you the new lineup of teaching you the viral dance moves.

Learn these moves and dance anywhere, anytime and for any music!

Here we have for you, Part 1 of TheVerb Tutorials:

1) Shoot Dance

2) Running Man

3) Harlem Shake

You can also learn song choreographies online at http://www.theverbstudio.com


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

TheVerb Studio

Explore the dancer in you.


TheVerb Studio redefines learning dance through our tech enabled platform and aim to bring out the artist in everyone by providing fun and easy, step by step online dance classes from the best instructors.

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1. Introduction: No, dude. Ice cold. Michelle, Fight for that bike. Go! This one for them. Good girls. Them good straight masterpiece. Silent, violent. Living it up in the city. Got chucks on with Saint Laurent. Got kiss myself so pretty. 2. What is Shoot move?: So So So So. Hi, guys. Welcome to the world tutorials. Well, I'm well, commerce and religion from Bangla representing grafitti crew. And they see Opus eso today. I'm gonna be, you know, helping you guys with how the shoot movies, which is going real viral on YouTube. So that is the move shoot, which I'm gonna be teaching you guys today, so please learn the tutorials right now. 3. Shoot Dance Steps: All right, guys. Eso We're gonna learn the shoot move, and I'm gonna be teaching you, like, real slow. I'm on the right hand side because that's why I do the right leg. If people on the left you can do the left leg in the front here, So I'm gonna be teaching this right leg right now. All you need to do is kick like this with your heel. So if you try to control your leg to this one is gonna be very useful for you guys. So kick kihk, take only the legs. So now with the hand, what you need to do is simple. I put it down like you bunch down here this way, and when I open it out, I make sure that my time and the last finger is like you're just going to shoot like this. So when I go one to I go up up. So when I go 12 and up and up with the body as well, you got to do the same thing with forward, forward, up and up. Okay. So now the simple thing which timeto adult is nothing. But I hope with the left leg the same thing for 567 go when I go. 1234 Pop hop, huh? Hop. Okay, so this is like the complete shoot move. But if I'm going on the counts with 567812345678 Now I've added my radiation in terms off, you know, turning around or coming forward and backwards. The simple thing. You got the shoot move when I traveled. 1234 I hop two. Hop to pop to. You can do this very well. You guys are feeling to do it like in terms, off party dancing clubs anywhere the French. And this is how the suit move box were you guys? I'm on the right hand side because that's what my right leg left front. So I'm gonna be teaching his right leg right now. Only need to do this kick like this with you. If you try to control your big toe is gonna be very peak Kick, kick, Only the legs with hand. What you need to do is put it down like you bunch down here. Sweet. And when I open it out, I expect when I go on to go up I go one two. Up and up with body is where you're gonna do the same thing. But forward, Forward up. Okay. It's a simple thing is nothing, but I hope the left like the same thing. 567 when I go. 1234 Okay, so this is like that complete move. But if I'm going on account with 5678 12345678 Now I've added my radiation in terms off, you know, turning around, coming forward and back. 4. Shoot Dance on the Music: Now let's do it with the music right now. The shoot. Move music. We don't listen. Slide, Go play with me Arrive. It's all dripping with way. I hope you enjoyed the work tutorials live, recommends and like and share the video with your friends and subscribe for more tutorials . 5. What is Running Man?: way. Shake that. Hello, guys. Welcome to the world tutorial. I'm really common, said Rajan from bangle, representing graphic crew and Casey hoppers. Today I'm gonna be teaching you guys a running man, which is one of the moves that they usually do it in the clubs and they usually don't and partners shuffling, shuffling moves. Everything comes into the same running man category. So this is called the running man, and we're gonna watch it right now. 6. Running Man Dance Steps: we guys, The running man is gonna be very simple for you guys. How usually a person is running like, the same way that's called running man. But we have a dance move called his running man. So initial one, I would start with right leg punch down with the right leg and slide your left leg back. Okay, So simple things. First movies lift up and slide your left leg back and try to lift the leg Left leg up and right legs light back. So when I'm doing it from the front angle is simple thing is a bunch down and lift up with your hands down and up and down and up 567 Go bunch and up bunch and up If you see this move, all I'm gonna do is it's gonna come up and bunch down the same thing I'm gonna do Little radiations is one up, two up, three up, four up run and run and punch up front Your body has to go look and lift up low and lift up So this will be like in total eight counts which I'm gonna be teaching you guys right now. 567 and 81 to three. Oh, 567 81 I can go forward. I can go back. It's all up to you guys how you're doing in the sights. This is how we go And that's your running man move! 7. Running Man on the Music: So we're gonna do this running man with the music on eight counts with some Most smile. Okay, let's play the music. Hope you enjoyed the world tutorials, Liver commence and like and share the video with your friends and subscribe for Moto two years. 8. What is Harlem Shake?: way. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, I don't know what game in, but you got lighter. What the fuck you smoking? Hello, guys. Oh, welcome to the world Tutorials. I'm will command center Rajan from Bangla, representing grafitti crew and basic hoppers. And today I'm gonna be teaching you guys one move that is none other than Harlem shake Harlem. Shake was before that. They had called it as I'll be okay. So once it was from the Creator once it got a little more famous. That's when I will be moved onto the name Caldas. Ahlam Harlem Shake. So we're gonna learn this right now, so catch to move. 9. Harlem Shake Dance Steps: Okay, guys, the Harlem Shakers. Simple more was nothing. But I start with the right leg because I'm a right hand. If you guys are left, you know what to do. Okay? It's the right leg. All. I'm gonna do a step your right leg. A little more forward. Okay? So that you lean a little more forward and you use your right hand touch the left shoulder and your left shoulder will go back. Like this. Case one. Too bad. With what? What about your left hand? All I need to do is make sure that the first step when you step your right leg, you go out and do this one to you. Open this hand out and you go one two. Okay. With the same thing. When I step the left leg, I go. One look is the left leg left hand, and your hip is gonna be a little more cross towards this way. And your right elbow is coming up. You go. Out you go. 12 This way. So when I go forward, it's little slowly. 567 Go. One in two. Up. One in two. Now, when I was doing it in the video. The 1st 4 counts is nothing but 12341234 Now I'm doing it in a single count. Is one is to is one It's too, but I do it faster. Want to want to its I'm breaking it. So instead of doing at full, I'm doing it only twice. So this is 1234 yuan Defend right. If you have to see from the side angle, this is always step in. I go a little more forward with my right leg. Right on. 567 Go is run in 23 and four. Look how I go over the hit the same thing. So let's go on the comes right now. 567 Real slow. 1234 1234 So when I go change it right now, Run to three four. Okay, so this is a simple move. You guys can watch them is called as the Harlem shake. Okay, 10. Harlem Shake on the Music: so, guys. Oh, well, we're gonna try this on the music, but again, Like I said, it's gonna be with the smile. Okay. If not, let's play the music. Yeah, No German way. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hope you enjoyed the work tutorials, liver commence and like and share the video with your friends and subscribe for more tutorials.