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Learn to design your own healing Yoga Classes

teacher avatar Deep Kumar, Yoga Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (3h 16m)
    • 1. 01 Why Deep Vinyasa Yoga?

    • 2. 02 Deep Vinyasa Yoga for modern / 21. Century people

    • 3. 03 Design Yoga-classes for harmony and balance

    • 4. 04 How and when to use Breathing/Pranayama

    • 5. 05 Counter poses for the safety of your students

    • 6. 06 Mental wellbeing and psychological impact of Yoga Sequences

    • 7. 07 The concept of open and close pelvic in a Yoga Sequence

    • 8. Warm up: Joint-free series

    • 9. Deep Vinyasa Yoga for beginner (full class)

    • 10. Deep Vinyasa Yoga for intermediate (full class)

    • 11. Conclusion: The fulfilment of learning

    • 12. Bonus: Safety of students? Am I ready to teach? Being nervous & building confidence

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About This Class

Learn how to create Yoga-Classes and Yoga-Sequences for physical, mental and emotional harmony

Practising Yoga impacts the physical body as well as mental and emotional aspects of a human being. Deep Vinyasa Yoga means to practice certain Yoga sequences that will create physical, mental and emotional harmony. This course teaches you to create balance through the understanding of Vinyasa Yoga on a deeper level. 

It is not advised or can be even dangerous to design a Yoga sequence without deeper understanding. Yoga-poses and breathing techniques are powerful tools that will alter the students mood and emotions. This course will teach you, how to design Vinyasa Yoga sequences. This Yoga sequences will impact your own and your students mood and emotions positively.

Why is this course valuable for Yoga-Teachers?

Students will learn a system to design Vinyasa Yoga sequences (Vinyasa Yoga classes). They will learn to understand the physical and psychological value of Yoga poses. Students will also learn when and how to include breathing methods. After taking this course you, will be able to impact your students physically, mentally and emotionally. You will be able to give your students a feeling of positivity and progress in the Yoga classes you are teaching. It is a proven system to create numerous Vinyasa Yoga classes that benefits yourself and your students.

What students say who met Deep personally:

‘’It is really hard for me to put the experience with Deep into words but I still want to share it. Deep has been an amazing, motivating teacher. In his teachings you can feel his love for Yoga and for each posture. He is paying attention to every detail and encourages his students to do the same. His teachings were not only informative, relaxing and exhausting at the same time but also full of dance and laughter. I am already looking forward to be learning from you soon again. Namaste.’’"This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out!"

- Susann Bantle, Yoga-teacher, 200h Yoga-Alliance

‘’The name says a lot - Deep. As a teacher and guide, he leads you through the many layers of yoga to help reveal one's true self. He focuses on alignment and respecting each individual's body, and always gives priority to breath. He is so full of energy and love for life - and its infectious! Deep, you are my Rock Star Yoga Guru! Namaste.’’
- Kareena Tan, Yoga-teacher, 200h Yoga-Alliance

‘’Thank you soooo much for sharing your knowledge and passion from your heart, with simplicity and laughter, balancing depth and lightness in your teaching. From clear and very specific alignments in all postures, to laughter yoga, dancing, chanting, humming, breathing, and much more, you not only shared your knowledge of yoga but also inspired me how to approach life with all these ingredients.’’

- Karin Garaialde , Yoga-teacher, 200h Yoga-Alliance

We hope you will enjoy this Course,

Love and gratitude,


Deep Kumar / YogaSamiti

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deep Kumar

Yoga Teacher


ERYT-500 affiliated Yoga Teacher approved by Yoga Alliance


Deep is a master of the body and mind. He is the founder and creator of the Deep Yoga method, Physio Yoga Therapy and Deep Conscious Vinyasa, all which works precisely on organic alignments and conscious mind and are healing for the physical, mental and emotional well-being.


He has trained hundreds of physiotherapists, psychologists in addition to the thousands of yoga teachers in these methods and this has started a new worldwide movement in yoga.


His philosophy is simple: when you understand your body, you understand your mind. And when the mind can be understood in its complete totality, then your whole experience within and without will be transformed.

&nb... See full profile

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1. 01 Why Deep Vinyasa Yoga?: I must a must. It will off you. Thank you. Thank you for joining and come. We're going to understand the science off. You couple show today why we are doing it. What is the purpose on the physical level, What is the purpose on the psychological level and what is hidden inside off it and how you can use it for you and for your students. All right. Almost almost. The food habits are not right. Almost sleeping habits are not right sitting all the time either. Couch potato. Either In the office, either In the car, no much movement All the time on TV. Computer phone, laptop. This is 24th century human being stress pens going to public. Le boom boom music More tight. 21st century human being. I'm describing that. So this much sitting alcohol stress tension from job from study to to he got a sense to understand the world stresses waiting for it until the end. It is going on So hips are diet in everyone, isn't it? Inner Tizer tied out Altizer tied front ties are tied A person who called himself a normal guy In this century, I can't sit even properly on the floor is in it. Because all the time in the office who has the time to think that I'm sitting on the floor easily or not? Do you think office going guy? Think about this thing nobody do. Is there any pressure on my lower back or on my knee? Or my art is active or not? Who? Think about that. No one, No one at all. So it means basic connection with the bodies. Totally cut. This is the picture of this century. So hips are tight. No, this is tight. This is died. This is style. This is tied. This is tied. Do you think can sit easily? No. So if this is tight and lower back is all the time in the office is like that, Lord back is night tight. Number three shoulders are always rounded most of the time. So that's what next means. Are their laptop all so shoulder neck all tight? No, this is a big compartment off the body. This holder with this is died lower back is tight. Shoulders air tight. Is there The whole human is tight, all tight. So I will say all tight. Now if all body muscles are tight. Die from don't have space. Isn't the breath hold so tight? So breath posts or tied? No body and mind not separate Body is tired. Breath is tied. Mind is some mind is also died. What left body tied, Breath tied. Mind tight. Do you think soul is looking for freedom? Soul is liberated. Squeeze Yeah. So the soul is also type How this is body tied breath too tight. Mind tied soul tight. Do you think from this body and mind and soul the person is relating toe another person. What kind of relationship will be tight? And from this tightness He's producing the Children. What kind of Children will be? Isn't it all this century? Do you see all this? No, As a yoga teacher what I can do for my students That's why it's it's a really compassionate heart is needed Who can see all this? And as a yoga teacher how I can release the tightness from the body, how I can release the tightness from the breath how I can release the tightness from mind from Seoul So relation can be also released and everything start from yourself. So it mean, that's where you go. Start from the basic thing. What physical? Let me start with the physical. Everybody understood this map because on this map I'm going to create the whole building. 2. 02 Deep Vinyasa Yoga for modern / 21. Century people: as the first thing when I look on the person the first thing, because if hips are tied, person cannot sit down, cannot sit down. So it means the first duty as a yoga teacher, I will work on that hip opening. Keep opening mean I will open the hip all that election front compartment, back compartment in it, and out of that's why in your cell, labour's all the standing posters are hip openers because sitting a person can do got it. If a person can't stand properly because hips are tied sitting what's happening? What we always notice on Good speak rounding back rounding back here so more compression on the world zebras. So the first thing is hip opener. Okay, once the hips are open, uh, then what is easy sitting. Then I can take my student toe the sitting position, which is in use labels. They are, and in the sitting position what I am doing for my student. Once a person is able to sit down, then I am opening the shoulder off my student because these two joints are the most important joint in your body, which one hip joint and shoulder because they have a lot of movement and all the things mostly they are working. If they are tired. No Any other yoga poster Gonna be easy? You do twist and shoulders are rounded. It will hurt you Do backward man Shoulders air tight. Not possible. So what I will do first I opened the hips. Then sitting is easy. But as I have given you the post shirt in the standing also you can work on shouldered opening. So shoulder opening and hip opening is really important. And for that I have given you the poacher How you can open the hip off a student and how you can open the shoulder off a student. Does this make sense to you? Because this tide this tight do you think person can do any other thing? No, not at all. So shoulder and hips are most important Toe open and standing poster. Not only open the hip joint this strengthen the whole muscles off your legs. So strengthening and opening is happening at that same time here. Same time it no hips are open. Shoulders are opening. No, With the standing polls show legs are getting strong, isn't it? Standing bullshit legs are getting strong. Person is sitting, relaxing shoulders are getting open. Now is the time arm strengthening? Because here standing posters are already giving the strength to the legs. Arms strengthening will give strength to which area so that shoulder area shoulder girdle area. For that I have given you what both shows are here. Dolphin. Is there a simple way to open, open also and to strengthen also. So I'm working on arms, strengthening their and then once hips are open, legs are strong, sitting is easy, shoulder are open. A person can do easily sitting positions at least toe upon the shoulder. Also like our face balls like hero pose. Superb villa of Rocinha and Goma. Cars now like can stretch the arms up. Okay, so at least these things are happening there once arms are strong and shoulders are flexible, hips are open, legs are flexible. And if you see in hip openers in the standing pusher, all kinds of categories are there. Twist is also there, but it was Patrick on usna. This twist is also there, so it mean you are already opening the hip and opening the body into all directions. That's where standing post shirts are really important in other system really important. And the standing poster which are in your cell Labours if you can do all that really well you will find out all other positions will become easy for you. I have putting in that way own. I have worked on so many student in a way that let your standing practice to be really good at all. The poster to be totally align And when your hips are fully open with them and your body is moving into forward direction in standing, twisting direction in war, your direction all other poses will become super easy for you. So now see the map here shoulders are open, arms are strong, legs are strong and withstanding. Poster. Your body has moved into all directions. This is the time that person can introduce to back extension Or you can call it back Bend. But I got it back Extension on the back. Lengthening. Do you understand the logic in that? Okay, No, this is the very now back is strong. Whole body is getting strengthen here now It is mean I can take my student easily to twist because for the twist if the person is rounded back and doing the twist twist is really harmful. So here, when hold the body strong and back is strong, it mean twist can be done being. And after the twist forward bend What I call it forward extension. So see this map right now on there is no fooling in abortion I am taking cooling inversion means shoulder stand globules Here, Tony pose come to the cooling inversion pose Got it cooling inversion and et in abortion He teen Emerson come into heat in worsen become had stand and all kind off arm balancing They comes under He didn't worsen. Why? Because had stand and arm balancing Create heat in the pose Heat in the body and cooling in Emerson create coolness in the body Is this terminology is clear He didn't worsen clear, strong, strong poses had stand is a heat IPOs Arm balancing handstand is a heated pools Shoulder stand is a cooling force is a cooling pose Pla pose is a cooling Pose it cool down the body . Okay, No, Once hips and legs are strong and open Sitting position is easy, shoulders are open and arms are strong. Then I can introduce had stand and arm balance singles. But for that again strong standing posture practice is important. If that is going on, then only because that will open the body for all the directions. So is this map is clear to everyone. Now understand Here hips are open. Legs are strong sitting His easy shoulders are open, arms are strong. Person can do that inversion now arms are strong Backward bend is easy Once back is strong Twist can be beautiful Once that is good, forward bend will become already easy And when that is easy all the post shirt Why cooling inversion? I'm putting here because cooling inversion poses Put all the pressure. We're back and neck is the most vulnerable and weakest part off the body. So I am coming here in the last when the whole body has been strengthened then Okay, go for it. This is the way how you can prepare 21st century human being towards held. You can lead a student towards the health. Does it make sense to you now? Now, in this century, core is also weak. Severe. I can put the core strengthening, huh? Hips are open legs are strong sitting positions are their shoulders are open now with the arm strengthening. Actually, I can introduce them Core position also here because Cory Strong Army strong had stand become easy. But for all this position, shoulder opening is must if shoulders are not open arm balancing is not easy. Had stand is not easy. So that's why I'm putting core and arm strengthening after the shoulder opening. And then I'm putting he Denham or shoulder and arm balancing. So this is the way I can work on a person that I know. If a person is coming to me, hips are tight. Let me work on the hips. Okay. I understood that person cannot sit so let open the hip. Shoulders are tied. Give him shoulder opening. Okay. Arms need to be strengthened. Give him on strengthening Posey's. Give him some core strength and then leading them float. Is it a good idea? What do you think? Yes. See, I'm not putting core up there because first I just want a student toe open the hips. Because if this thing is not released to me, it's not good to move further there. Let me release this area first, then I will take them from Yeah, because once let's see if this is tied. This is tight chorus here or the Corey's here. So let me release it, compartment or it can be done. I can work on hip opening also. And then I can give core strength. Also that can be done. Makes sense to you. Okay. So if you have not understand anything from here, let me know. Because this is the way. Actually, I'm working on you, isn't it? Is this idea become clear? This is step by step how you work on a human who is belonged to this century. So if all this become capable, is it a person? Breath will become easy because you're taking care off. And when breath become easy brain become Relax When brain become relaxed, person will feel more. Dr. When the person is more joyful What he will contribute to the society Positive joyfulness. So that is as a yoga teacher you are contributing to the society More celebrated happy open human beings open human beings. Is it clear? My dear friends 3. 03 Design Yoga-classes for harmony and balance: No. You have understood how we are working on a person now. Understand the Venus A system which I'm giving you. What is the meaning of India's? A system? I mean, even NASA class. How to design of in asset class? Maybe most off you gonna teach in the studios so you must know how to design a class. It is also similar to that idea. So go with that now. So the first thing is very important is warm up. Warm up is very important. So for the warm up I have given you right now one sequence which is joined free, isn't it? Everybody remember that joint three sequence? No, that joint free sequins. If a person is able to sit down easily then can be done. But if a person is not able to sit down easily what to do them? You can given standing way. All those sequence can be done in standing also or sitting on that chair. Or if you want your student to sit and you want them to do this sequence, then you have to create it. What do you have to create? Like if a person is not able to sit down on the ground easily. Lower back is rounding what you will do. Give the blocks, give the height so the person is able to sit lightly, then can do if a person is not able to sit. Rightly, we are not giving the joint free sequence than because rounding the back and doing all the sequins person will hurt itself. Yes, so either you can do standing are sitting on cheer or create right? Done? Does not. So while I'm up, I've given you that. No, that warm up is from the basic student. But if a student is already there, intermediate red ones simple sun salutation can be warm up. But that is category like if a person is already doing practice from long time, then only sun salutation can be taken as a warm up. But in the basic cases, not at all. Make sure joints are properly warm up with those students. Oh, in your book, there are standing post. Should I have given in the starting Darla SNA Sheer pose. Three polls. Simple poses can be taken as warm Ophuls. Now, after the warm up, it's very important to open that hips, so you have to choose the hip openers according to the student level. And according to that student need like I love to use the hip openers, if you ask me. Lunge! Warrior two Warrior one All that Trang go well, but that's not to be. But there s no one trick on us now and then parcel canasta bars. We're gonna three Bush. I love to use them as a hip opener. Now, after the hip openers, when a person have done good hip opener practice isn't it will feel a little tired. Maybe a little world out. Is it a good idea to let them keep going? We need a little rest, isn't it? So it's good to do because hips are open. Sitting poster can be done. So sitting both Goma Costinha, Huh? Villas Nha What draws now? And in the sitting pose, you can let them do some rest and you can let them do some shoulder opening you now person have done the hip opening and have got some rest and shoulders are open. It is good time to do any arm balancing pose and heat inversion He d inversion pose. Why? Why? It is good to do here. Why? I'm putting here. Where do you like to ask me a question? Good question. See? Arm balancing and heat inversion pose. They required Lord off. Strength is in it. And if I put them in the last when person have done the whole yoga sequence, he don't have any reason why Off energy is in it. 45 minute off. Yoga poster sequence standing poster, sitting poster Do all that. And in the end, I'm telling them Oka stand on your hands. Does it it? Is it a good idea? Tell me. No idea. So it mean here Hips are open sitting position. Person got some rest, Shoulders are open and body has the strength. Okay, let's use it in arm balancing. And he Is it clear? No arms are strong. Shoulders are open, hips are open. This is the time to do back bent or back extension? No. Once the back extension is done, it is good to do the twist once the twist is done is good to do that Forward extension or forward bend. And once forward extension is done, it's time to calm down. So it's good to do cooling inversion. They are the only. Yeah. Here they are. The only cooling A Russian child poses a cooling in worship. Child poses all but it's not inversion. Sorry. Child poses cooling, but not in worship. Show us in. Uh, his neutral pose can calm down, but it's not. It doesn't has those effects which those poster can create. Okay. Lying down on the bellies also coming. But those kind off effect will not happen. And then the time for shots. Now this is I am giving you idea how to create a sequence Will all kind off category of poses like you want to give a 1.5 of her class to other class, how you can use all the categories and in such a way that student will open by itself while doing the pose for the another pose. Did you see that here? So if you see warmup happen, sun salutation happen. If his intermediate joint free happen, it is basic Hip opener has happened. Sitting has happened. Shoulder opening has happened. Arm balancing you have given some poses. Backward bend has happened. Twist has happened. Forward extension as happened Cooling inversion is happened. Shovels not happen, isn't it? The all kind of category can be designed in such a way that one categories leading a person to another category. It Are you seeing that link? All right? No, this is one type of sequence. You can do one type of sequence, but sometime you don't have time to do all the poses. And sometimes students are not ready to duel the Posey's. But I must know what level I'm choosing. The class, huh? Imagine that you are teaching one other class in a studio or 1.5 hour or giving a private lesson and your student is basic. What do you can do? Warm up and hip opener? It become one class, isn't it? It become one class now. Warm up and sitting post shirt and shoulder opening, isn't it? It becomes second class two classes. You're preparing a student for the further no warm up and shoulder opening, and I'm balancing he Dean Emerson. It becomes third class, isn't it? Warm up? Is there hip opening? Is there Shoulder opening is there because in any category warmup hip opener shoulder openers are must for this century. If you ask me, you design any class warmup is must hip opening is must and shoulder opening is must warm up and hip opener. It become one class warm up hip opener, shoulder opening and sitting become another class. Yeah, Now I'm saying to you, warm up, hip opening shoulder opening is must you designed any class you must have There you are giving warm up. You are giving hip opening. You're giving shoulder opening. You know what other shoulder openers now? Hello, Captain. Carpools. And, uh, God would ask Nice also shoulder opener and having a belt and moving it forward backward is also shouldered Opener. It is Maurizio Twist. It opened the shoulder, but you cannot give it in the study for the twist. You need to wait that all other categories has happened, huh? Bobo's is also shoulder opening, but you cannot give in the study, okay? Remember that you are giving shoulder opening to open the student for all other poses. So what are those gonna be basic? This one is basically and you have done warm up and hip openers, so it will be easy to open them. Does it make sense to you now? No woman hip opener. Surely that open that and was this one? Let let them take as one warmup, hip opener and shoulder opener? They are as one. So this three and then only backward bend, isn't it? Become another class. You can give one hour. Okay, warmup, hip opener, shoulder happen and teach the student backward. Men's then warm up hip opener, shoulder opener. And only twist because person is open with the warm up hip opener and shoulder opener Twist will become easy. Same thing. Warmup, hip opener, shoulder opener and forward extension become another one hour class. This three again and cooling inversion become another one hour class. This three all and 10 minutes. Allison, you're going to drivel us? Yeah, one day you can see that. Okay, warm up a popular shoulder today. Just rest into 15 minutes in one other class. I don't say at least 5 to 7 minutes. It must be sure of asthma in one a now. Ha! Half other class. I will say at least 10 minutes. If you're giving to our class, I will say 10 to 15 minutes. Please put there. Does it make sense now? Okay, So is this Map is clear to everyone. Do you understand? how you can create so many classes. Any question regarding it regarding it? Not any breathing technique yet, huh? Here, forward extension and bend is one just I call extinction because I don't like to call it Bend. You have to lengthen example in your so Labour's all the forward bend posters. They are that John You sure? Asana. But she moved on as now. Yep, because their standings they're not sitting because sitting they become more relaxing. Standing. They become not so relaxing, but they become part of warm up blouse shoulder here, Tony here. To me, you hear they like they're helpful. Why I am giving you that because they help you to go into the forward bend easily. So if you are creating a class for forward extension, you can do warm up hip opener shoulder opener, give them those stretches and take them to forward, so forward men will be easy for them if you are giving them arm balancing and heat inversion headstand kind of poses warmup, hip opener, shoulder opener. Give them some core exercises, so chorus stable they will be able to go toe am balancing poses. Another thing. If you are taking them to back. Extension poses warmup, hip opener, shoulder opener and take them from basic toward ones like Start with Locust. Give them both. Take them toe bridge. Take them toe. Camel In your book, it is sequence like that. Then take them to the real so slowly, slowly step by step. Basic to intermediate. Intermediate toward wants creative practice like that. So it mean if you're going to studio to teach class, maybe when you go first time, teach them warm up in hip opener. That's good enough for another class. You go another day, you teach them warm up. Hip opener. Some shoulder opening city. Another class. You give them warm up. You give them hip opener, shoulder opener. Teach them arm balancing another class. You give them again all these things and he teen version. Another class. You teach all them back. Extension another class seen through the all categories. Whenever you go, you can teach something different, isn't it? But it's not only to teach different. You are opening the student who were following you slowly, slowly, further, further, further further and how many classes it become. One to 34567 Then shovel snow a little longer. And then all the categories. When your student understand that all the category one shot in one sequence. So after one week who remember what you thought. So start from first again. Just okay. See, nowadays studio has become very competitive and students are very different type. If you teach same kind of thing again and again, they become, isn't it? So, as a teacher, you have to hand a lot of pressure also. Okay, give them something. Okay. At least they don't feel that it is the same. But at least it's productive. It is helping them, huh? So this is the way I can design the classes for them. Is it clear to everyone now? One more thing I have given you to kind of post sure. In the standing one is open all week and the one is close. Pelvic, Whenever you start hip opener, it is okay. You can start with open bell week. Do you understand me? But if you remember always I give you what pose first sheer or I take you forward. This all our clothes pelvic. So after close pelvic, I take you to the open pelvic. Then I bring you again into close pelvic? Do you understand that? Yeah. So now basic pusher off a human is what? Pelvic closer like that We can say it. Close. Pelvic. If I leave a person with the open pelvic, do you think it's a good idea for the normal life? Like OK, open pelvic and finish. No. Remember, whenever you finish your standing practice, it has to be finished with close pelvic for that another categories. Why? Because almost all the sitting positions backward bend is also a close pelvic. Like If I give you open politic, dispose. And although pump will be called open pelvic and I let you walk, you will walk like that because muscles as conditions this way and they will they will stay there for a time, which is not a good idea. So remember, start the practice with close pelvic, then lead them to open pelvic and with close pelvic. That has to be. We're because this is the normal poll show as a human I'm holding, so I have to leave the practice for them. Dear fear that pelvic is close, so which is helpful in daily life but does not mean that I should not do open public. No, I should do because the body has that kind of range to open toe the side, so I must go with that. So that is, dear, Get everyone, okay? 4. 04 How and when to use Breathing/Pranayama: Now, if you come toe that breath level with all these posts Shirt. I will train my student to breed from that dia from and normal breathing first normal breathing. And with all the Bowsher, we will teach normal breathing. My personal idea is that I'm not in the favor. That with the poster you should do, Jay. I know in some system that teach Jerry breathing with the bullshit. Personally, I'm not in favour off that. I will let you know why. So we will teach only normal breathing. Yes, you're right, my dear. You are right. We have to teach the people to breathe normally and slow and easy breathing without any noise. So if you can lead your student toe one minute, six breath, the person will enjoy all the physical and psychological benefit. One minute, six breath and that I'm talking from the study off boutique. Oh, if you heard the name of Bartecko Bartecko breathing, the guy was a Russian space scientist and he discovered a lot on breathing, which is very similar to the yogis, according to him. And he has worked on a lot of people and the whole dies there on Google if we can lead a person to one minute, six breath psychological level will be good. Physical level will be good. But tackle beauty ive Ike Opara, tackle, tackle breathing. And I have observed if a person post cherry street breath is going to die from actually in one minute person is breathing around. If it is really going slow for two vibrant So this you teach to your student it will be really helpful in you. It is already happening right? When you're doing the bullshit, I'm making you aware about the breath. This is already happening. Not there to kind of prana Yama. Hi Put and hypo hyper of its increase or two and they help you toe awake. And hypo which increased CEO toe They help you to relax and sleep. Now what are the hyper print? I am a couple a puppy Bystrica which you learned today These are hi put they increase oxygen. So very good to do in that morning. See or do what is Hi boys. Now if you ask me in the Hypo Kanda Cooling Prana Yama So if we take humming bee But I am very That's why Bromley Relax. You Why? Why? Bromley? Relax. You sign difficulty it. Does it increase oxygen? If if if anything increase oxygen, you cannot more energized. That's what Kabbalah body Bystrica. If you do in the night time you can't sleep. It affects you. But Bram Breeze there then Actually, there is another technique which is A and B or we call it knotty shoulder now and that is alternating No still breathing, Which is this like that which have not thought you yet. I will give you alternative. No, still breathe. Calm down the system. But it balance the system. It's a balancing rep. It help you to balance the energy, sun and moon. Yeah, because right side his son left side is moon. If I breathe through that right, No, Still, if you breathe through the right No, Still actually to become hyper if you breathe through the left nor still okay to become hypo. That's why a person who have high blood pressure if they breathe through the left no, Still the blood pressure will be balanced. And if a person who has low blood pressure and breathe through the right blood Russian will be balanced according to the yogic understanding alternative? No. Still breathing can be done in the morning and can be done in the evening because it's a balancing. Yeah, Clear to everyone. No humming Bebe Rummery. You can. Then in the morning, if you want to relax, this hyper technique can be done in the morning. Cleared everyone. Hi. Poor technique can be done in the morning. But don't do hyper technique in the evening is this point is clear. What I'm saying it means you can do humming bee alternative? No. Still breathing in the morning. But don't do Kabbalah. Kabbala body in Basra. Kinda late night or in the late evening. Unless you are going to a party. Unless you're going to a party, You do party? No. If you want to make yourself so. This is the connection off the breathing technique to your daytime and practice. Now one factor has to be aware whether if the weather is cold is good, so do them Faster speed, longer dime. If rather is like Malaysian kind off do them. But less intensity. Less number. Yeah, more This so that there has to be severe. If the vata is hard and you're doing a headstand arm balancing backward. Bend the Lord, but it will create Uh huh heat. So it means I have to consider whether a lot when I am designing a sequence with breath when I'm designing a sequence with Portia Morning time, what are the good poster to do? Sun salutation. I'm balancing Backward Band 18 version All that energized poster. Is it good to do them in evening time? You know, even in dying? What kind of poster, gentle, hip opening, gentle, back bending, gentle twist, more forward and cooling so a person can go and sleep easy? I will say. If it is need there and student want them, you can give them those energized kosher, but at least give them cooling poster a little longer. In the end, maybe you can half another. Give them all those kind of practice, but let them half another forward Ben Cooling, resting. So at least balance. If you lead them, energizing the night, the can go home and sleep well because if a person is running, it's different. But doing yoga poster is different. You go. Poster energy is taking different patterns, like after a backward bend person. Currently, after that, one person can sleep, isn't it? A person can sleep after running person can sleep, but after a backward meant no, because a different type of energy is getting activated there after running person will become tired, actually, and sleep. But after a backward meant energised, refreshed. So I will say yes can do but balance them with all the hype. A bullshit forward Men come into hyper poster cooling in person coming toe hyper potion but back bent arm balancing hip opener coming toe hyper. If you're designing and sequence for the morning, Kampala body and Bystrica is good to do in the starting off the sequence. If the person muscles are open like after warm up after Roma, you can do Kabbalah, buddy, invest Rika and then give the other sequence. But if you have given couple a hottie and blast, rika hyper always balance with one hypo. So in the end, either give them alternative no still breathing or give them humming bee. So warm up Coppola, Poppy or Bystrica, then the whole sequence and end with humming bee or alternating no still breathing. So at least you have given one hyper. You have given one hype. You can give Hypo alone. No need toe counter it, but if you give hyper, then you must counter it with hypo. Otherwise, you will leave a person a little hyper, or if you don't want to give technique, then one simple method to bring a person into hyper condition is in the end. Let them lie down on the stomach for 3 to 4 to five minutes. It become hyper. That's why in your class, if any student have any emotional kind of things come up. No need to worry. Some people can cry any over classes. Some people can feel some emotions are coming up. No worry. Let them lie down on their belly for 10 minutes. Everything will settle down when their emotions are coming up. It means they are work hyper, all kind off. This I have hyper, so I have to make them hypo so I can give them humming bee technique. 10 minutes on the ground, on the belly, everything become hyper very use even in my classes. Sometime it happens. Some stew shin, you know, they crack up some emotion and things that come up. Nobody lie down on the side exit with the ball straight, Portia. And if I feel the student humming is disturbing another student. Nobody lie down on your belly for another 15 minutes and student emotions up settled. Does it make sense to, you know, so is this idea is clear to everyone. One breath time teaching you more is OJ's No Jay The way I am teaching you, it will be relaxing that another O. J. Which another system teach. They make you hyper that I'm not teaching you. I'm teaching you the traditional with Jay, which is meditative, which is healing on which can give really good effect on the body. So this is the breathing map you can use with. The bullshit is, this is clear to everyone. Understood. Can you design the class? If I ask, you could design a class. It's breathing technique and poster. Can you do that? Like what do you have to put Okay, warmup than one breathing technique you can give. Then hip Open it shoulder opener. What kind of category you want to choose and some supportive opening toe that and then give one hyper and then show us clear. Okay, 5. 05 Counter poses for the safety of your students: you understood the posture. You understood the breath. There's another thing toe understood counter. It's important to counter the Posey's come to What is my meaning by counter. If you have given to your student backboard men practice backward, bend practice and you leave the student. Okay, backward, Ben. And now rest. What will happen person back will be not easy. So counter mean after the backward bend. If I have moved a muscle into a different direction also a little twist, a little forward so a person can do easily shall. That's nice, innit? So it means after the backward bend twist and forward men become come toe. But count proposes always must be basic. Never countered with that one supposes the counter must be always basic. So if hip openers are here now after the hip openers and standing pull show legs have worked a lot, isn't it? What will be the counter poster? I have stand a lot. I have opened my hip a lot. What will make me relax Sitting? Yes. So after that, sitting will become counter and sitting in this pose and person is tired also. Then child pose will become contour and easy person can relax. No, the person has done the arm balancing in the arm. Balancing this part off the body has worked a lot and strengthening what can be the counter stretch, the arm ego, cow shoulder stretch all that become and shoulder opening will become shoulder stretch and shoulder opening. Become countered, also gentle, even moving the arms like that also become count. Two. Easy. No person have done the back bend. What can be the counter twist, plus forward a gentle twist. Okay, after the forward bend, what can be the counter two is too, because plus backward meant gentle. Now, after the twist, what is the counter? A gentle backward bend on a gentle twist, but no sorry, a gentle forward bend, so they counter each other. After that, I had to stand opposes what can be the counter child. Both child can become toe and massaging your own neck like that at least can ease the tension there after the cooling in worsen after the cooling in verse in what can be the counter when the cooling in Versant is happening, Mean plow pose back gentle back Ben and gentle twist moving like okay, in what is happening when you're doing Jen Hollas. Not a clue. TSA forward bend and after Hollas. Now, if you just simply relax and then move your back side to side and gentle bridge will become counter, isn't it? So cooling in worsen a gentle twist and backward when become counter So is it clear to everyone? So you invested how to design the poster. You understood how to prepare a student open The Hape opened the shoulder strength on the court Strengthen the back muscle. And now you know what is contra poses? Can I take it there? All right. 6. 06 Mental wellbeing and psychological impact of Yoga Sequences: When I say standing posture. What side called psychologically They prepare you standing post. Okay. I can take your word. Normal life venue. Our someone, isn't it? Normally all the parents ask a question to a child. What is your stand in life? Other point, isn't it? What? We are someone. What is your stand in life? What is actually over meaning by that? When I asked someone What is your stand in life? What is meaning off that statement. Your position, Lloyd position can be status like state doesn't mean you are there. Stand mean. Were you stand? What is your ground? Well, I can't. I'm giving you one example. Then you will understand Example I feel like that. I want to be a dancer. I feel so happy while dancing I feel so good that if I'm making my carrier as a dancing it make me so much. Why Happiness fulfillment in my life. But the pressure around you, the things around you warn you to be a doctor and you don't want to be a doctor. You are really like coming here. But no, I can't because I have a pressure to be a doctor and I have no interest in that. But somehow force will you have to go with that. Do you think you have stand in your life, your inner one? Something else But all the things around you forcing toe do something else And you feel like afraid that if you say your true self, maybe it is not good. So what would understand? We have been. But remember, when I am swing, stand in yoga in life stand is always against someone, isn't it? I'm not taking another example Stand mean. You are front off me and I'm taking my standard gains to you either I'm taking my stand against the society He that I'm taking a stand against my parents He that I'm taking stand against some system. There is always someone friend off me. That's why I am taking my stand, isn't it? This is the normal I'm coming in the yoga. This stand is not against anyone. The stand is for your joy, for your happiness, for the peace. But you're not creating fight with someone Understand bad Also in the yogic terminology everything is different If I am standing somewhere, I'm standing for my love standing for my happiness standing for my joy. Standing for what? I feel good but it is not against someone. Because if it is against someone, I am in tow. Another circle. It is not again someone. Maybe if somebody is not understanding it I can sit peacefully and make them understand that I like this. I feel my life is beautiful like that. So I would love to go with it. But this is not a fight. It is not like that. I do this. This is my right. I have to. This is nothing. Whoever is there peacefully. You are making them understand that this is me. This is my life. This is my happiness and I am finding is this way It can be more beautiful. So that is the stand. But it is a peaceful stand. It is not aggressive. Stand sustaining poster Give you that ability because they opened the hips also, isn't it? And hip opener release all the repression All the aggression and standing pull should give you grounding. No grounding without any repression without any aggression. Isn't it beautiful? Grounding? Most people think grounding mean. Come on, Anyone who is there? There is no one there is all you is all your part. It's one humanity. So we're not fighting with someone. We are making peace with everyone. So with hip opener, repression, aggression gone, pieces there withstanding poster grounding is there so I can stand in my life for my happiness, for my piece, that is, the psychological Valley off them. Any kind off repression, aggression hip opener is good. That's why when I was teaching the in the studio, I give hip opener a lot. I know this Lord of repression, lot of aggressive, half an hour hip opener and everybody feels so light because it's released. It's gone, dude. So that is the valley off them. Third, like all the emotions according to your geek understanding And in the daily life, if we see also, if he a person feel fear, What do you feel around here? But tightness Butterfly, some people feel lose motions if they're in fear. Huh? Irritable bowels. And have you noticed when you're flying on a plane and suddenly plane goes down? What happened here? So, I mean, those kind of emotions are here. The seat off emotion is this hip area. You're Yeah. Yeah, that is also here. So it means all the emotions are here and in my daily life how many type of emotion we suppress or repress. How many I know you want to laugh and you can't laugh. What will happen? Because somewhere laughter is coming. But society somehow say laughter is not good there. So what do you will do? You keep there. Imagine you are angry on someone. Or maybe it is your boss. Are you want to slap? Which is not possible. But the energy has come here and suddenly you stop more beer. It will go. It will go into your muscles. You want to cry as a man, I want to cry. But other society teachers men don't cry. So what I will do? I will suppress inside off me. Or if I have love for someone then I must know a positive vato. Express it if it is not there and you hold your love also it becomes problem suppressive. You're suppressing the expressing their and I am not saying that You have to go and express . Maybe you You saw some like it is the word is that if there is a flower beautiful and you say Slava is beautiful, is okay when a person is beautiful And you you are beautiful Developed, isn't it? Some another kind off. So I'm not saying you must go and express you see someone good and go express. That is another problem. Okay, Positive way off Release. It means maybe Singa Song. Maybe laugh. Maybe a little bit Move Or do a hip opener Sequence it release. Uh So in daily life, we suppress a lot, so we must know how to release them. Now. Gibberish lob lava. But this is also positive. Way to release. If you're angry, go to the room. Beat the pillow. Scream 10 15 minutes is the positive release. You're not carrying them. My master used to say that anything is suppressive inside Anger, tension And you don't know what to do. Half another land. Run half enough. Release it all. Or dance. Let that emotion Toby with you and dance it. Release are you do keep openness. Hey, Pope! Binaries to release all those suppress emotions. No back bent back Ben Saad. Anti depression. They're anti depression. And another we call them hard openers. Like if a person who is close you know what kind of poster there will be is it? This poster will be who is close, who is not able to share. So that's my back, Ben, Come open it. People who are really not come not able to come forward and not able to share the love they have. Then the backward come hard, open it. That's why they become anti depression because they open you. Um so back Ben is really good for your heart to develop, because if it is, their heart is also compresses in it. But when you're opening yourself, your heart is also getting space there. More space, more oxygen there. So it is easy to share. So that's why back Ben become hard opener and anti depression. Express your emotions. Hey, see sheer. Not too close. You know, losing up acceptance, receiving, sharing, receiving and giving same and person who is not able to receive will not able to give who has problem in giving must have problems receiving also. So both there, so open heart mean all that qualities they come through back bend foot as a yoga teacher. If you find your student who is close and all that, maybe If psychological understanding is not happening, what do you give toe? That kind of student back meant back meant so back Ben. And if the person is coming to you who is depressed in my career, I have work a lot on the people who have depression, who have gone through it a lot, and I always found that backward bend is the best way. Sometime I give them passive backward mind. Also, just let them lie down on the chair or let them lie down on the bolster or let them lie down on the block. So let the heart to be released. And after that there are. I'm not saying that, but there are the people in my life I have lived on, and they're not taking any medication off depression Now. There are, and even their psychologist said to them, You know, need any medication. You're good backward. Ben can create that. But remember, we have to take it as a alternative therapy. We cannot say to a person leave the medicine. No, let it go on. But keep doing that and slowly, slowly you will find something happening in them, which will be beautiful to see as a teacher because other teacher, when your student is really improving and you find that your student is opening toe the daily life more, more joyful, more celebrated, more happy, more present. As a teacher, you only feel fulfilled them otherwise not. Is not that going? One other class finish. You make a make a really relation to your student. What are their problem, what they're going through. And then you design the things according toe that, and you must know if you don't know what are the psychological value off the post shirt. You can mess up with the student psychology, a person who is in anxiety, a lot off anxiety and you are giving backward bend. Is it a good idea? A person who has anxiety, restlessness, already high energy, And you give the backward men. Do you think it's a good idea? No and same time, Forward bend. They are anti anxiety, and they are developing a quality off surrender in a student. So if the person who is into depression and you are giving forward Ben, is it a good idea? They're already rounded and you're giving forward by like that it's not a good idea. So it means I must know what I am giving my students psychologically. No, forward bends are anti anxiety. If there is any anxiety kindof trouble forward bend is good. No. Then I'm seeing surrender. And when we're seeing forward and bend What What do you see in that? When I'm thing forward and bend And I'm saying suddenly normally if some conflict happened between two people, isn't it the ego problem who go first? What you understood from forward and bend go forward is okay. Yep. Balance. If you are giving gentle backward men, then three backward. Ben, Counter them with three. Forward meant same amount off numbers, huh? See if things are there. How I have lead you to the sequence pattern first will come back bend then you come for them. Then you take them toe for Woodman. But make sure that it's clear from the doctor. What is there Sometimes if I assume it is there, I will say as a yoga teacher. Stay pick yoga as the alternative therapy in this modern world. So make sure that the doctor reports are clear. What is there what you are working on? Okay, so forward bend create debt and anti anxiety. Surrender effect. Deal. Surrender to who? What itself? What is Ego? Oh Huh? What is thought? What is mine? What blockage? It will go on. Uh huh. Surrender to the present. Now I will ask you what is present you. It will go on. What is? Surrender them. Let me give you idea off. Surrender in a very beautiful, beautiful and just a simple way. Let all the word ego presence let go Finish We don't know anything when you're inside is in silence Its incident, you know need to surrender You are in silence That and that is the phone in a beautiful way I will say whatever happened in the past It was good. Whatever happening in this moment is good. Whatever will happen in the future will be good. What it is Okay Close your eyes. Everyone close your eyes. I want you to feel that surrender. Save with me. Whatever happened in the past was good. Waas Good Who was good? Whatever is happening right now is good, is good, is good Whatever will happen in the future will be good. Will be good, Will be good. All is good. Do you feel the surrender? See, when you say whatever happened in the past Waas Good. You cut down yourself from the past because no, no complaint was good. Whatever happening right now is good. No point to talk about it is good person only talk about if something is not good If everything is good, you enjoy laugh and dance and whatever happened in the future will be good. No point to feel because gonna be good. This field is set under I cut from the past. I cut from the future. Even I am not associated with president. Even I even beyond present when whatever is happening is good and whatever happened in the past was good and whatever will happen in the future will be good. What left them? So think to worry to stress left anything Then what left to do? Love Dunn's happy hug Kids enjoy Have fun swim only person who is in the problem. We'll talk about the things more or past these those future who is happy Do you think need any advice? That's why my master used to say happy person is that danger toe the whole system because he don't need any advice from anyone. He will not be slave. He cannot reduce to a product. So remember that that happened with forward bend also psychologically good. So now I come to the inversion and then we will end this psychological chapter also now inversions are Heidi is down. Leg is up. Isn't it a 180 degree total? A different human being his friend off you daughter Changes happening now Understand this. I have have done few students. They are board from the life There was no any constructive point off view was in the life and life was very negative Phenomena tow them. Now they are seeing the life standing on their two feet as a boredom as a problem as a tension. So as a yoga teacher what I do they are feeling bored by standing on the feet. I change them. Let let me help them to stand on their head. So it will change that of you towards the life, isn't it? Because if I am in this way, I have a certain type of psychology. If I bring a person head down and let them to stay there and let them do it every day, isn't it? Something is changing. Gravity is changing. Artist changing for that person artist changing gravity is changing. Sky is changing. All the elements are changing in a different way. What will happen, right? Psychologically change will happen. And that day you understood that all the centers off human art in that brain, so more blood flowed towards the hypothalamus. So the pituitary and pineal so it will improve the mood. It will improve the all function. And I have seen the change in the people while doing in worsen with the right way for the right timing on the changes of the a person who is feeling bored and no any. You know, joyful point off you in the life. Let them to do in worsen practice every day for a month and see a change change happened in their attitude while doing in worse in practice. Let me tell you one thing. And let me ask you one thing. The day you are practicing here yoga how you are feeling all how you feel all in this 1.5 week, two weeks. Excellent, good used, relaxed, open free. Don't you think I am designing something for all of you the way we are practicing hip opener, shoulder opener and I am giving you core strength. Have almost every second day to do now. Court improved the guts, your gut feeling gold position for God's. So you you're all body. We are bringing in the different way every day on the result you are feeling on you. Happy Holly. Joyful, relaxed. This is the effect. And I'm sure this effect is visible to you on your body is in it. So these are the psychological value off the post show, my dear friends. So I must know when I am giving them to my student what I am creating in them Is it clear to everyone? So isn't it? Can you design a session on grounding them? You can design a session on release the emotional you can design in sequence on heart opener and anti depression. You can design a sequence on nineties idea and surrender. You can change the point off me a person like changed of you. Nowadays, many people give emotional team. Now you can judge them are really light or what they are giving. And if you want to work on the guts of a person, you know, you have to design some core poster for them. So we understand today how to create the poster for 21st century human being. Because we deal with them right now is a totally different human being here. Front, off us. 20 year back. Nobody have used laptop and control for that much. 30 year back. Nobody have sick like that much. Maybe 50. 60 year back. There was no many car. People were walking still on the cycle, so there was a different humanity 100 year back. People are still playing with the trees, climbing the trees, climbing the mountains, sports for different. Now what are the sports for Children? I bet so. We are dealing with a completely different kind of humanity with yoga pose. 7. 07 The concept of open and close pelvic in a Yoga Sequence: the most of your friends on. I'm sure you're enjoying this course. Huh? Just few more things about NASA. As you have understood of in NASA what is with NASA? How to design the Vigna za and there are some sequence Are did you also important thing on the physical level is I have mentioned it that there are two type of for sure one is close pelvic. So this week all close pelvic when the leg is forward and legs back like warrior one is a close pelvic posted. So all the poster which you do like that they come into the category off close post. And Ben, whatever the post. Sure you do in this category, like warrior two strangle side angle, then are the gender ass and 1/2 moon. So these are the two category. I'm sure you understood. I'm gonna say it again. All the poster which you do in this direction here the call close pelvic portion and all the Bowsher which you do in this direction. Like a production they call open pelvic portion. So what is the importance in the windy aside have and you do the standing post served? It is really important that you always start with the clothes prolific Portia, because we carried this pusher in our daily life after doing close politic. Post shirt, maybe simple forward bent. It's a close pelvic poster. Their lunch is a close pelvic portion here and then move to open pelvic bullshit. And once you have done the open pelvic post shirt, always and your practice with close pelvic portion Why? Because if you do with the open pelvic post shirt and then you just finished your practice , your muscle has been open toe this direction, so you will feel might not comfortable in your walking in your daily situation off life. So after that, when you finish with close politic posters, you will feel comfortable because you're muscle now has come to that original shape as it should be in the daily life that has to be a beer close Pelvic kosher must be followed with the clothes pelvic pusher in vain as a system like I'm going to just show you this is warrior. One were but Drasner. Then we go to part Sutan ass, and then we go to Revolved Triangle or Privert, Patrick or Usna, and then we go toe, Really? But draw a tree. So I am linking the bullshit. And then if you go to the open pelvic, kosher like warrior, two triangle side angle and of the sons Rasner So this has to be followed. Sure about it. Good. And another thing when you do your Vanessa sequins like it's good if you're doing the clothes Pelvic posture from the clothes pelvic poster. You can take that transition to open pelvic because there is no danger to your secretly a joint and movement is happening easily. But don't take it that action from open to close, you see, like this is a open pelvic kosher, and I'm going toe. I'm going to the close pelvic portion. Uh, it will hurt somewhere in the sec really joint and ebony so we don't want it. But from close spell week, it is okay to go to the open public. So this fuel things make sure you are severe when you're designing a the NASA sequins. All right, give us your feedback. That how you feel about this course what you got from this course, and what are your question about this course is out of it. So Maybe based on that, we are able to give you more tips on this course, and that will be totally free. The more tips Uh huh. Thank you. Thank you for your friends. Know what's their dual? A few. Thank you. 8. Warm up: Joint-free series: friends. We are here with the warm up for your genius. I class, as I mentioned in the lecture there joined free cities. No, in the yoga, it's very important that your joint and muscle must be warmed up before going and understand a few facts about her. Tell yoga. Because hotel yoga is taking, it's slobbering in vain as a yoga. It's all Hata yoga. But when it is linking linking the US and as it becoming NASA in Hata yoga, the yogi put attention a lot on two things. What are those two things? One is your digestion. Second is spine If your digestion is held E and if your spine is moving toe all the six direction for another six direction forward back ward Side word has become four and twist six direction. If digestion is young, spine is moving to the six direction You are young, you go. Don't mayor that age from the numbers. Admire the age, how your digestive system is and how your spine is. So we're going to give you a warm up, which will work on your joint first because if your joints are not flexible and you're trying to do any yoga pose. My dear friends, it gonna hurt you. And if you see the whole sequence which I'm going to give you, you will find out It will give warm up to your joint. It will give stretches to your spine and it will work on your digestion. So basic purpose off our tail yoga will be fulfilled there now the energy reside here According to yogis, according to Japanese, according to the Chinese system energies here. So the digestion system is working Your awakening the energy here. And when you move the spine into all this direction you take this energy upward. According to yogis, outward and downward, this same movement and upward and inward is the synonymous. So these lower things not lower in any other manner just in the body Because these things are down. We're calling it lower. These things are related. Two different emotions which are helpful in life, money, food, sexual pleasures and doing these three centers are related toe that on this related to love three d v d. Reality and celebration. So yogis always tried to move their energy slowly towards love, towards creativity towards understanding the reality off themselves and word on open toe the celebration. Joy. So in this warm up, you will feel that thing is happening for you. So let's do it together. So the first position is done. Does Nina So move your those first, If you see are moving the point flex point flex point flex. So this movement, you have to do 10 time. I'm giving you just the idea 10 times and then alternative toe bending, big toe up, small, tore down, big toe down small toes up. So if it is not happening for you, you can do like that. But this is important to do 10 times once you're finished with that than ankle giant rotation. Right side, 10 times left side 10 times. Got it. Then bend your left. Like both hands under the knee. Spine. Long. 10 time Well meant on the left side. 10 time movement on that right side. So first we work on the tour, then we work on the ankle. Then we work on the knee, not take the left leg up elbow. Your elbow is coming with the feet and other elbow is going over the knee. Sit bone onto the ground, lengthen the spine. Breathe. If you can't hold like that, then just hold here. But make sure that you're not hiding unique. So up to you. Either you hold here and move the hip joint, are you? Hold here, my dear friends, and move the hip joint 10 time. Move side to side. Once it is done, bring the heel toe the inner tie here, closer to the lower abdomen without any tension around uni. Make sure you're careful about your joints. If joined hurt, it's not the right thing. Then hold the feet. Hold that tie with another hand up and gentle down. Don't force. You're moving the hip joint 10 times up and down. Slowly, easily. Then hands by the site. Half board flight. So move your hip. 10 time done. Relax. Come back. I'm not doing 10 times, okay? I'm just giving you idea. Once you remember it, you can do by yourself. Tempting time at another side. Same idea. Hip joint movement one. Yeah, 10 time. He'll onto the inner thigh. So now up and down. 10 time hip joined woman too. And by the side, lengthen the spine. Hip joint moment three. So once you are done with that. Just move your leg side to side. I feel you like your legs are bringing you into the present moment. I call it presence through the muscle, because when they're working, joints are working, your mind will stop thinking. Then feed together, burn off life, lengthen the spine and keep moving, at least for 15 to 22nd. Feel opening off the hip joint Good. Then cross your leg both hands front off you move the fingers 10 times. Join the bomb wrist moment 10 times, then bring the time in. Joined the palm and rejoined rotation. Check your breath. Are you breathing? 10 times on 10 time? In a word. So after the wrist joint bomb facing up. Elbow joint, 10 time done with them. Alba. Closer if they're coming easily down and up. Moment, shoulder rotation and then opposite side 10 time. All right, good. Once you're done with that, interlock your fingers. Stretch up. Lengthen the spine here. Good. Both hands by the side of the body. Look to the left side. Take a long and deep breath center. Other side. Take a long and deep breath center. Gently look up without compressing the neck gently look down without forcing. Here we go. What you're going to do Here, Take that left hand up and gently. Just if you are able to place your elbow down. But make sure your hip is not coming up. If you please. Coming up, Stay here. Stretch the side. Here, take a long and deep breath. Other side, one breath. All right. Now from here, left hand to the right, Give a gentle to us to yourself, Brian. Was it side as it is a warm up. So we're not staying in any position much. But if you feel like to repeat any moment again, you can repeat it. So we have moved the spine into one to okay, 34 direction. Now go to the cat and cow here. Position now get in. Composition, wrist and shoulder. Lying knee and hip line inhale. Bring the heart forward on eggs. Ill. Bring the center of the heart upward as much as possible. Inhale, exhale and take 10 breath and cat and cow. And here the joint and the spine have warmed up beautifully. Now, after that, what you can do Just lie down on your belly. We're going to work on digestion and warming up. Just bend your knee and simple cycling, and you can do this cycling for one minute, two minutes, three minute for minute, five minute up to you where you feel comfortable. But if you want just timing than one minute forward, one minute backward. And this is very good for the DEA's also to strengthen the quartz and very good to ease the knee pain. So with this simple moment, the purpose off her tell your guys fulfilled, too. Di objection and spine movement At the same time, you are bringing yourself through this movements into the present movement, and that's what you guys, you wash it. Brittany, Rhoda, you'll go mean sensation off mind. Are you gonna mean a union? Same same thing when body and mind uniting because bodies here mind is wondering. But through these exercise through these movements off yoga Roma, you brought your mind video body, and that is a unity. And after this, if you feel like after this warm up, just sit for 5 to 6 breath, observe how energy has moved in sight and then you can start in the answer. So this was a warm up the NASA. So now you can do further Vignes. Thank you. Thank you. Delivered friends Keep enjoying Keep smiling. Keep laughing. Keep dancing! Celebrating your life. Thank you. 9. Deep Vinyasa Yoga for beginner (full class): now most beloved friends wants to do all off you. We are here with our way NASA system. In the previous talk, you have understood that how you can prepare the vin nasa. And here I'm taking you with me on those principles. So you will understand that how I'm designing this practice for myself and as well as for yourself also. So this moment we are going for standing sequence as previously. You have long that standing poster hip opener. Hamstring openers are very important according Toa this century, because without opening hip and hamstring, nothing is possible. So this almost half another is going to focus on standing hip and hamstring opener And how you can design those post show in v NASA. You're going to learn with me here. Are you ready? Okay, let's go with so first come to the front, off the mat. So here I am, directly going towards Vanessa. But if you think that student is very basic, he don't know anything that make sure you are giving them a gentle warm up if it is needed . But for basic to intermediate student, like those students who are not really just on the basic level like they're starting yoga, that you need to do something for them. But if they are doing yoga from one month around, then they can start directly. So here first is the standing post show. Take it off. Your line meant here my gentle rap. Normal breathing. Take a breath here then slowly. If the hamstrings are tight, bend you knee, especially in the morning. I will say, Just bend you knee and slowly go down because in the morning hamstrings are tight My gentle rep taking the left leg back taking the right leg back for the warm up knee. Justin down gentle cobra. Make sure your breath is going into die from one breath deeper and slowly go to the download faces. Take a deeper breath into your die From now from here we're starting from the left leg. Take the left leg forward. All right, the ankle one line me and second tour one line Feel your heart is looking forward You can see how I'm moving my heart here So back like strong Feel your breath after the breath Take the leg back again Me Gestion down here on down facing So if you see, I'm giving you very gentle last night here to start with. All right, here a game. Hot front, back legs strong Read. I'm just counting my money. My one breath and back me, Justin down. I'm not using my palms. Only my upper back muscle hand up. So after that, you take your left leg forward, right? Like forward lengthening the spine again. If you feel your hamstrings are tight, you bend your knee on dressed Don't force because we are just doing warm up here and slowly come up. She had post and come up. Relax. Thought us Close your eyes. Bring your whole attention to your feet Soul off the feet Ground yourself into Okay, Now open your eyes again. Qatar's not sure both Take one breath and slowly take your hand behind because we're going to work on the shoulder also with this standing sequence and slowly go down. If you feel good, you can open your legs like street on the leg. If you feel discomfort on the lower back, keep your knees microgram. Now slowly, bull tends on the ground. Now take the right leg back because in the first sequence we took the left leg back. Now the second I'm taking the right leg back Alternative and again, left leg back here. Now, if you have warm up enough, you can do chattering a upward and downward. Otherwise, keep your knee chesting onto the ground. It's up to you taking three breath in the downward facing here. Okay, then I'm taking the right leg forward outside, off the right hand here. Me and second toe still in one line. So I'm opening Mawr, my inner thigh area. It's like a warm up. So I'm not going directly to the any standing hard position. First time preparing my hips and hamstrings with these simple positions. All right, three red black on down we're facing. Breathe three breath in downward facing dog position. Then I'm taking left leg outside off the left hand, slightly pointing out me and kill second tool one line and keep the spine long. Watch your breath. Is it going to die from All right, Come to the plank here and win Yasa Either Nietzsche's into the ground or Chateau Rana Upward and dogwood. All right, three breath here then right leg was back, right? Like forward left leg forward. Lengthening the spine and then slowly go to the forward. And don't force yourself in the forward bend as I am in the morning. Not warm them enough. So I'm just relaxing in the pose. Three breath. Come to the chair. One breath and come up. Join your palm front off your heart, Helio. Heartbeat, Feel the blood which is running. Embrace your body from here again. We're going to the chair. Pose with God as no. Take a breath, slow and easy. Come up slowly. Hands behind and slowly go down. Thomas. Well, times onto the ground. Left leg. Back right leg back, Vin. NASA. And after that state of the downward facing dog position three breath. So we have started with the left leg back. So now I'm taking left leg forward. So no knee, ankle, second toe. One line. Stay here. Keep your stomach onto the tie on, then slowly feel elevated. Shifted on the back leg. Lunch check. Your breath is going to die from Oh, I know. Tends onto the ground to keep breath in the plank. And then vin nasa, you downward facing three breath. Make sure if you're not able to do chattering ga port. You're not following me. You are doing just basic needs just into the ground, right? Like forward. Follow the same principle. Knee. Ankle? Yeah. Pelvic neutral back leg. Veit is on the back leg Breath is reaching to die from three. Breath back. Same Vanessa. Slowly, Slowly. My body is opening. Take the left leg forward. Right. Like forward. Lengthen the spine. Slowly the rest. I'm counting my three breath here, champion. One breath in the cheer and come up. Feel this fresh energy rest within the body. The movement off the blood The moment of the muscle joined skin. You're perhaps your heart. Such a dance going within says you have warmed up Enough with those hip openers. Now slowly come to the center off the mat, facing front. Now from here Either you jump apart or either you simply take one feet one side another feed to another side and check the gap. Pay attention. That weight is equal on the both feet. So once disposition is ready for you, then from here bend your left me, take the left foot, 45 degree angle out and turn from the hip joint 90 degree. He'll in line with the arch of the right foot. Pelvic neutral. Now feel the back leg. Your whole weight is on the back leg. And Ben Bonnie Warrior two. I'm taking little right foot inward in the morning. If the muscles are not open tightness, this gives a good firmness on the back leg. Three breath. And from there I'm moving to the triangle. I'm going to do the flow off three poses together here. So trick or Jasna in the final position. Three breath from here. We're going to parts Ghana's. And for me, I'm taking one step front rightward, inward. 30 degree. And then I'm going to my particle, Nazmul, once the final position is there three Breath. Who are you to straight the leg? Turn the foot in in line with each other. Close your eyes. Here. I mean sinking from pose to your own presence. Feel that feel this fresh energy moving from Seoul off the foot to the top of the head alive. That's why I call it pose to presence. No opposite site when money 45 degree angle. 90 degrees foot and turning from Cliff Dwight. Once you are there, feel the back, foot and warrior two. If you see, that is the morning time. I'm not opening my hip much there as much as comfortable for me. So you have to stay with your comfort warrior two Here. See, I was a little forward, so I'm bringing myself back on the back leg here. Three Brett And then I'm adjusting myself to triangle was the final position. Is there three breath? No, Brendan E. There's a aunt on my feed. I'm just policing it out. Slowly. Back foot in. All right. Feel the back foot is not sinking. It's up there. And then you do your part. Three Breath warrior two straight. The leg. Turn the footing. Take step closer. Awesome. It's very important. After the polls, you just stay inside and pay attention How your whole McNamee's mechanism is reacting to the booze. Once you feel that your breath is normal, you're comfortable in your skin. Then we're moving for another post here. So now come to the center. Off the mat. I'm taking left foot back. 45 degree angle. All right. Put forward 90 degree here. So public facing front your attention is on the back leg and warrior one, you see, I'm turning from the rib cage. And then in the Yankel Nieto line back leg, It's the base. Hell is in line with the heel or arch or gap up to you. Three breath, then slowly, I'm taking one step forward. Right hip, external left hip, internal rotation box. We're going Awesome. I'm adjusting my back foot, front foot, and then I'm gonna arrest here. Three breath. Make sure you're taking care of the precaution. If anybody has knee pain, are lumber, spine or any issue. Make sure you know how to handle it now. Bomb facing the ground, turning from the left armpit, opening their belly towards the right. If you're not comfortable here, you can put your hand here to inside three breath and here we go on taking the back foot forward car last night. Stay present. Video body with the ah breath. Come to the center. Off the matter. Game now. Right foot back 45 left foot forward 90 straight. The leg Plant formally. Your back foot and front and warrior one. Stay your breaths. DVD of red Feel your breath is going into dire from You have to come up. It's stuff forward bar so called armpit. Right armpit towards the left foot, three breath. Like forward. Look for them. Yeah, this when the answer has taken you in a very different dimension, offer your own being. Now I'm going to give you just one balancing position. Now it's up to you. You're gonna do basic intermediate Red wants level. You can fix the poses according to you. So basic and do the tree bullshit who are intermediate. They can come with me. They can hold the big toe. What? Tipper has the barbed language task. Breathe three breath if you're comfortable. Barcelona Toyota has the bottom which has not three Breath on slowly come down, Check your breath. Feel your own presence out of sight. If you're not comfortable, you can bend the rules and he's like that Open to the side Now we start with the clothes Pelvic poster We went toe open pelvic. We went to close public. We went to the open pelvic, which we have discussed previously. In other lecture now I'm going toe end the practice with close pelvic. So let's do it together. A normal breathing Katarzyna Donna Snow left leg back like like back when NASA. We're gonna take the left leg forward knees touching the floor. Yeah, I'm coming to decide right now. Sony Ankle Nieto, back foot here. And no, like 10 back armpit over the knee. Here. We're going to do one twist. Open yourself. You can stay here. All right. Join the bomb. Or if you're comfortable, bring the hand down. Then lift the leg up. You can stay here if you're comfortable. Hand over the head. Internal rotation Breath. Come down. Relax. You will find that your mind is getting quite silent. Now slowly come up. I'm just changing the position. You no need. Take the right leg forward. Same idea Left hand up. Bring them pit over the knee. Open yourself to the right. Stay foam. Once you are a good comfortable and down or keep the bomb together, lift the leg up. You can stay here comfortable. Inward rotation Hand over. Come back, vesting child here. All right. Stay in the child as longer as you want. Then just you have to do one downward facing to neutralize the spine to lengthen it on. Then literally you will go to show wasna around here is your standing Bush your sequins. He is completed off basic to intermediate level. You can stay in, show us and as long you want in the practice. So the thing is that, as we have discussed previously, all the rules I tried to apply in the sequence In the standing way you can add the poster. You can cut the poster according to your level. But remember, if you're going to the open public, then do the open pelvic all like which I have done in the sequence. If you have done the closing pelvic, then do the closing. And if any question is there, just write to us. We will come back to you. Thank you. Thank you, Dear Friends, Let's do our stuff. You have fun. Enjoy your life. Thank you. Thank you. 10. Deep Vinyasa Yoga for intermediate (full class): friends now instead of all of you the sequence I am leading you today our college life sequence. Why? I call it a lot life sequence. See, we human do yoga not any other species, so it must represent human life. So what is human life from a child after the birth is a child than teenager then adult then another period after adult between the old days and adult Then we have old age. Then we have to say goodbye to this world. We come into this world, he goes, Then we go from this world. Same as son is sun rise. It goes to the top. Then it comes town and it disappear for us. Same thing in life Even if they it's start it comes up. Had it ghost. So to me Yoga, sequins Most represent that natural cycle with all off exposure. So the secrets I'm leading you today it has the taste off all categories of post shredded Gonna start a simple warm up. It will move to the standing postures. Then it will move towards the I'm balancing higher than it will goes to the in wash in which is kind of had stand than it will come down with backward bend. Twist with forward. Then it will lead you to the cooling inversion like shoulder stand law and disappearance. Shove us. So this is the cycle of the post shirt we're gonna maintain. Are you hearing that voice? It's beautiful when you're doing yoga in the natural lime and, um, you can hear this old bird. So now the sequence will represent that. Are you ready for that? All right, let's start together. So first thing is come toe nationa a gentle warm up. I'm gonna lead you before this sequence as we're getting birth to yoga. Simple thing. Take the right leg forward, down and up. Point and flex that owned 10 time and move it to another direction. To the right. Keep checking your breath. 10 Insight 67 eight, nine, 10. All right. Here with you, take a breath opposite side flags. Flight. Enjoy the silence off practice. I'm hearing the boards. 10 to the left side. Down time 10. Check your breath inside. Oh, come down and move your heels up and down a little If you're doing in the morning time here as a basic student warm up is good, but if you are on the intermediate level at wants level that your body is already open, maybe you can start directly with some salutation cells from here. Now, a little movement on your pelvic opposite side. 55 Time we're doing. Keep checking your bread and fight. All right here. More times on the shoulder, Available closer. If you're really doing in the nature, you can pay attention to the nature around you. The open sky up here. Ah, five time one side, five time another side and to love your finger stretch on. We already body is a little open up, so come to the front off the mat. Let's start a gentle standing, able not and hamstring open or practice. Let's start with the Qatar's not sheer pose. Take a breath one and slowly go down. I'm not straightening my leg right now because in the morning my hamstrings are a little type, so I'm keeping a little micro bent. But I'm still feeling a stretch. Take a breath, as in the warm up. I'm not forcing myself. I'm just letting my joint and my body to hap jewel to these positions right now. Take the left leg Back. Right leg, Back blank. I'm taking three breath in Plank me Just chin, Don't. Mm. One breath those down badly with down. Hard up. I'm not using. My hand ends up. Just solved. I'm using back muscles. All right, downward facing dog. If some people feel that lower back, it's still not ready. You can bend the knee and you can keep your spine long. If you feel good than heels can be down without any pressure on your lumber. Spying bombs really farm After taking three red, I'm gonna start with the left leg forward. Ingenious. A rules. So there is something in Vienna with the ASA rule. Make sure that which leg is open. If the right leg is open more start with the right. If left leg is open more start with the left. First Sony ankle, knee toe, one line. Okay. From here, right hand down and a gentle twist to your body. Here, take your breath. Come back. Still warm up. Knee chesting down cobra and back to dominantly to three. Take the right leg forward now check Your breath is in the die from now. Slowly take the right. Oh, right, Come back, Blank me just in dollars cold and are facing. So this was your warm up with the sun salutation. Now three breath and left. Like forward, Right. Like forward. Here you can lengthen the spine because blood has flown down towards the lake And I'm also feeling comfortable to open my hamstring Spine is a long gait and just reversed. Come to the chair pose. Come on. Stay with your body. Yoga shipped over it in a row. The U commences ation off mind for once you have done one ground stand for a while. Feel the soul off the foot. Feel the top of the head. Feel your breath, feel your heartbeat and stay present. With all of this, you can enter into that silence off yoga. Now from here, we're going to start the second round. Come to the chair, slowly come up and to lock your finger back. We are stayed working on the shoulder also Bandini and go down fi liberal, wondrous and down. Taking the right leg back. Left leg back blank. One vigna cider Tauranga Arnie, Justin down Whatever you seem comfortable for you hand on or decreasing. Alright, Slowly take the right leg forward. No, I'm taking you to the lunch here. Sony and Carlito. Pelvic neutral. Feel the back like more active than the front. Mm. Slowly come back from the lunch. Vin. Nasa Be attention to your breath. On left leg forward. Sony Ankle Nieto, Back legs strong. Take your bread. Check your brain. Your temple. Must we relax on down now. Here. Take the right leg. Forward. Left leg forward. Learn from the spine as my body is not fully open yet. So I'm not forcing myself for animals. Joining up on front off your heart I can feel my heart beat, which is present. So we have done this warm up here. Now come to the middle off the mat, Both hands on the waist Feta, Bach So either jump. But if knee pain or back pain please don't jump. Pelvic neutral. Wow! Sun is rising and it's totally on my face but is okay, we'll go on. So here. I'm going to start with the right leg Now from here. 45 degree angle out 90 degree, But make sure that you're moving from your hip joint here. All right. Once it is their heel in line with the arch off the left foot Common now from here, feel yours. Left side off the pelvic and from the left side Move to the right, Warrior two. But check that back foot is strong. So you brought ST on the leg. Feel that your heart is really expanding like you can feel. It's active from the right hip trying moved. If you feel you need more opening, you can take the hand on the waist. Once the pool Suri's done, then wait there for the breath. Sure, then take one breath in and we do. What's going on back Foot is the basis for the back foot is not comfortable. Bring it forward and feel that you can really feel your back leg in the post. No, come up, but in breathe. Check your bread now Opposite site. Take the foot. You know, 45 then from the hip Joint 90 Backcourt strong. Bring money Warrior two After Warrior to ST the leg and we're gonna trickle asthma on the bullshit is done. Then take it off. You brat is in the die from while going to parts. Khanna's nine feelings of eight on the front legs. So I'm taking the back foot in a little, so I can feel now. This leg is sticking me backwards. Totally. And I'm opening myself to the front Polls is done. Check the bread three Brett Warrior to come back. Foot in. Pay attention to your breath. The journeys from pose to presence our last summer. So it hasn't been Yes, a sequence you understood. We have gone through closed all week. We go to open pelvic. We're gonna now do that Close pelvic so we can go for further brochure. Easy. So I'm choosing for that stand on the mat in the center. Left foot back like like forward box with Onasa So feel the lengthening off the spine First I have gone down My body was ready But you don't do that. Lengthen the spine and Goethe after going to down I'm feeling right now my body is just comfortable here. So five breath we're taking here and slowly Comer. All right, Put forward! Run toward back our last Pay attention to your breathing Opposite site. Right leg Back left leg forward! You lengthening of the spine ball turns up moved through the heart and you can feel your front leg now More slowly. Force lengthen the spine on Reid and stay wherever you're confident you. If I breath slowly, come up with the lengthening off the spine and come to the center. Read. Stay with your body. Stay with your breath silent observing whatever is happening inside right now. And slowly open your eyes. One balancing pose Here, the standing we're going for good as new. So left foot over the right, left high over the right So you can just stay here or if you want, you can take the arms like that. If your basic that's it. If you find is easy for you, you can take your feet over the shinbone. How I'm taking, you know, need to take it easy coming for you. That's my way to go into the post. Harry. Pay attention to your breathing three breath and here we come. Pause. It is important to know how you feel after the post opposite side. Now the right ties up left arm. Feel your breath. So a lot of in the outside here gentle inhale normal. Alex will go down than normal reading. Taking the right leg back left leg back of in NASA Chateau longer, upward and already And slowly sit down here less. Take few breath in water. Rosinha! What's Rocinha? Make sure your poses are in proper alignment. If you find out that you don't know about alignment, maybe you can check over first course. That is there with the alignment. Almost all the poster on the basic level. I'm teaching with proper alignment there, so it can be a big help to understand alignment. Now, in this pose, we are taking the opportunity to open our shoulder. So call face on the arm, left hand back and I turned up three breath. If you can't hold your hand, you can use the total field. Oppose every pose as own taste actually got tasting, have reposed. All right, from here I have rested. Well, I opened my shoulder body is open totally if you want. And if you're ready for it, you can go for headstand. But make sure you know all the progression precautions there who should do it and who should not do it Now from here, people who are not able to do They can just simply stay here but don't put much weight on the head just resting here. So at least the blood is flowing towards that up off the head. If you're comfortable with had stent, then come. Go ahead. Stand with me. All right. I have to read for a moment because there is a mike with me, so I'm taking care off it. All right? I have to really tighten it. Should not come town. Yeah. All right, guys. All right, Now, at least my inside is comfortable. But if still is coming down, don't worry. I think it's coming down. So better. Toby. Here. Down. So who are actual to had stent? They can come to the head. Stand with me. Oh, I did breathe. Rest in the pose, But make sure you're pressing the forearm down. Your shoulders are not resting down muscle. Stay gently active. All right. That much is good enough for today. Come down Relaxing, child. Both. I'm giving you a taste here. Here, you know, So even the later you feel like that, you understand the sequence and you want to do it more. You can do it. All right, guys, actually, I'm sweating and start is going into my eyes Well, but It's okay. We'll continue. Give me a moment. All right. So as we have done the had stand, move your shoulder. All right. Some of you who are basic to intermediate, they can do the Bobo's locust pose. That's nobody. If you really intermediate, then you can directly go to the camel pose. But if you think you need basics, please go for basics and camellias basic for me. That's why I'm going for basic with this. So I have my own way to go here. So this is one way to go to the post. Another left the heart up had relax and camel here. All right. You can see the idea that I have started backward. But now come back. Take a breath. Yeah, All right. After the camel or after the bull, you can do the bridge. Here we go. Or if you feel like to do bridge before the camel, you can do that as a basic student now who were comfortable. They can even take the veal pose. Stay in the real and come back. Take your proper rest, but see how the sequence is moving forward now Roll the backside to say no up and down 3 to 4 times and come up here. Yeah, we're going to take the fourth then does not. So after the backboard band, I'm going to twist. Take the left heel closer to the sit bone, right foot over the knee. Make sure your sit bones onto the ground. If you can't see it, you something under your hips. So see, that spine is along it left. Hand up armpit over the knee and gently bring your elbow with the knee. Like a counter pressure with each other. Take the handbag. Left the height up. Twist basic abdomen syndrome as now. But some off you who are ready, they can go more. They can hold the big toe and then they can approach this pools in this way and be if you're not comfortable, stay here. All right, Come back Slowly. Take a direct and same idea. Opposite site. So far. Stand as PNA hell right here. Closer to the hip. But don't sit on it and left foot over the right now. Same V Choose any way you want to go. All right. Come back from the bulls. Oh, here. As you found that from the backward when we moved to the twist. That's the pattern we're following. You can add as many as poster. You want up to you according to your level according to your student level. After that, we're going for one forward bend, and you can add as many as forward when you want as we have talked before, how you prepare the sequence with all the postive and inhale taxi you. But she Madonna's Do You dream you can stay longer in if you want. All right, so after the forward bend, we're going for cooling inversions, so body is ready. So how you go to dispose? Globo's show was not Lex up and slowly down. You can practice with me all that, or you can just see. For your knowledge, I don't force myself into the pose. I I allow the post to come to me slowly. So if you can see, I'm adjusting myself with almost after few breath so you can add even shoulders that I knew it are here to enables into it. Once you feel good, slowly come back, pay attention to your breathing. Remember the journeys from pose two presence, then just move your backside to site. Roll your knee on a gentle, simple bridge movement to counter the effect off to forward vents and then settle down in show last night and how to come from Charlotte's. Now turn to the right support with your left hand here. So as you understood, we start with a little warmer. We went through the standing poster sequence with the clothes public. We went to the open, prolific posters. Then we did again to close pelvic poster toe end the practice. Then body is ready. We sit down in what draws. Now we relax. We open over shoulder and then I took you into the inversion because body is ready now and you need stand for those poses, so we do them first. Later on, I took them, took you to that backward bent. After the backward bend, I took you into the twist. After the twist I took into the forward bend. After the forward bend, I took you into the cooling inversion Lobo's shoulder stand here to depose, and then we end up her sequence. So this I called life sequins, and you can add as many poster you want according to your time in tow. this pattern. And almost you have work on every category off the post. Or as we have discussed in the video, you can just warm up hip and hamstring opener, shoulder opener, and then you can choose any one category to work on it. So this is the pattern you can follow for your detriment for your student. Better. So no more stay. I love you guys. I'm going for if you have chance, just laugh, you know? Take a breath. Inhale. Uh huh. Laughter is the fruit off the life sequence. Hard off the light. So enjoy my friends. Thank you. I must do love you. Blessings shoveling blessings shall bring. 11. Conclusion: The fulfilment of learning: congratulations on my dear students, that you have completed this wonderful, beautiful signs every off life. I call it a way oflife yoga In India, we say always that what is the fulfillment off learning? The fulfillment off learning is when it become part off serving, Serving. My dear friends, if you're taking this course as the students and you have understood it, maybe if you find that someone have some been going on with themselves and video knowledge , you can be a little helpful. Tow them. And if you're taking this course as a teacher and you're already teaching the classes, see how this science can be helpful for the people that who you are teaching, that is the fulfillment off it. So in this course, you have go through so many things especially, you know, now that what is the tightness off human body tightness in human breath tightness in human mind it making tight everything else in the life to my relations is everyone is tight. If I am tired, whatever gonna come through me is tight. So I will say release the tightness from human body release The tightness from the human breath released the tightness around the human mind because breath and bodies tied mind this time. So let this tightness to go away from yourself and then help your students so that your student can enjoy the freedom off the body, the freedom off the breath, the freedom in thinking because it's a psychosomatic. If body and breaths are not free, mind cannot be. It's hard, it's hard. So once you are working on yourself forgiving suggestion to your student. Tell them about few things off yoga, too, that you go mean what you'll go mean sensation off. Mind not physician off relations North physician off love, not cessation off celebration nor disposition off joy. Just physician off mind. I mean, how this mind, which is wondering all over, can slow down and finally come to a point that it can be instrument to lead a human being, to joy, not to something. And that is the whole science. You go, my dear friends. So I will congratulate all off you once again and wishing you all the best in your life in your carrier that you spread happiness, joy all around you and as a you never forget the poverty off laughter. So inhale. Open your mouth, huh? And now spread this love toe all around you. Blessings, Blessings. Thank you. Thank you, my beloved friends. Thank you. 12. Bonus: Safety of students? Am I ready to teach? Being nervous & building confidence: so Hello, everyone. I'm Patrick. And, uh, I would like to ask one off the most common questions around teaching a class and designing a genius. A glass too deep. And I'm happy. And he agreed to that. So l on man, one of the questions is how to ensure the safety off. Student. You know, when we're talking about the safety before that, a teacher must be aware about the alignment, how the joint has to be aligned like, simple. Think if a person is doing the standing post. So what is the mechanism of standing bullshit like me? Ankle? Like if I'm coming to the warrior post shell like knee, ankle one line me and second toe one line. So these kind off common alignment rules. A teacher has to be severe. And if you need to know about that more, you can see our free videos where I'm giving all those alignment rules there that how to use the body properly in the posters that the person is not over doing it or pushing unnecessary those parts off the body which are not needed, like simple in the backcourt band. No need to push the lumber spine if a person is pushing the lumber spine, so it's a damaging the spine. So the right mechanism has to be practised by teacher, and then he has to be that much efficient that he can observe easily and that all come from the practice. The importance is to teach the basic alignment, teach the basic first, and if you are doing it in the ass, a sequence, you must be able to deliver it to your student very clearly and another thing before starting the class. And even that's a class. If you're starting, please ask your student that if they have any physical condition, they must talk to you about it like Nie bing. Back pain, shoulder pain, simple thing. High blood pressure, low blood pressure. So as a teacher, you must be aware about that what kind of condition your student is dealing. And if that student is in your class, then what are the precautions? What are the things that person has to appear like? A simple thing. If a person has high blood pressure, don't allow them to raise the hands too high or don't allow them to look up. That is the person that is the precaution for that person, and I have to check also that is my student who is dealing with the high BP. What is he taking the medication? So is the high blood pressure is controlled with the medication because if it is controlled , then I can allow the hangs up. But if it is not, control is better to take the hands down. So these kind of things are there that we have to appear and that is there for knee pain also for back pain also. So, like in a simple back pain condition, I will say that to be aware about it that we don't know what a person is dealing. So don't let them to force the lumber spine when they go forward. And don't let them force the lumber spine meant to go backward. Let them be with the neutral spine. So at least they're getting so these out of the points like cases where you would say it's better you don't follow the class are you doing to certain poses? I will say that it can be done in extreme conditions, but as a teacher, because the classes there, so you must know that how to modify the post? Okay, How to modify the post? Simply that if you are teaching this, I'm going to say side plank force in the class. NYU student is not able to do now. If a student is the high blood pressure cannot really put effort into the full side plank. So where do do take the leg forward? Lift them slightly up, take the hand. No need to raise it up. Just stay here. So I must know how to modify the pose for the people and that need experience. My dear friends, that need you to work on yourself. That how you can cut down the poses for the basic how you can cut down the poses for intermediate level and how you can cut down the poses. But no need. Took it down. If there is a test to, it's always good to give an option for a basic student. He s much man. I remember C a l m com seeming communication. Make sure that you have a good communication with my student. A assistance always ready to assist to your student. And l mean love picture. It's not that love which I just openly did it because I love it the way the love is that it want to embrace it, want to hug. But love means a compassionate heart towards the student that you are there to help and a mean modification. You must know how to modify the pose for your student. So remember C a l m come teach us ask When do I know? I'm ready to teach on how can I gain more confidence in teaching or when I'm nervous? Before the class would be like a strategy to to face that you guys apart off practice. So once your practice is strong, practice strong doesn't mean that you can do handstand Headstand practice means even you are doing a simple pose. But you are severe in it. That how it is affecting your muscles, how it is affecting your joint. What arba effect is happening on your breath? What are the feelings and emotions you are dealing after this pose? This is your own study. So in yoga we have a chapter self study. You study yourself doing the post show and that study bring I will not say like confidence in you that that study off yourself. Bring that quality that you can pass it on. You can explain to your student because every teacher is sharing their own experience in yoga. So you must go through your own experience, fussed that will determine, and that will give you a clear picture that you can teach or not your own practice, your own practice. That is the first thing. Second thing Is that what he said? That if you're nervous and you're feeling like those kind off here before teaching guys, that is normal. That is very normal, that whenever you started, you will feel it. And if you're trying to deal with it, what do you will try to? You will try to suppress it or you will try toe. Put your attention somewhere. Forget about it. What I will say before starting a class, give 15 minutes to yourself, sit alone, close your eyes and meditate and let this feeling to be there. I don't oppose it. Don't try to suppress it. Just simply allow them to be there with you. Welcome them that their part off you and actually they are giving you much fuel to go further. So embraced them. I will see. That's it. I will not give you any stategy to deal with it on Lee. One thing. Meditate on it. Breathe with it. Accepted as a part off you and you will use this force. This is energy in a creatively.