Learn to design your own healing Yoga Classes | Deep Kumar | Skillshare

Learn to design your own healing Yoga Classes

Deep Kumar, Yoga Teacher

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12 Lessons (3h 16m)
    • 1. 01 Why Deep Vinyasa Yoga?

    • 2. 02 Deep Vinyasa Yoga for modern / 21. Century people

    • 3. 03 Design Yoga-classes for harmony and balance

    • 4. 04 How and when to use Breathing/Pranayama

    • 5. 05 Counter poses for the safety of your students

    • 6. 06 Mental wellbeing and psychological impact of Yoga Sequences

    • 7. 07 The concept of open and close pelvic in a Yoga Sequence

    • 8. Warm up: Joint-free series

    • 9. Deep Vinyasa Yoga for beginner (full class)

    • 10. Deep Vinyasa Yoga for intermediate (full class)

    • 11. Conclusion: The fulfilment of learning

    • 12. Bonus: Safety of students? Am I ready to teach? Being nervous & building confidence


About This Class

Learn how to create Yoga-Classes and Yoga-Sequences for physical, mental and emotional harmony

Practising Yoga impacts the physical body as well as mental and emotional aspects of a human being. Deep Vinyasa Yoga means to practice certain Yoga sequences that will create physical, mental and emotional harmony. This course teaches you to create balance through the understanding of Vinyasa Yoga on a deeper level. 

It is not advised or can be even dangerous to design a Yoga sequence without deeper understanding. Yoga-poses and breathing techniques are powerful tools that will alter the students mood and emotions. This course will teach you, how to design Vinyasa Yoga sequences. This Yoga sequences will impact your own and your students mood and emotions positively.

Why is this course valuable for Yoga-Teachers?

Students will learn a system to design Vinyasa Yoga sequences (Vinyasa Yoga classes). They will learn to understand the physical and psychological value of Yoga poses. Students will also learn when and how to include breathing methods. After taking this course you, will be able to impact your students physically, mentally and emotionally. You will be able to give your students a feeling of positivity and progress in the Yoga classes you are teaching. It is a proven system to create numerous Vinyasa Yoga classes that benefits yourself and your students.

What students say who met Deep personally:

‘’It is really hard for me to put the experience with Deep into words but I still want to share it. Deep has been an amazing, motivating teacher. In his teachings you can feel his love for Yoga and for each posture. He is paying attention to every detail and encourages his students to do the same. His teachings were not only informative, relaxing and exhausting at the same time but also full of dance and laughter. I am already looking forward to be learning from you soon again. Namaste.’’"This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out!"

Susann BantleYoga-teacher, 200h Yoga-Alliance

‘’The name says a lot - Deep. As a teacher and guide, he leads you through the many layers of yoga to help reveal one's true self. He focuses on alignment and respecting each individual's body, and always gives priority to breath. He is so full of energy and love for life - and its infectious! Deep, you are my Rock Star Yoga Guru! Namaste.’’
Kareena TanYoga-teacher, 200h Yoga-Alliance

‘’Thank you soooo much for sharing your knowledge and passion from your heart, with simplicity and laughter, balancing depth and lightness in your teaching. From clear and very specific alignments in all postures, to laughter yoga, dancing, chanting, humming, breathing, and much more, you not only shared your knowledge of yoga but also inspired me how to approach life with all these ingredients.’’

Karin Garaialde Yoga-teacher, 200h Yoga-Alliance

We hope you will enjoy this Course,

Love and gratitude,


Deep Kumar / YogaSamiti