Learn to create your own email with PHP7, MySQL, Html5 | EDWARD DANIEL VIDAL GARCIA | Skillshare

Learn to create your own email with PHP7, MySQL, Html5

EDWARD DANIEL VIDAL GARCIA, Mobile and web developer

Learn to create your own email with PHP7, MySQL, Html5

EDWARD DANIEL VIDAL GARCIA, Mobile and web developer

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating the Interface

    • 3. Coding the Form

    • 4. Upload Files to hosting and Send the First Message

    • 5. Sending Personalized Messages

    • 6. Send Bulk Messages with PHP7

    • 7. Send Messages With Custom Template

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About This Class

Welcome to the course Learn to create your own email with PHP7, MySQL, Html5 in which you will learn to send emails with PHP from your website and upload the files to the free hosting for testing.

Learn to create your own personalized email to send emails from your own website with PHP7 or earlier versions and the Mail function

Add more knowledge and skills to your life.

At the end of the course you will learn to:

  1. Upload files to a free hosting.
  2. Send mass emails from your website.
  3. Send emails with templates built in Html5 and CSS3
  4. Send attachments in your emails.
  5. Create your own personalized email on your website.

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Mobile and web developer


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1. Introduction: Welcome to the course of sending email with PHP 7 00:00:05.500 --> 00:00:13.600 We will learn to create our interfaces with HTML 5, CS3 and the materialize framework 00:00:13.700 --> 00:00:20.900 In this course we will also learn to upload our files to a free hosting to carry out all our 00:00:20.900 --> 00:00:22.100 tests. 00:00:22.100 --> 00:00:26.900 We will also send unique emails to different emails. 00:00:27.100 --> 00:00:36.500 We will also see how to send multiple emails and finally we will see how to send attachments, such 00:00:36.500 --> 00:00:42.800 as images PDF, word, excel files, compressed files 00:00:42.000 --> 00:00:49.900 So I invite you to sign up for this course where we will see many functionalities and you will come out with many 00:00:49.900 --> 00:00:50.500 knowledge. 2. Creating the Interface: So let's start creating our page layout, we're going to use a framework called 00:00:06.300 --> 00:00:11.900 Materialize, to make our designs a little more elegant. 00:00:11.900 --> 00:00:20.000 Here we are going to give "GET STARTED", we are going to download materialize, this is a framework 00:00:20.000 --> 00:00:23.900 that will help us make our design a little faster. 00:00:25.800 --> 00:00:34.900 I am going to copy this file and paste it in "Applications / XAMPP", remember that we must have xampp installed. 00:00:35.800 --> 00:00:37.400 in the "htdocs" folder 00:00:37.600 --> 00:00:46.000 I'm going to put it here, it's going to be called "message", we're going to call it message. 00:00:46.000 --> 00:00:52.000 We are going to drag this file directly to our sublime text. 00:00:53.301 --> 00:01:04.200 Here we have it, we are going to create a new file we are going to call it "index.php", in this file we are going 00:01:04.201 --> 00:01:12.400 to add this structure, the structure of our page that already has the style sheets defined 00:01:12.401 --> 00:01:18.500 the relationships of the stylesheets we just downloaded and our JavaScript. 00:01:18.501 --> 00:01:27.500 In case we are going to use it we are going to give it a title we are going to put "Message" 00:01:28.501 --> 00:01:45.500 Well we are going to open our xampp, we are going to activate xampp, we are going to use the xampp server, I am going to activate Apache 00:01:45.801 --> 00:01:46.600 I'm going to click on "Start" 00:01:47.301 --> 00:01:55.900 So once we start it, we are going to go to the browser we are going to write "localhost" as 00:01:55.902 --> 00:02:02.200 we just saved our file inside the folder, I'm going to call the folder name "message /" 00:02:02.802 --> 00:02:03.700 and let's hit enter 00:02:03.802 --> 00:02:17.200 At the moment all we have is this title in a tab, so here I am going to add a "div.container" 00:02:17.502 --> 00:02:24.800 what this "div.container" will do is that it will create a container with 70% of 00:02:24.802 --> 00:02:26.600 width. 00:02:26.602 --> 00:02:39.900 In here I am going to create a button "button type =" submit "", we are going to put "Submit" on it. 00:02:39.002 --> 00:02:46.000 So let's see what we did, so here we have the button, to make it a little more beautiful. 00:02:46.002 --> 00:02:50.000 We are going to put a Materialize class that is "btn" 00:02:50.502 --> 00:02:58.300 We are going to execute, to save and there we can see. We are going to change the color, we are going to put another class on it. 00:02:58.403 --> 00:03:04.300 We are going to put the black button, there it is, we are going to put it here. 00:03:04.303 --> 00:03:08.000 "Send Message", then here 00:03:08.003 --> 00:03:12.800 We already have a button with which we are going to send the message. 00:03:13.303 --> 00:03:16.300 We are going to add a new menu to it 00:03:20.203 --> 00:03:23.900 We find that here in "Components / Navbar". 00:03:24.203 --> 00:03:31.200 Here we are going to add this menu, we are going to add it here and we are going to put it here for example. 00:03:31.303 --> 00:03:41.700 "Start", "Message" and we are going to put "Login" here, now we will see how we can use it. 00:03:41.703 --> 00:03:52.100 Start, Message and Login, let's put a color on it, let's put "black" on it, I also want to separate the 00:03:52.103 --> 00:03:53.100 message. 00:03:53.103 --> 00:03:55.100 Our menu button. 00:03:55.604 --> 00:04:00.000 So what I'm going to do is I'm going to put a label here <br> 00:04:00.404 --> 00:04:05.400 There we can see what is lowered a little and we already have 00:04:05.604 --> 00:04:13.700 Our structure of the first example that we are going to make, with this structure we are going to upload our 00:04:13.704 --> 00:04:21.000 file to a free hosting and we proceed to send messages from our website with PHP. 3. Coding the Form: Once we have the design of our page, we will see our PHP mail function. 00:00:06.700 --> 00:00:09.100 Here I have the php "mail" function 00:00:09.200 --> 00:00:17.000 We can see that it supports versions 4, 5 and 7 and the function is of type Boolean returns 1. 00:00:17.000 --> 00:00:24.800 If the message is sent or 0 if it is not sent, I can see here that the first parameter accepts 4 parameters 00:00:24.800 --> 00:00:26.600 is who it is addressed to. 00:00:26.600 --> 00:00:34.000 The second is the subject, the third the message and the fourth parameter that we can add to it are the headers 00:00:34.000 --> 00:00:36.500 that we will see later. 00:00:37.100 --> 00:00:45.400 I have a button here, I will put a "name" to this button to identify it "btnenviar", that's how it goes 00:00:45.400 --> 00:00:55.100 to call and this button we are going to enclose inside a tag "form" with "action =" index.php "" 00:00:55.100 --> 00:00:56.300 PHP. 00:00:56.301 --> 00:01:00.800 We are going to do everything here directly in the same code. 00:01:00.801 --> 00:01:11.000 Then we change it in a different file, we are going to close the button and down here we are going to create our 00:01:11.001 --> 00:01:13.800 PHP. 00:01:13.901 --> 00:01:22.600 We are going to encapsulate our button in a variable the variable I am going to call "send" and we tell it that it is going to send 00:01:22.601 --> 00:01:31.500 With the POST method, here we call it "bt send" like we call the button. 00:01:31.501 --> 00:01:40.300 So here we say yes, let's put it in lowercase, if we click the send button 00:01:40.301 --> 00:01:49.200 What is going to happen ? if we click the send button, it will call the "mail" function. 00:01:50.202 --> 00:02:00.100 We are going to enclose this within an "if" to verify what is sent; here we are going to put an email 00:02:00.102 --> 00:02:03.900 I already created for this, I created an email to do the tests. 00:02:03.002 --> 00:02:15.500 the email is "alibabacorreo", then we put "[email protected]" 00:02:15.702 --> 00:02:27.700 We are going to put a subject, we are going to put "test" and the message, I am going to put "my first message with php 7". 00:02:28.102 --> 00:02:40.100 We are going to open keys here and we are going to put a message that says "sent" and if not we are going to put a message 00:02:40.102 --> 00:02:42.900 that says "I did not ship" 00:02:44.902 --> 00:02:48.600 Let's save with "ctrl s" 00:02:49.102 --> 00:02:51.800 We are going to update the browser. 00:02:51.802 --> 00:02:58.200 Here we have a variable that says it is not defined, we can control this by calling the method 00:02:58.203 --> 00:03:01.800 "error_reporting" and we pass it a zero parameter. 00:03:02.103 --> 00:03:09.600 I save, update, so if I click on "Send message" here, then it tells me that the message was sent. 00:03:09.803 --> 00:03:13.100 So if I come and check here in the mail 00:03:13.103 --> 00:03:20.500 I can't find the message anywhere, I'm going to go to spam, I don't have any message here either. 00:03:21.003 --> 00:03:29.800 What happens is that locally the messages are not going to be sent to me, for that I need to upload it to a hosting. 00:03:29.803 --> 00:03:35.500 The hosting is the one in charge of sending the message. 00:03:36.403 --> 00:03:42.400 So in the next video we are going to register on this page which is free hosting and 00:03:42.403 --> 00:03:43.700 let's upload our example. 4. Upload Files to hosting and Send the First Message: We are going to start uploading our project to a free hosting so that the shipments can work for us 00:00:07.000 --> 00:00:08.800 of the messages. 00:00:08.800 --> 00:00:15.400 Then we are going to enter "www.000webhost.com", we are going to register with an email, a password, we will put the 00:00:15.400 --> 00:00:27.100 name to the site, I am going to put a message, he complements me with the domain of the page, I am going to give him free hosting "GET FREE HOSTING" 00:00:28.600 --> 00:00:34.100 I'm going to close, because I already registered, so 00:00:34.100 --> 00:00:37.500 I will enter with the username and password. 00:00:37.600 --> 00:00:42.900 When I enter you will tell me that I have not yet confirmed the email. 00:00:43.000 --> 00:00:48.500 So here in the mail comes a message where we have to verify. 00:00:48.500 --> 00:00:52.400 Here we click to verify, we continue. 00:00:52.701 --> 00:01.01:901 We already have the platform enabled, here it tells us that the email has been verified or the message "Verifyng your email" appears 00:01:01.901 --> 00:01:09.600 We wait a few moments while it loads us, this does not take long, because if we do not do the verification 00:01:09.701 --> 00:01:18.600 The message will not appear for us to be able to upload our files, once our files are uploaded 00:01:18.601 --> 00:01:19.300 files. 00:01:19.401 --> 00:01:22.000 Here we can see our menu. 00:01:22.001 --> 00:01:28.700 We are going to go to "File manager", when we go to "File manager", we select "Upload files now" 00:01:28.701 --> 00:01:38.500 load the files now, then I'll open where I have the files in "Applications / 00:01:38.501 --> 00:01:44.000 XAMPP / htdocs / message ", I'm going to copy all this 00:01:45.201 --> 00:01:50.000 And I'm going to move it here inside "public_html" 00:01:51.301 --> 00:01:59.600 All this up to here and it will say upload, as the files are not heavy, my folder will upload in a minute 00:01:59.602 --> 00:02:01.100 approximately. 00:02:01.602 --> 00:02:09.500 There it is loading the js files, there we can see what they loaded and that is the address to be able to 00:02:09.502 --> 00:02:14.100 enter and do the rehearsals, then to review 00:02:14.102 --> 00:02:22.000 We can see that I already have my email configured, subject and message and when I click the send button 00:02:22.102 --> 00:02:24.500 it will tell me "sent" or "not sent". 00:02:24.602 --> 00:02:31.300 Let's look, then here I am going to say "send message" and here it tells me that the message has been sent. 00:02:31.702 --> 00:02:40.800 If I go to the mail, in received I can see that I already have the subject, from where the mail was sent, that now 00:02:40.802 --> 00:02:48.100 we are going to do other examples to be able to put a personalized email and the first message as I put it 00:02:48.102 --> 00:02:52.800 me here in the message. 00:02:53.402 --> 00:02:59.100 If we can see that it is from local, our files are not sent to us, it is because we need hosting 00:02:59.103 --> 00:03:01.000 to take care of this process. 00:03:02.403 --> 00:03:07.200 Right now we continue with a more personalized shipping. 5. Sending Personalized Messages: This time what we are going to do is modify the interface a bit, we are not going to leave a single button, but 00:00:07.200 --> 00:00:13.600 we are going to add the fields to put the email, the subject and the message. 00:00:13.600 --> 00:00:23.500 We are working with the Materialize framework, we are going to go to "Forms / Text inputs", here I am going to create, 00:00:23.500 --> 00:00:30.400 I'm going to take this "div", this row and I'm going to start designing my mockup. 00:00:30.600 --> 00:00:37.800 Here I am going to close this div, I am going to change this to "mail" 00:00:41.800 --> 00:00:51.000 I'm also going to call the placeholder "mail" or say "to" 00:00:51.901 --> 00:00:01.800 We can eliminate this, we are going to put the "name", this is of type "email", we are going to save 00:01:01.801 --> 00:01:10.700 We are going to look at how it turns out, the idea is to say for, subject and message, we are going to replicate this 00:01:13.501 --> 00:01:14.500 it will be 00:01:17.101 --> 00:01:30.500 subject of type "text" and for the message we are going to put a textarea, copy it and paste it by 00:01:30.501 --> 00:01:42.700 here, we are going to delete this form that we don't need since we have one, we are going to modify it. 00:01:42.701 --> 00:01:43.000 Let's call it "Message" 00:01:46.001 --> 00:01:56.200 We do not need this, we are going to name it "message" we save and look at how our design turned out, then 00:01:56.302 --> 00:02:01.300 the idea is to put the email, the subject and the message. 00:02:04.302 --> 00:02:12.100 So here what we are going to do is that I already have my variables, I have a variable that says for, what to me 00:02:12.102 --> 00:02:15.200 is taking this name 00:02:15.302 --> 00:02:23.600 I have a variable that says subject and I have a variable that says message, which are these variables that I 00:02:23.702 --> 00:02:25.000 I have here. 00:02:25.302 --> 00:02:35.800 Those same ones, then we already know that the mail method accepts four parameters, the first is to whom 00:02:35.802 --> 00:02:37.100 I will send it the mail. 00:02:37.702 --> 00:02:47.600 For, what will be the one that I type in this text box, the second will be the subject, which will be the one that 00:02:47.602 --> 00:02:51.900 I type and the third will be the message. 00:02:52.203 --> 00:03:05.700 This I am going to copy and I am going to edit it here in the hosting, I update it and this is the 00:03:05.703 --> 00:03:15.400 hosting, here we can see, update, then here I am going to put an email "[email protected]" 00:03:15.903 --> 00:03:26.600 in tests I will put "testing", the message "personalized message", we will give it to send and if everything goes well we will 00:03:26.603 --> 00:03:35.400 to go to the mail, and here I can see the mail that I just sent, then it says that the message was sent from message 00:03:35.903 --> 00:03:37.300 PHP. 00:03:37.603 --> 00:03:48.400 There what it is doing is showing the hosting from where the domain was sent and the subject "testing" and the 00:03:48.403 --> 00:03:50.000 message that we send. 00:03:50.104 --> 00:04:00.400 Here I have another email to do another test, here I am going to put the other email "[email protected]", subject 00:04:01.804 --> 00:04:08.700 "test two", "custom message to mail 2" 00:04:08.804 --> 00:04:18.600 We are going to send it, we are going to go to the other email and here I can see that it has already reached me, the subject will 00:04:18.704 --> 00:04:26.700 digit, I don't put it directly like we did in the previous video that I put it directly in the function 00:04:27.204 --> 00:04:33.600 but I enter the email, the subject and the message. 6. Send Bulk Messages with PHP7: If I want to send messages to different recipients or multiple messages, all I have to do is 00:00:08.800 --> 00:00:16.900 to do is add the email and at the end, if I wanted to send this email to several users, I would put one 00:00:16.900 --> 00:00:20.500 eat and added all the emails you need. 00:00:20.500 --> 00:00:29.600 We are going to do the example with this, but first we are going to go to our file because this text box 00:00:29.600 --> 00:00:42.000 that type of input is of type "email" and I need it to be of type "text" so that it can accept the 00:00:42.100 --> 00:00:44.800 eat, then here 00:00:44.800 --> 00:00:52.000 I'm going to put the emails I'm going to put "[email protected]" and these two emails that I have open, I'm going to put "test 00:00:53.201 --> 00:01:00.500 multiple messages "I already had one around here and I'm going to put it in the text. 00:01:00.501 --> 00:01:09.800 My message, I'm going to send you a message, let's look at our mail here and here we can see that my 00:01:09.801 --> 00:01:20.200 mail, here I come, here it shows us in the header from where the mail was sent and for whom 00:01:20.201 --> 00:01:30.700 sent the email and the subject and here we can see the body of the message and we can see the same in the other 00:01:30.701 --> 00:01:32.800 mail that also arrived the same. 00:01:33.401 --> 00:01:45.100 So we can send multiple emails, we can send different emails to several emails 00:01:45.101 --> 00:01:49.500 all they need, just adding the comma. 7. Send Messages With Custom Template: This time we are going to see how I can send my HTML templates in messages. 00:00:07.800 --> 00:00:15.800 Many times it has happened to us that we receive messages for example of this type, messages a little more personalized 00:00:16.200 --> 00:00:22.700 as well as we see this time that I receive a message from Google AdMob where we can see what it embeds 00:00:22.700 --> 00:00:31.600 pictures here we can see it has a link buttons, add some styles, we can see that 00:00:31.600 --> 00:00:36.600 they have videos we can also see more links paragraphs. 00:00:36.700 --> 00:00:41.800 That is a custom template that we can create with HTML. 00:00:41.800 --> 00:00:44.000 Here we can see, everyone 00:00:45.100 --> 00:00:52.300 I imagine that they have received this type of message that is used a lot when one is going to advertise 00:00:52.700 --> 00:00:59.800 or depending on how everyone wants to use it, I already have my template designed here. 00:00:59.801 --> 00:01:03.600 I have that template with images, colors, and styles. 00:01:03.901 --> 00:01:11.700 These images must be emphasized that they must be directly mounted on a server so that they can 00:01:11.701 --> 00:01:18.900 work, since if they are locally in our folder when the message goes, they will do 00:01:19.801 --> 00:01:26.700 reference but to the image as such from the server. 00:01:26.701 --> 00:01:35.400 Here I am taking it directly from udemy, and the video if I have it saved on my server 00:01:35.401 --> 00:01:43.400 free, on the server we can see that I have the video and images, this video I took from here on pixabay 00:01:43.801 --> 00:01:54.300 which are free images and videos, so this template is what I'm going to send in the mail. 00:01:54.402 --> 00:01:02.400 I can create custom templates with HTML and CSS added directly online, in 00:02:02.502 --> 00:02:09.100 the inline styles on the labels so you can take it when you sent the message, or other way 00:02:09.202 --> 00:02:17.700 that I can take is as long as I have my personalized email. 00:02:19.002 --> 00:02:28.000 Suddenly if we have to make a little emphasis on repeating again that the images 00:02:28.002 --> 00:02:31.000 because it usually happens, that they put them local and it won't work. 00:02:31.002 --> 00:02:38.800 So I repeat, the images must be embedded in a server and the videos as well. 00:02:38.802 --> 00:02:44.600 The styles must also be in line because the HTML is going to go completely, so that the browser 00:02:44.702 --> 00:02:47.000 can read. 00:02:47.002 --> 00:02:54.100 Well then, here I am going to add some headers that are these that I have here, I am going to add them in 00:02:55.202 --> 00:02:57.400 in PHP. 00:02:57.403 --> 00:02:03.600 I am going to add here, those headers what they are going to do is that we are going to tell them that the type of content 00:03:03.603 --> 00:03:07.200 that we are going to send is HTML and the encoding 00:03:10.303 --> 00:03:16.800 Another little thing is that here the message, we are not going to tell you to type it, but that the message will be 00:03:16.803 --> 00:03:24.500 equal to and there we are going to put our HTML ready. 00:03:27.503 --> 00:03:37.600 Here what happens is that since I am opening with double quotes, then here I must put 00:03:38.703 --> 00:03:41.900 single quotes. 00:03:41.903 --> 00:03:56.100 The same here so that they can work for me and in these here, that's it, because if I'm opening with quotes 00:03:56.104 --> 00:03:02.200 doubles, those that are inside so that they can work for me have to be with single quotes 00:04:02.304 --> 00:04:05.500 or on the contrary, then the message that we are going to send 00:04:05.504 --> 00:04:10.700 It will be all this HTML template, in the header we are going to tell you the type of file that 00:04:10.704 --> 00:04:15.100 we are sending is HTML 00:04:20.304 --> 00:04:23.600 and in our file 00:04:26.304 --> 00:04:37.400 from here we are going to tell you that the para, the subject, the message that will make the entire HTML template, and "implode" for 00:04:37.604 --> 00:04:39.000 so that it concatenates me 00:04:39.104 --> 00:04:45.600 And this array of elements that I am adding here, for you to put them. 00:04:45.804 --> 00:04:51.600 Line by line, so that I make a line break and I returned them. 00:04:51.004 --> 00:04:59.700 And here we send you the headers that are what we are sending here, we are saying that the content 00:04:59.805 --> 00:04:03.900 it will be of type HTML. 00:05:03.905 --> 00:05:12.500 We must also add another header, which I was missing, over here we have it, this is it, this is very important 00:05:13.205 --> 00:05:17.900 because here it will tell you where the mail is being sent from. 00:05:18.205 --> 00:05:25.500 Then I tell him that it is being sent from "[email protected]" and here we put the email from where it is being sent 00:05:25.905 --> 00:05:35.400 Ready, then we save, copy and we are going to edit our file. 00:05:35.405 --> 00:05:48.800 We are going to save, here I am going to do something else, it is that I am going to remove or we are going to comment on it, we are going to comment 00:05:48.805 --> 00:05:55.600 this line so that the text box does not appear. 00:05:57.005 --> 00:05:59.200 Whoops! 00:05:59.706 --> 00:05:08.300 Well there it is, we are going to tell it that it goes to "[email protected]", we are going to tell it "email with template and we are going to select 00:06:08.306 --> 00:06:12.500 "Send message", there it tells me that it has already been sent. 00:06:12.506 --> 00:06:21.600 Now what we are going to do is that we are going to check our mail and we are going to wait a moment, while 00:06:21.706 --> 00:06:29.000 my mail arrives, what we can do is also look for it in spam, well, here it is in spam 00:06:29.906 --> 00:06:31.700 It is in spam because 00:06:34.506 --> 00:06:39.900 is telling me that I am not sending it from teachingweb.com 00:06:39.906 --> 00:06:47.400 I am telling you here that the email is being sent in the header from "[email protected]" 00:06:47.406 --> 00:06:56.500 Here it is, what it's telling me is that it's not sending from there, because it's actually sending 00:06:56.506 --> 00:06:59.900 through this server, which is this one here. 00:07:02.707 --> 00:07:12.400 Because as we are using a free hosting, this email is the one that is sending, this route 00:07:12.407 --> 00:07:17.900 is the one that is sending me the mail, but I am telling it, that in the code, in the header that it is being sent 00:07:17.007 --> 00:07:22.800 from here, that's why Gmail takes it as spam. 00:07:23.307 --> 00:07:30.100 We are going to do another example, we are going to select this email, the images did not appear to me as they could 00:07:30.107 --> 00:07:39.300 see, because it took it as spam and when it is spam the images do not appear, because clicking is avoided 00:07:39.307 --> 00:07:40.500 in the links. 00:07:40.607 --> 00:07:47.000 What we are going to do here is that we are going to tell you that it does not spam, we are ready to give it a welcome. 00:07:47.107 --> 00:07:51.800 Let's see the email with the template, here we can see it 00:07:54.908 --> 00:07:03.100 load materialize, we load this, to load the video what we are going to do is what they are 00:08:03.108 --> 00:08:05.400 doing here also in this example. 00:08:05.808 --> 00:08:11.900 We are going to look here what we have in this example is not the video within our mail, but rather when 00:08:11.908 --> 00:08:16.400 I click it and it takes me directly to where the video is hosted. 00:08:16.608 --> 00:08:24.900 We are going to do this same practice, we are going to take the video path, which is this, we are going to delete this little part 00:08:24.008 --> 00:08:33.000 from here, we are going to tell you that if you click on the image we have here 00:08:36.908 --> 00:08:46.500 It will take me to the video, but I will say "card = '_ blank", to open it in another 00:08:46.508 --> 00:08:59.200 tab and here I close the label, save, copy, come to my file, replace it, I'll give it save and here 00:09:00.509 --> 00:09:09.400 I'm going to send the mail again, well as we already know that it is getting me spam problems because of the 00:09:09.409 --> 00:09:17.200 the message, what I am going to do is that I am going to copy this header, from where the message is being sent, 00:09:17.609 --> 00:09:25.900 to see that I do not get a spam problem, then I am going to tell you that they are being seen from this 00:09:25.009 --> 00:09:28.700 server, I'm going to give you save. 00:09:28.809 --> 00:09:41.200 We are going to do tests, we are going to put the mail, "test server template" we are going to put a server for 00:09:41.209 --> 00:09:50.300 know that we are sending it and we see that they do not appear in spam, there he already told me that it has been sent let's go 00:09:50.309 --> 00:09:54.400 to look, they have not arrived here. 00:09:54.610 --> 00:09:02.100 Let's look at the spam, it didn't reach me either, let's wait a moment 00:10:04.810 --> 00:10:14.400 that many times as free servers we have to adapt to the speed of the server. 00:10:14.410 --> 00:10:22.500 We are going to return again to the mail we had, but this is the practice we have to do with our 00:10:22.510 --> 00:10:28.000 own servers put where the mail is being sent from, so that it does not go 00:10:28.010 --> 00:10:34.500 to spam, let's put the one we had, let's save. 00:10:34.510 --> 00:10:46.400 Let's update. I return here, let's look at "test template" let's hit "send message" 00:10:47.110 --> 00:10:51.400 Let's look at spam. 00:10:51.710 --> 00:10:59.500 Well this is one of the problems we have when we are working with free servers that sometimes 00:10:59.511 --> 00:10:06.400 it takes time to send the emails, but if I were working with my own server, I would not have those 00:11:06.411 --> 00:11:07.900 drawbacks. 00:11:07.911 --> 00:11:17.500 Most of us use free servers to do tests, around here I already had a message that there was 00:11:17.511 --> 00:11:24.500 done previously, so we can look at what we had done while the message reaches us. 00:11:24.611 --> 00:11:28.200 If it reaches us or to see how it works for us. 00:11:28.811 --> 00:11:41.500 Well here it came to me, let's look at it directly from the one we just used, let's see 00:11:41.611 --> 00:11:48.000 We see that if I click on my image, this one here, I will. 00:11:48.111 --> 00:11:55.900 He already has a link, so he tells me "Are you sure you want to go to messaging? I'm going to continue and here 00:11:55.912 --> 00:11:02.800 I can already see the video that I embedded and in this way we can see how to add or how to send messages with 00:12:02.912 --> 00:12:07.600 my custom custom templates with PHP. 00:12:07.612 --> 00:12:13.200 We can use it in the latest versions and in the previous versions.