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Learn to create Amazing looking Website | Easily with WIX | Easy course to learn Wix |

teacher avatar Amar Tripathi, Learn, Learn and Learn

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (2h 23m)
    • 1. The Quick Overview

    • 2. What is WIX

    • 3. Terminology to understand

    • 4. Learn the structure

    • 5. Things must do part 1

    • 6. Things must do part 2

    • 7. The Resource space

    • 8. Creating account with wix

    • 9. Choosing the right Category in wix

    • 10. Wix ADI vs Wix Editor

    • 11. How to choose template

    • 12. Understaning Editing dashboard (Part 1)

    • 13. Understaning Editing dashboard in wix (Part 2)

    • 14. How to create blank template in your wix website

    • 15. How to upgrade to wix premium

    • 16. How to change and customize background in your wix website

    • 17. How to create Menu in your wix website

    • 18. How to create or Insert logo in your wix website

    • 19. How to add social media to your wix website

    • 20. How to add call to action button in your wix website

    • 21. How to use Anchor menu in your wix website

    • 22. How to create About us Section in wix website

    • 23. How to create service section in wix website

    • 24. How to create contact form in wix website

    • 25. How to add map in your wix website

    • 26. How to create team section in your wix website

    • 27. How to create footer in your wix website

    • 28. Customizing Anchor in the wix website

    • 29. How to add SEO in Wix Website

    • 30. How to create blog in wix

    • 31. how to add google analytics to wix website

    • 32. How to make money from wix

    • 33. How to make wix website mobo friendly

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About This Class

Do you want to have your own website but find it very confusing and intimidating, to create one?

Well then, you have found the perfect Wix course for yourself.

In this Wix tutorial, I'll show you how you can create your Wix Website from absolutely scratch to extraordinarily performing and stunning looking Website- and all that without complex programming codes. Thanks to Wix.

Firstly, I'll make you familiar with the basics of Web Design, in which we'll discuss the structure of a website like Header, Footer and Body, and then we'll learn some basic terminologies, for example: Call to Action, Uptime, SEO etc.

After that we'll set things up like creating an account in Wix, choosing the right category and knowing the difference between Wix ADI and Wix Editor.

As we know Wix provides more than hundreds of templates, I'll help you to choose one, that suits best to your needs and I'll start from a blank template, so that it would be more customizable, you can do this too.

Then we'll understand the dashboard of our Wix Website, this is the place from where we'll be making some significant changes to our website. After that we'll learn how to add your domain name to your website but in order to do that, we must upgrade to premium version of Wix (I have even covered that too !)

Then we'll customize the background using free images and videos. Next Step would be to create Website-Menu, so that the visitors could access all the pages hassle-free.

Every brand is uniquely recognized by its logo, that's why we'll also create and add a logo in our Website. Next comes then, adding our other social media platforms with our website which would help our visitor to connect with us on other platforms. Call to Action is also very important feature, if we want our visitors to spend more time on our website. And for that we'll add digital buttons with different functions. Then, using Wix Stripes, we'll add multiple pages like Contact Form, Maps, Footer, Team etc.

After that, we'll see how to add blog in our Wix website and learn to manage posts and customize them. Now our Wix website is structured. But we haven't made it Mobile friendly yet. That could lead to a loss of huge traffic. So we' ll make our Wix Website Mobile-responsive.

Now we have created a wonderful website, but what is its use, if nobody could ever find it.

So we'll work on SEO system of our Wix website, which would help us to rank better in search results.

Our Website is now live and performing wonderful, more and more visitors are coming on it. But wait, how would know that?

That's why, we'll link our website with Google Analytics, which will help us to track each and every detail of our website and helps to answer questions like:

The number of visits our website gets daily, weekly, monthly or the average time a visitor spends on our website or which page gets the most number of visits and many more.

Now that, you've learned a great skill in this Wix course, I'll tell you to, how you can use it to make money for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for......START NOW !

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn the easy way of creating website without any problems and coding
  • What is WIX
  • Terminology to understand in Websites
  • Learn the structure of Website
  • Things requires to have an amazing website
  • Getting Started with Wix
  • Wix ADI vs Wix Editor
  • How to choose right design in your wix website
  • Understanding Wix Editor
  • How to create blank template in your wix website
  • Wix premium and it's advantages
  • How to change and customize background in your wix website
  • How to create Menu in your wix website
  • How to create or Insert logo in your wix website
  • How to add social media to your wix website
  • How to add call to action button in your wix website
  • How to use Anchor menu in your wix website
  • How to create About us Section in wix website
  • How to create service section in wix website
  • How to create contact form in wix website
  • How to add map in your wix website
  • How to create team section in your wix website
  • How to create footer in your wix website
  • Customizing Anchor in the wix website
  • How to create blog in wix
  • How to add Google Analytics
  • How to make money from wix
  • How to make Wix website SEO friendly
  • How to make wix website mobo friendly

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Willingness to learn

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to learn Wix without coding
  • Digital Marketers
  • Photographers
  • Visual Artists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Musicians
  • Everyone who needs to showcase their Services on Web

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amar Tripathi

Learn, Learn and Learn


This is Amar and I work as a freelancer & online Instructor.

Earlier, when I was starting out then I wanted to learn digital platforms, but back then things were very complex. My motto is to make tutorials as much simple as I can so that everyone can learn and understand technical platforms easily without bumping their head on the screen.

        No matter what happens, I will be committed with my motto. I implore you to learn as much as you can so that you can give back enormous amount of value to this world. Like they say, Each one Teach one.

    As an individual I love dogs, music and long walk. Most of the time I like to spend creating tutorials and teaching people one on one about digital platforms.         ... See full profile

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1. The Quick Overview: Hello, beautiful people. This is summer and in this course we are going to learn about picks on day after doing this course you will able to peer website like this for, like, this really are on multiple topics that I'm going to cover in this school. Like understanding terminology off websites difference between weeks area and bricks. Editor. Choosing the right template. Understanding the Weeks editor How we can create a blank template and choose the right template and how we can work on background and how to create many on pigs and how to create logo, outweigh social media outlet card reaction buttons and cursed about a section set dissection contact form. How to add math, how to act photo ASIO and these are the things that we will learn on. This course is going to be a fun so you can handle in this course and you were able to learn to create websites easily just by dragon drop without any court 2. What is WIX: guys, thank you so much for being here. Now let's learn what is weeks and this would start going well. Weeks is a website building platform. What this website do is, uh, if you can clear it off our Web site just by drag and drop, and with the help off this picks, we can create blogging, upside, booking website, e commerce website and many more things. Now let's know about this company. Well mixes a company that is in Israel Onda and this company is founded in 2006 and dusty you off. This company is officially a brown me and the user base is 4.3 million and all this 4.3 million user is up being user. So they are being every month to use Vicks services. The number off employees is 3000 so weeks have hired around 3000 employees. So I think this much is enough Obelix, on this company 3. Terminology to understand: now that's if we are creating a website. Then we should no fue dumps. So I have are phantoms that you should be aware off. If you know these dumps, then it's a good But for Lehman are people who don't know much about website for them. I have ruled this domes so that I can tell them so the first word is s so as you is search engine optimization. Well, this is you know, Google Doc. I have a website and I am offering these services, so please rank me on Google s u is a broad concert. Better this much you can know about as you all the counting that is in your website helps to improve as you. Well, there are two types off issue fee indeed. Let's search. So we're here. As you can see, I have searched apple iPhone and as against seat, this is up. Did had or we can say this is appeared f you and this one are organic as you. So by that we can know that this this section is spare and this one section are organic. So our goal is to have organic s you So I hope you have understand a bit about s you? Well, this is already brought on set. No, let's come due. I don't mean you. Well, don Meaning is simply the name off website. So as you can see over here, this is a nominee www dot apple dot com our double double dot google dot com Or who here This is Wittstock on. So these are our but the name. It's not inborn back at the end, it should be dot com It can be duck iron or about us. So this is the extensions? No, the next time is of them posting. So never posting is said Would is a storage or on any storage where your website is stored . So in this big scenario, our website is going to be stored in mixed dot com. So six has its own member hosting and our website is going toe live there. What exists? There must be clear, dear. This Web hosting is also court Web server. Now, the next time is lugging or APs. Well, Blufgan is something that helped us out. Features or functions in over a website. Oh, are some people are somewhere safe. Sees Blufgan are other Caesar's APS plugging and naps are similar things in the context off creating website No, The next time is responsive design. So the responsive design is something that we can see over here. As you can see, this website walks in next stop and as well s. So this is a responsive design. The website has a responsive isn't if it doesn't have a responsive design, then website may not work properly in for so having a responsive design is really important in every website because around 60 70% user come from for the lights and other for you do 50% user come from index stock, So make sure responsive design is critically important. No, the next time is you are so as you can see over here, this is a U. N. This is another. You are and this is another you. Well, this course is not about coding, but we should be aware or few terms. So in website development they are three main type of coding language. 1st 1 is that demon discord ing language helps us to greed structure in the website. Next one is CSS. So this is all about visibility. The scolding help us be visible or a good presentation offer website and another language is the July skipped. This is basically about functionality off the website. So this language and past who are functionality in other website? No, The next time is dragon broke. Well, with the help off our mouth, we can drag some image or some text from here in there that we no as a drag and drop. And no, the next time is book. You may have her distant before. Also, whenever our website faces any problem and working, then we call that problem Bo book. So the example is Hey, I have found some boat in my website, so I'm fixing it hard. And I think some people think Hey, brother, I have somebody in my website. Can you help me in fixing it? So book? No, The next word is up and let me open Google. Show you what is something? So the time it takes to open Google or any website the loading bay, his court update his speed so make sure our a plane should be good and the opposite off time is down by well, the idle time off loading our website is three seconds. So if you're website is opening in more than three seconds, then you may lose some visitors or some off your audience because off website loading speed . So there are few things like a compressing image and a few other things that will discuss later in the course. So I hope now you know these times and they use this times. 4. Learn the structure: Now, guys, let's understand the structure off any website. So this is the basic structure, and every website uses the same structure or almost the same structure. So, for example, well, here I have a full dot com and, uh, let's understand the structure off this website. So if you understand the structure off this website, then you will ableto understand that structure almost every website. So we're here. This thing is harder. The stop bar and this is the and this is the menu is holding our menu and this Mac iPad iPhone. These are pages, So if we click it and as you can see, we are redirecting to another beach soon. These are the peaches and this is the U. N. So, guys, as you can see and you can learn from this type off you are that you really should be very simple. It should not be a f 123 slash mac. I hope you are understanding that what I'm seeing you can see over here happened. But com slash mac. So this is so simple. You are let any one can remember. So whenever they want to see the Mac, then people simply can search a product calm flashback. So simplicity is the key and this is also good for ranking in Google ranking. Well, we also know f you. So this is good for search engine optimization as well. And as went for your audience. So now let's understand what is forgo? I hope you have understand what his head areas. So we're here as against C This projection, this big thing they have used lot off stuff in the for protection. So this whole section is photo again. As you can see, this on section is full few website uses already small for Doug in just one night are few uses our Lord off, thanks in their photo. So it's completely up to you more to are the things that you want to put in your foot. So as you can see where you're also in this photo off Google, they have used very few things in the foot up. So I hope you are getting you know what It's footer and header is. And now let's see what is design or what is template. So as you can see this complete section this section from here we're here this wanting is template hardy website design. Still So I hope you have understand what has had a photo beach and template and another is contact form. We'll contact form is a section where we put off our humility and our credit to the website . So that person can no or a corner of the website can know what our problem is, what we want to know. So that is a similar type of Graddy form now Next option is social media icon. So as you can see, this is a social media I can over here. So sometimes people want to remove the other website on social media and they also want to promote their social media on their website. So they uses this icon to direct their people on their social media beach. Well, social media is really important and everyone should add that their social media icons on their website. So adding social media, like with Facebook, twitter or you do is critically important. No, as against C, we have learned about the sections. Now let's check what is blocked. May you guys notice, but few who don't know, um, el into those Suppose I have just search over here or random next and do as you can see, This section is a block and this is another block. And this is a text based post and nowadays people at a lot off image also in a block. So I hope you got the blawg word. And, uh, there is also were off he Commerz. So he commercial upside are those type of website were we can buy products like amazon dot com This is the big example off e commerce website and another form off the upside is booking booking websites Booking website is the like booking dot com where we can book hotels or any website where we can book or photo book photographed force. So those type off websites are carton looking up sites. So I hope you got a basic understanding off website structure like a header footer. Kempley beaches Contact form Trust me, I can block e commerce website and booking websites. You are ill baby blue. A few other things slow any study so you can make a note if you want our If you are getting my thinks What? I'm where I'm telling you. Then there is no need to take a note. Well, you are doing good. You're learning 5. Things must do part 1: so there's no oh, we have 15 points and visual do everything, Whatever mentioned in this points so initially I thought to put it in between course or after the course. But I talked doctor before creating a website. If we know these things, then we will save a lot of time by not changing anything later. So if you get to know at the end of the course, then we have to make a lot of changes again. So I'm putting this lesson at the initial lessons. So the point number one is have a mobile regional step site. So mobile version is simply mobile version as against you, will you guys? Nobody's mobile version website is really important because around 60 to 70 or 50 to 70% traffic usually come to the website written by. So if website is not mobile friendly, then we will lose our boot and knock off visitors or audience. So website should be more about your family Now the other point is called to action Well before creating of Excite, we should know our after knowing it we should be like that water purpose off excited, I suppose if you are a local business. Then our purpose is to make people visit to our store. So we will create a website accordingly. So suppose I have a local business like by comparing shop. Then what I can do is on the whom pitch. I can add a button off our shop location. So when someone tapped on that button, then they will redirect a Google map or we can out of phone called feature. So essence is make sure war the purpose off our website and put card election weapon. And as you can see where here. This is the website and this is used book now and you can also at the same button multiple times to increase the people big action to increase the chances off people digging action No door Next the point is, have a map. Well, having map is really important Support. Someone saw your website on the Google hard are off Facebook Act and they don't know who you are So people don't like to do business with people they don't know. Have a about you section about a section If you are a company a z can see in disrupts eight about section is just next to home or just next to first block off the website. It isn't because of people they want people to know about the website and who are the owner of the website. Our work This website is all about soon about U S really body. Now the next point is email subscription. Email subscription is really good marketing strategy. It is a indican word. Good. So collector emails as much as you can with the help off your website Now the next twenties that business details as against see at the bottom section everything about business. This didn't over here. I mentioned a will you, as you can see the arse off their operation and their address, their email and thereby number the reason behind his people sometimes just visit your website to get your details so that they can call you or they can visit your place. Having a business deal in Europe site is alien border. Not the next point is looting. Speak are up thing so best idle time off. Loading a website is three seconds. So if your website is taking more than three seconds, then did is a chance that you want to lose some visitors, so make sure to use a picture that is compressed or the size off picture is not so big. It should be evident. 100 kb are ridden maximum 300 KT. Not more than that. Well, there is one. Do it by which you can check their speed off your website and back to list. So by here you can buy the U. N and restaurant multiple locations, and you've been able to get that speed off your website. Suppose I'm being so. As you can see, this alone time is 400 country to milliseconds. It's the size, so by that you can move back How good your website is. What is the spirit off your website? No, the next one is half in front or don't have more than who wants. Well, it's not professional to use multiple forints, and it's a good standard to use two fronts that matches with your brand. As you can see, you can choose one foreign for heading or subheading, and another phone is for body. There's gonna see what here also this won't and this one is boat are seen and these horns this heading fronts are the thing soon. Don't try to use two fronts, and if it's important, then you can use three front, but not more than that. Now, at this point, lead us to the next point that is, have a good readable forms. Don't use forms like that is ice training or it's hard to read. Make sure it's a beauty table. 6. Things must do part 2: No. The next point is half or social media appearance Being on Facebook and Instagram are you do is a compassion authorities to survive in a business. So try to I have your social media presents in your website Whatever you have, his book is on insta Thomas Jack to add those platform wings on your website so that everyone who visit your website get to know that you are on Facebook You are on instagram so that they can follow you are they can, uh, get to know whatever happening in your business are in your music or what new music you're launching our new products you are launching now The next point is have a good attitude pictures earlier I have told you not to use too big picture but don't try to use so much compressed are pixellated image that isn't simple? If your picture is not professional, then your website will not look good so tried to use and to get pictures and there are few website like on a splash dot com u N s T l a s h dot com slash dot com but pixel dot com that is P e x e l dot com. So you can use on these two website you geared up videos and pictures and weeks also dryer you pictures so you can use wigs also, and the next month is half professional. You are as I have shown you in apple dot com, though. Max Section Beach So there you are. Don't want simple away there that is apple dot com slash mac. So there are so many at one dislike chances off getting ranked in Google under It's about onto getting us simple so that people can visit. Your page is easily without hustling hard or without opening so many pitches. If someone wants to see iPhone section, then they can just with a your type Your website name and slash iPhone are slash Mac. So this is really good idea you can use in Europe site like if you have including upside, then you can use the Europe site slash T shirts or slash bands R slash Assays so you can copy this from up, so it's not a bad thing to be a good thing. Now the next one is there is a seal section in wigs, so try to use that traction well to get rank on Google Onda to get organic cracking Ranking I have worked shown you are you? What is it on any gang and what is Beaudry ranking? And no, the next one is possible. Well, pop up is really important to a collector. Email off your visitors. So as you can see, there are a lot off website. If you open those website, then after a while or after a few seconds, they ask that subscribe to our newsletter or get free e book, and they ask for your email. So these websites offer few things to get your email so that they can sure, all older future services, our future products and future information related to their business. So get email is important. So track toe, use those same stretchy, have a pop up, and so try to implement the same strategy. Have Papa where you can give them a free e book or Friday More newsletter to get there. Email and last Google Point is Movil analytics. Well, Google. In other cases, something and Dr Shoes are go detail off your visitors, but it's not showing specific about every user, but there are, you know, like 50% or 60% user have come from website and another 50% or for the person user come from Dexter or laptops and the social country and their lot off option will analytic shoes . So you can add Google analytics, get more about no visitors or to get out off idea about visitors from there are coming and from work device they're using and how long they're staying on your website. So these are things I hope you have got all the points and you're gonna implement these. And I will try to put everything in a form off the rules so that you can download and check everything that whether you have done on those things or not and you can I don't know this to do list by visiting my website. That is so much about it. 7. The Resource space: So guys know we are going to have a look at the source speech. So for that, Chris, I'm gonna departed. Are common in your You are ill like this. Now, as you can see, we are here on from here. You can check the Dominy. Um suppose whatever Don't mean you want. Let's see. Next check one. As you can see, domain name dot com is taken and you can check whether domain name is taken or not. And if it's off label, then you can buy the domain name from your weeks. Ana, click over here, get resource. So, guys, from here you can download actually pictures. And from here by clicking over here, you can download the videos and he awesome tips to make your website even better. So here are those you can GED, you guys click here in this button and you will get excel file on down there. You can mention title vigil lesson you are doing and what we want. You are going to get on one date you are doing just to make a plan so that you can persevere because mostly people quit in online courses and I don't want that Onda. Once you're done with these, you can download it. I have added Dropbox link over here, and, uh, I can go back to here. Homer to party in home pitch and just be Keogh in this button and you will be redirecting toe Ricks like when I click here. And as you can see, I can start creating Ricks site from here. 8. Creating account with wix: So, guys, as you can see the your own weeks page and from here we can sign up and it starts to create over website. So before that, let's seemed these sections. So as you can suit over 1 15 million people who crossed wigs and their website guys after a while, they make an changed this age or design off this speech. But who were in there? You will able to find a start now, button. So I'm taking over here and from here, so many options are there. You can find up with your email and a password, or you can sign up with your Facebook. Well, here I am signing hope with my Google account. So as against we're over here. Well, if you are redirecting toe somewhere else on the website, then just click my site and you will be who are here or this section 9. Choosing the right Category in wix: And from here you can just click create a new site. And from here you will see a lot off options. So travel choose the most relevant option. Because better design, you will see well, when you click this option, then you will starts to see so many amply. So they are going toe show you design according to your Cataldie, suppose you have selected for the Raffi. Then they are going toe show all their design related photography. So through the most relevant category No, we're here. I'm choosing business. 10. Wix ADI vs Wix Editor: we'll fix area is something that makes us you some questions about to your business. And what are the features you're expecting from the website? And once you have answered all those questions, then automatically will clear a website for you. But the problem with Buddha upside is they are uncle, according to me, because it's not much customizable. The graphics over there are very less. But if you are trying toe, have a very basic website, then you can go with 88 weeks 88. And if you are going with this option, there are so few customization that you will be required and you will save your time. But at then you will not get a really cool and very professional website. You will just get up. Basic website. No, we got what is weeks area now. This auction is there won't do new does, including a beautiful website. So well, you all want a beautiful website. I know this. So they are going to show us a lot off template and from there we can't use our favorite one and we can edit it according how we want not how weeks one in this section we are going to care. Say how Weeks one. So let's click this Jews attempted 11. How to choose template : you, as you can see here, lot off, template, as you can see. So these are really professional. You must be feeling good After viewing this option, let me show you this template, for example. So as you can see wouldn't it be cool? Just clue in this website to your website. This is really we're looking site and we can customize each and everything from there colors for colors, foreign types. It just we can customize each and everything dissection. We can use our email, our address, our phone number, our contact form. So this is really good option or six point. But guys make sure to view template because if you want view campaign, you won't get a good idea how their template is. So even template is important before entity. So before I did make sure to be the Olympic and the next thing is supposed this is finance consulting template. So it's not required that you just have to use this template for finance consulting. You can use it for a promotion off your watch, or you can use it for by clipping. All right, here, corner beauty, whatever you want. If you like this template didn't use it because at the end you can because my speech and everything like a graphics forms and each and every thing colors and each other and everything. So you do not to worry that Hey, I'm using this floor incomplete. So you really we could for me or village cook for my business. You can use it. Good symbol. So I So I hope by this time you have known this and temple attraction and work template suits the best for your business. So, for example, I'm These are all sub categories and I'm choosing this technology in APS and, uh, again, as you can see here, a lot of beautiful designs. We're designing templates. Boot are same thing, so you need not to get confused. Let's view this. Let's see how it looks. So this is really weird looking by this far. It's good. It's more than it's a good thing we can use it 12. Understaning Editing dashboard (Part 1): So let's click at it. This design or how do you decide? Actually, so this may take a a small amount of time. So, as you can see, we are on this editing section. I know you are new and you don't know much about this section, but that's learning study. You will learn everything. So it's okay not and knowing these things, not known these buttons not knowing the section took it. Not knowing this No, I have something to tell you that don't try to follow along with me when it's good that you are trained but also trying to do something by your own. Because if you try more than you are goingto learn more things and the next thing is I don't know. You don't need toe use the same tempted. You can use your own template. I'm here, toe. Just tell you all the option that exploit and all the feature that makes is providing and I want you to create the beautiful website. We don't any guidance. If you are accurate with all the knowledge, you can easily create any upside that you want hung mix. So he has some sections that, uh, you're going to know. So the first section is this page option from you manage page, we can see all the page. So these are just that regard from well, anything we cannot believe these bitches, we can rename it. You can do whatever you want. We can have more bridges from dissection of We will able to see our website looks in mobile earlier. I have only that having on well friendly the website is really important. If you don't have from well friendly upset, then you're going to lose a big chunk off your physical or big chunk off your audience. So let's take this and see how our website looking movie. So you're here. This is how over website is going to look in homemade form. So, guys, one thing I want to let you know that all the design that you see in the lyrics on the website designs all the Templars were the offer the r o the on our mobile friendly template . So you don't need what did that do This The design is not going toe fit in my no way are these die posting because all the templates that kicks off first our mobile friendly templates. So as you can see in this temperate also for you don't require to do anything, it's not quite actually you can just change the text. We can change, just change the color and website is good to go. And if we want additional feature like booking Oh, are these things? Then we can simply add two was also but from design perspective. As you can see, there is not much require. So this is really good feature off Vicks because most of the platform we have to change most of the things toe good weird website according to buy Orchid Oh, well friendly website We have to do a lot of things. No, let's ago back in due over Next up Move No guys e r c. Review our website We look, uh you can get idea from this button, give you and we can see if and we can work afterwards. So from here we can see publishing is that if we republish then have a website is going to life and people will be able to see you know it's so history And she wanted duplicate or transfer site and you can use these features and from here reveal Have a good options. I will tell you this auction later. This is a what s to you, which I have told you earlier. We will know how we can customize it for every corn is something that most of this time in Google Coombe are those $5? Are you unable to see or small? I can Over here. That's hard. Physical as you can see in this, I can also in this Aiken, it is a star here. Is this a way to start? So from here, you can know what it's Rubicon. I'm using safari. So I can't view 51 because I think somebody don't allow African and from you begin at our business in fortune. Should she and I have argued for the importance off having a solution? Media guns tracking an analytics analytics. I have told you earlier and must do section and, uh, there is going up offer Facebook. Also, that is Facebook pixel. You tell hours similar feature, like Google Analytics. But that is for Facebook. Well friendly after you earlier. So he off you, Bones? Hey, have fewer options that were available, Lord might be so you do not to worry that he I don't know these sections. Everything? No. So it took him. We will alone. Just he following everything and watch every listen. And so when you started, you will know everything. Almost everything. So he are she options? Like as you can see, it's things. The year was when Colbert that is removed. This is Leo. As you can see, it centered earlier. One ruler is going to be here from here. I mean, we can remove these things. Well, we don't require this if you stuck in getting a website and you can use defections. Good. Um, I will tell you this letter when I will appear this Vicks well, it will provide us our Domine name Andan unlimited bandwidth, an extra storage on Google. And it tastes as you can see. I'm reading all this section and he moved Brand act supposed guys, if you are using just free worsen all food weeks, then your dominant is going to be like a one to C 45 Dark weeks site or dark my side dot Come or doctorate, Starcom. So it Dominion is really so much messy and it's not professional enough, and, uh, also they are going to do a lot off, add or fix on your website. And if you're okay with that, then you can go with free kicks. Butt, I would suggest you, if you are doing this school project, are. If you are just playing around the video weeks, then it's OK. Toe have free version off mix. But if you are a business and I won't recommend to have three weeks at all because the first thing is dominant and second thing is weeks add so required to have a profession. Dominion, like my business dot com or your website dot com like a professional don't mean example is google dot com facebook dot com These are standard Domine names on. The next thing is is going to put their ad on our free website, so we will not. Only this through, I can show you how we cannot be with the pigs confession it leader. But this time we can move that water. The more feature what are the more option looking from here we can see what we're a distance and you can continue from you. We can review, however, changes, looks the changes that we have made. And from here we can publish and if you publishable exciting, everyone well able to see it. 13. Understaning Editing dashboard in wix (Part 2): is B section and I have told you earlier that this business came from the design itself. Big down, they can show you around is really quitting. And I strongly suggest you toe use background traction Ready is Marty. Because this is what defined the food and look off your website. Suppose and clicking on this section and I'm taking here change these background What? I can change from here. Also Suppose I am clicking this picture Well, we can are videos, we know background. So it's up to you. What do you want to use? As you can see, this is really confessional picture, so you can use it and I have to leave one website. Also, if you want to have a beautiful pictures that is on display, you can use this website also, you were able to find a really beautiful images from this I'm saying and every images is completely free and you don't need to give attribution toe the water and most of the images we see that we have to put the link off, Dr. And in this we don't need to put any type of attribution So this is good. No, uh, let's see what our other buttons from here We can have so many things that we will discuss after a while from here. As you can see, you can our convention manager, we can add members. We cannot Events, bookings This store now, this is weeks at marketplace so and here I have told you Well, it's taking retain. Yeah, so slowly. Oh, earlier I have told you that what is weeks marketplace or what is blood in our laps? So this is that section now you can see I understand because you know they're terminology. So as you can see here a lot off APS on we will use a looter. This is ABS. Will are additional feature to our website. No, let's see. What is this button? Well, if you want to up your media from your computer or from your Facebook instagram are Google drive or rule four goals from acts like teeth, then you can use this section and you can use those picture that is on nutrition video or your computer you can use when you that say so she want, Then you can use This is weeks free images section. We can use images from here also and began. As you can see, I have told you describe side. So if you want images from here or there, you can use the are not of images out there. So try to get best next to best picture because picture is really important to it isn't a website, you know, good day. So have a good big just how are you can use these videos also. And these are beauty minutes, I believe. Yeah, these are images. These are shattering stock images and you have to pay. If you want to use these pictures, No, the next option is you can add a block section. So are you have clearly what is blocked so you can add block section from this from dissection and you can use looking section from defection Support. You are owner off, Jim, are you're working in a gym and you want to create a website for Jim Then this book section is important. You are if you have a barbershop or if you are a musician are. But there are so many business out there who uses this booking section. So if you think that you need booking section, then you must go before, uh, adding this section, which I will tell you the home. So as you can see over here this these are allowed us to have our child bar. We cannot know how we can use this chart bar. So far this far, I hope you have learned these sections and slowly and steadily we will learn most off the things. So just follow along. Just keep watching and keep trying and make your hands, Gordy. And you will learn most of the things and you will have a good website. Beautiful looking upset. 14. How to create blank template in your wix website: So guys, as you can see the other on this page on, if you don't know from there to come on this page, then just goto Rick's homepage or just click. Click this local and click here my say and you will get this page and not over here like this. Create a new site because we are going to create our Web site from scratch So we will start to work from a blank template. It's good to other to stumble. Well, we are not going to choose any temporary will choose a blank template. Not like hell. I did so literally. What is this? This is from this means that everything will be widened clean on. We will start to work from a back blank. Pantic Not any pre made templates. So as you can see, this is just a basic Oh format we have given on. This is the header is the foot up and this doesn't need body. Remember, I have to will dio earlier the complete body off website So deal acknowledge is going to be used over here. So no, let's have something over here. So initially I'm goingto add one strip. So let's go Ad. What is true is let me tell you there's a pre meeting creamy designs that makes offer and we will use this. Choose your favorite one, whichever you like. So it's work. I can use this. Yeah, it's looking good. So let's add manual. Well looks they could be done. You don't want this relating it. I have deleted that with belly button. It's simple. 15. How to upgrade to wix premium: So now we will learn how we can operate our weeks website. Well, a grading weeks is really important to have a few feature professional domain name on Google analytics and feature like this. Well, you can't, agreed Vicks, if you are on a school project and things like that. But if you are business, if you're running a business or if you are creating a type off for full your website that is related to your skill, then upgrading is really important. So let's learn how we can upgrade this week's. So if you're on weeks editor, then you can kick here, agree, And if you are on dashboard, then you can get here a bill. So let's click it. How good? No. So these are the things that we are going to get after upgrading over fixed mix. Really removed are from off the website. They were are going to provide us dummy name on a new wouldn't man with storage Google Analytics and we can accept online payments and things like that. So let's click here. Well, they are going to call you money back guarantee, so that is good. You can feel free to use this Ricks Baird. When Premium and they're willing to provide you support also, so it's really good. That's click here, a great site. Now we have to enter overpayment ills, So I'm going to do that. Once you're done with feeling your details, then you can click here some big purchase. So, guys, once you are done with their transaction, then this section is going to show you. So here, vics is asking you to put your dominant that do you want to buy? So let's search were domain name we are going to buy. And if you have already or domain name, then you can. From here, you can correct it. So let's search suppose. Let's type makes dot com so, as you can see mixed dot com is not available. Reason mix dot com is already bought, so you cannot buy it. Let's right. Learn in the weeks dot com. As you can see, it's a label, so let's get you get it. Let's select the time. If you we won't have this domain name for two years or three years, then if you are going for multiple years, then they are going to give you some discounts. I'm selecting one year. As you can see, if you're going tohave bombing name for additional years, then you are going to save a bit off your money. And I'm going to continue with when you're only because this is just for demo purposes only . So I'm keeping here. Continue again. I have to feel all these details. So, guys, as you can see here, is option for protect your identity. You know, this is sometimes important because when we buy our door meaning than lots off, people are trying to expand. Must. So you're gonna go with her? Well, if it's okay for you to receive spam calls, then it's OK. That's you can go with this. Well, I'm looking here. Public registration? No, again. We have to mention our information. Was your diabetes then you can take here something. Well, guess as a garden. See, we have got this message that everything is done on from here. We can publish over website or else we can't go back to your website. Well, I won't suggest you to publish your website now because you haven't completed your website here. So let's go back to site guys. Make sure to check your email after doing this transaction and after buying this week's premium because after a while I can can email you on DA. Ask about the gratification so you have to click certain links to activate your dominant. Well, your domain name is going to life, but I can't check that out. Whether this email it is, well, it or not that you have put in the website. So it's important to keep my own email I can can email you. And let me tell you, who are I Can I can is a regulate Peabody that governments all the buying and purchase off dummy names. So let's close it. You are goingto get email within two weeks. Sometimes you can get email instantly. No, let's go. And it's like 16. How to change and customize background in your wix website: Yeah, so I can use many, Will you? Who are you? Well, if it's offered pre made menu when Before adding Manu, I want to customize this background traction. So let's customize this. Then we will add many. So let's complete this portion first. Then we will come to next portion. That is many so and I click changes stirred Baghlan and, uh, well, here Let's click image. We'll do any slash and all here I'm dumping the image which they want. So I'm typing. It's keyword, so it's Ah, as you can see these images out really beautiful. It's good looking. You can use your favorite one, so I'm going to use this one I like here. This is also work, but I'm going to use this. As you can see, it's looking beautiful, but we can other one field over here because there is some visibility show between text and image. So let me show you again. Go to right click Jane Disturb Baghlan. You will get this option over here. Pickle on this button, this one. And as you can see, we have got this option and I'm introducing it. Its brightness, it's all getting I'm saving it? No. Yeah, it's good. Well, again. Again. Reduce its brightness because it's not anything is. Still, there is some visibility issues. It's OK that, as you can see, this is taking a bit of time because off Internet connection. So make sure your Internet connection should be good while using this editor. 17. How to create Menu in your wix website: No, I'm adding menu. Well, if it's offered creamy menu, so I can use that. Well, let's Ah, this interesting from this place Bergen, we can click or your menu and I'm dragging it. Were you? As you can see, he had just one option. Where you just home? Reason behind this. There is just one option. You over here in this home section when we add multiple auction over here. Then this pretence with Artemis Italy are and so So that could be You can customize it also . So I go to the line customized. Easing It is the regular one. I don't want any background a little, so I'm losing it. Zero extra will be off white color so that he can match up with this background picture. Guys, make sure when you use dark images than over here, use light next. And when you use doctors then used light images like color images with it so that it can go good. He and celebrate moment. Who were men? Someone who was it? There could be Waikoloa. Bet on you. Okay, lets gender medical methadone light. It's OK. And next Black. Yeah, and actually use this same setting with the goal to next Black and this What? Yeah, it's OK, so I hope it's OK. Well, here's medical option. As you can see, you gonna change of multiple foreign on foreign size on losing from here you can stretch it like this, but I don't want it. Here is some options when the app pages then and these buttons will also had a This is the head Objection was you could don't require. Here isn't layouts. You can use it alignment also you you want to use it or not? These things are optional, actually. 18. How to create or Insert logo in your wix website: that's now let's use a little over here. You're gonna add your own. You go from this media. You can upload your own local that make sure your lower should be in PNG format so it still background should be transparent. Well, I'm going to make her next as logo, so that may be a simple one, but I hope it will look where I had it. Displays button. I'm using this text. Giuliani. So let's say I'm choosing this here. I'm typing though the necessary named Suppose and creating a digital marketing website so including suppose I'm creating website. According to As you can see, it's hard to see and there's when text also at the back. So let's move it, Ondo in exchange the color of their text and it's a name and also is not good. So let's make it this and fun color will be white. That's okay, you know, I want Linus spacing debated, used. So where you can use a The line is busy. I can't you and your surfing. And here is option off character is facing also So actually lose the light skc It's OK and I want this summer a murderer text to increase its size. So I'm selecting here. Ondo Increasing its eyes. Yeah. So getting so Let's a driver. Well, you. Let's change. It's found. I think it will be okay. Put change this one. As you can see, here are a lot off forms. You can choose your favorite one. I think that's really good next to you. Is this? Yeah, it's better we can use it. 19. How to add social media to your wix website: No. As I suppose I want to use social media. So let's see how we can use social media. You know, we're website soul. Yes. As you can see, there are a lot off things that we can use really easy on. Bricks just by Reagan Drop. So this is the beauty off fix. Things are very simple for you. Suppose I want to use social media? I can on my website. So just click this plus button social and you can to your favorite one. And once you have chosen it, then just drag and drop. As you can see, it's all you know, Wheeler, when you click this option said social links. No. As you can see, there are a lot off. I come over here. Well, if you don't want to use. So I suppose if you don't have a twitter account or if you don't have a you tube and then it's not necessary to use this, you can simply delete it. Yeah, like this on. Uh, you cannot piece your social media Lee from here over here, And you can also select the option whether person one toe open the blink in them new window or current window. So it's up to you what you choose and what you're social media going link or you. And here is a one option that you can change the icon. So it was Ah, what if he You have to use multiple black form like this? Suppose you want to use Amazon article or Amazon wings or your Amazon is touring. So from here, you can use as you can see, there is option off place toe blogger. So you can also use these snap Jack. So it's up to you If you want to use, just click here after Henry. And as you can see, this is over here. So you can also look your Snapchat ling. And once that these things are done, then get here. Then, as you can see, it's it's good. No, let's Ah, you're gonna also animated, but I don't want Adam animated, but there are lost a lot of options. You can, as you can see, but I'm letting it will be simple. So it took in one. No, little old I'm selecting a working girl so has against its vertical, and I'm putting it over here. Yeah, it's good. It's looking Withoutem. Yeah, you can choose their next. As you can see, I have got the message. Yeah, it's OK not exchange this next. And after that, we would like one. But I know you. Yeah, As you can see, I have customizer. 20. How to add call to action button in your wix website: now let's admin. But in a war you for you. So again, Brooke, of this section here you will able to find premed buttons. He notes. Dragon, I like this one so I can use it. No way. As you can see, there's one option off link. Ana. We can use this thing so that lets take it the never give you. Now you can do that. People do any other age documents, emails, phone number on any other Web address. So I want people to call me so I can hear clicker and I cannot. My phone number. Let's see here just example. It is not my real number. Yeah, and change this next. Yeah, it's good. Now here we can change their design from here, as you can see, looking at all of those things. Let's see, it is the border we can changer. There's a bathroom, so just make a transplant. It actually it's like transparent and border does the Bader size. I don't want to do anything with their shackle. There could be No, it's OK. As you can see, it could look like this. That's changed. The next text color will be white. Make their evil been likened, but still, let's change some other things. Also, it's locating. Yeah, 68%. And then that someone who were, sir. Then the text color will be black. Yeah. So this will be when someone who were on this will and someone It's normal. But can you describe her ex culo? Roto? Yeah, it's OK. No, let's Ah, hard. Oh, link. Over here, we'll reveal a link to the next section. So let it be here on. After getting next action, we will use this link. 21. How to use Anchor menu in your wix website: Well, we can use one. No, I can. Over here also. Menu. Yeah, you can use this. And this is the dessert menu. But a menu essentially what it does Amgen you gets, would you show? Let's make sure toe off this this thing because else you were not able to change a palace color of the second you can also enemy. I want to change its color. So this year I'm taking you design customized design. And from here I can change its color. I'm making good way again like so. As you can see, there is just one dot because of for known, there is just one peach. Whenever we hear another page, when we create some an intersection and dealing to it as a page, then it will become a second daughter and second, but also so I will show you by doing it. So let's heard. Next section that will be over a section 22. How to create About us Section in wix website: most and go again to It's true. Not with the reason that you like it's not necessary toe use. Just welcome for welcome for these design you can use any you can use the welcome for about us. You can use services for her, maybe for your contractors. So you're gonna So let's see what suits? We're about a section I think it took her. I can use this one. As you can see, I have drag and dropping it. That is one thing I have to go tell you that you can use this zoom out you can use. Select this and you can Is it up? We continue its Did you show? Um, I haven't do it. No crossing. Yeah. Says you're gonna see. I'll add it about the section, but no, The next thing is ah, let's learn weirdest anchor and how we can use it. So suppose this website is going to be one page a website about everything is going to be on home page. So let's our anchor. So, like, this is stripped. We're glad this many option and hunger and as you can see here is ankle click, drag and drop over here let's rename it as a focus and from here also manage. Be just get here and this willing to about a section No And let's name it. Have all this that. So as you can see, we have quicker over next section. That is their orders. As you can see, they are two buttons again is after with your radio. Let's see dish typical nuts. Let's make 01 hanker for home traction. So what we can do is click manage and let's a foster had ankle, will you? So go then you and use anchor. It's a drag and drop away here many where you're doing good. No, that's name it. Anger. No, let's really limit as home. Yeah, so as you can see this ankles creator No. And let's again do the same thing. We will do Beach, and it's tedious. Let's create this kid here this link and home Go home and let's name it home. No. So, as you can see, they are group. There are two of them, actually. So let's hide one. So this will be our main page. Well, there is one anchor over here, so we don't need this. So let's high So I hope you have got to learn that What is on current? How we can use it? No. In exchange, it's gonna Rialto customized design. Let's make it right. Yeah, let's make this all the way. Yeah, it's OK now let's baby oversight how close and someone we click it Then he will redirect with this section And when about us then he will be here. Now let's Ah, dissection so that it can point out on this arrow Gondo through. No, let's understand how we can do it PQ killing and that select and Kurt the focus. So when someone clicker and it will you die them or you Now as Alexa customized dissection , Let's use color. Yeah, if I was with the world, I'm changing this explainer in black. This is trip also as black and again this extra black. Well, there are a lot off options. Well, for next. As you can see, we can make it bold italic underline whatever you want, or we can highlight it from different colors, as against he well, you cannot write although awards and when our company's founder and all those things who were here and let's title you Yeah, as you can see. So when someone click about us, then he will redirect. Oh, yeah? Well, you No, let's She had another section. Well, despite it also does the same thing. What? This man, you go when the when. Someone over here, Then he will do that. It took about construction, so I hope you are understanding the things. 23. How to create service section in wix website: No, let's green or service speech. What our company offers you have to go to add. I give me. Had an address trip. This is what I think we're gonna use it. Yeah, let's use it. Here. You can change your these things and these icons also. And from what? Whatever you product or what company? What? Your company to write the services. So, for example, this website is for Mr Market and then we can provide these services like s you branding content creation like like writing blocks and those things and cat box. And we can change these texts. So I'm leaving it to be this We only know recanted things though we can customize this section. So let's because my no changes scholar you can use a lot of Aiken here, as you can see, are you can I don't know it from internet also, but make sure you don't want in a PNG format so that that should be in a transparent look junior to its color genuine go text photo not exchange. Discolor these colors also I know it's not visible over here, but we will change this bigger picture. No, let's change the bedroom in French, literally on a splash. And now we're here. Let's choose office. That's what images we get. Excuse this change back home now. As you can see, this is a way here, but the this pain Spencer is not visible, so what we can do is click setting X click this why it's OK. But still, this icon is not visibly visible properly. So what we can do is we can change the I think next to change of the brightness of this image like we did before. Yeah, it's okay. Think so. Alleged to be this way during the change of these colors. Also, well, as you can use customer color also from here, as you can see and you can also, you can also add custom cutter or color code from you. You can just paste up. Uh oh, you Now let's see. As you can see, it's not know with legal, So let's change this. I couldn't color. As you can see, I have customize it. No, let's change this. This bedroom. Let's start phone away you and see what we get. This victory is OK. We can use it, change background and there's no William Let's change about rightness off this. Well, we need toe just brightness more. Yeah, so as you can see now, let's see how our website looks. It's picky Oslo Bergen. So as you can see, this would be half created, this much so well. It's so good looking, I think. No, let's go back and oh, let's add another section also, But before it, we will again are one service speech over here. And for that we need to anchor this this column. So let's our anchor. Let's rename it services No beach from here. Manage? No, Let's Porter or here. Very good, No, As you can see, our Tar pages also creator. And as you can see, this is also driving off with this guy's. What we can do is we can are bad. Lex effect over here in this bag around section so changes trip setting, and here's perilous if it let me show you more Texas. So, as you can see after applying bad Lex, this a background image is fixed or here, as you can see, it's not moving on leader text and all the things over here, like low and text. These are moving murder on this picture is fixed. So this is the perilous effect. And if you want to use it and then you can use it And like, as you can see, when someone clicks services speech, then he will be over here over this section. No, let's create contact a section. 24. How to create contact form in wix website: so do cleared or contact section. What we need to do is kind of this trip so we can add it from here next. He what? Suits are upside best. So I think this will be good living customize you. So let's drag it as you can see use Ah, Shoshi Bar And then these these things So that from his loading No. Yeah, it's over here. So before customizing it, let's have another anger from menu No exchanger. Contact us. No New Orleans modo here manage medias at an intersection that is Contact us, then going back. As you can see, we have done there. No, let's close it now let's customized the section. So let's first customized this Magadan. It's okay, Ting. Well, let's change again because let's so they're a little different. No. What are mixing bowl color mixing over you? Yeah, from color. Better we will changer. Yeah, it's good. It's we're looking. They're select again. Yeah, let's click Are known for better looking. No closer because, as you can see, I don't go on to this other social butter so you accidentally move it. Billy and Allah, let's customize this section. Change quantum bedroom image on his slash. Let's search office. Let's see what we see in this section as again seeing we have got these pictures and we can use this change background. Yeah, it's looking. What? No, What we can do is next Change column and click over here. Well, let it be now let's setting Use Parallax over here. And the next thing is luxury in your position. Emit pollution. Yeah, it's OK so that the text and images on corn fritter it is jello. Now let's change this. They're also and this gullible Then I think you're scored. You can change the address also it's up to you whether you want to put your address over here are or not, you can't Now let's see how it looks So as you can see as against the battle axe effort is looking beautiful over here. But I want this the wall bill this section So let's go back readyto minus Zuma. Let's go like this and click moved on. Yeah, it's good. Now let's preview again. She was Someone is kicking over here. Yeah. Then they read attic crude dissection. No hugging? No. Do you know? No. As every have to customize dissection. So as you can see, these men have doubled quicker. Then I have got these option. So from definitely over here, then we really get this thing all the deal over contact from who has contacted us and their deals. No, you One option is sitting and we can change the contact form Name so well, this is our only visible to us. So it's tinge and that's from here. You can also change these things. Click here. This is the same account from which I have stated my lexical this ago. And also we can add new contributor. This means who sees over messages from the visitors and all those things. And from here we can invite. So when it is and we can cook their email and their rules, they are different crews. No, this is the message world people brilliant. After feeling this phone this phone that's changer. Can you? As you can see, people really hear this type of message and these are the different options. And as we can added this fees as you can see, usually old design you can customize your from here We can change or at fields up what we want for number. Then we can ask them. We can add address over you. Whatever information you want to collect from your visitors, You can sandals. So I hope you have got a diary off this contact form. 25. How to add map in your wix website: No, let's are another section. There is Matt. So again, let's choose out of this trip. Let's see, Let's find a cool one. I think this is good. We can customize it. And your local No, let's are now. So goto this abstraction And here's one option contact and forms. From here you will able do fetch maps. Well, hey, are put that stuff map here is full of it. So for your full work to below from this border, put this border that maybe you're full of it. But I really choose our normal nap. That is, that matter will be in column and you can customize it. They're not awfully out. Choose whatever you want. I think this will look good for disrupting. So let's a dragon nets customizer. Yeah, it's work Alerts are double topic and from here we can add multiple location and just put your address and title So those title is going to show up here and you can you can mention description also and from here you can have multiple addresses News of sittings as you can see how much is whom you want. The zoom control street view familiar? A lot of option. And again there is option toe design. You continue their looks and a stretch it did. This means that it will be become a full victor as against E. Yeah, like this. But I don't want this could be like this. No change in this big room. Well, it's under load. Yeah, it took it. Now let's change this background. Have one color so that users. But I I'm not finding it cool. So let's, like soon. So color from the color. Better. Yeah, this is OK, woman God, I forget to add So let's do it again. Yeah, it's okay. Think, Heard? No, it's closer and it's closer. I want to believe this. I can I'm not liking it. Next, senior politician, Let's Junior's performance and text in front is Okay, so let's just change the text from here. We can change the sections like a conventional war here of water, address, email and phone number so that it will become easy for our visitor toe. Reach us. So this is not a real address. This is just for Democrats. There's scorpion gazed export, Mumbai number. Now let's put in real as well. Yeah, I hear you. So Let's see our looks. It took it. It's good to go. They can use this. Let's see. In preview, it's OK. 26. How to create team section in your wix website: no vessel began. Had 14 injection over here. So that's our end of this year. It took getting. I'm using it. Yeah, and so will you. We can change the background section, background color. You can change the picture as well. And his design also? Yes. Closer. Suppose you don't know. Want toe Use these sections alerts until Yeutter include Do you let me call designer a scorpion Baster? Control, See, in control V you will come and see and come on the floor. Mac. Suppose he's a see you and he's a marketer. Well, he looks like a marketer that if you want to add more members than what you can do is just copy this and control seeing control be so you can add, Michael people. 27. How to create footer in your wix website: No. Let's have a full traditional here. So in its at and others true. No, What we can do is we can set a classic and from here we can choose is Mr Black Strip for photo. As you can see and know where we can Lewis select, Ask? - Yeah , as you can see on you can use whatever station you want to use over here. You can also use social media wings and whatever you want. And I have Ah, will you how we can use the social media. So, for example, we can use our social media again when you and customizing when we can change the color. Also, we can put image, but it will not look good. And, uh, people also are Manu like these menu. You can use it if you want. Like this. Yeah, So it's up to you whether you want to use it on our so guys. As you can see, we have created a beautiful website without using any time here. So let's preview were Don't forget to save. So, as you can see have saved her. And, uh, do you view 28. Customizing Anchor in the wix website: So, as you can see and someone to contact us then he will be radical. D section really began at the one section move like a team. So let our dog. So am Kush. Yeah. And let's, uh, who here also link, um done. And then it's traveled to bargain. No, that's pretty wagon. So, as you can see, when someone take over here were you as you can see, is it really professional? So as I hope you have learned how to customise each and everything. So as you can see, I have told you to mention business. And for this is the business and four and mount, let's go back again. 29. How to add SEO in Wix Website: Now let's see how we can use this age for s u So again with you manage me just good decision. So this is our mainly and under this And these are the whole anchors are their action Move This s using. And as you can see, we have a guard. This there's a simulation that they have created. So something similar to this Our side you're going Well then someone searcher So make sure you're beaming on because as you will not be generally this will be off. No! Well you No. So Bye, Mr Marketing. So who's we can add? Also location Now we can put our website name so some put it So I think this is a looking girl and this is also good for as you purposes. But mixture, we can't use more than 70 characters so use your characters right wisely from you began admirable things were our website is far and work service We are providing by example Suppose because I have this again. No, Make sure you use You mean you were schooled in a world. In example you mangy What is distant? Marketing us to try to use my power lines away you and, uh, there is one more thing for S u It's closer. I want this to me. Guess you friendly. So that's a later and was eager And here, as you can see, heading there. So let's make it heading one. So this little boy will be O S u family. Suppose that this because the distance services there. So let's make it anyone. But I was against It is also can be s You finally go Marketing word is there and there are a few things. So let's make it heading. So as you can see, it's heading toward early So elected me so we can use my people heading down according to know next to work next in that heading so we can make it heading one are heading to not wanting war guys. So we are on this beach. We'll just like what you were if you were a little marketing. So he says U s a comma usaid. So that will not be Ah, good description and Wilken block you and wound. Thank you. You're a site on Google, so there will be useless, so just tryingto right. Good. You were friendly and description so there you can wrangle in blue and your link will be similar. Whatever you can change this. So so the one people who reach when they click on your site on world. Then you want them to reach on data speech and you can like, contact us and this will be your website was You buy website and you will be a proper Don Indian so that really thank you better. So these are the things about issue. Can you cruiser? So I hope you're progressing in this course and you are learning. 30. How to create blog in wix: Welcome back, guys. Now let's learn how we can add block in this Ricks website. So forced to go and kick here adapts and search mixed blob. And this the yellow I can plug in that is next blow. Pick your ad. No, it's asking that whether you want just mix blob or fixed block with member area. So I'm selecting brics bloc. This is for actually community on DA. We're not going to use it. Similar didn't for online publication and a new site. So let's say like this No rights. As you can see, this block section is added And, uh, I hope you have observed this also, as you can see when additional section is created, that is, from block No liquor, right? And as against the are awesome options, click here. Well, this is what a stretch. If you want to make a distraction stretched, pick you up 30. And as you can see, as you can see here is option to read a post manage post. So we haven't created any post. So from here we can clear the post. He are some adoptions, like whether you want off her name to be in the post image batch and other stuffs if you want. Then you got addict else. Don't. How did you can? Just one ticket. Let me show you. As you can see, this is like contour. Let's see. As you can see, this heart is invisible now. So if you aren't ticket in there, your block section is not going to show likes. And here are multiple like comments use reading time and all those things. And guys from here you can change the many option. Do you want her toe Adblock section in menu? Yes. So I have talked it on. That's one ticket. I don't go on this loving and China button and search box I money being it. If you don't want it then you can uncheck it. So if someone says anything over here, then if there is blood about it then it is going to get in search result. So as you can see, guys here is Leo adoption on from here we can select tied side by side magazine or whatever . You right. This is editorial. We have seen a lot off this type of section in news website break Post heart. You can choose whatever you like for post? I'm living a to hide. You can customize this. Also number off post followed. If you have multiple post and every post to belong to different category than you can use this option and you can get category for the post, as you can see from here, if you want, you can. You can. Do guys not see what this is is I in section is. So this is to a customized block menu, and this is a post feel it can show you, as you can see this color exchange letting it could be black. And here is our descriptions, and we can change it to style and color and even formed and for his face. And here are multiple options. You can customize it however you want. What if you have any problem? Then you can read articles about common questions. This is adults. If you want to add something more than you can be on the section RSS feed member page and all those things, it's well back. Now let's see how we can clear opposed. So first take here, create opposed. And here, as you can see, I can act title and body. So let's write you. And here, as you can see, I can act tighter and body. So let's write it. Let's say this is my sample text. Well, this is just a demo. So I have putrid is and let's get you publish. Well, as you can, visit the section also, to make your post as you friendly miss you to add your keywords in whatever industry you are. And here, if you want to keep category and you want your supposed to be in that category, then you can do it from here and here you can image that image to the Post and published here another name. So let's, uh, we should know. As you can see, this is catered. Now let's go back. So I hope you have learned how to create bloke. Make sure you, from here you can see your post. It's you. So I hope you can create your own post now and your own block in your Brexit upside 31. how to add google analytics to wix website: guys, let's learn how we can add Google Analytics Tow weeks website. Well, it is very simple. And a Google Analytics is something that helps you do see your website visitors. So let's say Google Google Analytics and click the 1st 1 click here, set off for free. Mentioned your name or your company's name. Hey, BCD. Whatever. Well, you can let it be change. Thank you. Next. And it's asking that whether you want for website or perhaps what would that they would be Web? The measure of our website. Thank you. Here next here, into your website name and industry and all those things. Well, this is for our demo, so I'm just putting it like this Exercising. Okay, well, let's check these boot and Kikhia. I accept where you can read their terms off service if you want. Elective it. No, thanks. It's closer. This is what we want it now. This is the tracking I d. And we wanted this. So let's compete and go back to your ex Terrible and, uh, click here marketing And if you on a click, your marketing integration. And here is option off Google analytics. From here, you can connect it will you hear is also you can see reproductions. So let's connect it here. It's asking. It's adjusting water. You need to do what we have done it that is getting a tracking I d. And now pick your connect Google Analytics. Let's be stick, guys. You will not able to do this if you don't have the expiry. Me? Um so if you are serious about your website, then you can go with six premium. Yet, as you can see, if you want to hide your I p address from Google, then you can use this. Well, it's OK for me if Google sees my I p address I was gonna see It's connected. So, guys, as you can see, you have successfully connected your Google analytics, I was against you. It's reading connected. Now go back to your analytics second and in this section you are going to see everything about your rep site and their visitors years activity, demographics shaken by the ways, as you can see. So you're doing good guys. Keep it up 32. How to make money from wix: so, guys, let's learn how we can make money from fixed. So as you can see, we're on five or dot com and we're here. Let's search Vicks. Well, fiber is a trusted platform, and we can rely on this platform. I myself made a bit off money with fiber, so let's see how we can make money from fix on a flavor. So, as you can see, here are people get machines, the currency first. So he are people creating X website from $60 to $30 to $75. And even a few people are charging $500. So, guys, you can do so what they are doing. So what do you need to do is read or fiber profile, create your gig and make sure everything you do is good, like eating a gig and you're provide and you will sooner. It starts to come in search results and you will. It starts to get order and ask your friends and family to initially review and your gig. Let's see, we can open this one. So as you can see for one page website, she's charging $600 and for being your website and paid you upside. She's just charging $2500 so you can make a good money with a fiver with the help of Vicks . Now, let me show you. Let's see what a rich people are selling Well, they are under car off the game, so every people also sale website for 1 $50 So it took it. Once you we learned and practice, you can ableto make a website fast, and once you, you will able to make a website faster than you can easily clear one website in a day. And once you're done video, then you're going to get $150. So that's good writing. It's good to make your livelihood, but it also depends in which country you live in. So you have to see that whether you can make money or you if you are not, you can boot as a parting. If you are not comfortable in doing it, your full name, because you maybe you're doing your job and those things, but I believe you can do it. Parting on it starts to make some money 33. How to make wix website mobo friendly: Well, you guys, this is the last lesson and I hope you have learned pleading weeks website You really need a good job and and now let's see how we can create mobile friendly website because a lot of people use website from moving. So as you can see, we are on Vicks editor and click here on my body form. So as you can see, we are here and now we can change and do big things so that our website can look on movie better. So let's make this head a small first. Let it be despair and do Yeah, it's OK, let's make this 40 small sized x ice. Yeah, it's good, I think. And let's change this also Yes, don't you don't need to worry because this is just going to changing mobile version. It's not will be change in your website. As you can see guys. No, it's good. It will look good in my iPhone. So this is all you need to do to make a website