Learn to be an Optimist No Matter What and Achieve Your Next Big Thing In Life. | Omar Elbaga | Skillshare

Learn to be an Optimist No Matter What and Achieve Your Next Big Thing In Life.

Omar Elbaga, Become great and make history while you're alive

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11 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome to the course

    • 2. The Experiment that went wrong and sparked the research into helplessness vs optimism

    • 3. The Experiment that will literally shock you, which gave birth to learned helplessness and optimism

    • 4. The Experiment that proves humans can learn helplessness even when they know better

    • 5. Are you secretly a pessimist? 3 factors that make up how pessimists make meaning out of bad events

    • 6. 3 factors that make up how optimists make meaning out of bad events

    • 7. How do optimists and pessimists make meaning out of good events in life

    • 8. Is being optimistic realistic?

    • 9. The one third who become optimistic even when they're taught to be helpless

    • 10. Wrapping up the course in an easy explanation

    • 11. How to transform pessimism into optimism with specific examples


About This Class

In this course, you will learn about the breakthrough science discovered by Martin Seligman on the two different ways of explaining the bad and good events that happen in your life.

We will dive in, break them down and help you understand what makes you a pessimist or optimist. This is not bad vs good thinking, the law of attraction or the secret. It’s science based on research.

You will learn how to make meaning out of the things that happen in your life in a way that will help you avoid depression, anxiety and failure and instead get closer to success because this is the way successful people think.

If you take a sample of successful people you will see that they think like optimists and avoid pessimism in the way described in the course.

Take this course today and get closer to achieving your next big thing in life by learning to be optimistic no matter what happens.





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Omar Elbaga

Become great and make history while you're alive

Omar Elbaga is a professor, web evangelist who has been publishing digital content for 8 years, host of the popular video show called "Mastery" for entrepreneurs who want more than just business advice and founder of Quickreads, which publishes summary teasers of best-selling self growth books in audio and video. You can say hello and watch at http://www.quickreads.co

His books have been published in Barnes & Noble stores across the world and his recent book "Lessons Dad Never Taught Y...

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