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Learn to Write an Awesome Newsletter

Nadia Eldemerdash, Writer, editor, and blogger

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7 Videos (42m)
    • How to Writer an Awesome Newsletter: Intro

    • Definition and Purpose

    • Writing Style 1: Content

    • Writing Style 2: Subject Lines

    • Design Basics

    • Deliverables

    • Newsletter Class Review


About This Class

You have an important message. Maybe your business is having a sale, or your organization has important information to disseminate. Maybe you've written an especially great blog post and you want to share it. But how?

If that sounds like you, a newsletter may be the answer to your prayers. In this class we're going to go over how to put together a newsletter: how to choose what to include, what to consider when it comes to design, and how to measure the newsletter's success. We'll look at examples of real newsletters to see what we can learn and to give you ideas that you can use in your own newsletters.






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Nadia Eldemerdash

Writer, editor, and blogger

I am a professional writer, editor, and blogger. I work as a consultant on matters of public relations, content marketing, and social media management, helping agencies and clients in every industry create compelling content that establishes brands as industry leaders and streamlines the customer pipeline.

As a writer, I've written pieces on everything from politics and current events to lifestyle and entertainment, for publications such as The Tempest, Broad Street Review, Muftah...

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