Learn to Write Horror with Examples

Henry Gacia, Horror Scholar and Wordsmith

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9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. What's this class about?

    • 2. How to come up with ideas?

    • 3. Perspective: First or third?

    • 4. Show! Don't tell.

    • 5. The Opening

    • 6. The Conflict

    • 7. The Climax

    • 8. The End

    • 9. Thank you!


Project Description

Write extracts of your own as examples after each lecture. Use the examples provided on the videos as inspiration and to understand what each lecture is talking about more exactly. 

Don't forget to post all your projects and questions as I'll be reading each one of them.  

-Create examples of twists of common known stories. 

-Try writing a few examples on different perspectives of the same story / extract.

-Try writing examples with tell and some with show.

-Create an effective opening.

-Explain the conflict of your story and write at least one paragraph of when this is introduced in your story.

-Write examples of a climax, try different ways and paces for it.

-Write an ending or epilogue to one story you think doesn't need one, try to make it work. 

Student Projects