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Learn to Video Edit 360 Videos in Final Cut

teacher avatar Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. 360 video editing Intro


    • 3. FCPX 2020 intro to 360 and publishing

    • 4. ADVANCED 360 VIDEO PROJECT skillshare

    • 5. FCPX 2020 Creating a tiny planet video

    • 6. FCPX 2020 publishing to fbook creator studio

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About This Class

Start editing your own videos with Final Cut Pro X 2020 Essentials

If you are looking for a current course that teaches you the entire video editing process for 360 videos in Final Cut Pro, then this is the course for you! The course is current as of June 2020 including coverage for  tiny planet and 360 video editing. The course includes practice project footage from a wide range of camera's.

Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker or YouTuber, a small business or marketer, or just someone who wants to make videos for their family and friends, Final Cut Pro X 2020 is a great application to use. And this course is perfect for absolute beginners or anyone who knows a little about FCPX, but wants a step by step guide

Edit videos the way you imagine them!

While taking this course, you will work on real-world projects. So by the end of the course, you will feel confident editing your own videos.

What will you learn?

  • Importing 360 Videos
  • Step by step for editing your first 360 video
  • Tiny Planet Videos
  • 360 video editing in Final Cut Pro
  • Publishing your 360 video on youtube and facebook

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Greg Hung

Travel Videographer


Hi I'm Greg. I'm a South African Canadian Travel Videographer aka Global Citizen. I first got into video filming with a sharp camcorder in high school making my own short films and tennis video and editing on a VHS.  In 2011 in Simon Fraser University (Vancouver Canada) I rediscovered my love for video while filming an earthquake hiphop safety video for a Media Course. 

After I graduated from Simon Fraser University (BA Communications) in Vancouver Canada I went on to pursue a successful IT career working 13 years as an IT manager. I went onto to complete my MBA in Technology Management SFU and found my Entrepreneurial inspiration to start my own travel video business in 2011 during the DSLR video revolution. I sold my downtown Vancouver Apartment, bought an iMac, a Can... See full profile

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1. 360 video editing Intro: Hi. My name is Greg. And welcome to the 3 60 video editing course. We're going to be teaching you how to added your 1st 3 60 video step by step in the final cut Pro X Platform or Max, we're going to supply you with the 3 60 video footage. So all you need to do is enroll in the course to get started. We're gonna cover everything from importing footage, working with it in the timeline, adding titles, transitions all the way to publishing your 1st 3 60 videos. So that sounds good. Click the enroll button and we'll see you on the inside. 2. FCPX HOW TO IMPORT 360 VIDEOS: What's up, everyone? Welcome to the 3 60 videos section off final cut, Pro X. So to begin, let's import are 3 60 videos so we can head over to the file imports. And I will supply you with the practice files with the 3 60 footage. So file import media and let me go over to the course files for you. It will be a lot easier to find these. I'll just put them in the project files. There we go. So these 3 60 fouls were filmed in Vancouver. Okay, so I'm just gonna create events and I can choose to copy than toe library or leave the files in place. I will just leave the files in place and import selected. Okay, So and her next lesson we're going to go through creating a project editing 3 60 video, etcetera. So why did you go ahead and start importing your 3 60 videos into an event in your library ? 3. FCPX 2020 intro to 360 and publishing : okay. When it comes time to create your 3 60 video, it's important that you make some good decisions when creating the project. Otherwise, you may end up with a 3 60 video that is published and is not 3 60 capable. So an example is this video over here which has been published using the default values with final cut Pro X. But it'll just show up as a video like this That is not 3 60 enabled. So this is not what we want. And we have another example here which has been published in monusco OPIC mode, which should be 3 60 enabled. There we go. There I am. Okay, so just a few things before we begin. So if you are interested in creating 3 60 video, you will need a 3 60 camera like a sound 73 60 or a GoPro 3 60 camera. And if you're interested in learning more about 3 60 video, I do have a course about it. What we're gonna be covering in this course is how to edit the 3 60 foot footage. What we are going to cover in this course is how do you added the 3 60 video, and we're also gonna publish a 3 60 video over to YouTube and to Facebook. And to enjoy the 3 60 video, you do not need the VR glasses that you associate with 3 60 VR videos. You all you need is a phone or laptop. Now, if you're viewing it on your phone, you can actually just tilt and hand the phone to actually enjoy it. If you're on the computer, it's a different experience. You can actually go over to the platform like I am right now on YouTube and you can just click the mouse mouse over and you can see you've got some controls here to turn right. Turn left, tilt up and down. Now, if you tilt down too much, you'll see a blind spot, right? Okay. And if you go on a Facebook, we get a similar interface. So we can han and you can see this icon here. That's that's also allowing us Teoh control the experience. There we go. But this video is actually playing a soon as we press play, so it's a really dynamic type of video, so let's get started. All right, so I'm going to start a new project and it's important that you set up your columns if you don't see them, you want to see 3 60 mode and stereoscopic mode columns. Now I recommend that you keep your settings on equity. Rectangular em on aske OPIC Now, I'm not the 3 60 video expert, but a Sfar as I understand it, monusco topic is going to allow you to view the video with both eyes when you're watching it. If you choose stereoscopic, this is more geared towards having a different type of video being available for each I if you're gonna be watching on those glasses, so just reviewing it on social media equity, rectangular stereoscopic is what we want. So we're gonna go through and create a brand new project and we're going to try to select files that are similar resolution and frame res weaken Simply right click create. You projects warn born identity. Now it's important here that we select 3 60 video. We go with the resolution and frame rate that the video is projection 3 60 monos Coptic rights. We have a choice of stereoscopic and we're gonna select. Okay, Okay, so now we've got approach I created. Let's just re Sizer browser. Give us more real state. Now, something you should know about 3 60 videos is that you've got some different options here for titles for effects and in the Inspector. So let's start off with the titles. So in the titles you will notice that there is a separate section just for 3 60 videos and we can actually just bring down title here over late. It works similar to regular titles, but you've got a few more options, so you can go ahead and select the title Dragon down. Please ignore this sunspot here was probably on issue when I was recording and also the son , um in effect of the sun going on the lens. That's what I think. Okay, so over here on the left side, we have the 3 60 viewers. So if you want open that click on the view over here and just make sure you have your 3 60 viewer open. So this is the view that people are going to see on social media. The view on the right is more off our behind the scenes ah, viewer that we can use to see how we're going to control the experience for the viewer. But the beauty about 3 60 video is that the person watching it, they can control the experience as well. So if we look at the viewer on the left, you can see that we've got the option to play around with us. Now, this is not actually going to control the experience for the user, but this is allows. This allows us to just look at it at a different way. In final cut pro acts, we can see we've got different options here. If you want to reset the angle, If you've been playing around with things you can see, we can rotate it. And we can just reset the angle at any time. By going over there, we also have the option to show the overlays. So if we want to look at the viewing angle over there, we can do that so we can just reset things right from there. All right, so next thing we should know about is that there are different effects for 3 60 So if we go over to our fax, we click over here, open up our fax, you can see that there are different 3 60 effects available to us now. In this course, you won't spend too much time on the 3 60 effects. There's a lot to cover. We want to cover the basics first, and, uh, so I just want to make you aware of it. So another thing we need to be aware of is the inspector. So I have my inspector open already. If you don't, you should open it with command. For there is a new menu for 3 60 videos called Reorient, so you'll see it over here. If it's, it might be compressed. So just click show. And we've got different values for 3 60 video, tilt, pan and roll so we can see how those air impacted by changing these values. If we tilt, we can reset it. If we mess things up, Panning is more traditional. All right, we can reset it, so this will actually change the viewing experience for someone watching it. Okay, And roll kind of messes things up now that we understand how to control the reorient values a better way off controlling it, that my personal opinion is, too. Just do it from the actual you were here so we can click this icon over here and we can do things like do key frames, right? So we'll just keep things simple. And let's just say we want the viewer to look at me, right? So we just set things there. You can see it changes the pan value, and we could just reset the tells the role and got a simple title here. Probably want to change this. So to change the title, we can click on this icon over here just like we would for a normal title. 3 60 in the park. All right, so let's just expand that. And you see, we've got the same options that we do have for a regular video. But there's some rotation options that we have won't dive into those too much. So there are some additional options here that you do have with 3 60 titles, so we just changed the distance. You can see that we do have options to change the rotation here and you can see that we've got the key frame icon so we can see the potential here. We can actually key frame things, so we've got three succeeds titles rotating, so we can get pretty fancy here. But just for our first basic title, we want to create a basic published a basic 3 60 video that works. So let's go ahead and just stripped the sound for no. Okay? And that let's just shorten the video. So it's gonna be faster. You can just make it 10 seconds long and maybe just wanted me of the title over there. All right, so now we got a basic 3 60 video. Let's just play it. Okay, so this title is rotating automatically. Okay, We're now ready to export and publish this baby. So we can either go over here or file share, and it's someone to a regular video and ah, we're just going to select Union Audio. Sure we don't have any audio in here. Let's select next. And I just set a location to see this in. Or an identity 3 60 Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and publish this over to YouTube and Facebook once it is finished, and it's actually almost done, so we're gonna go ahead and open up. Our YouTube channels already have mine ready. I have a Facebook page. You can also publish this to your personal counts. And, um, yeah, you can upload it right over here. Now for YouTube. This is my YouTube channels is the back end and see the video just finished creating. I can click, create and upload. All right, so here is the video. This is what it looks like. So just playing it on my Mac on quick time, it's not 3 60 enabled. So we will need to upload it to either of these two platforms to enjoy the 3 60 viewing experience. So I'm just on my Facebook page here. I think you can just uploaded on your personal account, too. So we're just gonna select the file just quickly. Name and 3 60 in the park. It's like, next and publish. Okay, That may take a little while just for the video to process. So let's head over to YouTube upload, and we can select the file as well. Same file. It's like open. Okay. And I have to go through some publishing options here. So in 2020 May 2020 YouTube has some default options that you need a select. Now we're not gonna dive into all the details here as a YouTube or if you want. Oh, publish this properly, but at a minimum should lease. Have your title description, links if you need, and the thumbnail. But you need to. These days you need to select this radio button. No, it's not for kids. Great to put some tags here. I'm not actually going to make this public because just doing this for the purpose off the tutorial and we're not gonna Montoya so select next. But we do need to It's like that option on the skin slack off next. Now, if you do select monetize, there's some mandatory questions you need to ask like Knicks and we're just gonna leave this unlisted. Okay, now that is going to process, and we can't view it in 3 60 until it is done. Let's head over to Facebook and see if the video is ready. It is still preparing. Okay, so we're gonna let this video process and we'll come back and see how it displays on Facebook and YouTube. 4. ADVANCED 360 VIDEO PROJECT skillshare: all right. In the last lesson, we created a basic 3 60 video, and now we're gonna get a little bit more advance we're going Teoh Tsum or clips, and we're gonna add some music. So we've got something a little bit. Ah, better to show that we can actually publish to our channels. So let's start off by getting some music in the file import media. And let's just find a track. I will supply you with some music that you can use. Yeah, let's just check. So Okay, let's just go with this one. Added to the same event and okay, imports, electives. And, ah, we have our events have the tracking our event. Okay, so I'm just gonna drag this down to the project here. All right? You can see you don't have as much real estate now got her browser, but I will change things after. For now, I just wanna select some clips. Let's do one. Where, but more dynamic were riding the bike. Let me just check that. This is a similar resolution, Spyglass. Yep. Okay. So slick. This drag it down. Let's select a few more here, Jim. Another bike riding one. Sure. you could just like the portion that we want. Drag it down. I'll just clean things up in the timeline. See if we can find something but different treat. This one's nice. Actually took these during, ah, bike ride and around the Vancouver seyval, which is just really beautiful in the summer. Okay, this one is also good. Select one more. I believe I have one in a coffee shop, so let's search for coffee. We're Starbucks. No. Okay. Might be easier to go to the film strip. Ah, here it is. Okay, let's just go to lists mode and double check that. Yep, this is the same resolution and it wana skah pick. So I'll also bring this down. All right, so now I've got my clips in the timeline. Let's resize our columns that zoo out command minus to get more real state. So the first thing I will do is I'll just strip the audio by highlighting them and taking out the audio that one still has audio. Let's take that out. All right, so let's just start laying down the clips here. This could be a pretty basic video. Okay, so you got seven seconds in here. So let's go to Transitions. And we also have 3 60 transitions over here, so we're going to have some fun and see what these do. So let's just put a transition in between these two clips. Let's see what it does can see out of the box. It's pretty impressive, actually. So we highlight the transition and we open the viewer. We can see we can change the angle that it's starting from. We can change the direction, and it can even change the speed. So a lot of options to play around with the transition here. All right, so we're gonna resize this so I can see in the the viewer that this is not a nice experience for are person watching it. So we gotta change what perspective they're looking at. So I'm gonna highlight the transform, And, uh, you still got our traditional options here, but I've got the reorient selected, and I can change the angle here so that the release looking straight ahead to begin with now I can change the role. So it's been a more level, maybe something like that. So at least the viewer is looking straight ahead. All right, so let's just trimmed out a bit. All right? Now, this club, I think I want to show I want to actually show myself, so I just change the angle there. All right, How about another transition? So because we're gonna be going directly to another clip, let's just use a slide. Okay, so we're back to bike riding. Okay, so let's change the angle here. So let's highlight trends. Form the Orient icon and okay. Can see it's a bit misaligned, so let's adjust the role. I won't bet. There we go. Okay, that's nice. Getting a little trick, compress all the speed things up. So it's actually a nice bike trail in Vancouver, Ontario Street. So I'm just speeding through this and all right, I'm just going to trim it a bit. All right? So we want another transition here. Let's shoes. Something different here. And let's see what options we have for this transition. Okay, so we're gonna transition. Okay, So can change. Starting long to the speed. Let's ease it in. There we go. So this is a time lapse. Very cool. That's not the angle. At once again, we're gonna click the Orient Icon and Let's just change that angle. Okay? So what I will do is I'm gonna cut this clip. I'm gonna use the blade tool because I want to show two different angles. So they're blade tools. So the first part will be myself. And then the next clip, I'll just show you what my perspective is. Okay, so over there and you can see it's a bit misaligned, so I just just the role. All right? Great. Okay, so let's just capitalist video off and faded out and fade to black. And let's use one of these 3 60 titles as a called action. So let's take a look at what we have here. Okay? I like this. Rotate one. So let's put that here. Let's change it to subscribe to Seymour 3 60 videos. So we click there and we can see that, you know, it's a little bit hard to see so we can actually change the substance. Let's just change the the wind. Maybe match the type of atmosphere, or in and we can change the type of wood. Okay, let's change it to redwood on. Give it a drop shadow. So we got all these extra menus we can use Teoh change of options there. Okay, let's just reset that. Change it to a lighter color. All right, let's go with that. Subscribe to Seymour 3 60 videos. Great change. The title can make the little bit smaller. Okay, great. We're ready to export this video. Uh, let's just kicked that off and we'll summarize what we've done. We've done quite a bit here. And, uh, sorry if I've lost you. Okay? So some title settings, we definitely want audio because we have a music track here. And let's just start publishing that. Okay? So let's summarize what we did here. We added multiple clips of same resolution ultra HD four K, aka rectangular monusco OPIC. We inserted a 3 60 title. We looked at some of the different options that we have with 3 60 titles, and they've got some pretty cool options. If you do go into, uh, the title area, you can see that there's a lot we can play with. And these key frames hear me. These key frames here allow you to do different options. We added some of the transitions 3 60 transitions that have ah lot of options. You can play with and things like the longitude, direction, speed, etcetera And we went on. We added some different types of transitions, and as we went on, we adjusted the orientation for the viewer, using the reorient option in the Inspector. Now again, the viewer has the option to control the experience. But we also have the ability to from the start change for set the angle that they're gonna watch it at. Lastly, we put a call to action a 3 60 title just to cap off the video. And we published the video. The last step we need to do is, as you saw in the previous video, we need to publish this over to YouTube and to Facebook. So the very alas thing we're going to cover in the next lesson is how we can use key frames to further enhance the 3 60 video experience. 5. FCPX 2020 Creating a tiny planet video: What's up? Everyone is Greg hung here. And in this video, we're gonna learn how to do the tiny planet effect in final cut Pro X. You may have seen these tiny planet effect videos. If you've watch some YouTube videos, they have made them available for the DJ I drones, and I've been playing around with them a little bit. But now you can create your own tiny planned effect videos if you have 3 60 video footage and the appropriate version off Final Cut Pro acts just like I have here. So starting with final Cut Pro X version 10.4 point four and Motion, which is a separate program motion 5.4 point two you can create this tiny wanted effect, so we're gonna create a brand new project. And if you're in this course, I've supplied you with the 3 60 video footage. So the only thing we need to do is to select our 3 60 video club. So I'm gonna switch over to the filmstrip view to decide which clip I'm going to turn into a tiny planet. So it's just browse over here. Let's like this signs World one. Here. I'll try this so we can right click Select New project. Now, before when were created 3 60 projects we selected 3 60 But because we want this tiny planet effect, we want to just select a regular resolution video. And because this is ultra HD four K, I'm selecting the resolution here, so I'm gonna call this tiny planet bike ride and right off the bed, I'm just gonna take out the audio here. Okay? All right. So we've got our clip into the timeline Are 3 60 clip into just a regular video project, basically. And how do we make this something that's a little bit more unique? Okay, so we gotta go to Inspector Command four if you don't have this window open, and the key area you need to change is the mapping area. You need to change us from normal to tiny planet. There we go. So now we've got our tiny planet video and we could control the perspective by clicking on the reorient icon. You can see it's highlighted now and I can change the values here. You can see that I'm changing the area, the pan, the pan and the tilt. Now, if I hold down shift. Aiken just limited this to one plane of you, and this is pretty cool. This is really cool. So we can change the tilt. We can change the pan, and we can also change the field of view, all right. And to finish creating the project weaken simply just It's like file share Master fall just like you would any other video on final cut Pro X. So we slept next tiny planet bike ride to and there we go. So in the next lesson, I'm gonna cover key frames and how we can use those throughout final cut Pro X, but specifically for 3 60 videos because there's a whole lot of potential that we can at to make our videos more dynamic cooler, using the different options that we have here. So throughout final cut Pro X, If you see these icons, these values can be changed, so you'll see more about that in the next video lesson. 6. FCPX 2020 publishing to fbook creator studio: Alright, guys, we're are in Facebook and we're gonna attempt to publish this video. We are in the creator studio of Facebook. This is a new area. A lot to learn. Things are changing very quickly here, So let's upload a single video. And Okay, let's just set selects 3 60 bike rides. Vancouver. So I have a Facebook page here, so you may need a 3 60 page two. See all these options. All right. 3 60 director tools. Okay, so we've got a lot of options here. Let's just wait for her. Let's to load up So we can change the point of view for people that are watching. Maybe with some classes, some. Or we can change the experience on mobile so you can see if I zoom in and zoom out with a phone that we're getting some things cut off. We can set the guide points, and if we have the glasses, you can see the point of use completely different. Okay, so let's just say I want to start off right here on me. All right? So, again, this is on Facebook Creator studio, and we've selected 3 60 mode. Okay, Just like this is a premier and select next publish? No. All right. And I can even post these two other pages. All right, there we go. Got her 3 60 video. Alright, guys. So this is there are 3 60 in the park video that we created earlier on Facebook, so you can see that it's playing. We can control the angles over here, and ah, the other videos needs some time to process. So let's see if we can, uh, view those a bit later. But just so you know, we've covered a lot here. We've uploaded basic 3 60 videos. We've uploaded more advanced videos on. We even went into the creator studio off Facebook to show you the different options we have in 3 62 Further control the experience off the user. There's a lot of stuff that is changing here. Very dynamic. So I hope you enjoyed this coverage of the 3 60 in final cut Pro X, as well as a little bit of coverage in Facebook Creator Studio