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3 Videos (31m)
    • What Are The Four Clairs?

    • Synchronicity: Life is Always Speaking to You

    • The Golden Rules of Intuition


About This Class

Intuition is one of the most precious tools I have discovered on the awakening journey. This course is intended to help you develop and trust this silent voice which is always speaking.

Our inner knowing guides us to live our most fulfilling life but can get interrupted by the voice in the head or our egoic conditioning. I'm excited to help you develop trust in your still, small voice and live your best life!






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Seda Ünlüçay

Evolutionary Astrologer + Intuitive

Hello, I'm Seda. I'm an evolutionary astrologer, tarot reader, meditation teacher and intuitive. I work internationally with clients and offer intuitive development classes locally. You can learn more about my offerings here:

I'm thrilled to share the awakening journey with you!

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