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Learn to Spin Yarn with a spinning wheel

teacher avatar Joyce Mynoush, Fiber Artist at Mynoush.com

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 35m)
    • 1. How I started spinning my own yarn

    • 2. Before you Start spinning on your Wheel

    • 3. How to deal with the flyer hook/ring

    • 4. Tips about THREADING

    • 5. Basics of TENSION

    • 6. Starting to SPIN

    • 7. Spinning the YARN!

    • 8. More Spinning Tips

    • 9. Spinning RAW Fleece

    • 10. Once you filled your Bobbin

    • 11. How to use a niddy noddy

    • 12. Fixing twist while you spin

    • 13. Too much twist

    • 14. Not enough twist

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About This Class

Making your own yarn is one of the greatest source of satisfaction you will have as a crafter. And it’s more easy than you think!

What I show you in this class:

  • Tips to ease your learning process
  • How to spin your own yarn
  • How to spin raw fleece
  • How to correct your mistakes
  • How to prepare your yarn



You have a spinning wheel and fibre and you are not sure where to start? You planned to buy a wheel but you want to see how it looks like when you start spinning?

In this course I go straight to the how to spin, regardless of the wheel you have. Spinning could feel overwhelming at the beginning, but I assure you, it is very easy to make yarn.

All my courses are bilingual English-French
Tous mes cours sont bilingues Anglais-français

Vous avez un rouet et de la fibre, mais vous ne savez pas où commencer? Vous pensez acquérir un rouet mais vous voulez voir de quoi ça a l’air quand on commence à filer?

Dans ce cours je vais droit au but: comment filer, peu importe le rouet. Le filage au rouet peut paraître compliqué au début, mais je vous assure que c’est vraiment facile.

This class is available forever! you can rewatch the videos a zillions of times, skip the part you don't need, and I'm available to answer your questions right here.

Ce cours est disponible pour toujours! vous pouvez revisionner les videos des zillions de fois, sauter celles dont vous n'avez pas besoin, et je suis là pour répondre à vos questions ici.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joyce Mynoush

Fiber Artist at Mynoush.com


Bonjour! I'm Joyce Fibre Artist and owner of mynoush.com. I started spinning yarn a few years ago to have more freedom in creating my clothing and accessories. I love wool a lot, and of course living in Quebec helps a little bit to love the warmth of wool. Im completely self taught regarding all the fibre arts, but Im a former seamstress. I learned the hard way, with short and dirty fleece full of vegetation, a broken wheel and no carder. Read my full story here. I'm inviting you to join my fibre journey in my new studio in Quebec, Canada. xx

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1. How I started spinning my own yarn: bottled among the high everyone. So, um, I'm a self thought fiber artist, and I learned to spend myself and, um at the big, very early beginning. When I start to spin, it's was because I wanted to do my own yard to be able to do my own Gorman. Um, with Dion I had in mind. So I start Not thing I had no spinning wheel, no carding machine. No, please. Yeah, I have fleas. So when I start, I start with the police off my neighbors. And it's very short. Please. About one inch. And it was very frizzy. Very, very dirty. A lot of Marinin and all the trouble you can Emma join a lot of vegetation, a lot of poo and it waas very difficult in the beginning to start spinning with that. And I learned that after Don't, um so I will translate in French after I'm gonna switch from one language to another one. So you just need to get used to that because I'm used Teoh, Do you live stream in both language? Um, so I learned the hard way and I didn't have the courting machine. Um, when I start, I start with ah spinning wheel first, and I about very this meant is spinning wheel event age one with this kind of thing on this has at only one treadle. Well, what? Which was not working and, ah, to keep the story short. It was very, very difficult to learn on this because it was difficult to control. Ah had no drive, man. And the fire was very, very flyer orifice was very Fabi, um, small as you can see. So when you start to spin and you have very small orifice, it's difficult. This gets you have trouble to control the thickness of your John. And this is doesn't Allah you a lot of, um, of them easiness? I would say it's it's it's more difficult when you have a small orifice. And so, yeah, just let you know that I start with a turning box spinning wheel. Um, I build a flyer on it so I could have a larger orifice. Um, I tried to repair trouble, and I was in a hurry to learn how to spin because I had a lot of police that my neighbor were was throwing away and I washed it, and it was it has it had a lot. Ah, lulled Hello? The vegetation on it. Um, And it was Tunggal Matt. And very not the best quality fleas on the market. Really Not. So I had all the factor that, um, make the learning process very difficult. And then after I raised money to buy a spinning wheel, I didn't get the carding machine. Ah, um, to start with. So I start spinning my young without cutting it. So I will show you out to do it, because I think, um maybe there is some people that are not trying to spin. Well, just I would like to let you know that you can start spinning, um, without having a big project, because buying a spinning wheel is expensive and buying quite a mission is even more expensive. So my Carter cuts meat more than my spinning wheel at the beginning. So, um, you can do it and you don't. I know when I start spinning. I didn't have the money to buy card. It flees beautiful fleas, all of that, and roving in all of that. So I start with cheap, please, that I asked my to my neighbor because it was trolling away. So a tip if you want to learn to spin And, um, you don't want to spend money on fleas because you don't know you don't even know if you're gonna like it or if it's gonna do beautiful yarn. Then you could take, um, Google and Google the closest she farmed you have near your home and most of the meat breeder, the the meat cheap breeder. They just they have to share the fleece and the most of them here in Quebec. The Detroit Wait so you can start learning with that. And when you get better, you could try better fleas and better quality fleas. And you don't need to cart it. So I start with a one inch fleece Onley. No paulding machining a corporal will and I did it. So this is the result of my very first spinning. I have two of them, and this is the result. The police was not cord. And, um um so the place was very short, So you can do it. The kids bit fancy db she Come on, see duper magical masipa scales You've left Hama. Philip would cap on the follow filters every known type of our family cast Janovic latextra casually in equal, occasionally exact amount E m some apple ribs. Alma Moshe the vessel permament could believe. What is that? Snapped it off them on this field. His They want one at my shot dunk. Debuchy command see, A vehicular addendum of was on prescription from a public could soupy move was nausea Tele , don't Here in family Muthana Albion e a something J c The the probably don't don't care Sitting apart in people Lucy, is that public Kamasi in a pug sp potentially boob national It was on Exxon Sha who the the London can take a pretty sponsors become outside XLR 11 mine a Prius suffering steer on this That monster in mind that sounds of all the mission I can live a school division every four it would be no projector Put the where she come acidic are welcome of was on indicative table Easy match report on Kevin Just and pedal It's our view Where can be a sort of shoot They put cool, freakish patent about unpopular Lapid Alpha School Lahu, your freakish made mountain call. Where shall we go? Can you to become a philology. A clip on my mom's mom G pillow weapons. A setback actually takes a step oppressor. Is that the transfer sale Paschal that was on trivially Lancashire Create a record. I did family trust Ali. Every book, good vision that stone blocks. It's since become a seven on a popular appear. It makes I have a functioning. Ah, don't suggest ball would there would be a much Comus Capo Ashton Machin McAdoo debut. Pesky jicama sista peeves that Yamuna filed feel summation. Like Aly P. A 1,000,000 affiliate doctor found this example. Everyone and Cathy have a gallon keen on county comes over the mosque. A person. There's just too long. It's a done parliament technique Dunk supper with K G. Come on, say the potentials. Ah, been subconscious and spin much vessel, so don't keep up. It's very difficult. I cried and, um, I found this very, very difficult. Um, and I'm I'm someone who has a lot of ability with my fine electricity, and it took me a good three days on the first try that I had was very catastrophic. And then I wake up very early next morning and decide to give it a go and two days after I got it. But I had a very bad tools. Eso If you have better tools, maybe it's gonna be great. Most of the people that start spinning um, I heard the farm that very difficult, and it's very rare that someone is telling me that, um, well, I start spinning it. Girls like, so smooth. I heard hod it the very first time, If ever really heard that I heard that once on, that's all. Don't Woody lepre Polynesian of decoupage IPO problem. Arkin's that format pickem up. Give the report on Viejo of you Where too classy. Um don't listen. Stroke issue practically p six Ever working group it all just about the Tribune p system. Wacky being digital are funks junkie function. L gives the people I found the system a pesky survival in mucus. Dalip Omura in everyday comradeship Sexual Atwood's if harking Take your meds. Icky count your comus after elicited their coup Come So magic Um Premier Saad on its fear Lippy young filly Initial complex them after your cemetery beaten for not answer machine Could the motto stehf Injun Karam, Kappa Studer um fashion Bundibugyo today in my a semi becomes creamy. Coo sap on actions through Danica has repair schedule that limits with the This is the back in a set amount solo if he should it up. Criminal forgery, Signage Mrs. Jennifer Regime affects us and quiet. I'm pollution ist technologies. Don't cap on. The Philippine Wash broke up. Am SEPA bonsai Focus. Lalama Mattachine Mr Me at that proposal. Picenum actually member of Achilles. Okay, Scholes Secret. I don't know if they could crash. Report City facility Be maybe the yaki. Very suppressions. Damp cam The past eons E dumbness. Well, but have also about 2. Before you Start spinning on your Wheel: So this is my spinning wheel. This is a Nash forward Kiwi. We'll do the tie about Troy three years ago, and I'm I only work with it with the Super Flyer on it. So that's why there is this one inch orifice. And this is super big. Uh, Bob in. I'm not gonna go indeed days with the set up of the wheel and everything, I will just talk generally like, um, generally, wheels have something to set up the tension, and most of them, all of them will have to troubles. So I'm just gonna, um, show you generally out to spend yard with a spinning wheel. Not specifically with one spin spinning wheel dunk so seem a waste it on Ashfield Kiwi do, um possessed idiot waza Ah, I just have a close Superfly or the sea. Simple, secure talking Fisk e cig. Hold on posts. Is that the trackballs bob in the sea? Say bobbin leans. Keep it there. Ah, contract. Because the work on a chateau debut she participated who have a deep activists pull her figure that on some scotch low to dodge mostly in criminal Michael weapons direct amount suit about being a So this is a bobbin loon. Well, um, there is a drive ban on it that just, uh, pass on the the bobbin. So this is why we say Bob and Lynn lead. So Asai said, I'm gonna do further explanation concerning the type of attention and those things. So I What I could share about this wheel on that I love is because you can do every kind of young on it. Um, I didn't need another wheel since I had to speed up my process. Otherwise, I would have keep only this one because I could spend tick yarn and 10 yards on it. And I love it because it's very favorite easy to go slow. And when you start spinning, it's super important to be able to go slow. Um, don't commercial limbs. Eso where Low pastor perfectly like lsland leopards it landed really do a c Telma facil that have a lot. Marceau said This city bobble in sit on Sharma eso But just to start with the first thing you need to do and I when I remember like it. If it was yesterday, how I found this difficult do start spinning on attaching the young too. Um, the bobbing. I remember that. I was following the instruction in the manual. And, um, it was written Teoh. There was a basic instruction that was showing how to start. Teoh drive the make the wall dropped the trends. You don't need to do that. Please don't try to do that. Just too much trouble. You don't need to. Um what? I'm gonna use this tread like this start. Um, I'm jumping from a subject to another, but I strongly suggested you to use strong tread to start with and use a very long tail because it's go so much better. So take a tale of a matter I have to matter A and I'm just gonna attach it again to the one that I have in my bobby and ear because it started to be too short because I broke it sometimes. And I'm but sure with my wheel, I don't fit in Gran Gran cooked. I'm certainly me on jobs is it's got on the ret. Um, you can take any kind. Don't take wool. I would suggest that the principal alien paneer Boca Tanielu Pastor um questionable quickly . I thought some So we'll play a lot with attention. And I think, um what I start, I just followed the instruction and there was say they were saying to attach Shania into the bobbin and then start spinning at the tail of the young that the tips here and to join the fleece to the the start year to the detail. And I was it was very difficult. It wasn't working. And when I go back, I was going back in the other way counterclockwise. Then the join was the wool was on twisting, and then it was broking again. So believe me, you'll way better with that because you could you could use this aim tail, whatever does sense the direction you're spinning applying. So, um, it's gonna afford you a lot of trouble. It's all it's already difficult to learn. Spin. Then don't complicate your life by ah, trying Teoh, use a piece of yarn wool. Uh, Colton like that will be way better and fold it my beasts. So whatever the direction you're gonna take, it's gonna It's not gonna arm on Twists and broke dunk suggests obfuscated to test some people. Popular soundscapes Alief leakages were Don't extend the the mark around anti are wanted by ecstasy by solved in love You Nazi Over Ira Don not old sounds exceptions. Re paper off the lot of but upon stanch like like or um never posted it. We stay it. Concert Escape debut Country Peatland and concerts Kyung Vesicular Allen Talking upon the name sounds Let innovate if it, um se physical love. Feel industrial. Lula Filkin Sheriff Lanham is debt with stay a donkey scars, say a shake for a no carb bluesky. Marjorie times directly. Leftist Eckhard said Non cash Woodsboro little because you would it be. Intellectuals are no tricks like Kenshin division judgment that I'm not there Store in stone. Exactly my concern what you make it look like on the hamper so you could see that the stress is not going and on the bobbing it's supposed to wrap it around. It's not the wheel you see, the only thing that doesn't where it's because the start it is not. It's not tight enough. It took me a lot of time to realize that the only thing I was doing long is this thing was not a touch tight enough to, um get, uh, over around there the team. Um, so don't some of people man the time of the public assistance Teppo after she necessary put on cleaning affinity. So what are suggesting wrap this tight? Do a couple of wrap around the Bobby and here to be sure it's not gonna move like it's doing right now in mine. Just people won't ask me Are asking me what? Why I have this. No reason. It's nothing. It's just some young It just broke and there is no resentful back. Thank you, Sarah, for a par asi don't fear the for the circumstances. Just Mark is a party dunks. So there is once solution. One is attach this very tight. Don't get the she's submissive a load. Say listen, firearms spoon Lupo, listen, if I on tour cancer, pneumatic potassium, ive assembly SEPA questions, it didn't vomit long. So don't put tension at the beginning. You could sold that this way to you will see that if you don't put any tension Don't old the tread It already start to wrap around the bobbin and now you can start to spin. The other thing is I watch video the very early beginning and they were all showing out toe attached to please Teoh tail here, so that has absolutely no importance. You result being able to grab the police over the trade like this. It's not something you need to do to learn to spin. It's very difficult and in the past hours trying to do that. And this is not important. No, I say that a shell Ellen come so debut cell opponent park towns and patsy Possible a tight you don't fast Seppala Patsy So backer of the concert Creo db Working variable Frankie Deval and Bob in the field. So this is not a part that is important if you want to get this. 3. How to deal with the flyer hook/ring: Oh, and another thing too, If it's gonna help you, um, at the beginning, the that will tend to pull lot for beginners. So which means that the trade want to go a lot there and we don't want to because we don't manage the wool well, so start with if you have this kind of fire here and bobbin start, but that would weigh Start with the hook. That is the closes. The tension is is reduced. When you start DeMoss ical e the more detention is gonna increase. This is an advance, a thing. But when you start your bar being tried, you start with you Hook e and then the more you do yawn on it, you event you move it could a be metal, but crusher is see light on some by toe ground commas f invasive common CTC. A massive, barely see 1% spirit will be in the papers about self 4. Tips about THREADING: another thing is one of the mistake that I did the most often you can see here that since I have very big orifice I'm not using a hook to pull the tread on this. If you have a smallest smaller orifice, you're gonna have to use a hook to pull your tread. When you start spending, that's gonna happen. What? Because the young is gonna break and then it's gonna wrap around this and you're gonna have to grab your hand and pass it again to you hook then in your are face and extra don't o. D. B movies that Iraq It's also where large unities but crusher pull met there. Phil Don looking 50 sippers kissed asic Hope Cacheris passed amid work. Rupert, I cancel the waves of the birds on a cruise ship. Really? Alkatiri feel pestis ever big but advocacy. Abbas Ali told Libyan cancer basket. Right, Cassie, People that downtrend a holdup. Italy lives they lead of want a hopelessly at cover. Local sheikh was that I have are the same ones you're on. I know a sticky board, so you're gonna have to pack pass it again through this Judas one and in the RFs again when you're gonna break your young If it happens, If he doesn't, you're lucky. Um, So, uh, if you have this kind of flier, just pass it again to the hook and then pull it with you. Hook A Bobby pin is gonna work if you don't have a proper hook to pull it. True this. Just take a bobby pin a pair of pliers and just kill it until you have something to drop your young Truitt. Make it bid so perfectly so you could pull you young again and again because when you start spinning, it happens a lot. So you're gonna have to put put that pull that again, again and again and again and it just what time it's not gonna happen so often. But I suggest you have a good do so you could pull the tread hazily and continue You exercise of spinning. Um also another thing that I when I broke the young and I had to pass the tread again and again Teoh recite Sometimes I forgot to passage of the artifice, Yeah, pulling you that. I did it. Another thing that I forgot. I forgot to use the hook Um e or the orifice that the during that I hav e So, um and I just I was doing that and I was wondering what was wrong because it's part me during riel noise. My will need some adjustment here because I made something I should not have done. So it's gonna make we had No, it's just don't care about it. Um, so it happened. So if you hear noise that you don't hear, usually it's because something is wrong. So always there is always something. If the noise is not like usual, or if you feel that something is going different, it's because there is so much do. Look, when you spend that, you focus on something and then you forgot another thing that's just normal. Dunkel debut Some of the heaviest Sudan that war she there pressing the concentration customarily and peaches Depressive war, The well off constantly pill abridgement there are fitted with clubbing Cemetery Vader, but posse barely question it is when we see the passage director Madonna Face comes up. Club Domus affiliate Ribs ops at London Festival proposes Machin. It's a matchbook. No cache. Eckford Basanti was some take a crucial to national who cubes on tumbling and very bizarre surpassed even your sexual slavery market. Ah, don't for beauty policy, check for travel analyst Nike since the policy if peace suburb unity okay? 5. Basics of TENSION: then another super important thing is acting on my wheel is the thing that set up the tension on my wheel. So the more pressure I put, the more that the yuan is gonna is gonna want to go in the Bobby. And so it means that it's pulling super hard and when it starts spinning, you don't want that because you have trouble dressed in your wall and you don't you you don't want that. So whatever the kind of wheel you have followed the instruction of the maker to reduce the tension at the beginning, I would I would choose something very at average, and this is gonna be difficult. Believe me, it's gonna be difficult. We're watching on the tension, setting up the tension perfectly, Uh, so you could learn spinning at the beginning is difficult. So on my wheel here, um, I know that just having the ban is is going is going to create a kind of friction against orifice, so I don't need to tighten it. Just having them having it very loose is enough because it said Bob in lean um well, s o. I would suggest if you worked various low reduced attention. Eso just touched the them. You're dr been touch just a little bit. And, um when you get better a drafting wool than you could entries this tension And anyway, one off the tip you have to You you, Molly, is the more you bobbin is going to be full of young, the more attention you can have to put. So be slow and just move it a little bit of each time. So your experiment is gonna be a more obvious. The results are gonna be more piss. Do not touch a lot. Do not vary a lot of attention at the beginning. Just try it, spend it a bit and move the peg or whatever This crew the DB, which together command second chance Don't pray loose No most its secretary batons thrown print off level of work observance Citizens took some fabrica pack a guillotine. Lattanzio sis Difficult police like collect on some white. Always that's looking Lucilla Palestinian mostly se see she met on some weights Egypt apocalyptically a drive man made So are not waking Gijon drive man that they contain sometimes circuit Should I considered right down like a wife mistress case like What country? High costing until now. Concerts? I feel subtitle A lot Lacqua People's a dunk late on some place away April it on some until they really feel about law increase, That's about flow Bucatini Ow! That kind of sale best insisted upon officially don't on the polka on the possible accomplice and typical feel home put on a baby in Vicuron Point on parental that we should look to near somewhere It cannot feel cars at which don't db lesson that on soon loose E Ashwin sporadic off modeler off Amazon gives its allies Ivic Your, um, life Hassan Don't feel very country suit, but Bobby in seems that it on dancer ad of war data nearly she'll consoler seven amounts. Okay, baton. So my toes and it will be still I feel different. Some foolish of Libyans. Seven circulate. Also a parcel will be Doc loves olives, Akama saving decode caution. Lonely Philibert. But it just about seen it was to stay me by firing solution. Come. So seven. Okay, you have possible be in because dispatch acid would still offense on. The residents are happy as a whole bushel Libyan. So if your attention is not enough. It means that the young doesn't want to go there and anything what you do, you only adding a twist to the fiber and it doesn't wrap around the bobbin. So this is a troubleshooting. If you are trying to spin yarn and the yarn doesn't I want to go there and rapper on the Bobby and it means that your attention is to look and creates it. What happens is you're gonna end up with young. That's gonna do a pic Dale like this. It's gonna Hexion a light here and it's not going to wrap on your bobbin increases tension . If it happens, I will go back and we will come back on this aspect off. Troubleshooting after dunk show Avvenire. Vic Silly problem. Locum undetected E c asset were supports it with bizarre 6. Starting to SPIN: So here. Let's start to spend. So I'm gonna just build up that and I'm working a focus on what's happening with my ends call. But Fox is so scary that make me my see in myself little where, Um So as I said at the beginning, I was starting. I I was trying to, um I'm always spinning pro khweis. By the way, don't you must feel todo sensei or accident the something. No leverage. I was trying to make the world grab the join year that I had And I was odd wasn't working. Just forgot that what I do is that I opened that pulls on fiber do that. Okay, Very easy. And now you're not gonna have trouble anymore. You're will be able to focus on directing your wall and have you on Don't could abuse You see that a shell Alan and I am a bit feel. Comes with some ash. A post acosta to turn on sketch versus jewels. Lola, feel cancer. Lebanon's my fear. Nuwa comes out south. Kuna batons. Ah, this substance Me ASAP. So this police here is carded. Please. This is not a roving. This is a meal cart. Please So this is how your flesh is gonna look if you have a good please and you card it, um so, um displaces around 2.5 average topple. So it's medium difficulty don't set. It was only 80. See, capitalism alliance and people are moving And the pup Any sitton then kicked some escape easily. Cab receives a capital Manila. Let me longer than a favorite on view home the deposited me ah ah Napa toda came Don't needto go free in the Bartoli's So this is not a two There is not too much shrimp and it's not too smooth. So this is a great are learning uh, police. Um, the more it has crimped on what's gonna be difficult to achieve a single yarn. Um so first you need to build up the twist in your tail. Nobody be asking for fast. See the bat Cellular twist latency o donnell field A mosque, you see? So I'm gonna wait until I start seeing this part twist. See if I could soon dunk data care. Yeah, said to is not took Michael the sea full of well, a twist securely Sue left ABC in four kisses. Avoid fits of its looking for normalcy Build it enough Build it strong over twisted This is now you could you could over twist that twisted like crazy Just to be sure it's not gonna break When you start drafting Don't be below twisted Kolkata Pork gives a compound the passage clear Since I've got a kind care can It's Crimea where to dump all over the world Kamasi so that the network So maybe it's going to break again It's gonna break anyway. But at least I'm gonna give you I will. I'm giving you tips to prevent that and smoothed it smooth at the beginning Smooth it a lot sued for sure that the full dude it is gonna twist together Now you could start spinning. So the way you old the fleece at the beginning, it's not super important. I'm not gonna go into details about the type of yarn you could do depending the way you drafted the main. My main point is that you achieved to do young a single piece of thread. Don't want your apartment early on the tie. You see, silly said the physical they found upon the amount of songs that it similarly in more babies to secure is that is that you feel cots knew it gives a farmer are applicable Ditches the public a t situ juniper Prisca sausage. Asia s a the I s a country key concept. So now what I'm gonna do I'm going to change the camera so you could see better. Uh, what's happening? So you see that I I just I I went back, so it just because I wanted to pull this again, So I just ah, trouble comes oclock So I could I could pull my trade back close to me. No, the because she jeep Italy are Johar put Japan. Um, the have or please the fib. Dani May. Here we go. So I'm not going to do something to 10. Not too big. So look at my hands and just try to, um maybe even then I caught this so you could do hopefully it over. Over and over and over. So the schedule our fast sick is your affair in sexy on spit. Just life large comes off the lip lock Legality cast Isparta together are deeply photons. Package would really 7. Spinning the YARN!: se patsy. So you ago. So I'm gonna draft and what time learn with? Ah, the spinning that I did is, um if you smoke your yarn, it's gonna be, um, a good yarn That's not going to create a lot of fuss. So you hold you hands and your finger like I do and just pull it very, very, very slowly. And another tip I could give you is Wait, wait The twist build in your piece of wool here before pulling it It's gonna avoid the yarn to break. Do not take the fiber with your fingers and try to pull it this way Used attention on your wheel to a pool I mean, this is this This hand is pulling. And if you do mistake if you by mistake put too much or not to not twist dairy solution, I'm going to show you the solution. After just tried to make a continuous piece of young and without breaking it, it's gonna break. I'm going to show you what happens if it breaks. Don't just seems every mito twists Pastor The twist Donald feel CPAC Irishman Torrico far some are have a sip, a Gramps leading Carcelle seizure of mercury. So that's continued very slowly. Gonna show my hands under so you could see what happens. You see that the twist is building up, so could pool. You could also see that if I'm not small thing, the young is gonna be fuzzy. So now let's say that you broke the done they join or you just you want to add more fleas. So depending of what kind of please, you need to spread this a little bit. Don't. Upon the markers on the feeble Zevi it on this sunspree every song period, make sure spoiled little boo. So spread it a little bit. Pull it, hoping it. So both of them could blend together. They need to blend. If you two layers are too thick, then it's going to be difficult for them to blend together. And then look, I'm gonna just super pose this piece year halfway the piece that I have there. Okay, So don't just purple Zeder Official met the debit Salesi Amish Mind Assoc So I'm sure it's gonna blend together and play with your fingers so it could blend and smooth bland the millions a hey fits of them. It's a text cylinder decides your solar field. Well, Jill found Zoom some gonna zoom So you could really, really see what's happening with the fiber when I twist longs resume What DBS kiss passed Controversial twist And the shorter you places that, the more difficult it's gonna be. I don't recall life. It gives a very precipitous seal. There used to be kulum gas. Mom, - try to use your finger Like it if it was a guide, not so good would welcome sitter. Or did. - If you don't plan to do a two ply, then there is tips. Um, if you're young is over twist, then you could apply it. And if there is not enough twists, you could pull it again to the spinning wheel. Um, I could go in details with the half. Um, yeah, I'm just showing you, um, out to do single. So the twist that I put there is just enough to keep the yarn as a single piece and continuous piece of yon not twist kitchen Maidana lien as mama Decision a minimum cities are so far our fifth Watson, you, uh, debut separately, vacant dramatic passage twists would told the twists that they told the twisted problem. Ask Valerie. That's gonna doctrine and girls welcome the prospect twist. So, at the very beginning that most the nose current issue, the type seen is, um, over twist yarn because we are afraid that the young is gonna break. So we put too much wastes here. I'm just using just enough. The minimum twist necessary June piece of vegetation, uh, to make a country must read. Generally, you could feel if the young is gonna be over twists. It's too if it's do sturdy. If it's too firm, dunks are untouchable. Several seven It it'll twist. So you're still a so fast to feel a controlled firm, I told you. 8. More Spinning Tips: So now I'm gonna show you, Um, how much young I have on my Bobby? And of course, this is a giant Bobby in. So what I have to do is move the hook you so I could continue to make to wrap me on a don't , Um I set it up lor if hostler Cochet, but no camera poor before concentrate Don Colon or told the Libyan Don't fasten any firm too long labour. Been. So I'm gonna continue spinning, but and I'm gonna accelerate now you can see that it didn't such attention because when you you moved the hoop like this detention increase because the diameter, um on which, uh, the yuan is wrapping around this smaller. So maybe you're gonna have to decrease the attention because you're gonna struggle a little bit. Knox Asperger. Because of you. Haven't said Cochet give vehicle out on some of Mount Eskridge a night like a group? No, it's misery. Don't. And I thought some sack once process book of So you pick on for time. The lead scenery, either alone or multi palestra comes on him. Strippers. The I feel a convinced syllable being. So you, Trude trees. It's back again when you're gonna have more yon on a bobbing than another tip, you could split depending the kind of place you have to work with. Split. Um, so you could, uh it's more easier to draft aqsa Principally facile covers on every more dollar may be so working with the strike instead of cloud off fiber, it may be more easier for you, but for some people, it depends. Just try whatever work for you. It's gonna be great Know about the quack evil on a vocal fast on Cuba was a d Prentice That fasten was secure, executing you quite agreeable friends from Southern Sensibly Festival that Wal Mart feeble down in my put bolts of, um, you can carry spin. I feel a victor on your marriage V fib. Graham are short cinema turn keep of Cornell in your group you put in. But that sounds if you do. You leveled a silky pyramid. A would still have all fine. So there is not one way to spend. There is many on the best is yours And the one that's gonna hello You to achieve you goal which is to have the young you want now I'm gonna show you out to use another kind of please, Montri, come up constantly. Me? They can not soft. Not so not so the feeble 9. Spinning RAW Fleece: So let's say that you don't have a card it please. With you, you only have, um, this kind of flea. So this is not the wool of my neighbor. This is, um, I tickets real. And so this is, um, similar fleeced on the one that I have the card. But there is still vegetation, innit? Toxicity. And it wasn't good Little ave sold. Says a rough, please that I washed. And it's not the perfect lease. As you can see, there is still vegetation on the tips and sundered. It's but it's gonna It's this if you have just that, it's going to remove, or you could remove it when you spend it. It's going to go away when you spin it, and when you wash it in the process of everything is so, um, we consider average of the staple and I'm gonna show you are You could spend that even if you don't have according Shane, you can spin yarn. It's just gonna do Morris sticking on more texture. And it's mostly dunk city. But the same can't visit Canada. Repurpose it on fast, solicitous of the fitted Lillian s social. Six are found fit in NK morning This So if I wanna speak pluralistic, many several and Barry is the preferred bank here you depending on the school and the young problems Breezy Also too improbable. A set of specs on the far. Just feel it. Got a e, um, system president parked on. So the most important part is having the satisfaction of creating your own yarn from the raw material that you could use on creating. So I'm gonna just use the same thing. It just most Lou. And there is most texture to the yarn. And it's more Ristic. But you could do it. It's gonna be more even to and it's more slow. I'm gonna changed if you so you can see what's happening. Yeah, with my hands. So just to be sure that I could show you the difference in the extra on Bobby and this is a short cut. So sit there on second cut, I told them if we're passengers informed seven, it's so the important part is you need to sport. So all the fiber, all blending together. So now I could see that there is not enough attention because there is some pigtails that want to happen A national trend pocket. Pass it on. Seo Deschenes. Wacky. Yes. It's the caution on Thomas s A fact, Doc. Clich? Should be noted that on So Soma where? Just get him out. Pick a whitish soon, Um, increasing the tension because I could see there is some pictures. - If you have a dog air so it could work. You just take what you have on your brush, and then you can spin it quickly. Looks exactly did report a shame. Single livable. Found that. I just said to Cicely, it's like Mashed my boss. It's Suffolk soon. - So I always we think that the twist of that Because before I could pull more, please. Aton twists about this when I feel conceit, I don't see them on the house. - So here I could see that, um, it's not gonna work. Well, so comes a clerk, a pull yarn. I'm just gonna grab a place where there is no please and blended together. Don't push downtown blocks underneath. Told Fine, actually prophetic from Cassie film. You know, Palm, I guess. And if you don't touch it, it's gonna do that if you don't do any small day, um, motion it's ah, it's gonna create not extra under yarn. Flexible, not not in a dissimilar fuel for on the surface, exactly the texture. It's a desperate by on a female See, so scares me on the young. - Now I could show you the difference between the card in and the non according please. So this is the card it call. It pleases there, Long courted. It's not obvious, but you could clearly see that there is more on evenness in the thickness of the on and more fuss, too. And it looks more Ristic, dogs, I'll Agassi pluralistic, present texture. Would you see you see more, uh, plan ourselves feel very so if you have pleased you have. Well, then you could have yarn. And I know you do. Um, get these expensive Carter. Now you could try and you could have the satisfaction of doing your yarn. And one day, well, you could sell full of skin and then you wonder you couldn't afford according machine. Don't revoke a fabulous to feel to their ways as a come on. Suffer with the short land grouping of the land were not on cake is in a pre a pre imperatives of a soap opera work. But Canada is the guy 10. Once you filled your Bobbin: Now, let's say that you finished your skin dunk zone gives epiphany, but issue, um, dilemma. So a very important step is, um you need to wrap your skin around a new tea. No tea, but they don't believe a special photo don't need. You know, I have seen people. Well, do whatever you work. You like two dudes. So it works for you. Long queues more some The rush. Full results on basic cable. Maybe she couldn't that I conserve. Arkady Jacques. Even it zillions liked amounts of weight comes up public. Adi. We're sort of fit in battle in the Tamar travel flick themselves that if that Rocky comes very ticketea Linda and answer some a good external mine personally twist a pretty sexy don't limbo fire her referring to the most I'm gonna show you if you don't set up Twist of union when you finish, then what happened? When you're gonna want to net it, sue pills. Suppose that you take the yard directly from this and you do a ball of yarn so you could knit it. So what? Or you left it on the bulb in which I did. And I need it just pulling the trigger formatting from the Bobby here. So you see what happens. It does those things, didn't they? Yeah. Don't wear your skirts affair. It's a trick concert. Don't surfeit summer family's sake. But clearly was Mehdi Bukoba who comes at it. It'll show cities have a family tree cookie to crash. So, um, I really don't suggest you to do that. I tried it, Teoh Safe time. I tried it. I tried to get directly the young from the bobbin. And what happened is that I end up with a lot of tangle. Anyway, when I'm even if I was keeping it like this, you said that you need a tail like that. And what happens is the young is just making tangles. And, um, what happens is the net. The knitting is so Kruk, Um, it's just very difficult to get a beautiful knitting this way. And I don't suggest you to do it if you want to do it. Well, that's up to you, but I'm not gonna do it anymore. So what I use in any jihadi you could use that that one is from Ashford. It's the many one, um, and whatever you used to wrap your trend around is gonna be good. So never kill muscle the character assholes keep of Ramadan. Holy. The firm initial the elevators suspended position. Right? Correct. So this is a real new Donati. But any piece of something that you could use to wrap your trailer room and s o do a skin and then wash your skin and, uh, hang it for dry is gonna be okay. 11. How to use a niddy noddy: So you have seen that I I I use this tool is which is the needy. Noddy and I have the wheel. I'm just going to continue to a wrap the yawn evenly around the needy, Naughty, like this. I'm gonna removed its life. Bandung shiver John Villa like awas older where this precipitous So they will be need for cinema. So try to be even to That's gonna be a menace cane, some of them Martin pittsy bean events going home about three. That's gonna be just a minute. Skin off, 25 grams approximately. And then when you are finished, I strongly suggest you to attach the skin as much. Please as much as you can, because it will tangle. And then when you're gonna want to wrap your scheme in a young bowl, then it's gonna be tricky. So what I do is that I take both off the hands off the tread, and I wrapped in a touch it around Skeen. But then I'm gonna had when I have a very big Nitin idea, do four those or five or six. But then I'm gonna touch another one year with a piece of cotton. Don't wanna to share No TC, but it comes at a lot of age. You need, you know, these have a to some police. Also, it's full of somebody told every night and then I'm gonna have another one. I have one e and I'm gonna have another one. Don't attach it too tight because what is gonna happen is gonna have increased the felt thing that could happen when you wash it. So keep it loose, but not too much. So it's gonna move all along. The steen don't get the little Lewis and Prokopcuka is permanent. Back to me, boy. But wholesale display civil at the Schiphol cereal fit on leva Say, showing how many people on field several food creates a Tom Wargo the the film I'm calling all son. So if you are touched just through to firm, then it's gonna make a mark, and it's gonna it could also felt very easily So now that you attached everywhere, I'm exaggerating. But attach this. It's way better that you attached to March. Not enough at four place. You could see one year, one year, one year and one year. That's for what's not fake up at that. She talks a big game on you Capacity Quentin loves that it held responsible fit book. Several stood some way so you can see um the The twist is low in the skin, as you could see. But look, no twisted Emma A favorite on Satish Folo Coupeville Wa Baskets Victim A comes on live less for twist publico So the twist is Lou But it's going to do that It's normal because the set the twist is not set Noxon normal several Fassa a several fax er see ruefully fair. A single started on behind this consulted last cancer CPAC people for remembering kind of twist. What? Ah, fix e So I took this path Republican they are my So if you want to do a single, this amount of twists in the yarn is fine, so you can if it looks straight from the wheel like that, that's gonna be perfect to do single, perfect, a little bit of twisting ear. But just because I didn't smooth it, So what you gonna do? I'm not gonna assure you are toe wash this and hang it because I want to do a separate part . Just about this on banks, your opponent permanently. Commercial average foolishly town. Certainly many peers. Something schedule Falcon sex now a power box of bullets set up twist. So what you're gonna do with that, you're gonna use cold water? Please? I'm not your beginning. So please use straight cold water, One drop of dish soap. And then you put that into your bowl. You just deposited it. You lift it to drain water and soap. You do that a couple of time, don't from it. And I'm Baldo Fuad taken good deciding. Like I said, the deposit issue comes so rule every policy. Loose evacuation fits on couple therefore come. So so to *** stepper. So please do not agitate in the ball. Because even if it's cold water, there is soap. It's kind of felt it's gonna be hell when you're gonna want to wrap this into a ball. Don't naturally, a purpose gets And also but not firemen. Sisters just love what? Let's put seven. Yes, often feeble keeping common for three. Pierre is common. When you went on the def Irish football five on bad, a little mixed on fire to call it. So what you're gonna do is then you're gonna let the water you're gonna rinse Not that you date Don't get proves Elliott and say As you say So a on sit among the trick is you today Is that my machine alive? It was sick spin So my washing machine at this pin cycle Only if you see Genz, maybe attorney sing ins Then the excess of water disappear. I don't cares Sick little spin The man machine on my VCR On live Lexa, do Sanofi Just respond. So what I do is I take a hanger, uh, for clothes hanger. And then I put anything that I could hang here Not too much way just a little bit. The more bigger the scheme is, the bigger would you could do. But if it's a single young you want just said it straight to put a weight on it, Whatever it is, it could be. You have Asprey Scissor, whatever. You hang it there with hook and then you let destroy forever. I'm kidding. Ah, good. 12 24 hour, Especially if it's unit. Be sure that it's completely dry before removing the weight from the scheme because it's just gonna do that again. Dunk, see a bullet Medicine. Science from cells Christian Mission. Mr My Son, just respond. Jakarta Quite see Shepperton, but a the progress Very painful. You see AP Patrol Prick A hole Privilege Boy Group reported with a doctor a previous decision. Boozman, Qatar. Absolutely no impact on give. Elicits says she cities amounted to civil illegal dick on our brain Electrical tape baskets in on a system called committed itself. Aspects of our common side effects What? 12. Fixing twist while you spin: So, um, I'm gonna show you what to do if you realize that you just want a few inches of young and it's not enough twists or there is too much wits. So it's twist correction, but live not after the spitting. It's finished The excision of monthly qualifiers TJ members around the counter solar Kuchar's gives every filia told Twister down. But the twist don't Szoka never permeates the twists of suppose you don't have enough twist you're drafting on it. Just it broke. We can see it here that there is not enough. So this is what happens. So you need Teoh, um, difficult for me to make that pass it again. And then you're gonna take this PC year. You're gonna we move the overs bond part here, you're gonna spread a little bit que please back Super posed together. Don't who? The twist and spirit for the fat, unspeakable people panic. Now what happens if you realize that you over twists, which is the most common issue that I have because quite passage in Avalon the consequences of your grandma told me twist secure the actual scared, even local Selma. So you will see you. I would just exaggerate that. So you cannot draft very well. So show you what happens here despite So what you're gonna do if you see that this this is happening. This is we over respond. You can feel it. This is very, very sturdy. The fitted that never came out. Blue Saffan It's abortion. Cancer. Now kiss comfy Big Daddy in on by. I have worked. So? So you treadle in the opposite direction so you could get all of this young back. You will remove the police here, and you will. I'm twist so treadle the oppose it to get you young back. And we will fix that right now. And now you're ready to start spending again. You will have to play with the trouble of your wheel so you could pull back and forth. No suitable planet Fidelity. You never football for home for yourself a little bit. Feel different them out. And the twist is now fixed. That's it. Simple like that. So you could correct it. That got you better correct it now than having to risk in and redo ball. So just pay attention and it's gonna be a really timesaver if you correct it right after you have seen it. Not so. I would probably pay ample food. Ecology, a solar cook it about half over. Fire the Bali recovers. Finish for Nazi. Well, uh 13. Too much twist: So now I want to show you what happens if you have trouble with, um You jorn um the two trouble that you could get is not enough twists and too much twists Don't off Bali. They do problems. Three of our toe twist pass a twist s so I'm gonna show you I'm not an expert in spinning single yon. Don't just a little wanted and expect Don if large Fillon beginning she looked through the file They feel pretty a the arch Earn some use. Did you ply yarn and very bulky and things like that. So I'm going to show you, um uh, piece off the yard that I found. Okay. And what? I found a flaw. Um, suit This part generally is okay, but you find, like, art of myself. I'm gonna tell you that. Gonna find some spot to show you this spot you that's not obvious. Gonna find another one? Yeah. So that spot a is a fader for me. I'm not part of myself. Don't set to Marcelo. See? Said Policy, sir. Sick on your told. Twist your preserved isn't it says over your critter. Pretty Rabbani. Cool. Haven't see Jerry on the tire emergency because if it so Juba's weapons exists. So this is for me. This is over spun so this you could knit that It's OK. It's the gonna show. It's not that most terrible yarn. It's It's OK and it's not everywhere, so I'm okay with it. I don't see what decision here, but feel it comes up battle. So what happens? What can you can do if it happens that your yarn is looking like that, even after you straight it and you keep pulling it and it's keeping during that. So it's OK. Do not panic. Please do not throw your yarn away. Nausea tip over. It feels, say, pocket ab CJ Messy lunch Lish. Former Nazi become so LaMotte's qualifier. Do not throw where you're young in a positive okla fear. Um, what you're gonna do is you're gonna wrap this. You have many way to deal with it many ways. So one of it is gonna be, too. Make a ball of yarn. Whatever the tool you have, let's say that you don't have the professional tool that I have is Thine wonder or whatever . Oh, a balwinder! Let's see you doable of young with that young you wrap, then you're just gonna put the ball on the floor or just leave it on the floor and what you could do the easy way one off the metal that I views in the past is you just pull the yarn from your ball, and since you you left the ball on the floor, it's free. Do online. So, um, try to wick stand up. And when you want you John, leave the bobbin three on the floor and then it's gonna when you wrap it again on the need in Aldi or in another ball of yarn. The fact that you wrap it again and you leave the bobbin the the piece of the ball of yarn on the floor free to move. It's just gonna on the wine on itself, so it's gonna help remove the excess off twist. So I'm gonna translate in French. The inimitable to prove it is a say Rufete in Belda Lynn, I'm Dracula tissue getting totally state Rula satire who dancer in Comp Lou and show their print booked Villela Saleable, the Babuji Thomas Lafayette swallowing awfully serenity. Nobody swaddle a famine Bandel in AVIC. It'll a listing Lib Lab Allan Park tire. But for God's sake, just fire. And better than ever, consider going for E on it only Barca several salvage twists Pascal Bertoni comes Kasey Trivedi, Abu Officer, but our roughest on battle And I'm like, what battle in Zagreb? Oculus theory. But it even took me console a Bob invite only say that the same specials smoothed it a little bit. You will see that it's gonna help. That's gonna remove a little bit of twist. What happens if you have, like, way too much twist like it's it's hell. You have 200 options? Um, so one of it is Teoh. I'm gonna lose my mind. You could apply it. Oh, are you could power pass it again in the wheel. Um, so I'm gonna shoot my face. Um, so you have to solution. You could apply the young and you could also pass it again in your wheel. Eso if you want to apply it very, very easy. Well, very easy. Then you could do the trick with the center. Pull the center pool ball, But I'm not a fan of it. Ah, What I suggest issued you, um, with your ball of yarn and supposedly, do you have 100 grams above Jahn? Then you split it in 2 50 grams. Ah, bowl of yang used in the kitchen scale and then you apply it on your wheel. I mean, it's it's simple. You just used to bowl 11 ball of young in H to its very important. Don't do that mistake to put the YouTube all in one bow because they are gonna wind together, they're gonna tangle. It's gonna be hell. So one bowl, per, um, bowl on the floor and then you could just apply it on the wheel. The others solution that you have is Teoh, just Ah, pass it again, uh, into you are spinning wheel, but you're gonna spin it the other way t or the the other direction, which means that if you spawned clockwise, you're gonna Spahn it again. But contra oclock the other direction. But then you're gonna be very careful, because generally you don't have to do to remove a lot of twists. You just have to remove a little bit because he could break your young. So, um, you're gonna work with high tension because you want a low twist on the long land So height , high tension on you will wicks, Lou, and observe experiment And you could do it. You could pass it again. I did it many, many times because because so you could remove the twist this way by spinning it the opposite direction that just pawn it the first time. After that, you're gonna have to run it again another day, Noti Then wash it and hang it again, right? The I'm gonna I spend this in French so dark Xavi does also this young see even a vapor of staple a solution Cascades donor fell about the fact No battered And I think but batted in a sense don't sign local said the supposed Okay Songkhram the Lin Bick. But about the land Far do about Kim Jong Paul Imbalance accusing blessed founder, durable benefactor in battle And the second time Down Shack No medically do Belda Lynn doesn't show their country fair baskets. No, confidently The little young sound solar where you wanted somebody near Assam's. That's enough, Are But because this effort dunk the boiled shack Separate our negotiate on what? Salafis on site? Yeah, those fast on TV May abusive police. Sibella, Linda are some comes a little twist. First try sandal fire, Vulnerable problem befit. Underplay every keeping civically Um load fess Invite the apostle island Down the west Kids Lucky loves I vanish Food Len eso gives if it sessions in Eugene o d Don't give the devil for accident Triple the high Pass it down away If they really feel it doesn't oppose it Said that the bags on Mars You feel two million on the Exxon Ohio Long dollar south And agree Disagree Landmark Don't trust gives that if asked exactly Capaci not agree Nonsense Going Crandall at your higher saves every flea on your arms A little Repossi are no amount of direction opposite that if you're talking about being Donald sounds, um, Arjuna on a public twist Envy Dark of the committee epic Good times don't pass capably Makukula fill out legal Phil around happen Model s a Libyan yet emotion a ah Public twists Dunk them up Metta Bhutan's also But the way he met for a second movement is post moves on every dunk See are generally happy So don't the soup twists that pasando can see Fair conflict Graffiti Come downloads Rex Songs live Lamar Broccoli Affiliative in produce Zealot of our capacity Valentina de la vi A lover Metzger Our science polo faster She ever come for bonuses? Armani Lavey lock Manalo Um Navicular. Vernal Providence blue Apolo Affair station Exited. Crosses Socialism. Yeah, fair in Badalona before battle in my boss is gonna wear ap R 700. What will be in the Affair 100 please? Um refire. Copley may become assiduous to jackpot. Vessel six attended no proper. Jennifer Aleppo, on supply properly. Were trying paper company conspiracy, please, and waved down the embassy. So I I will resume briefly. Do is dream eater that I talked to you. You split the skin into the 1st 1 You do singing ball of young with your ball of yarn So by from by doing another ball then a little bit of Swiss is going to go way Then you could split your ball into and apply it so you could do to plan instead of one pie. So you deal with you over twist young this way very, very easy. This is the middle that would choose and because it's effective and it's pretty um Then the other method is to spin it again. But the other direction there is a foot met at which is you could insult applying. You could do a chain ply or enough as you apply, whatever the way you we call it. But as a beginner, I would not suggest it to do it, because it's more tricky to do, um, as a beginner, so I hope it could help. If you need any help, please message me. Contact me if you have some trouble, you are not sure what's gonna what happens so young. You're not true what it is. Um, please contact me. It could help, and I'm used to it. Docks is a problem that pursue of Santa Kick Chul's weapon, Ganic. But feel means that postal. The kids tested the linen sphere when women Christine Pullman Zadie as a weapon brunch yesterday, who by 14. Not enough twist: Now I'm gonna, um um That I'm gonna talk about what happened if you're young as, uh, not enough twists. So, um, it happens to me when I was trying to save him. Please, I could tell you could I could, um I could tell you start reading. Happens is I was trying to save and about very short, please, of hope ago, because it was cheaper. And then I was not experimented. And what happens is when I spotted Leon was looking OK. I mean, I spawn it, and it didn't break when I spine. But what happens is when I wrap it on my needed naughty. Then it brought not it was not terrible, because I could I could do, um I was able to do a bunch of small skin with it. It was okay. And I could use it for weaving. Often side that. But if it happens, what you're gonna do don't estimate any very secure. Officials say the economy is a progestin. Bagram a lot was only every time a cool job. Republican expecting Aspasia. Mr carefully stepping. Marshall, I found I feel appointed, please left. And I feel it's time is that that he basic? Um, Philip Jamaica A se jin job. Remember being to take correct me, Captain returned the subtle affair, the lumber business, the money, you know, Sesame casting, Doctor, the hop. Remember, being says Sal Acosta up results and wants the dramatic soundscape swap. It is usual. Remember, being only the answer may lie affiliative fragile. Donaldson. So what did you kiss gives that if I understand you see See, till s to essentially regular people phone personal separate Carson Carl Company. Many people feel Mencia carcela just on the many Chronopoulos. Also, that will be any peer Kasten call comes that it got to you, can, Excellency. So it could break again if it broke when you did your skin on your needed, only it means that it could break again when you're gonna net or we've we should could be worse. So, uh, what I would do is really to respond it. So there is no way to get rid of that another in another way. Um is to be respected, So it's very simple if you start wrapping your John around uni don't needing all the and you see that it break Stop right now and remove your bobbin from you spinning wheel Put it on Eliza Cade and re spend it with another Beaubien That's easy and simple like that. So again, since you spinning spinning it again you're gonna have to use Ah, higher tension. So you just having a little bit of twists Which means that you want you yarn to enter quickly um, on the bobbin and had very low twists per inches I would say maybe maybe your young just need to have one twist per tweet inches Don't skip Identify excisions that I pass it on the way all David Bobbin devote away Metalist are dedicate a meta nobody in So that way The Apostle Donald with our minds Executive Levy Philly um metal Ottosson augmented at on stone destructive off her twisted patrol feel Ah, don't sit Ramus Cash Kahlo Martha Lattanzio her 100 a and twitters The down that is a deuce Mom debuts that Ive watch several So purposeless ever so we but feel so know what really was the fact don't seem you that I talked to is the passage on it. So it's better to have too much waste and not enough to is because it's gonna fall into peace if there is not enough to it. If you have too much, you could always do a to apply for a chimp line. It could work. Um, so it's very easy. You just responded in the same direction. Wrongful or refugee in on a mental Exxon Monte. But don So he said to uplevel home it is surrounded. You know, divas issue please to just responded. And you put it on Indeed. Italy. You wash it, hang it, and you're gonna be all right.