Learn to Speak French at Your Own Pace Level 1

George Gaston Pombal, French Teacher

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About This Class

Learn to speak French with a Tutor.

Learning a new language requires not only time; regular and timely practice is the essential ingredient to retention and excellence in communication. This is why, every month we have a 45 minutes online live chat with a tutor. The tutoring is  not only to bring a human approach to the language acquisition process but also empower learners to develop and maintain their oral skills. Tutoring bring the learning experience to a whole new dimension.

In the following course, you will learn to:

  • Pronounce the alphabet

  • Pronounce French sounds

  • Use numbers from 0 to 50

  • Greet and take leave

  • Use the pronouns "tu" and "vous"

  • Say the date

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I'm from France, I watched this course by curiosity but I can tell you guys... It's a really good course !
Gregory L.

Knowledge is gained by learning

Great for beginners!
Good sharing. I just enroll to your class.. You might be interested to enroll to my class too. Please find my class here http://skl.sh/2aqburc
Siau Fong Bong

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George Gaston Pombal

French Teacher

I'm a PhD student in French literature and I've been teaching French as a Second Language for more than 5 years.