Learn to Speak English the Fun Way: Intonation. | Peter Crooks | Skillshare

Learn to Speak English the Fun Way: Intonation.

Peter Crooks, Learn English/Travel/Write/Earn

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7 Videos (13m)
    • Intonation Intro

    • Intonation Explained

    • Intonation Examples

    • Intonation Further Examples

    • Intonation Strategies for Improvement

    • Intonation Resources

    • Intonation Project


About This Class


Learn to Speak English the Fun Way presents a super bite sized mini video class with Peter`s sidekick Crazy Mike. Peter explains what 'Intonation' is and how important it is when speaking the English Language and Crazy Mike, Peter`s twin brother, takes you through some examples by using one simple sentence. We then look at further examples of 'Intonation'.

The class, consisting of 7 short video lessons (including the introduction) is less than 15 minutes long in its entirety so this class can be digested in one chunk if you so wish.

Our project is for you to write an English sentence and then to give examples of how the meaning of that sentence can be changed depending on the intonation (verbal stress) used on any of the words in the sentence. You may show the stressed words within the sentence by writing it out several times and underlining the words you would stress to change its meaning.

Background music within the lesson is courtesy of bensound.com.





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Peter Crooks

Learn English/Travel/Write/Earn

Hello, I`m Peter, an online teacher of English conversation, film maker, digital nomad and a proud Global Village advocate.

A native English speaker from the UK but now living in Bangkok, Thailand, I travelled around South East Asia for a couple of years during which time I was a voluntary teacher of English to both Adults and Children. I also have experience as a lecturer in Radio Skills in the UK and am a keen film maker, producing travel and cultural videos for my travel website and...

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