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Learn to Speak English for Beginners

teacher avatar Peter Crooks, Learn English/Travel/Write/Earn

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Phonics 1

    • 3. The 44 Sounds of English

    • 4. Let`s Learn to say 'Hello' and 'Goodbye'

    • 5. Bites of English Say Hello

    • 6. Bites of English Say Goodbye

    • 7. The 5 'W'`s and the 'H'

    • 8. Learn to Speak English Phrases

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About This Class

Learn to Speak English for Beginners

In this class we will work our way through some of the basics of speaking English. It is the first in a series of classes leading you, step by step, to fluency in speaking English.

The first words and phrases you need to know to converse in English are 'Hello', 'Pleased to meet you', 'How are you' and 'Goodbye'. (Collectively known as 'Greetings'). My experience as an English speaking newcomer in Thailand also shows me that 'Thank you' is the second most useful phrase to have. And of course, depending on the situation, there are a few other ways of saying these words and phrases.

But if you are a beginner in English speaking, how do you say these words and phrases?

Assuming you can read English words and can listen and understand the English spoken word, this 28 minute class which, following the introduction video is broken into 7 bite size lessons, will allow you to say many of these words fluently.

Not only that but because we will initially concentrate on phonics (the sounds which make up the words of the English spoken language) you will also begin to be able to practice and become fluent in speaking many other English words and phrases.

At the end of the class, and with practice, you will be confident enough to meet, greet and start a conversation with anyone in English.

*Please also see 'My Notes' which accompany some of the videos where you will find additional tips.

We will also introduce a short project which will recap some of the things we`ve learned during the course to further strengthen your knowledge.

If will also be of benefit to practice phonics until you can fluently speak some of the other essential English Greetings such as, 'How are you', 'Thank you' and 'Pleased to meet you' and the 5 W and H words (Who, What, Where,When and How).

Please leave reviews, comment and feedback to help me plan future lessons.

Please note that although, in my final lesson, I recommend a website called 'Talk English' for further practice, I am not affiliated with this website in any way.

Music contained in my videos is courtesy of http://www.bensound.com


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Crooks

Learn English/Travel/Write/Earn


Hello, I`m Peter, an online teacher of English conversation, film maker, digital nomad and a proud Global Village advocate.

A native English speaker from the UK but now living in Bangkok, Thailand, I travelled around South East Asia for a couple of years during which time I was a voluntary teacher of English to both Adults and Children. I also have experience as a lecturer in Radio Skills in the UK and am a keen film maker, producing travel and cultural videos for my travel website and Learning to Speak English videos..

I am the holder of a 120 hour TEFL Certificate.

As a former radio broadcaster in the UK I have many years professional experience using English conversation in a relaxed and friendly manner. I also have acting experience on stage and in TV and film a... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello. I'm pizza in this class for beginners will work our way through some of the basics of speaking English. The classes just over 25 minutes long, split into seven bite size videos. Videos one on two will practice phonics, which are the sounds which make up the words of the English language. Well, then progress in videos three and four to common greetings such as Hello on goodbye. Next, we'll demonstrate the use of the five W's on the one H word to start a conversation in which we require more than a simple yes or no answer on. And in our final video, we'll discover some other short but essential phrases used in English conversation, which can be found for free on a website for you to practice speaking English. We'll also introduce a short project, which will recap some of the things we've learned during the class. To further strengthen what you've learned at the end of the class. On with practice, you'll be confident enough to meet, greet and start a conversation with anyone in English. Welcome to learn to speak English for beginners 2. Phonics 1: Hello, It's pizza here from a latte prow. English class. Now, today we go to look at phonics. What are phonics and how will they help you? Well, phonics or the individual sounds, which make up the words when speaking the English language. By practicing the distinct phonic sounds, you'll begin to be able to recognize and then say the words of the English language. There are, in fact, just over 40 different sounds. But today, in this video lesson, we'll start by introducing you to the sounds off the letters of the English alphabet. Okay, let's begin. Yeah, for Apple Bill for banana. Cool for crocodile, dear. For dog air for elephant for four fish. Good for good, huh? For hot it for Igloo Joe for jelly Kerr for kick, look for like mirthful mother. No for number are for on or off per for personnel. Quote for Tween rare for run, sir. For stop 24 Top Oh, for under the for vegetable were for water X for exit year for yellow. Andi Z for zebra. Now it's your to 3. The 44 Sounds of English: Hello, It's Peter here again. Thank you very much for joining me. Welcome along to English Beginner's lesson number two, where we continue to look at phonics. OK, now, in this lesson, we're going to take a look at the 44 sounds of the English language. We're going to take a look at the 18 continent sounds. The three are controlled vowel sounds. The five short vowel sounds, the six long vowel sounds the seven Dia graphs. Sounds on the five special sounds that's include dip phones. Now it all sounds very difficult, doesn't it? With all these technical names? But do not worry. You don't have to remember the names off the individual groups of sounds, but what we need to do is to practice the sounds. So let's do that now. Okay, So here are the 18 constant sounds on some examples off woods containing the sounds. Now you say them along with me, please festival the as in bag or ribbon by riven. Okay, as in cat pig box freeing Can't pick box Queen Dio as in golf ad filled dog at filled fast phone laugh half. Yeah. Yet eggs ghost guest. Okay. Het who? Yeah, jet page GRF lip Phil Man Soma, climb no net, No! Okay. 10 Happy right Ranch wrist, sir. Sip city ice science to top trucked the then of five. What? Why wait for Ween. Cool wire. Yeah, Yes. Opinion. Uh, zap fools has cheese. Now let's take a look at the five short vowel sounds. Ah, as in bat and after eggs. Pet bread friend it pin in Busy women. Oh, hope off on fun monkey trouble. Now let's introduce the six long vowel sounds A Was it made made day Lady E feet These bean be candy. I pi might lie. Oh, boat bone open. So you, you mule double o Or do as in few blue soup And next we have the three are controlled vowel sounds A law is pronounced all as in car Onda part Oh aw is pronounced all full north you all or i all or e r Or all pronounced as in her bird Hell. Now these next sounds are called die graphs. It's where there are two letters together to make one sound such as sure as a chip patch future as in shop fish this'll as in sing what? As in when MM and as in ring Andi, I think as in boot on. Finally, we have five special sounds. Oy as in oil and loyal our as in cow and pouch who as in hook or as in rule and whole Andi as in vision and treasure. So there we are, then the 44 sounds off the English language don't get to practice as often as you can, because practice does make perfect. Don't forget that evens. Pause the video whenever you want. That way you practice the individual sounds as often as you like. And don't forget. There's also a quicker way you learn to speak English, and that is by booking one of my Skype lessons. Do that by visiting my Contacts Page website or by contacted me through Facebook. So there we are. Thank you for watching on. I'll see you again soon. For lesson number three. I 4. Let`s Learn to say 'Hello' and 'Goodbye': in this lesson, We are going to learn to say hello and goodbye. Hello? Yeah. Oh, hello. Goodbye. Yeah. Oh, dear. By goodbye, huh? Yeah, Yeah. Oh, hello. Good. Oh, dear. By goodbye. Hello. Goodbye. And coming up in our next lesson. More ways to say hello, Andi. Goodbye. I'll see you soon. 5. Bites of English Say Hello: Oh, it's a piece of here from that crowd. English Plus. How are you today? Are you? Well, here are a few ways to say hello in English. There are lots of ways to say hello. You could say I could say, How do you do? That's a full, full, full approach usually do this. How do you do? How do you do? You could say it's a good friend. Hi, that lots of ways to say hello to do good. It's the so love to ways to say hello under lost ways to say goodbye as well. I'll tell you those next time. Mrs Pizza from proud English class with other bites of English by now. 6. Bites of English Say Goodbye: Hello, Andi. Goodbye. No, I don't mean I'm going. What I mean is in this lesson, this bites of English a few ways to see goodbye in English. But first, here's a magic trick for you. Watch this. So how do you say goodbye in English? Well, he could just say goodbye. Watch the lips. Good bye. That's a simple way. Goodbye. Well affordable way Good bye. See you again sometime. You could say that. You could say Tara, you could say See you later. See you later. Alligator In a while, crocodile. So there are various ways to say goodbye in English. You could even say good evening. Catch you later. You could say how fun I'll catch you very soon. Something like that. That's a few ways to say goodbye, Phillips. Good bye. In English Money's pizza. This has being a bite off English. Black English, last else. You soon. Bye. For now, 7. The 5 'W'`s and the 'H' : Oh, it's piece of here again. Who? What? Where? Why, when and how? Who wants where? Why, when and how? These are cold five W's all the h words that if you begin a sentence with one of these words than they entice the person who you are talking to answer without simply saying yes or no. Now to demonstrate, I have to bring in my twin brother. His name is Mike. Hang on a minute. Hello? I'm Mike and I'm pizzas Brolan. Although May has a bit of a message moment. Now I'm going to demonstrate to you the five W's on and the page. Those are the words that you need to use if you want to solicit a conversation. So more than just a simple yes or no out of who it is you're talking to. So I'm going to ask Peter some questions, and then Peter will answer those questions along. You'll see how it works. OK? Pizza. Are you ready? Yes, I'm ready. Mike, what's your first question? Okay, Peter. What? My first question is this. Why am I wearing this week? Because I want you to be my twin brother in this lesson. I want you to ask the questions and I will answer them. Do you want to stand? Oh, yes. Pizza. I understand. So my next question for you is where Where do you live? I live in apartment in Bangkok, in Thailand. How long have you lived there? How long have you lived there? Oh, I've lived in Southeast Asia on and off for about two years now, but I finally settled down in Bangkok. Uh, just over six months ago. Who gave you this week? Oh, do you know? I can't remember now. Um, aborted England, which is where I come from. I can't remember where I got it from. Okay. What do you do, Peter? Well, I teach English conversation to anyone who wants to learn or improve their English conversation. I see. Now that how do you teach English conversation? Oh, well, I teach it on online via side. So there we go. That is on example of how you can use the five W's age. Hope covered the hole there. Five W's In the age when you want to solicit more than a yes or no from the person you're talking to. I'll see you next time on another bites of English. I'm Peter for love, Proud English class by from May and buy from me to see you. 8. Learn to Speak English Phrases: Now listen one on lesson to look to phonics on, uh, way on now, going to look at phrases because by now he should have practiced phonics. They are the sounds off the English language. And if you remember in lesson to we looked at 44 sounds off the English language. So let's move on in this lesson to looking at phrases English conversational phrases. Now, rather than go through all the different phrases on this video, what I'd like to do is to introduce you to a website. This website is called talk english dot com. Now, if you go and find the website, you will see that's there are various English lessons on the home page is also, if you can see here in this section, there is the facility to download the lessons onto your smartphone android iPhone or iPad. But what I want to show you today I wanna want to practice. Is this section over here. If you mouse over to English lessons, English lessons on directly underneath you will see speaking English lessons. If you click there, you will see another list brought up below. English speaking basics is the 1st 1 If you click on that, it takes you to this page. English speaking basics. Andi, if you read the page, it says this section is created for English speaking beginners who need to understand the basics of speaking English. We use very simple phrases on expressions toe help you with your English speaking Andi. There are currently 90 lessons with over 900 audio files in the English speaking basics sections, and you'll find these here on their clickable on. If you go to number one, which is English speaking basics. One flake on you will come up with this page here. Now this page here. Once you get into this page, which is English speaking basics one, you'll see a whole lot of live links, and you need to go through these as often as you can in practice. Let's just look at the 1st 1 There are, in fact, think that 29 29 on here, yet 29 lessons there. Now this is all interactive, all these lessons or interactive, so let's just give you a demonstration. If I go to number one basic usage off, I'm or I am right. Let's just go to that one basic usage usage of I'm or I Am, it says here I'm is an abbreviation for the word I am now. These words these phrases are audio file, so if you click on them, you will hear them. I am so tired. I'm so tired. Click on it again. I am so tired. It's on. You can go through the other one night. Confused. I'm confused. I'm confused, etcetera. I'm happy, etcetera away down to the bottom on the page. And then if you go back, if you go back to the previous page and we all you will find the next section, which is I'm in or I'm acts or I am on on again. Some examples, some interactive examples. I'm in the shower. I'm in the lobby. I'm in a car, etcetera, etcetera. So there we are. Basically, it's Ah, it's a very good website for you to practice speaking English talk english dot com Now you probably heard me say it before. If you've been following me, that I'm an advocate off practice makes perfect. So please use the website. Andi, practice as much as you possibly can to learn to speak English, takes practice. You very much for joining me. Mining's pizza for lack prow, English class on. I'll see you again soon. Don't forget to keep updates on my Facebook page. Lap brow. English class. I'll see you on the page suit.