Learn to Speak English for Beginners

Peter Crooks, Learn English/Travel/Write/Earn

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8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Phonics 1

    • 3. The 44 Sounds of English

    • 4. Let`s Learn to say 'Hello' and 'Goodbye'

    • 5. Bites of English Say Hello

    • 6. Bites of English Say Goodbye

    • 7. The 5 'W'`s and the 'H'

    • 8. Learn to Speak English Phrases


About This Class

Learn to Speak English for Beginners

In this class we will work our way through some of the basics of speaking English. It is the first in a series of classes leading you, step by step, to fluency in speaking English.

The first words and phrases you need to know to converse in English are 'Hello', 'Pleased to meet you', 'How are you' and 'Goodbye'. (Collectively known as 'Greetings'). My experience as an English speaking newcomer in Thailand also shows me that 'Thank you' is the second most useful phrase to have. And of course, depending on the situation, there are a few other ways of saying these words and phrases.

But if you are a beginner in English speaking, how do you say these words and phrases?

Assuming you can read English words and can listen and understand the English spoken word, this 28 minute class which, following the introduction video is broken into 7 bite size lessons, will allow you to say many of these words fluently.

Not only that but because we will initially concentrate on phonics (the sounds which make up the words of the English spoken language) you will also begin to be able to practice and become fluent in speaking many other English words and phrases.

At the end of the class, and with practice, you will be confident enough to meet, greet and start a conversation with anyone in English.

*Please also see 'My Notes' which accompany some of the videos where you will find additional tips.

We will also introduce a short project which will recap some of the things we`ve learned during the course to further strengthen your knowledge.

If will also be of benefit to practice phonics until you can fluently speak some of the other essential English Greetings such as, 'How are you', 'Thank you' and 'Pleased to meet you' and the 5 W and H words (Who, What, Where,When and How).

Please leave reviews, comment and feedback to help me plan future lessons.

Please note that although, in my final lesson, I recommend a website called 'Talk English' for further practice, I am not affiliated with this website in any way.

Music contained in my videos is courtesy of http://www.bensound.com