Learn to Speak English Fast by Changing The Way You Think.

Peter Crooks, Learn English/Travel/Write/Earn

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5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Eliminate Fear

    • 3. Forming Affirmations

    • 4. Using Affirmations

    • 5. Affirmations for Success


About This Class

Learn to speak English fast by changing the way you think.

Our thoughts influence what we do, how we feel and how we interact with those around us.

My names is Peter and I`m an English Conversation coach. I belong to an online community of English conversation tutors and everyday I speak to English learners throughout the world. The one thing that has become apparent to me is that many of my students have now become fluent in English speaking simply because they now have the confidence to actually speak.

So how did that happen? Well, my method has always been to encourage my students to just go ahead and talk. And soon, we are able to have conversations about anything and everything. But, one of the things I instill in my students is that they are in control of their own mind. I other words, their thoughts shape their lives.

In traditional, formal learning of English much emphasis is given to grammar. And this is, in my opinion, often what confuses students as the rules are not consistent. Many students become afraid of actually speaking. So I tell my students that once they know the basics, to put these grammar lessons away in the back of their minds and to just talk.

As a native English speaker, I know that we all sometimes get things wrong. Even us native English speakers. Our talk does not always follow the rules of grammar. ... But the thing is... It doesn't matter.

Conversation is not about getting things right. Its not about accuracy ... Its about fluency.
The object of the exersice is to communicate with each through speech in the International Language which is English.

So knowing this ...how can you ensure you have the confidence to speak to others in English? Simple. Tell yourself that you can! Programme your mind with positive thoughts.

This video class explores how to do this in 4 bite sized lessons!
1. Eliminate Fear.

2. How to form sucessful affirmations.

3 .How to use positive affirmations successfully to guarantee fast results.

4..Examples for Success

(The class also includes a long list of positive English words so you can compose your own affirmations.)

*Project - build your own affirmations using some of the words in the positive word list at the end of the video class.

(Music courtesy of http://www.bensound.com)