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Learn to Speak Dutch for Beginners

Vincent Noot

Learn to Speak Dutch for Beginners

Vincent Noot

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31 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. Intro to Learning Dutch

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Vowels and Consonents

    • 4. The Alphabet

    • 5. Vowel Combinations

    • 6. Dutch Words That Are Similar to English Words

    • 7. Latin or Germanic

    • 8. Other Short Words to Remember

    • 9. Colors

    • 10. Greetings

    • 11. Wel and Niet

    • 12. The Word Even

    • 13. Possessive Pronouns

    • 14. All the basic numbers

    • 15. Numbers Are Backwards in Dutch

    • 16. Other Words Related to Numbers

    • 17. Telling Time

    • 18. Phrases Related to Time

    • 19. Days of the Week

    • 20. Months of the Year

    • 21. Animals

    • 22. Body Parts

    • 23. Food

    • 24. Gezin or Familie

    • 25. Family Member Names

    • 26. I, You, We, Etc

    • 27. Examples of Regular Verbs

    • 28. Irregular Verbs

    • 29. The Future Tense

    • 30. Learn These Common Expressions in Dutch

    • 31. Final Words for these beginner's lectures

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About This Class

Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands and Suriname, and is commonly used by millions in Belgium, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. Many Dutch will appreciate it when you learn to speak their language, and when you make an attempt to communicate with them on their level.

The Netherlands and Belgium are huge trading partners for multiple businesses and are among the top economies in the world. Many Dutch travel and are savvy when it comes to cultural, financial, technical, and social developments. Learning to speak Dutch is a noble cause. You will find your confidence in yourself and your language skills grow as you become familiar with the details of this language.

Learn to tell time, to exchange money, understand basic sentences, read words and spell or pronounce them correctly, tell the doctor where it is hurting, or ask the waiter at the restaurant for a certain meal when you visit the Netherlands, Belgium, or Suriname. With these basics, you'll see how easy it is to recognize specific words and see where they come from and why they mean what they mean.

Don't wait and indulge in the interesting, fun knowledge of learning how to speak Dutch!

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Vincent Noot


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1. Intro to Learning Dutch: So you want to learn how to speak Dutch? You've come to the right place. My name is Vincent Note and I am Dutch. I know all about it. I've worked for the Dutch translation office. If you think about it. Duchess being spoken in a few countries. It's in the Netherlands, Suriname and Belgium and then also the Dutch Antilles. And there's Dutch people all over the world. The Netherlands is a beautiful country where if you visit that you can enjoy their cheese. You can enjoy the windmills, the city's beautiful buildings, the history to culture. And don't forget to Coke get if you don't know what that is. Looking up right now, I can assure you, if you will take this course, that you will get better at Dutch, especially for beginners. This course will teach you how to pronounce things. And you will have the skills of a confidence. Dutch language experts. Well, maybe not next part, but at least a beginner. So So don't wait and become familiar with this beautiful language with their us and and after a while I'm pretty sure you could say you today and scarf in half and hey, I'll see you on the other side. It's not expensive. Just get the Dutch course and you'll understand Dutch and you'll have a better comprehension of how to pronounce things and how to say simple things like, Where you going? What you doing? Or, hey, isn't the weather nice today? So So thank you for at least considering it and just click the button and I'll see you on the other side. Yeah, don't scenes. 2. Overview: Hey, thank you for by looking at this video course and taking the opportunity to learn some Dutch and I'll introduce myself. My name is Vincent Note, and it's spelled N 00 T because double O's Oh, in Dutch and I am Dutch. I grew up in and balance. I lived there all my life, and it's only been five years since I moved to the United States. That's why I lost most of my accent. But I am 100% Dutch, and I'm here to teach you about this exciting language and let's just dive right into it. So, as you may know, Dutch is being spoken, and the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, some of the Dutch Antilles and ah, maybe the occasional person across the world who lost their way on and it's a very old language has been changed a lot over the centuries. But I'm not gonna bore you with the history of the Netherlands or the language. You can look all those up online. You're here to learn some Dutch pronunciation, some conversations on grammar and some of the little things that you need to know to understand the language better eso we're gonna start with an overview. So first we're gonna learn about pronunciation. We're gonna go over some easy words. Some small words, some numbers animals, body parts, food, family, verbs in the present tense because that's the easiest to start with some simple phrases and conjunctions. And that will be this this video course eso first, let's start with pronunciation. 3. Vowels and Consonents: pronunciation is really important because if you know how to write it, but you don't pronunciation pronoun she ate it, pronounce it well, then they they will still not understand you, and they won't do it on purpose. But sometimes, like I've heard, Americans sometimes come to the Netherlands. And they say bulls, they say, boasts instead of bullets because they they think it's pronounced that way. And it's a completely different meaning of the word. So you need to learn to pronounce it the right way, and that is the basis for everything else. If if you don't pronounce it well, Dutch person is just going to say, What's But what? Crystal you neat. I understand you not or I don't understand you. But since you, what are you saying? Let's say you that's that's what they'll ask, Like uh, that's it. You and some people might even say, Hey, but you can call. So then you think also, are you crazy or something? So we don't want that to happen. So we want the pronounce the Dutch language the right way. Okay, Rule number one is to have short vowels, Americans and British. Actually, the whole English language is all this. Ah ah, allow and Dutch. A lot of things are very short. You'll hear that, too. If you hear somebody speak with the Dutch accent, David, speak like this, and it's all short rule number two is there's no th different pronunciation. So in other words, they might have th is there that they're like little leftovers from Greek origins or something like a day Olo or Day or Te'o. He, Terry and a low come from ancient Greek. But they just say, Miss that that instead of death that is totally out familiar to the Dutch, and when they tied to pronounce it, they usually turn it into a D or F. I said do faith instead of the faith when I first arrived in the United States. So that's what they dio, so just pronounce it as a T. Then there is the and the sound is very peculiar. ITT's very typical for the Dutch language, and I don't know if you like that guttural sound, but that's what they use a lot, and it could either be a G or C H. Both are pronounced the exact same way on Here's some example, so howls. Hoon favor sick. Got a whole quote hot. This Bardina whore happened for do, fucked and dicked And all of those words have in there. And the more you go of north, the more harsh it becomes this morning. And if you go down south, if you go to Belgium and the southern provinces in the Netherlands, they have more like a. So they say he fouls. And who wouldn't? And yet even so So it's very different. OK, Number four, we're going to talk about our so it could be either like the American are like her or it could be good. It's almost like the French are, or it sounds a little bit like that, but it's not. It's Ah, So here's some examples. Ah, vote fare here, dear. Well, over that bar, Garth caved, data gave, and the only moments that you pronounced are like on English. Are is when it's at the end of the word, so I could say fair or I can say fair and both of those air correct So here or here could be correct or Gaither or gave ER, and that's both correct. It's probably easier for you to say gave ER, but yeah, gave is also used. So but not if it's in the beginning or in the middle. So you can't say wrote that that's difference, that that's incorrect. They wouldn't say it that way. So you say Vote oh, are OK you can say you can't say craved that sounds to English and then they hear your accent. So you say caved. Ruling five is about and sound is very common in Dutch, so it's like birth or like, uh, urgent. So birth or uh for. Or that sets the sound and it is usually in you. But it could be different letters to You'll notice that when we talk about Rule number six , there are three users for the letter E, and the first is, as in letter the So it's like a let's, er, orbit or bit or bed orbits. Yeah, so it's an ass sound. In the second. It's like an urgent or in mercury, so in English to do it to this a mercury, but it's not, it's and it's an e, right, so in Dutch, they do that, too. And the third is as in hey or bay or bait. So does the third sound When when the becomes a difference. Sound is a A, so it's either a or a can be very confusing, of course, but we'll talk about the rules of when they are one or the other. Here's some examples with the letter E or a in Dutch fate er's Could Breck toe first it's on, then lecher. So here it's first on air and then a locator there there gave her fete Stada. So in stadia, its first on a and then the rule number seven is don't blow. So don't blow the sounds that English speaking countries have. Ah away of going or Or and the Dutch don't do that, it's more like Okay, what eso So this is that these these words are bacon, so it's not Bake her. It's big. It's not talking talk, but it's duck in see and hear the difference. Duck gun So you don't blow to t. Don't blow to K Getting got bolt Brugen gac gust but the High Dane. So none of those sounds are blown. Rule number eights. We're gonna talk about two w in English. You pronounce w as well. It's It's big. Sounds like what and Dutch. It's more between the V and the W. So it's so It's not the ISA V right, but it's it's almost of even. So it's the okay, not war, but okay, so these words are pronounced is following Vada one near but Vespasian Bubka border Bata Vet Vester by home. And as you can hear, it's almost like a V. But its birth and sound doesn't really exist in English, and the English always go. Ah, so the Dutch they used less of the big mouth in their sound. Rule Number nine. If you find a D at the end of the word in English, they pronounce it all the way. So, for example, if you have the word bed, they say bed that that's what you do in English. But in Dutch, the D becomes a T. They don't like the at the end, so they say Heart Bart for a hint. Hold more so you have to pronounce it as if there are was a T. And it's only at the end of the word that they do that 4. The Alphabet: So let's talk about the alphabet. Okay, So this is the alphabet. Ah, bay Say day a f se ha e yea God, Bill I m and oh, bay Good. Yeah, s day. They they x i zit. And if you need to practice those, just rewind this video and just look at me. Pronounce it and listen to me pronouncing it again, okay? 5. Vowel Combinations: then there's vowel combinations. And English has this still and Dutch certainly hasn't to liken O n e or you in a year award or any you and so those have different sounds. So we're gonna go over those first there's a how, and it could either spelled as ou or a you and how you spell it does not impact the pronunciation. Okay, so whether you see it a euro, you pronounce it as how, okay, like, wow, you know, like that. So these words are pronounced as follows, um, out out our Mao flow. Goa no out antique seen. It's the same pronunciation. Then there's the you, which is pronounced as oh, and this sound does not exist in English, so it's a little harder to get pregnant this practice. So So what? Listen to me carefully how it's pronounced. Uh, it's not. Oh, it's, uh, so these words are pronounced as follows. Doak, those Noake goes book Dokka. Then there's another tough sound that doesn't exist in English, which is, and it's not how it sounds a little bit like it, but it's ah, we open your whole mouth, right? Uh, see, out of my mouth is more like vertical I So it's, uh okay. I and these words are pronounced like this house guys mouse without boater floater. Okay, so it's not ours. I Then there's the EI or I j and both are pronounced the exact same way, which is I then that sound doesn't exist in English either. So it's kind of like I, uh actually in the media, some things they say something like, I want to be my babe I And then it's kind of like they know Dutch, you know? So it's I s o I actually means egg if it's e I. But I Jace the same way. So don't make the mistake of saying edge, okay, I nice here I fall tour Zayda Dyson value for I share fry Greater Strader high zey by blazer. And as you can see, sometimes I don't say end at the end of a word. We'll go over that to a lot of the Dutch. They just slacking off. They don't say it, the Germans on the other and say very emphatically like a knife in, you know, but the Dutch usually don't do that. Then there's the E. And don't make the mistake to say this s e like the English, but make it keep it short se e i e i e eso These words are pronounced a swallows leap Feats leap Giza me. Uh but he beer dean, Then the o e is pronounced as do Okay, so not Oh, So if you see see words for example these words not co it's cool. Okay. Oh e school And do not not like things of you but you short okay, Gu means cow. Okay, cool store boor boot near goot Who's blues? Okay, then the Dutch just repeat a vow to make it a different sound. So to make it longer so the awe isn't Anais pronounces. Aw, but if it's double A's pronounce this Ah so thes words. For example, aren't duck slug stucker duck in got bolt, Haakan, But don't but thought there's a french fries So get some of those. It's really good. Uh, dart guards. Hot stock marke man Stan aim is true with the becomes you if it's ah if there's two in there So dura her bulla look stuck. But But if it's still use, then it's Muir Do stew who infuse or a few. The O is the same thing. So 10 is full and two O's is Oh, so that's why my last name is note. Because as 20 two O's in there, both stop group Colton look dumb and then the long ones Note. Vote, quote, look, Lope four or ORT court wort. Okay, so this is that, says he. I colored them in three different ways. So the blue ones are all the green ones are. Oh, and the and orange or red ones are. Or so it's because you cannot pronounce the V o. R. As Vaux of that, Then it sounds weird or you can't say go. It's weird. So they say gorge. So if there's an r at the end of the double O, the O becomes, um, all and then it's long right? It's not all like the other ones, but, you know, so there's three different pronunciations to that. The e They do the same thing, so the es a, uh, if it's short, it's if it's long, it's a But if there's a ne are at the end of the double E, it's a so we're gonna go over the so neck fit het. Let Lech MIP fair and in the long ones mate Steak, Vicks Bake, Lake Face. And now the ones with the are after the Dalai mere dear here, Leah Gear. So there are two ways to pronounce toe I the eyes that e in alphabet. If it's one syllable, it's always a And sometimes if it's more syllables is also a But if it's like it comes from Latin or something or it's no, there's different reasons or it's comes from French or it's like some word that then sometimes it's pronounced as e instead of a okay, So here's at the top of the words, uh, with a which is hick dick fitter gin thin Mesa sticker giga. And then these words are where the it becomes an E, which is depict Miserables e d OTs vi ous or dreamy nil. We're gonna talk about the tray MMA today. Ma means those two little dots that they put on their in Germany called whom louts. But they have different rules for that, so it's not like the old block, but they do it any time that it's tempting to pronounce it in a different way. So if they, for example, the words A cove. Isman. Okay, they wanted to make it ego and then egoism. Right, So that's what it means. A co basement echo and echo Wisma. Because if you spell it without those two dots, it looks like he gois it a hoist MMA because it could be toys. They put those two dots on there to show, like look, the in the air separate. So when you get to the I, you have to pronounce you have to change the the foul on that. So a cove Esma is one of those. So Gordon Nazi could be it without Hema but because there's a tame on the 2nd 0 it's go War de Nazi and the same with it could be you I s I right. So if there was no two dots and I it would be a loner, but that's not what it is. It's veena just like ruins, you know, in in English. So because of the two dots it becomes instead of Farzana, it becomes who veena on as you can hear it. There's kind of a w in there, but it's just a change of sound. So of aku um and naive e date instead of Ni v tight. It's naive. Attacked 6. Dutch Words That Are Similar to English Words: gonna talk about some short words that are very similar to English. And those are the easiest ones to remember because there's a lot of words that are not somewhere to English. You just gotta memorize those or see where they come from. But the ones that are similar to English are the easiest. One of them is noodles. What do you think that means? Noodles. Soccer obviously means socks. Close. Uh uh. UHS means grass boat. You see the double o boat or skip means boat or ship. And as you can see the s and then the ch it makes a sound. So skip. And this word sounds like cussing. But that's really not what they mean. And it's because sometimes they slack off the V to an F. So a lot of people called me Finn sent instead of Vincent's and a t t i. E. At the end becomes instead of for Conte, it becomes forgotten. See, So it means vacation, obviously so fuck gotten. See? That's how you say and it's not cutting bursts obviously means bus do. It's pretty easily easy means door. Muta means mother. So, though, is mood er mother book is book gloss is very easy means class. Leah means to learn and thoughtful means Table Kita. His guitar bologna is balloons, so as you can see, they're not exactly the same. But they're very similarly could make up the meaning Out of these words. Baby is exactly the same as baby in English. Gulapa means to clap. Zama means to swim. Seven baht means swimming bath, so it means swimming pool. So if you ask for a swimming pool, he say's van bolt lift his light boxer is water formally means family, so from merely the emphasis is on the second syllable. For me, Lee, then a means to run bear now. Bertka, you'd say, like Okay, what's a bear? It's it's mountains, but if you think about it, an iceberg is an ice bear. So iceberg ice bear. It probably comes from Dutch or German iceberg, so bear for his mountains is a C. And actually, New Zealand comes from the Dutch zey loans. It's a province in the Netherlands. It's called Zealand's. And when the Dutch went all over the world, they called it New Zealand's. And then the English took over and they call it New Zealand's. That's why it's called it. So. Just means new see land 7. Latin or Germanic: then then you just gotta pay attention, Teoh, whether a word comes from Latin or did Germanic roots, and a lot of times the English words come from Latin, sometimes English come from. It comes from a Germanic root to so that you look at it. There's romantic languages like French and Spanish and Italian and Portuguese. There's Slavic languages from Eastern Europe. There's all kinds of other languages, but the Dutch and English are Germanic languages. That's why are there are a lot of similarities. But the exception is that English, even though it is a Germanic language, has a lot of lapped inwards. And that's why sometimes it's easy to learn Spanish, because a lot of Spanish words come from Latin and English words to but the Dutch, the Mawr. Often than not, it's more Germanic so, and it makes sense when you hear these. So let's take a look at him. So a potato is our double art Uppal. Art means Earth are the earth, and Uppal is apple. So on earth, apple is a potato. It's really funny that way, right? Same thing with this animal, it's Ah, it's the turtle Turtle is Aladdin words. I think, but skilled bought. So so to see the ch so silt and a D at the end of that word. This is a TV I skilled, but so it's consists of shield and towed. A bolt is a toad, so a shield toad is a turtle, that that's how their language is made up. It's really funny and aren't by. We already looked at the word arts, which is Earth by or best means some means berry. So Earth berry is what it's. It's a It's a berry that comes from the earth, right, because that's where strawberries come from. Got a word for square is vehicles Feel is for Countess Side, and so FIA guns means four side. So it's a square. The same thing with D. Who did he is three, who has corner and three corner means a triangle, right? So triangle, I think, comes from Latin. But de hoop is a Germanic way of saying the same thing with the word for towel. Hong Duk Halt is hands. Duke is is a cloth, and so home Duke is a hand cloth flocked. Baca is also one of those words that you could probably understand if if you know in what context it is. Fox means freight and vodka is a wagon, so it's a vehicle so afraid. Wagon is a truck or semi truck, and then the Dutch do have some words that are like Latin and a lot of times they start with Call Con or X, or in, you know, so to hear some of those concluded means to conclude right competency competition going bucked means compact. Gonna be Nazi combination. It's really easy. Teoh find the meaning to those words inclusive the sissy Nazi extra extroverts into here in pharmacy conduct. 8. Other Short Words to Remember: and then the word whore at the end of the sentence does not mean whore. It doesn't mean hooker. It just kind of means that they emphasize what they're trying to say. So if they say e, I think it comes from the old ancient thing of here, here, here. You know, listen to me what it means to here, right? So what they do is they really is that way, right? So if I say Doc Boss Ville and that that fits, then it's like, yeah, okay, that that's a statement of fits. But if I say the bus 12 war, it means that I'm trying to say to them like, Look, don't worry about it. Will fits, like really, if you will really fit. So if you think like it means, really, then you won't be offended if the call you a whore because that's really know what they mean. If you say explicated need war, it's it's mawr emphasis to tell them like, Look, I am not going to forget this. Just count on me. If located neat just means I won't forget it. Right? But if you say located need war, it's like stop worrying about it Stop thinking about it and really not going to forget it a great deal. Vell, Warren. I know that it's OK, you know? Does safe, neat or it's not. No, no problem. That safe need means that gives not. And that means it's not important. It doesn't matter. It can need very war. Like I I'm not going away. Don't worry, don't be afraid. I can t before. So it's more emphasis to just telling people like, Look, I'm really meeting what I'm saying, OK? Duh And hats are two different words for the, which is hard because in English there's one and in Dutch after memorize which ones? Oh, it's and there's no real rule for there's some sub rules for it. But you just have to memorize all the words, and that's too bad for the word. Or fortunately, there's only one word. And that spoon. They don't say a, they say, if there's too little dots on them and then it means one. But if it's without, those dots means and it's just like a book, right? Own book words with yeah, at the end, which is diminishing. Negatives are always had, so if you say Let's say in Yuma, do your do your means the boy. Duh Yoma. OK, but if you say you're my chair, it means the little boy. So then you say hats, your watching. I don't know if that's going too fast for you, but it makes a lot of sensory like this if you don't get it, uh, plural is always does so if its head Masha the girl had masia means that the girl. But if you say to girls very matches, you say duh mashes because there is always for plural. So even ahead Swart word becomes dead if it becomes plural. Example. Head book. One book, right, Deboo. When it's het, it's this and then this is DIT and that is dot when it's due, then this is data, and that is some examples, because that went a little fast Head book. If you say if you want to say this book, it becomes dit book, and that book becomes dot book de BUCA because it's plural. These books is days of BUCA, and those books is de BUCA, for example, a word, the ball, the ball days a ball because it's duh right, so becomes days A or D. Boland had made sure did mation this girl, don't imagine that girl had house digitize dot highs. The auto is a dead word days Otto D out. And, of course, days has indeed have different meanings because in the case of days buka, it means these books. But in the case of days auto, it just means this car. All right, so So you gotta pay attention to that. It's not. The exact same rule is there's an English with plural and singular forms. It depends on whether it's a do or head word. That's what it all depends on stuff. 9. Colors: Let's talk about some colors. So this is a vote Red green is hoon. Yellow is kill. Feel any other ones are over Kenya. Orange Swartz, black bit whites. Bars is purple. Rules are not Rosa, not Vota. Holes on all the walls and means pink guys. So I j is I. Christ is gray, brine is brown licked his light and dunker is dark. 10. Greetings: Let's talk about some greetings. So when they say hi, they say Hoy. Sometimes they say I but oil is a bit more common when they say hello. They say Hello. So like, ah, hollow thing when they say good bye to say duck or die off If they say see you later they could say lotta, But they could also say Don't seems thought scenes literally means until I see you again. Who hot it means How goes it So? Actually it's translated Teoh, How's it going? How are you doing? Means who? Hot it. It's usually the same. So Hey, how you doing? Who got it? And then you say Hoot, Emma Jo. Good. I'm good. How are you? So n Majel means and with you. So how is it going with you? So you leave that old senses that you just say And with you I was going with you. So who got it put in my job? 11. Wel and Niet: then there's a difference between bill and meats. And English doesn't have that, Because what do they say when they argue, Right? I don't you do. You don't. You do, But it's not about doing something. It's the opposite of the word not. And English doesn't have an opposite of the word. Not if you say I am not going. What's the other person say you are going? So they just emphasized the verb. So there is no opposite word of not, they just emphasized Avert, to say the opposite in a positive way. Now, in Dutch, there is a word that is the opposite of not neat. Is not Unveil is, well, the opposite of that. So it's positive, right? So if you say the kid says needs of our and you say no need of our means, it's not true. And so you want to say, Yeah, it is true. They say Belvoir, and it is true. So Bell is the opposite of not don't just need moist. Somebody says that is not beautiful, Delta's neat boy, and you say it is beautifully. So you say, Don't this bell Moy, uh, you mock meat may means you may not with. So it means you can't come along. You know you can't come with us. You mock needs may and you say in mock mock Vell may know I can't go with you. They kept it neat, Adan. Typical. If you want to blame someone else, you say I didn't do it. It take. I have it not done. That's what it literally translates to. So it says I didn't do it. A cap. It needs Saddam. And then the other person says Yes, you did do it. Yeah, but it's Vell Sadan. 12. The Word Even: then a lot of Dutch used a word. Eva, Eva and I don't really say to end a lot. It's a, uh in a vis just Teoh literally means a short time period. So just a minute or something. And then a lot of times they say it too soft and something up. They don't want to sound harsh. So when you say Come here, come here. It means it's just come here, come here. It's very direct. It's very emphatic. But if you say well, maybe year, it's It's soft and sit ups like, Hey, could you just come here for a minute? You know, if you say need Dune, it means that you're probably already a little angry or that you really want to just stop it right now. But if you say, even need doing, then it's kind of like brushing it off like and just please don't do that, Okay? Eso It's a politeness for you. Say going your help is different than going to a for help. Pave already implies, like it's only a minute, you know. Can you help me? Just one minute? If you say it moved back, I have to go. I have to go away. But if you say it moved A for their age, it could be just a short time period. Then it maybe you'll get the question like, Well, how long are you going when I was a Viva mean? I mean, maybe a man would say a venue, Be back in a minute and a woman say, even should be back in 20. It just means that you softened up like that's not gonna take long, right? So the opposite of had do it along. Its taking long is had to do to my Eva. Do it, Eva. And it's not taking a long time. Hepatitis means do you have time? But if you say help you Eva, tight, then it already implies, like look, it's not gonna take that long. 13. Possessive Pronouns: Okay. Possessive pronouns So possessive Pronouns are yours. Mine, ours my thing might might or your book his his house, You know that that is a possessive pronoun. And so in Dutch it's thes main means my, my or mine Mine means my and mine is fun My it's off off me. That's how they say it will look over that later maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Zain harm means his or hers. Yaya means yours, right? Bones. Or also means hours You leave means yours and hood means they're so the Dutch don't say it is mine. They don't say is mine. That sounds funny to them. They say it is off me, which means it belongs to me and it's mine. So instead of saying head his mind, they say Head is of all my phone means off or from head is for my had this phone Yo had this phone higher and belongs to her 14. All the basic numbers: Let's go over some numbers because that's really important, especially if you're gonna buy something or you want to be on time. So here are the numbers saying today. Duty fear five Sis Xaver buffed Natha Dean. And certainly, if you have to save off nicotine, go practice that on. Then there's Elf, which is 11 valve dir teen, so it's not deleting. See that that was a little different. It's not three team, just like just like it's 13 not three. Teen Dir teen, then fear teams. All is also a little different. It's not fear teen. It's fair team seem. Watch out for the fear turned into fear. So after 15 investors does, arrest is the same. So 15 testing save in teen opting Nate 19 and winter. So that makes a lot of sense, right? So Trenton is 20. Then it's data not deleted. Decter Just like dirt een theater. Just like 35. Sister saved doctor Doctor has diff different, so you would expect it would be doctor, but it's actually doctor. They put the T in in front of it. Then it's negative holder, does'nt milion and Mill Yard, so it's not Bill Yoon. 1,000,000,000 is an English word. It's Mill yard 15. Numbers Are Backwards in Dutch: Here comes the sad part. Guys, the numbers are backwards, just like in German. If you've had German, you know how much of a pain that is. And they do the same thing in Dutch, so let's take a look at it. So instead of saying 75 they say five and 70 they put the single number first and then do tends. So so. 75 is five and 70. So it's faith and saving 24 is not 24 but four and 20. So it's Fear and tinta. 144. Same thing first to put the 100 then the 44 is 100 foreign 40. So it's holder to fear and theater hold, erred, fear and theater. And then 2506 107 567 is, of course, 2507 and 60. So it's day dajun. Five Whole note. Save an ancestor saving ancestor. Okay, typically, when they when they have 1st 2nd 3rd 4th in English that put to th at the end. Then in Dutch, they put d E, which is due, but with a few exceptions in the 1st 10 numbers because, you know, then you know it's always messed up. It's the same in English, right? First and second and third on. Then you get to the 4th 5th 6th and sets right, so in same in Dutch to have some exceptions. So first this here stuff, then they do, so that one follows the regular pattern. Then Derrida. Derrida is different because it could be deleted, but it's just like 13 and dirty, right? And then the regular pattern feared a five er. Sestak's a vendor and an ox sounded weird to the Dutch. So they said, Let's make that stir. So Oster. It's kind of a tongue twister right on that, naked under Dean L. Vda and 12 dare tinder fitting the holder. Stir is a little different, but yeah, and and then, if you have, for example, if you have done 101st you have holders here stuff. So 100 then the first right it's the same in English were missing with the tens it's again , so eight intensive one and 20 is 21 8 and 10 to stir is the 21st. 54 is four and 50 right? So it's fear and factor. So the 54th is feel and five to stir. Hold it, hold it. Stare feeling doctor feeling doctor stir so foreign 80th Right? That's what they say. 1000 is dozens, dozens stuff. So it's all the same pattern, etcetera. 16. Other Words Related to Numbers: other words you should know when working with numbers are gear, give or care means time, and it doesn't mean time is in the time like the clock. But how many times? So if you say Whoville care, you say How many times? And so kids wouldn't say again, they don't have a word for again. They say they have veda warm, but nobody uses that. That's too old. So they say No one care. Another a time. Nolan Kia means again another time. So, for example, if you're working with numbers, you could say Dean care 10 times five gear five times five times, says Scare says six times and then go senses percent So you could say 50 post sense, which means 50% holders post sense. Gilo is what they use for weighing so they don't have pounds staff kilos, and I think about a kilo is almost half a pound. So I weighed 80 kilos, but £190 or something like that, or £180 something like that. And unlike in English, they don't say it plural. So when you say how many pounds do you wait? They would say how maney pound do you weigh? So it's a measurement, so they make it singular. So if you say Dean Gilo, that means they don't say 10 kilos. They don't put the s behind it because the measurement itself already implies that it's multiple. So they say in kilo kilo, kilo, 20 kilo is 20 kilos. Although the same thing if you say five to ergo it means 50 euros, but they don't put the s behind it because it's it's a measurement. It's a set thing. So if and even in in English, if you say how much does that cost? And you say $50 they would say 5/5 goal are not dot golarsa dollars. They wouldn't say that, David say Dole are $5 because dolar is a measurement, so below is what they use over there. It's a 10 to 15 same thing with Celsius staying. Use Celsius so 20 degrees sell shares is about room temperature. They don't use Fahrenheit, and they say Karada Celsius, so degrees Celsius. So you could say both. Just let them put out Teoh What is the temperature and then say at this 15 Dada, sometimes they sell. It's a sellers. Yes, but you don't have to say it. They could say 15 card, which means 15 degrees with an award. Kilometer is Gilo. Mater. So put the emphasis on the first syllable. Don't say kilo Muta. That sounds weird. It's Gilo, mate. Oh, so you say How many miles? How many kilometers that you walk? And you have to say, um who feel key? Lemaitre Low, Pia. They would say they kept in Gilo. Mater Kill Oprah. They wouldn't say kilometers in plural there. Say I walked 10 kilometer. Right Kep Dean Gilo mater Klopus Falopa means walked. The health is half. So the health from down from did it build health? I want half do is always part of it They're half 17. Telling Time: telling time gets a little complicated. Noon or midnight is just 12 you. And they could say Midopa, Dark middle of day off or mirror knocked, which is 12 o'clock midnight. For a lot of times they just say 12 tall for you. If you say something o clock, it's you. It's our you means our time means did I t. And it's the time. So one o'clock. It's eight year to a caucus state. Your three o'clock it's duty for your five years, says you say for you. Are you naked? You d new elf. Your 12 year and 1/2 hours are half something. So if it's 12 30 they say it's half off of one so half before one, that's what they're saying. So they say Half one Hald ane okay for 30. Then they would say I had this whole five. It's half five because it's 4 30 so they count that before it. If it's 1 30 it's Hall today because it's one plus 30 so it's half of two. So for 2 30 is Holt d half three. Then they use the quarterly our so that makes it a bit more complicated than English. too, they say. Quarter over. Or sometimes in Belgium, they say. Not quartz Not, but in the Netherlands, they always say over 12. 15 is court over 12 so it's quarter. It's 1/4 over 12. 12. 45 is 1/4 before one, so it's quart four a. So so keep that in mind. As soon as it passes the half hour, they start saying before something else, and after that, they start saying Court over or on DSO court over Ain't is 1 15 And by the way, nobody says AM or PM because they would say Smith docks, which is me. It means in the afternoon. Or they would say sultans, which is in the morning or something like now gets a bit more complicated even more than that, because so, for example, take the number 2 40 When, when the time is 2 40 they would say 10 over half three. So half three is 2 30 right, and then 10 minutes over. That is 10 over half three, so 10 15 overhaul three is 2 45 Forte, which means five minutes to five minutes still to 5 10 is deemed over 5 10/5 So is 10 minutes over 56 25 is 54 hall savings. So 6 30 is half seven. Right, so 6 30 is hall safer. So five minutes before half seven is 54 Gulf saving five minutes before half. Seven. That's what they say. A 2016 4 Health Nathan s 08 30 is half nine. So Gulf Nation so 8 20 is Dean four Hold next. 10 minutes before half 9 10 35 is five overhauled elf half 11 10 30 is half 11. So it's called elf five minutes over. That is five overhaul elf. Pretty complicated, isn't it? If you talk to a Dutch person and they know you're a foreigner and you would say Dean, you Odetta 10 hours on 30 they would still understand it. Sometimes in Belgium they even say that. But if you want to be absolutely correct and sound like a pro than five overhaul elf sounds really advanced and don't know what you're talking about 18. Phrases Related to Time: now some common phrases that you need to know when talking about time. You could say who lattice. It's who lattice. It literally means, How late is it? And they don't say, What time is it? They say They don't say. What type is it? That sounds weird to them. They'd want to know how late the hour is. So what time is it? Is who? Lots is it? And then the answer is, that is it is eight oclock osteo or five Overhauled nation, huh? Or anything else? If you want to say happy a tight, it means, Do you have time if you want Toe No. One of watches, that's a horse lotion or lo jyh. But of course, a lot of people just use their phone. By the way, you cannot say phone In Dutch, you have to say daily phone, telephone means telephone. They don't abbreviate it like in English. That phone is nothing. So you have to say daily phone clock is Gluck early is full. Too late is the lot events to Lata, you are too late or potato means on time. Bonnier means when the court th yeah, that's what they say along with just 15 minutes just in court. Teacher had do Tamar Cartuja. It's only gonna take 15 minutes and a number is dull off. Numa could also be safer, but that's a little different. Men. Newt is minutes. Sekula is second, Dr. Um is date Month is month Yaar This year from Doc is today more, huh? Is tomorrow over? More is the day after tomorrow. So it's over tomorrow. Kissed A That means yesterday here, Histamines before yesterday. So the day before yesterday. Here, history and hold Few is half on hour. Uh, Goma is Kama Boots is dot or period and you have to realize that in Dutch the dots are comments and Akamas are dots. So if you say it's gonna cost $12.50 they would write it one Teoh comma and in 50 and the complete opposite with 1000. So if you talk about $1000 they would provide 1.0 not a comma. So it's the exact opposite. It's because all these Europeans were doing the same thing. And then the British Day wanted to drive on the left side and do everything a little different, right? 19. Days of the Week: Okay, let's talk about the days of the week so they don't use capital letters. Okay, so and any day of the week, you right, you don't have to write it with a capital letter. It's better not do because it's grammatically correct. Unless it's the first word of the sentence, of course, because then it's a capital letter because it's the first word sentence. So it's mind off. Which means month day moon day. Right? Um, on this moon Didn't stuff Boone stock dull. Nadav Older means thunder, so it's a thundered a fried off that means free. So it's a Friday, you're free. And Friday because it's the last day of work. Saturday off and Zona sold off. Sole means son. Yeah, that's that's like the sun. It's the same word. Eso mind often stuff oneself golden fried off south Zona 20. Months of the Year: the months of the year. Also, no capital letters unless it's the first worst more than sentence are as follows. Young Eli, February Mart. Uphill, My Uni Uni Hostess, September, October, November, December. The way they do dates is not January 15th. It's 15 January, and that's also how they write it. So if you when you have to write the dates and numbers, make sure you don't write in backwards like here in the in the United States and and in in England to stuff you would write. 15th of January would be 01 slash 15 and the end of the year. But in Dutch, it's the other way around, so you would drive 15 and usually they don't use a slash. They use a minus no so 15 minus and then one and then the year so that starts out there would write it. So 55 15 Janjua highest 15th of January 20th December and dirty mean uni. So that's how they would write it. 21. Animals: so fun stuff animals de that if you go to the zoo, it's called D that done the animal garden or an animal yard. So Dina means animals. One D of India is one animal. So we're gonna go over those because we did a lot of grammar. And so let's just see what those are just for fun, A lot of pictures. So let's see if you can match these up. So hold got or boost focal slung and spin. Which ones do you think belong to Which picture? So do that for, like, five seconds. Maybe pause the video and see if you got a correct. This is like a game, right? So I'm gonna assume now that you pause it and now we're gonna continue holds his dog. So it goes over there. Guts is cats. Boost also means capped. It's like pushy cats. Vocal is bird slung is a snake, and spin is a spider case. I'll just give you a few seconds to line these up Fleek hum stir go nine face and eight Let's see if you can line them up. So pause the video for a second, see if you got it right Okay, let's see what they are. Fleek is a fly. Flicka is to fly. So hamster is obviously home stir. So that's easy. Go nine is a rabbit or bunny. Fish is a fish is really close to the English and ain't is duck. Okay, now these ones go parts of Arkan. Giga Z hold. Let's see if you can match them. Okay. I assume you paused it and you tried it by yourself. If not, then let's continue. Gu means cow Bart means horse. Barkin means pig. So think of art far can. That that word actually is one of the rare words that comes from Dutch art Farkas and means Earth Pigs, pig, right Earth, pig art FARC Right far can means pick. Guica is frog and Z holds is a sea dog. So it's it's a seal. Do a few more just for fun. Full Skip Herz Heights, Stop. Let's see if you could match them. Okay, If you haven't pause it there or if you have let's go to the answers Full sons lot life, Fox, right? And that's what it is. Gipp is chicken hair. It's is dear site is goat and stop sounds a lot like the English is sheep. Okay, lets go over these zebra Nell, part mill doth and data. Let's see if you can match them. Okay. Zabel. Eyes Very easy. It zebra Nell. Part is Nile Horse. Bartosz Sports right. So now is denial River. So a Nile horse? What do you think that is? That's a hippo. Of course. So that's kind of funny. The Dutch call it that way. It's a Nile horse. You know, Hippo Mayo means Siegel. Dive is like Dove, right? So it's It's either a pigeon or dove and Dika is tiger. 22. Body Parts: Let's go over the body parts, and I know we can talk about genitals in derogatory ways. And there's a lot of slang words where those in Dutch. But I'm just gonna mention toe absolute clean medical name for them because you have to be have to know what they're called and all the other body parts as well. So you know what? The point that when you're at the doctors or, you know, stuff like that so ha his hair hoped his head buying or Hairston. And there's two different words for it. Our brains. Staedel is skull. Think Bo is Eyebrow four hoped Forehead. It's pretty easy in a four Hoeft. How'd is skin? Oh, I e. This is IRS do Bill, So it's pupil. So what's out there? You put the emphasis of last syllable bill. Temper is eyelash. The vin percent are the eyelashes knows knows long. His cheek more body parts or air GAC jaw, multi mouth Lipper lips. It's a lot like English. Right skin is like his chin, so it sounds rhymes with it, but it's a little different. Dong his tongue, donde his teeth. NEC this neck gil throat scada shoulder elbow elbow. So Bug is your tummy. Ma is stomach Novel is like naval or belly button. Lewis is your back. Dharma are your intestines. Blas is bladder borstal. Our breasts table is nipple. Borse costs forced. Costs is a chest Loma is lungs. Heart. His heart's is really easy. Heba ribs Very easy. Aren't Mr Same work? Arm haunts his hand, so make sure you don't say on the halt like a T bulls is wrist. Think about getting your polls checked fingers so he could say fingers or fingers. But you know, they slack off the V. So fingers as fingers Nagle is nail. Locals is knuckles knuckles Mike. Locals done His thumb vice finger is advising. Means the point. So pointing finger, middle finger, middle finger, very easy thing. Finger ring finger and big pinky minds a little crooked because of how I played basketball . Hope is hit. Billah is but and we have all been waiting for this. I know being is his Penis. Facchina is vagina. Kony is knee. So they say two k. Don't make it silent. Bain is leg gods is calf. Hell is or hawk is the same. His heel ankle is like ankle food means foot. Dana means toes 23. Food: Okay, I hope you memorize some of those body parts you can. As you can see, some of them sound like English, but let's get into food. That's really important, because you need to eat right? Ate. It means food. 80 means either to eat or food, so it's a verb or enough. So let's just go over these okay. Bloom coal means bloom Is is a flower, and goal is is like kill like it's like a cabbage, so it literally means flower cabbage. Which makes a lot of sense because that's what it looks like, right? So blue coal is cauliflower. A seen a supple, you know, toward Uppal means apple. So seen us. You know, it's like Citrus eso. It's kind of like a Citrus apple, so it means in order. And don't confuse that with the Dutch color orange, because that's over India. You already went over that. They have two different words over on you, which means the color orange and seen a supple, which means the fruit orange, Geist, rice, Uppal, apple banana, banana fis, fish soup, soup, coffee, coffee, vein, wine, hum burger, hamburger, alive olives. So these sound a lot like English right. A lot of these hum is ham. Hocked hocked his minced meat stuff. You buy supermarket Gipp Chicken Place is meat. Think of the word flesh. So there's no difference between the word flesh and meat in Dutch. So they say flesh. They eat flesh, right? It sounds maybe a little growth in English, but really, that's what it is, right? Good flays is beef FARC ins. Place FARC in Is is a pig, right? So it's pig flesh. Farkas Place means pork hock ball is meatball cocktails, minced meat, so it's a minced meat ball. Right cocked ball divorced and don't say worst Divorced sausage beef stock is steak, but if you say steak, a lot of Dutch understand it, too. I think it's become more common. Cardinal a shrimp and zom is salmon. Broccoli. It's like English broccoli. Boehner is beans fright, So don't say fruits. If you say fruit, safer out that you I is out its flight, it's wrote colder. Hunter is the greens. Putin s green, right? So junta is the greens and it means vegetables. Herta means peas. Mice don't mistake this, that this means mice, because that's really deceiving its corn. Okay, so. And they say it ate mice. Didn't They're not eating mice. Okay, that that would be motion. But they're eating corn. Buchel. A skilled Bortles is carrots. Sly is lettuce. Salada is salad. Demotte tomato. Both best means a forest berry. Both is forest. So now you learned another new work. Forest is both. So both best is a force barre, which means blueberry. So they don't call the blueberry they call the forest. Very bottom is a BlackBerry from both is raspberry and Allah knows is a pineapple. Watermelon is boxer Malone very similar. And then some general words. So snack is the same as in English. Won't bite means breakfast. Lunch. That's how they say it. It's the same spelling, but they say lunch lunch means lunch. Spaghetti, You could say or they say spaghetti. Sometimes fridges features French fries was really good in the Netherlands. I've old data means evening food, right? So that means dinner. Notre Knots. Ships are chips. They say ships as in a Azaz. If there were an s there snoop is candy or sweets. Show cola needs chocolate. Boat is bread. Gas is cheese. Benda is peanuts. Binda Gas is peanut cheese, right? So they don't say pin peanut butter. They say peanuts cheese because the Dutch love their cheese. OK, I know it doesn't look like teases looks more like butter, but the Dutch love their cheese, so being dot Gaza's peanut cheese, which means peanut butter. Milk is milk. Skip is sharp, like a knife, but it can also mean spicy, so scamp codes is how they sometimes say it, so that means it's spicy. 24. Gezin or Familie: in English. They only have one word for family, whether it's extended family or your immediate family, like your wife and your kids. But in the Netherlands, they have a different name for a different unit. So when you talk about who's in, it means the family you grew up in or the family you're raising that is that the family unit, which means a mom and a dad, usually and kids or, you know, a single parent and kids. So that is a cousin. If you talk about formally, it could be anyone related to you could be extended family, aunts, uncles, cousins, anything. So if you say hey, bang, I formally, it means, Are you family? It could be any anything beyond the descent parents and the kids. 25. Family Member Names: here. So family members, you should know Bull. His brother Zeus. His sister father is Father Muta. His mother zone is son Dr his daughter Nathan. His cousin is a mill cousin, so they make to distinguish that they distinguish between the mill and a female cousin. Nathan is a mill cousin and nicked is a female cousin, Nathan and nicked. And if you talk about a nephew and a niece, they say nay fear like a small on the year. It means small right, And next year So that's my doctors. My nephew means that's my little nephew. Flow is wife or woman has two different meanings. You can also say after note, which means spouse can Oda. But how did this? My thought just means this is my wife. This is my woman, right? Mom is man or husbands. This is my mom. And it means this is my man or this is my husband. But usually out of context, it's husbands, cause Qaeda means separated cider means to separate Sofus. Qaeda means I got divorced for low FTA is fiance 26. I, You, We, Etc: and so let's get to divert verbs in the present tense. That's when we start out. There's other. I have two other video courses about verbs in the past tense, and that gets a little bit more complicated because there are exceptions and changes of fouls. But in the present tense, it usually there's exceptions to, but they're you know, they're most of them follow a certain pattern, so let's look at him first. What you need to know is the difference between you and you. You is when you say you on you also means you. But you is more polite form, and they also have this in French and Spanish and in German, actually almost any language except for English. And I think old English has, like the d and thou and ye and stuff, but they don't do that anymore. So if it's polite, it's you. And if it's informal, like your friends or your family, it's you. And over the generations, some Dutch used to be that the kids would say you to their parents because it's respectful . But nowadays they want to be Maurin the same level on more friendly. So they say you to their parents, which makes it the relationship a bit mawr trusting but also a bit more informal. And so some parents like that and some don't. It just depends on the generation. My grandmother, she wanted our us to say you to her. But that also put a distance between us. It's kind of put us her, put her above us. But my mother, she said, No, I want them to say you to us and so they feel like were kind of on the same level and we're not trying to put a place ourselves above them. So that's just a generation difference. You're and yeah, OK, so if you say yeah, it could be anything but yeah, it's an emphasis. So, like if you say that will give into some examples in a minute, the advise the same thing. Values and emphasis. Hey, she gets a T and plural gets e n. That's the basic rule with vert 27. Examples of Regular Verbs: so here some regular verbs and they followed a regular pattern and any any vor beacon fall of this pattern with. But of course, there are exceptions. There are a lot of exceptions, but, you know, if you're doubting and it's just a regular verb, just follow this pattern it buck. So that's the basic. If you say fuckin bucking means to grab or to get or to take a buck, Yeah, box. And so that it has a T. Hayes. I he she bucked means he she grabs right so as a T. And then it's e n e N e n survive Buchan Uli Park in sight back in the same thing with low open. As you can see, Buchan has a double K because they don't want to make it back in. So then the two case coming place. But with Lopa, it's an oh, so they don't have to do that. So it lope, as is too old. Yeah, Lochte gets a T has I looked also gets a t by open sea, and they don't need to owes because no one is good enough. If at do peace, it would be low open. But now has only one piece or its Lopa. My Lopa yearly Lopa style, Open looking example. Like zit in when there's already a t there. So you you're wondering like, Oh, I'm not gonna add a T. No, no, they they don't want double t at the end. It just doesn't make any sense. So as that the means to put or took place except you, as that seems, it should have had another tea, But it doesn't because it already has ity highs ISAT and then the double T comes in place. Otherwise it would be Zeta in so two teas visiting here, he's that size at the border. Now that's an instinct one, because it has a d at the end and with the d a d a. And you pronounce it as a T. But it's not a T. So what the Dutch do, they said, Okay, okay, we're gonna just leave the tea out or just gonna adity and then really not pronounce it or pronounce it as if it the d. T was a T. And the last the last thing is what they decided. So they said we're gonna put a T at the end after the D, but we're gonna pronounce it as if there was just a t. So it aborts It is exactly the same as Yeah, worked. So you don't say war, did you? Don't have to say that if, say, DT, just pronounce it as it'd It's pretended that the D is silence highs. I have worked by Borda, yearly Warda, Xavi, Borda. And as you can see, I slack off the end. A lot of Dutch do the Germans, don't they say What? Didn't you know that that's how German is? But the Dutch day don't say to end at the end unless another vowel file follows in the next word that it's convenient to save and to kind of slur her words to get the same thing with the e n right? So if it already hasn't yet, so are they just gonna add any Indian? And so they said, No, let's not do that. So Duden is to do and it do means ideo Yeah, dude. So then it gets a T as I doot and on the dune they could say, like do noon or something, but they didn't do that. So it's just by doing you're doing side doing same thing with Zine exceed you guys. You guys eat high size eat, advising lysine sizing and zine means to see these air Some common regular verbs that follow that same pattern so you could just add the T at the end for your afford a plural and and you're set in the present tense. It's easy horror a core means to here. So if you say we hear you say value over if you say he hairs, you say high court because it gets a team, it's really easy. Fuller Take full needs to feel Guica. It geek means toe Look, you know it again Easter one. So you say Yeah, tent. It means you run because it gets a t. You say you guys are running. You say Uli Vienna because yearly issue plural. So they say you Lee Hannah Zita exit to sit. So remember, it doesn't get an extra T. It's just, if you say highs, it it doesn't become, has it? It just has won t like a gray mist. It gets Copa IQ Gope is to buy. And it would be good for you to memorize these verbs because verbs are one of the basic elements of a language, and these are very common, you know, to hear to gets to buy something fake. Open means to sell it fair. Cope 88 To eat drinker. A drink to drink My idea. A good night's means to eat a ride or drive, so there's no difference if you say it tonight. Open parts A bit of a Barton idea is its I'm writing awards, but if you say it tonight the auto, then it means I'm driving the car feta. It feats. It means to ride a bicycle so they have a separate word for that to ride a bicycle. His feet, sir. And if eats is a bicycle, so I am on the bicycle. It been hope defeats exit alter feet sitting on the bicycle. But if you say it, Ben on it feats it. It means I am writing about bicycle. So the the bicycles, already included in the verb is not convenient because they have so many bicycles over there. If you ever go there or if you've been there that you know they have tons of bicycles. Motor is, uh, two must or have to make moot. So you say, Hey, dark mood for my that that you must from me. So that means I I obligate you to do that. 28. Irregular Verbs: Yeah, And then there's also irregular verbs that follow a different pattern or they just deviate from any pattern, and they're just exceptions. So here's some firms that you should memorize. And if you use these meanings that very common to be to go to have Teoh, to look to take, you know those things are things we say every day. So it would be very useful to you. If you memorize these verbs, Goldman means to come. So that's a very common verb. Use every day, right it gorm yeah, called ties that comes that Goldman Uli Goma In Zaire, Goma calm means to go a car. Com means to go a car. Yeah, Hot has a cocked icon. You click on the icon, have a means to have a kep. Yeah, hips. And remember, the B is not Hebb. It's It's pronounced like a P. It kept Yeah, hipped may have a yearly ever Zeinab Zein so that I Jay's I that wants to be so that one is very different. That's like the most irregular verb ever. Um, it then means I am. Yeah, I bent means you are highs. I iss is like English is right he she is by design means we are Your design means you are in plural and size. I means that they are shave amused to give it a few cave ties. I shaved that cave so you noticed that the F turns into a V otherwise would be safer and they think it's weird. Okay, the makes it sound better to the Dutch. My cave for you behaves that cave mo home is to be allowed to or to have permission, Teoh. So, like if you tell a kid like, Oh, you're not allowed to do that, you say you can't do that. Can I have something? What they're really saying is, may I have something so But that a lot of times you know, it's been change, though, that people say can instead of May, when May is actually the more accurate verb to you. So they say, May I have that? No, you may not. That duck mock needs you may you may not have that. And so that's what the Dutch use. They do not use gold. Nick dealt heaven. Can I have that? That that's a sounds dumb to to them. So they say monarchic dots have a May I that have made it. May I have that market could not have it. And that's what a kid would say. Market dot market May Can I go with May I go with Market? May June? May I participate? May I with doing Which means participate Moger It mocks. Yeah, Mark has I mocked by mocha mocha Zey Moakley Kid could say Hey, don't mock meat that may not That's not allowed. Look what he's doing, You know I'm tattle tailing. 29. The Future Tense: the future tense, unlike and romantic languages is very simple. It's just like in English, just at will or shell and its future. So that's what the Dutch due to its Zula and xylem is to will or shunk eggs. All you guys guilt Hi, Zeisel by Zula. So yours I Zillah and or by Zilla And a lot of times they don't say that in questions Day. They don't ask Julie Idol, dude, and will you do that? They sound that they think that sounds funny. So a lot of times they replace that with Are you going to do that high idol dune go you that deal high? I don't doing means Are you going to do that? And so a lot of times when when Americans, for example, I've worked with Americans who translate when it when it has the word will in it, he translated directly to Dutch with Zula and I say, No, no, no, no, we wouldn't say it that way. We would use the word to go home. We're going to do that. We're going to commit to this or something like 30. Learn These Common Expressions in Dutch: we're gonna do some simple phrases just because, you know, we could do a lot of grammar and you can understand the language in pronunciation, but you gotta just learn to get around, right? So you've learned some verbs. Now I hope you memorize those because those are the ones you can use in almost every sentence, especially the common ones. We're just gonna use some sentences here that are very common and Dutch guy Dark gains means Hey, look over there. You know, Iike means to look. Dar is there, And that's one of those words that tell really know how to translate it once or just for once, for moments. Who out banya means. How old are you? So that's very common. And the answer it. Ben, how old are you? How many years are you? I am, for example, on 36. Okay, I look, I know I look a lot younger, but I'm 56. It been says in data six and 30. Jahre. That's what you would say. Who out? Banya Aikman says in data. You could say our but you don't have to. You could say I'm 36 years old or just 36. You could say it best says in data like a beer here means nice weather, huh? So in the sun shines and the rain is gone The Dutch are happy because arranged a lot there like a beer here Barca your not too means Where are you going? Bar is where ka is Go you as you years you in our two is like a direction off bar high you not to It can eyes I go to home to house. So if I say okay so there's two words for for home. So when we are at home, we say it been Does I am home does so how's the word? House gets a t in front of it and it becomes house, so that means at home. But if you say in into the direction of your home they just say in our house, to the house to house That's what they say It kind of has. So how are you not to Not to Where you going? A con? Our house? I'm going home. It kept airflow. New phone. I have enough of this. I I don't want any more for nuke means. Enough Donkey bell means, thank you. Sometimes you could see it. Hear people say, but dunked. That's another way of saying thank you. Here's some other things that will help you survive when it's it kept help. Notice I have money needed. So it means I need money, right? It kept something something. Notice means I need that So they don't have one word for to need, but they have hep notice. So it's split up in two words on what they need is in the middle. It get help. Notice felt is money. So here it goes, the guttural sounds had and G and our graph Saddam means you're welcome. I'm happy to do it. So I'm pleased that votes debt socks off means and Hodong means done. So I'm pleased to have it done. So you're welcome. So if somebody says thank you Donkey Bell, you say or you say the other words, which is less of a guttural sound. You say Kane dunk, Cain dunk means no need to thank me. No, thank don't start. You look, don't statue. Local literally. It means that stands you nice, right? But that's not how you say it in English, so it means that looks good on you, so don't start. You look, that looks good on you, Markoff said. And there's different words for awesome or cool or whatever. Cough is one of them. Sometimes they just say Cool. Uh, well, coughs. It means so Wow, that's cool. It get pains in there. I don't feel like it anymore. So was in in that sentence. In that context means like having the desire to do something right. So it kept planes in. Mayor means I'm done. I don't want it anymore. It get home a very important so they don't say I am hungry. They say I have hunger. It kept Homa, and they also don't say I'm thirsty. They say I have thirst a kip dorst Another one is how hope which means the same as Stop, stop. How hope they ST still Hey, be quiet, please. Still means still like in English. It's quiet. What say Yeah, what are you saying? I don't understand you it because ipads neat. I don't understand what type is to understand so literally this sentences. I understand it. Not in English. They always put the word doing there. I don't understand. See if it's a negative in Dutch. They don't do that. They just say I understand it. Not a type. Heads needs excavated. Neat. I know it. Not so. I don't know it. I don't know. So if somebody says they do you know where this square is? With the cathedral and stuff. You say a great it neat. And if you don't know what they're saying, you just say it. But I did meet Delta's check. That is crazy. My talk. Beautiful, isn't it? Door is like, isn't it, huh? Or in Canada? A right. See a chemo? RCA means see, I you tomorrow. So, in other words, it means Will I see you tomorrow? Right? I'm not going to see you tomorrow. We agreed, right? See a que morgan? Hey, seeking more, huh? Yeah. Actually, you're more come by the way. Toe hurt for yes is Yeah. And the word for no is nay. So if somebody says Sikkim or can you say yeah or nay? Gold stocks means to you later. So I see you later. Take food, Balka. I like to play soccer. Football, football power Know why American? Something's Call it football because they play a lot with their hands is more American. Football's more like rugby, but the Dutch calls soccer vote ball a football because you played with your feet. Makes a lot of sense. It happened. Hagel on hokey. You could say it kept in a cool on or ifthat's. And both means I hate pokey hockey. Usually they talk about field hockey because they don't play a lot of ice hockey in the Netherlands. Big blind fear means I am staying here, Blake for means to stay. No, hunky, it means again. We talked about that. But this doctor, what is that? But hip udar, What do you have there who hate you? Does not mean Who are you aiding who means how and hate is a verb that means to be called something just like in Germany, Half the same German V high stool. It means, What is your name and what do you called So in Dutch, to its who hate you means what is your name? 31. Final Words for these beginner's lectures: So whoever was watching this guy's girls. You've been greats. You paid a lot of attention. You made it through the end of this video course. I hope you learned a lot. If you want to memorize some these things just go over them again. Go to to the specific lesson before you leave and click this away. I would like to ask you to please leave a review. Don't. Please don't tear down completely. But just say what you liked. And you Yes, you can also indicate what you didn't like. Of course, positive reviews help me sell more video courses. But I want you to be honest about it too. So I can learn from the feet back and do it better next time. You could spread the word about my course that will help me get a few more sales. And how more people to learn Dutch. You can buy my other courses. Of course, you can follow me on YouTube. I have a YouTube channel. I talk a lot about making money with publishing on YouTube. But, you know, I also teach Dutch. You can ask me anything if you have doubts or you like I don't know how this works. You know, Duchess, my native language, so I can answer any questions you like about Dutch, and please keep practicing. Keep expanding your vocabulary and keep going over the things that you forgot. And I am sure you will do excellent with other Dutch people. And if even if you come up with a few sentences that sound really Dutch, they'll go like, Wow, that's That's cool. You know, a lot of times they like that. They don't expect English speaking people to speak Dutch. A lot of Dutch actually speak some English, so they expect to just switch to English and speak your language. But if you can come up with some Dutch, they will really appreciate it. Thank you for buying my video course. I hope you enjoyed it. If you want Teoh, ask me anything legal review or follow me or by another video course, feel welcome to do so. This was Vincent notes on my Dutch video course. Good luck in your journey and adult scenes