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Learn to Speak - Conversational German for Beginners

Scott McElroy, Mr

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12 Lessons (3h 29m)
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Addy D

singer, vegan, maker, doer, webmaker

An excellent course! I am at an A1.2 level and I just completed this course online over “2 days”. I was doing this to help me prep, supplement, and reinforce my current knowledge before I start up on my daily class course here in Germany, starting this afternoon! I listened at 1.5x speed and often switched to 2x speed. What I did as I went along was found all the verbs that were being used and conjugated them, and then created word “cards” of the vocabulary we learned in each lesson (tiny paper cut outs with the vocab word on one side, and its “gender” and English word on the other side). I now have pouch of vocab and practice and learn at any time. Even with a good foundation and basis of the language I learned many new items such as key phrases, important words, and tips and tricks to help me with grammar and memory. It’s the perfect refresher and starter for anyone looking to learn German. The lessons were well laid out and easy to follow. The amount of information given was perfect for absorbing and covered from beginner level to above average beginner level very well, without seeming too simple or difficult. Thank you for a great course! [(It should also be noted I am fluent in English, and French is my second language, and I am advanced in Italian --- have knowledge of other languages does assist in learning new ones!) - the more languages you can learn, the better! Thank you for helping me on my journey!]