Learn to Sew In 3 Easy Seams! | Daisy Gutierrez | Skillshare

Learn to Sew In 3 Easy Seams!

Daisy Gutierrez, Sewing & Quilting

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6 Videos (17m)
    • Learn to Sew In 3 Easy Seams!

    • Tools & Supplies

    • How to Choose Fabric for this Project

    • Sewing Machine Tips

    • Preparing the Fabric

    • Let's Get Sewing!


About This Class

Have you always wanted to learn how to sew? Then this is the class for you! I will walk you through the easiest of projects that will teach you the basics you need to know for every other sewing project you’ll ever make!

In this class you will learn how to choose fabrics, use simple tools, thread a sewing machine, and stitch your first seam. By sewing only three seams, you will have finished your first sewing project: a beautiful pillow case!

No experience required!





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Daisy Gutierrez

Sewing & Quilting

My name is Daisy and I'm thrilled to be a teacher here on Skillshare!

How did I start my sewing adventure?...

My mother was a great seamstress, and she made most of my clothes...even my wedding dress!  When I was in my early 20's, my Mom passed away and all that beautiful fabric she had in her "sewing closet" was given to me.  I didn't really know what to do with it, but I wanted to learn.  Those fabrics reminded me so much of her.  I didn't just want to give...

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