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Learn to Read, Write, Listen, and Speak Better English - 10 Steps to a Fluent English

teacher avatar Gökberk Talu, English and Turkish Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1

    • 3. Step 2

    • 4. Step 3

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About This Class

Do you want to be better at English?

Do you want to read, write, listen, and speak in English?

Do you want to achieve advanced level of English but don't know how?

Do you want to make foreign friends and socialize?

Did you answer "YES" to any of the above questions? Then, I want to help you achieve your dreams!

Learning any language, like English, is hard. You are learning a completely different culture with the language.

I know how you feel because English is not my native language too!

When you are studying English, maybe you think "my English teacher can't understand how I feel because s/he is a native speaker" or "S/He never felt the things I feel when I study English". I know exactly how you feel because I learned English later in life and I'm also trying to learn another language and experiencing the same things overs again. But I have developed some tips to improve my reading, writing, listening, and speaking. I believe these tips are valuable for you and will help you reach your dreams faster. SPEAK BETTER ENGLISH!

So what will I learn?

  1. Learn how to read, write and speak better English
  2. Learn how to "Think in English". Do you want to stop thinking in your native language?
  3. Learn different methods for studying English. And choose which one is better for you.
  4. Make new friends, speak English with them! You don't have to be alone anymore! I will tell you how!
  5. Different resources for improving your Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Check them out!
  6. Learn to "Live the Language", that is the only way to become better at English
  7. Make "Study Schedules" that will help you listen, speak, read, and write in English
  8. Get the points you want from any English exam like the TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS by making and using "Study Schedules" and "Goal Charts"

If you are not satisfied yet, check out my reviews below and how my students rated this course! I want to help you! 

You can always contact me any time if you have any questions, I will support you as much as I can!

I hope to see you in my class, best of luck!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gökberk Talu

English and Turkish Teacher


Hello there! Do you want to learn English?

My name is Gokberk. I was born in Turkey and English is not my native language. I learned English as a second language so I know what you have been experiencing so far.

I have been speaking English since I was 5 years old, so it has been more than 25 years since I first started learning this language. I developed many techniques while learning this language. Unlike native English speakers who won't understand your problems, I experienced the same things you are currently experiencing when learning this language. If you're interested, please check out my courses!


Are you also interested in learning Turkish?

Besides teaching English I also teach Turkish to foreigners. I have many students w... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello on Welcome to 10 steps to a fluent English. My name is good back and I will be your English teachers. I have been teaching general English and exam preparation lessons for the total toy like I else and many more exams for the past 10 years in various countries. This time I would like to help you with your English. As you may have noticed from my name and my accent. English is not my native language. I am a Turkish person and I know how hard it is to learn a language that is different from your mother tongue. I have been speaking English for the past 17 years, and so far I developed many different techniques to improve my fluency in English. And in this glass. I want to give you some tips, some tricks toe improve your English and so that you can speak more fluent English when we're learning a language we face. Numerous problems that slow down or stop are learning progression. This course is separated into stand steps in which I will talk about this problems you may encounter when learning English and how you can solve them. Please be aware that this is not a gram. Of course, I will only focus on some off the major problems you may encounter when you're learning English and how you can study and learn English in a more efficient way. Some off. The main things I will mention include what language learning methods you can use to study a language, the importance off immersion and living the language. We will also learn how to set study goals and make a study plan for your future learning purposes. Lastly, I will provide you with many different course materials to sport your language study adventure that you can download from the bonus lesson. I hope that by the end off this course, you will understand how to overcome some of the obstacles in your language learning quest and speak English more fluently. Are you ready? Let's start. 2. Step 1: when you're trying to learn a new language, the first thing that you would do is focus on the work. Avary, right? For example, if you were in London and you went to the supermarket to buy some eggs, even if you didn't know any English, you could say to the supermarket staff X place, and they will show you the selection off egg brands that you can buy from the shop. But will it be better if you could make a complete sentence like excuse May? I would like to purchase some dozen eggs. Where can I find them or anything like that? The first thing you should do when you want to learn a language is to learn the war cavalry and the sentences you will use the most in your daily life. You can start by learning introduction phrases like Hello, my name is good bag and nice to meet you. You could also learn greeting phrases like Good morning, Nice to meet you and by simple questions like I want to buy eggs or how much is it? And the answers to these questions will also be useful for you. In time, you will learn new more cavalry and you will be able to say more complex sentences. The second thing you should focus on is your goals for learning a language. Why did he choose to learn English? What are your short term strategies with this language? Maybe your goal is to live in another country, travel the world or simply talk with a new foreign friend that you made online goals are really important. When one is trying to master the language itself. I want to give you an example of my own. I have been trying Teoh speak Japanese for the past seven years, and I have come a long way, but I still have a lot to do now. Before I started studying Japanese, you know, I would usually watch lots of Japanese movies, dramas, enemies and I would try to read man among us in English translated versions. But I was sick off, always trying to read the subtitles or trying to understand what it was saying in Japanese , and I wanted to understand it completely. But before that's, you know, I want to focus first on the basics because I didn't want to. I forced myself to try to learn everything, trying to reach the biggest goal in the first space. Now, first I want to learn introduction phrases like, Hello, how are you? And other questions? Then I want to talk about what I like and what I disliked and why I wanted to learn Japanese. So first I made smaller goals to reach my final call. It is easier to accomplish smaller goals than simply trying to reach the farthest goal in one face. You should try to make real, small and easy goals that you can achieve quicker. For instance, five small goals could add up to a medium size goal, and five medium size goals could add upto one big goal. You can choose the size, the difficulty and the name off the gold. However you like, this process actually never ends. When you reach one goal, you will create another big coal and follow the same process where you make small goals to reach a certain goal. This can be applied to everything that you do, not just learning a language. I've provided an example gold start for you to write down your goals so that you can see how your English turning adventure will unfold more clearly. Be sure to download it from the bones. Listen and use it. Now that you know how to visualize your goals and have to reach them. Let's learn some off the most use methods spore, language learning. Let's check them out. 3. Step 2: There are many ways to learn a new language, but the two most used methods for learning a new language is the self study methods and the teacher aided studying method. Now both off. These have their advantages and their disadvantages, so you should know about them before you choose which one is more suitable for your studying time. If you like studying on your own, you can choose the length, the paste off, your studying and the place of study to specifically suit your needs. Maybe you're a person who can only focus on language learning for only three hours a week because you're too busy with your work or other responsibilities. On the other hand, maybe you can study more than 20 hours a week because you have more free time in your hands . You are completely responsible for the outcome of your studies. So if you're a dedicated person who follows their own rules and plans, this method could be the best solution for you. Some people learn better when they study alone, but there are others who may suffer terribly. Studying by yourself will definitely be a lot harder because you have to be in control of everything on No one will interfere in any way. So if you make a mistake, it may jeopardize your learning. On the other hand, learning a language with a teacher by your side, maybe a more viable solution for you. The most important difference in learning a language with the help of a teacher is that you will be the center off attention. Whenever you're stuck in a misunderstood grammar loop or want to practice your speaking skills, the teacher will always be there for you. Unlike self studying, very have to search for the answer to a simple question. For hours, the teacher will be able to answer it in seconds and make you full of comprehend it. Okay, so did you choose which method evil used to learn English? In the next two steps, I will talk about South studying methods and teachers studying mattered in more detail, so he will be able to choose which one is more suitable for you. 4. Step 3: Okay, let's say you want to learn a language all by yourself. Now you will be asking. Now, where do I start? Well, first of all, you should get yourself a study book, and you shouldn't focus on looking for too much. Resource is in the Internet because the Internet, you know, is filled with random things, and you don't want to just randomly dye into studying English. That will be very bad for your English studying adventure. All languages have a similar way off being acquired according to the common European framework off preference for languages designed by the constant of Europe. To better evaluate language students, each level from a one to C two has certain grammar or calorie and comprehension that you need to learn and be able to use the further advanced the next stages off your language acquisition. I have provided a CFR standards for the English language in the bonus lesson, so if you want more details about it, you can check out the document in that Listen, you should only true CFR standard materials for learning English, because it will be a lot easier for you to track your progress with these materials the materials I will mention now are all in CFR standards, so you don't have to worry about anything, and I will direct you into the right pat. Language can be separated into four categories. Grammar or cavalry listening and reading. Now, the books I'm you mentioned are just my personal favorites. You don't have to choose these books to study English. But when you're choosing a study book, other than these books I mentioned, try to choose them only if they are CFR standard materials. Okay, feel free to consult me any time it potro's any study materials. Besides my suggestions, I will look at the man I will directly into the right path. Also, if you have any study metals that you choose, besides my methods that I advised, I want to give you more information, and I will try to help you as much as I can. First of all, let's start with grammar. I have a lot of students asked me what book I would recommend when practicing grammar, and I usually choose Raymond Murphy and Martin having this grammar in used books. I use these books in all my private classes and group classes. They are written in an easy to understand language, fun to read and are excellent self study books. Apart from grammar in You, Siri's, you can also check out pity as ours English grammar series if you need further explanations or want to do more exercises for a certain grammar topic. Although I don't like the page design of these books as much as the grammar in use, Siri's the explanations off topics are actually more detailed. Now. Be aware that grammar books are only support materials for the main study books. So apart from grammar books, you should get a student book and a workbook to supplement your studies. One of the main books for practicing listening I rating that i freakin. The use is Oxford's new headway, Siri's. If we have a limited budget, you can use the new headway for listening, reading and vocabulary exercises so you could just buy the new Headways student book and workbook. And it will be more than enough for your studies. As I mentioned before, you should True Study materials, which are written in the CFR standard. New headway follows the standard, and it's a reliable main study book. If you want another good main study book. You could also try out. Cambridge is face to face Siri's, which also has bought a student book and a workbook like the new head May Siri's The's. Siri's looks similar in page design but have different reading topics and listening exercises. The face to face Siris was also written in the CFR standard. While you can study what Cadbury just by reading anything you can find if we are still at a beginner level, my supplementary will camera book for you would be Felicity Odell and Michael McCarty's or Cavalry in your Siri's. The's Siri's Start from beginner a one level and continue up until Upper Intermediate B two level. If we are about Upper Intermediate B two level, you shouldn't need a separate or cavalry book. You should just use the appropriate level of your main study book, hit New Headway or face to Face and read anything you can find, like newspapers, magazines, blocks and in other articles that you can find online. After getting these books, you should also supplement your studies with English related materials like videos, for example, maybe you can check out you tube or in others with the hosting channel to see English television series or anything. That's education that will help you learn English better if you'd like. You can also check out the website lists that I will provide in the bonus section, where I will also include some places like that. You can watch videos and other listening all the visual material. If we need an additional reading and listening websites, you can also check out the bonus. Listen, I provided the websites list very gonna downloaded and check out other websites that ice that are also good for educational purposes. Okay, question time. How do you do yourself studying? What kind of materials do you use or studying? Please share them with me and the other students who enrolled to the scores and let me know about European. Now we will look at how you can learn a language with help off a teacher in the next step 5. Step 4: If you decided that you don't want to learn a language all by yourself and you need professional assistance, then you will have to look for a private tutor or English learning facility. And the biggest difference between self studying and studying with the help of the teacher is that the teachers will know some off the problems you will face when you're studying English, and they will try to help you so that you won't lose any time or in more money, and you will learn the language. You will master it, and you will speak it fluently in the fast way possible. It can be intimidating to look at a study book and try to figure out what's going on in a certain chapter, whereas the teacher will teach you the language step by step, in a meaningful way that you will be able to understand and use immediately after the glass . The teacher aided studying method has two sub options. Private, one on one classes or group classes. You should know both their advantages and their disadvantages before you choose one. If you want to learn English language learning facility, you should also know that there will be people around you learning your target language. One of the main advantages of a classroom environment is that you will be able to exercise what you have learned with different classmates right at that time. But there may be some problems learning a language in a group environment. First, not everyone has the same personality and the same level of English proficiency as you. Some people learn quicker than others, and some may have prior knowledge off the language that they acquired in another course or place. You may also encounter personal problems with other peers in the classroom, and this may affect your learning experience. You should also be aware that the teacher will have less time for every student if the class has too many students. If you miss a class due to an illness or in other reason and the class gets ahead and studies, you may feel left out and could possibly lose your motivation to study. The second teacher aided Studying option is private lessons from a teacher. A private lesson is the lesson where only you and the teacher do the class. In a study environment you choose. This can be at your home at a cafe or through the Internet. The biggest advantage of a private lesson is that you are the center of attention. The classes will go according to your level, capacity and personality. Most private English teachers also test you in the first lesson off the private Listen, So when you started with a placement test to see what level you are in English and besides the placement test, they also do an individual test on their own, where they check your personality. Want to like what you don't like. What kind of method would be the best for you? So when you're doing a private lesson, they will try to give you the best experience. You haven't the fastest way to achieve your English aims. You can practice speaking wild in the lesson with your teacher, and you may even learn through three our sport of information in a one hour class. Now, the biggest disadvantage is that because you're in constant focus, you may get tired more easily as the same goes for the teacher to. Another disadvantage is that the price will be much more expensive, whereas a package course you may sign up for in a language center could be much more affordable. Ball language courses and private lessons were provided with the necessary study materials that they will use in the lessons, so you don't have to buy anything else. All they have to do is attempt a class, do your homework and basically do what the teacher tells you to do. Okay, Another question. Time. Which matter do you think is better self studying or the teacher aided studying? Did you choose any off these on How was your experience? With both off the studying methods? Please share your experience with me on others who enrolled in this course and let me know about your different opinion. In the next step, I will talk about something really important called Living the Language. Let's see what this 6. Step 5: Now, this may sound a little bit strange, but I want you to go back to your childhood. You know, think about your childhood. And do you remember how you learned your native language in the home was your learning experience. You know, if you look at your neck, your knees or any other younglings around you, you may have noticed that there always clinging as in there are always, you know, by your side. They're trying to imitate you as much as they can write. Next. I want you to imagine an old woman working in a farm from dusk till down in a small village growing vegetables. Now, this woman didn't graduate from college, let alone graduate from high school on didn't get any kind of formal education for her language. But besides not being able to read or write, she can speak her native language fluently. It's amazing, right? As you can see, neither books nor any other material is compulsory for learning how to speak any language. Nevertheless, you should still use the materials and the methods that I have mentioned in the earlier steps to better study your target language and to learn to read and write in that language correctly, unless you don't care about learning how to read and write all things aside. While studying a language is the important, achieve your aims. What is more important is how you treat the language itself. Most people treat a foreign language as a set of words and rules that you need to know to speak. But that's hardly the case. I have had many students who could complete an English grammar proficiency test with a relatively high score, but when asked to talk about their daily lives, they could only speak with great difficulty. The reason people have this problem is that they lack any kind of exposure to the foreign language in real life. So how has been your English learning experience so far? Do you go to a language course for like, six hours a week, or get private tutoring for four hours a week? Or do you just simply study an hour every week? But do you actually use the language? Do you go outside and interact with people? Do you go outside and buy some eggs, for example? Do you actually use the language itself? How much their answer to these questions. Even if you live in a foreign country speaking your target language unless to start using the language itself, you will always have fluency. Problems. I have seen people who live and work in foreign countries far away from their homelands, But they could barely speak the language off that country despite living there for many years. There isn't a simple. They seclude themselves from living the language, and they live inside their safe zone all the time. Whatever language we're aiming to learn, you can't learn to speak up for a language just by memorizing a study book. Language is the identity off a country's culture and its people. As I mentioned earlier, while I was studying Japanese, no, I tried to indulge myself. I immerse myself as much as I can to Japanese culture. You know, I would try to watch lots of movies. I would try to watch dramas animates. I would try to read Japanese among us in Japanese at least once that I could read. And besides, from reading and listening to things, I would go outside, make new friends, Japanese friends whom I could speak Japanese with, You know, I would try to put myself in that culture at as much as possible. And at the last part, you know, I went to Japan and I actually lived there. So if you have the opportunity, you should also be doing something like this to improve your English. In the next step, I will talk about something called Immersion. Now emergent is really important, because unless you emerged yourself to the culture and the people off that language, it will be really hard for you to master any kind of foreign language. 7. Step 6: first things first. If you aren't a self disciplined person that it will be really hard for you to get learned in English now, the medicine I will mention are really basic. But what's important about them is how much how frequently you use them. Adapt them into your life. If you are introvert, which is basically a person who doesn't like to interact with people that much, then you will have to force yourself to go outside and socialize as much as possible. Try to find some people in your town who speak English or even better. Try to find native English speakers. Now you may be asking, Get back. How in the world am I going to find foreigners in my city? In the past, where there was no Internet, this could have been a hard problem to solve. But thanks to the Internet, it's become a lot easier to find foreigners in your city. You will be surprised by find out the number of foreigners living in your city. Just a quick reminder before we start the websites that I will mention Here are just my personal suggestions, like the books on the materials I mentioned before and I used these websites because I actually achieved something with these websites. I wanted to try to find people whom I could speak English and Japanese wheat on these websites provided to be really useful for my aims. So I do hope that the bees will also be good websites for you. And if you don't like my suggestions or if you have other suggestions, please share them with me so that I can give more options to people who are watching this course. Okay, The first website is called Meet Up, which lets you and other people get together. There are certain groups or events that you can join where foreigners in your city are also attending. If you want, you can also make your own groups, events or gatherings about a certain topic, like an English talking club where you can meet people who want to practice speaking English. These people can be from your country or foreigners living in your country. The website has both free membership and paid membership with additional functionality, but the free one basically works too. The second websites suggestion. I will give this couch surfing. Unlike meet up, this website is a place where you can find foreigners that are visiting your country so you can be their hosts When they arrive. You can open your house to them for a few days, or maybe a few weeks and show them around your city. Being a host is a great way to practice your English or whatever language you're aiming to learn for free, make new friends and have fun all at the same time. Also, if you're going abroad, you can find a host for yourself that this website called surfing is mostly free of charge . And you only need to make a profile to start accepting people as a host or to look for a host in another country. Lastly, you should definitely check out inter nations. This website is similar to meet up, but with a more elite audience, you can join bigger gatherings that work with organizations New York City, practice your English and maybe even find a job opening. Although basic features off this website are free, you need to pay an additional feet, open more futures, check out their Web site for additional information to sum up if you can't find an environment where you can immerse herself to English. Your English will be fluent in no time. Next up, we will talk about moved media immersion. So it's an emergent type where you won't need to interact with so many people. So it's a great emergent type for inter words. 8. Step 7: how much time do spends using your knowledge of English today? Do you still have problems understanding people when they speak English? The problem might be that you're not used to hearing English that much. So besides social emergent, there's an easy methods that you can follow by indulging yourself in any kind of multimedia in English. But there's a catch. You need to spend seven hours a day indulged in this method. But don't be afraid off seven hours because I'm not talking about studying seven hours a day, you will know why. Let's assume that you wake up around eight o'clock every morning and sleep around 11 o'clock. You are awake 15 hours in a day, right? I'm guessing that you have a job, your students or stay at home parent. No matter what you do, you are probably occupied around eight hours. How do you spent the remaining seven hours? Most of us simply opened the TV or the Internet and look purposely at it until we go asleep , which means we waste around seven productive hours. Instead, why not watch or listen to something in English, even if your begin their when you listen to English every day, you will get accustomed to the grammar structure vocabulary on how some praises are used in spoken English before you learn them in your study time for any kind of multimedia immersion. I would recommend that to watch English TV channels like the BBC, CNN or simply watch American TV series that you can find online. If you spend a lot of time on the Internet as opposed to washing TV, that you should check out Ted talks on YouTube. They have really informative discussions regarding various topics. Try to find all the original materials with topics that interest you and immerse yourself to daily for as long as you can. A quick reminder. If you check out the bonus. Listen, I have included a study resource is pdf where I will also mention about different multimedia resource is that you can use to further improve your immersion in this topic. OK, if we are more into Redington watching things than read books, Internet blog's articles and news in English, or listen to music in your target language, do what you must to live the language as much as possible. So how will you know if we are immersed well enough to the language. In the next step, I will talk about something called Thinking in English, which tests your immersion. 9. Step 8: most of my students asked me how they can stop translating English in their mind and how they can actually start thinking in English. Well, it's a lot easier than you think. When I was a student studying American culture and literature, I had to read a lot off study materials and novels to prepare for varies exams, preparations for the quizzes, essays on research papers. Sometimes because I was using English so much, I would forget some of the words in my native language, and I would use English words to fill the gaps, and sometimes they would give me books about 305 100 pages long, and I don't have to read them in two days. And because of that, some nights I would dream in English. Now it waas one way off, thinking in English. But it was also one way off, being extremely annoyed if you much any sitcoms like friends or how I met your mother or anything similar everyday characters are portrayed in their own environment. You will sometimes hear certain phrases from these characters, which you can also try to imitate from friends. I remember the saying, Could I be any more And I kept using this phrase with my friends while I was trying to learn English. Please, could she be more out of my league? Ross, back me up here. They could never get a woman like that in a 1,000,000 years. Could you want her more Booth? Sarcastic sister from what's happened, Chandler couldn't be more. They do me, you know, like, okay, Could that report be any later? Gets it back past the middle. Lines it up. And yes, that shot me any prettier. Look at me. I'm Chandler. Could I be wearing anymore? I also use the famous phrase from how I met your mother's from Barney Stinson's. If you remember, it's gonna be legendary. Trust me, it's gonna be legendary. It's gonna be legendary. It's gonna be legendary. It's gonna be a legend. Wait. And I hope you don't like tourism taller because the second half of that word is dairy. Very So what I'm saying is try to mimic these phrases and try to incorporate them into your daily use off English imitating like how babies do when they want to learn. Their native language is one of the best place for language acquisition. But Unlike babies, our brain is mature on its more complex, so we can use this method with more precision and actually learn English a lot faster than them, then trying the thinking in English methods. Don't memorize words. Instead, learn phrases about topics that interest in the most You can learn or mimic some sentences from either TV shows, movies or articles that you have read. Try to focus on phrases that you think you will use immediately and frequently. Secondly, try to think about things that you say all the time in your own language. But this time I think and say them out loud in English. Talk to yourself in English on describe in detail what you did that day to yourself. When your mind is used to thinking about certain topics in English, you will be able to respond much quicker when people ask me a question. Lastly, make talking to yourself a daily habits. Think about what things he would say in English and speak about them by yourself. After you start thinking in English, it are trying or translating anything. Then you will have achieved a big milestone as a side effect off over emergent there will be times very well. Start dreaming in English now. This may sound funny, but it won't be that fun when you start thinking to yourself in English and you can't stop yourself at times like these may be have to lower the frequency off the emergence so that you can the rest your mind emergent and thinking in English are important things if you want to reach fluency in English, but apart from these, you will need to support your studies, and in the next step, we will learn how to make a study schedule so you can follow your program and reach your goals faster. 10. Step 9: it's always hard to learn something new and make the part of your life. This could be learning a new language like English, learning a new skill, like playing the piano or learning anything out of the ordinary. If you want to achieve mastery in that new skill, you need to follow a study plan. In this lesson, we will talk about how you can do this, whether you're s students or adults with a full fledged job. We all have certain obligations that need to be fulfilled. Sometimes we have so many commitments in our lives that we can't even remember what we must do a few hours later. At times like these, it is always a good idea to write down what you have to do for that day on a schedule to start with, get a piece of paper and from the top off the paper to the bottom, right down all the things that you do in a day try to also include what time it breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now right down the schedule for remaining days off the week in the same way, you now have a written record of everything that you do in a week. It's gonna be a lot easier to see when you're busy and when you're free, thanks to your weakness schedule. Now let's adapt this schedule into our English study. Now we can separate English into four categories, like I mentioned grammar, listening, reading and vocabulary. And we can, for example, make grammars on reading in tow one day and listening are writing in tow another day. But if you like you can change it, you don't have to force the force yourself to follow this program. It's up to you. If you arranged your weekly schedule and why did your English study types into the available time chunks, then all you need to do is follow it. This is actually the most important thing when making a study schedule staying consistent with your study time. If you can't keep up with your schedule, then you may have to change it to better suit you. Then you make a study schedule. You also have to put into account your personality and your habits. For example, can you study nonstop for three hours? Okay, only study for 45 minutes before your brain stops working. Que only study in the mornings or late at nights. How was your learning style? Are you a visual learner that needs additional materials from YouTube to sport? You're studying language videos? Or are there aria auditory learner that needs to listen to lots off music or anything like recordings from BBC to further supplemental studies? No matter what kind of a person you are, you will have to create your schedule according to your own personal needs. You may have to revise your study schedule a few times before it works out the way you want . One thing you must not forget is that you should never give up and always follow your programs. I have provided the downloadable PdF chart for the study charts in the bonus Listen, so if you'd like to use that, you can also check it out. I also provide a sample study charge, which you can look at and create our own. We're almost coming to the end of our course now. In the last section, I will mention some websites that you can use to further supporter study off the four categories in English 11. Step 10: There are a lot of websites under an Internet that you can use to support your English study Ivan. No mention some websites and I will put them into poor categories, which are reading, listening, writing and speaking. Reading is the most important thing that you should do to improve your work. Cavalry Reservoir two off the websites, which I frequently use for reading, are long reads and NPR. Long reads futures different kinds of short stories from various outers around the world. If you like reading novels than this website will be a good addition to your bookmarks. To understand most of the stories you need to have a pre intermediate B one and above English level. My second recommendation for doing reading is NPR, which stands for National Public Radio. This website futures news articles and documentaries, mostly from the United States but the good parties. You can both read an article and later listen to it like Long reads. You may need around pre intermediate B one and higher level to understand what the articles are talking about. If these websites are too hard for you, I also included a list of websites in the Bones section off this glass that you can check out if you like. Although NPR can cover both your reading and listening needs, I would like to recommend to other websites that you can use for listening called Pet Talks and American Rhetoric. Now I did talk about Ted talks previously, but it really is a great website for listening. Practice talks features video recordings off speakers who talk about different subjects, from politics to technology helps to daily like and much more. Because the speakers are from around the world, their accent also changes. You need to get used to hearing different dialects and accents to better understand people . You can also read the transcript off the speeches in English or your native language. The second website elected with the daily is American rhetoric. Now this website is unique because it has recordings off speeches made by famous people in history. You can also what short clips off famous speeches made in movies, too, as I mentioned about the topic off thinking in English in Step eight. You can use the recordings in this website to mimic some of the phrases from the movies or historical speeches to use in your daily life. Lastly, if we remember in Step six social emergent, I mentioned three websites. Meet up couchsurfing and inter nations to find people in your area to speak English with. Now. If you still want to socialize but don't want to leave your house, you allow this website. It's called I Toki I Talking is an online educational socializing platform where you can find people from all over the world to practice any language that you want, including English. This website is a full flesh community where you can have people help you with your English writings and also find speaking partners to practice your English. If we are looking for more professional help and want to further improve your understanding of English that you can choose from thousands of professional teachers that will aid in your language learning adventure. The teaching services provided are not free off charge, so check out the website thoroughly before you decide on which teacher you want to get help from. I'm also a teacher at I talky, so if you are interested in getting English lessons from me, you can check out additional details in the bones test in section Congratulations. You have now come to the end of the course. 10 steps to a planned English. You will now have a greater understanding off how to reach fluency in English. Before you go, I would like to check out the bones lesson because I have some really important information in there. See, there. 12. Bonus: thank you for spending your valuable time and much in my course 10 steps to a plumed English this month. My first attempt at making a really long course. And I did the editing, directing and pretty much everything else in this project. I was a one man team. So because of that, if you saw me, if you saw my course as incomplete or if it didn't meet your expectations, I'm sorry for that. But please let me know what I can add to further improve this course in the making. Off this course, my production quality was maybe not that good enough. And because of that, you may have noticed that there were lighting off. The film was pretty bad because it took me more than 10 hours. Just the truth is, and because of that, I couldn't control the light outside. I'm sorry for this problem, but in the next course is that I will make Hopefully, they will be in better production quality and they will hopefully meet your standards better. As I mentioned before in my introduction video, I'm an English teacher with 10 years experience, and I thought general English lessons and exam preparation less export of total toy and I arts, and this time I want to help you reach your goals. So if you are interested in getting English lessons from me, please visit my profile that I told you about come. Apart from teaching English to individuals and groups in their employees and companies, I also have a websites called English Helicke. In this Web site, I tried to put content video content mostly about learning English. No studying English. I tried to put short lessons, you know, like unlike you Demel essence that I just made here. These lessons are short, more most like 5 10 minutes and they will be about how to improve your English language proficiency and some tips in grammars and grammar explanations in general. But at the moment, the content is really low because I just started to step site. But hopefully in the future it will grow bigger and it will be a website liked by everyone . I know that you came to the spoons lesson just for one thing, and that was because he wanted to download. The additional resource is that I will provide and you can if you like. You can download all of the mess. Pdf The study Schedule the goals Chart CFR standard charts, language resources, additional websites. Anything else? If you'd like to download them, you can check out the course, circle them and don't want them from there. Last of all, if you have some free time, I would like Teoh review this course for me. You know, if you like this course, please let me know if you have any criticism and suggestions and opinions on your own. You can also write them both in the review or as a question in the discussion section. Also, you can contact me any time if you need any kind of assistance, either from this you Demi course page or from my home page at English aholic dot com. I hope to see you next time in the next course on. Take again for watching this course. I hope to make better courses in the future on Hopefully see again in the future. Take care