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Learn to Read, Write, Listen, and Speak Better English - 10 Steps to a Fluent English

Gökberk Talu, English Teacher - 10 Years Experience

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About This Class

Do you want to be better at English?

Do you want to read, write, listen, and speak in English?

Do you want to achieve advanced level of English but don't know how?

Do you want to make foreign friends and socialize?

Did you answer "YES" to any of the above questions? Then, I want to help you achieve your dreams!

Learning any language, like English, is hard. You are learning a completely different culture with the language.

I know how you feel because English is not my native language too!

When you are studying English, maybe you think "my English teacher can't understand how I feel because s/he is a native speaker" or "S/He never felt the things I feel when I study English". I know exactly how you feel because I learned English later in life and I'm also trying to learn another language and experiencing the same things overs again. But I have developed some tips to improve my reading, writing, listening, and speaking. I believe these tips are valuable for you and will help you reach your dreams faster. SPEAK BETTER ENGLISH!

So what will I learn?

  1. Learn how to read, write and speak better English
  2. Learn how to "Think in English". Do you want to stop thinking in your native language?
  3. Learn different methods for studying English. And choose which one is better for you.
  4. Make new friends, speak English with them! You don't have to be alone anymore! I will tell you how!
  5. Different resources for improving your Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Check them out!
  6. Learn to "Live the Language", that is the only way to become better at English
  7. Make "Study Schedules" that will help you listen, speak, read, and write in English
  8. Get the points you want from any English exam like the TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS by making and using "Study Schedules" and "Goal Charts"

If you are not satisfied yet, check out my reviews below and how my students rated this course! I want to help you! 

You can always contact me any time if you have any questions, I will support you as much as I can!

I hope to see you in my class, best of luck!






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Gökberk Talu

English Teacher - 10 Years Experience

Hello, I'm Gokberk.

I was born in Turkey and English is not my native language so if you are also trying to learn English, I understand how you feel about this language. I have been speaking English since I was 5 years old, so it has been more than 25 years since I first started learning this language. I have been teaching English for the past 10+ years. I want to help you with your English by teaching you some tips and tricks with my lessons!

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