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Learn to Print Your Photos Like a Pro

Gary Detonnancourt, More Than A Snapshot

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11 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. Getting Started

    • 2. Introduction: Part 1

    • 3. Introduction: Part 2

    • 4. How to Profile Your Display

    • 5. How to Download and Install an ICC Profile

    • 6. How to Make a Custom Profile for any Type of Paper

    • 7. How to Print from Photoshop

    • 8. How to use the Lightroom Print Module

    • 9. How to Download and Use Print Templates in Lightroom

    • 10. How to Soft Proof an Image in Lightroom

    • 11. Finish Strong: Custom Mat Cutting


About This Class

In my course, "Learn to Print Your Photos Like a Pro", you will learn all of the important aspects of preparing an image for inkjet printing. This course is designed for beginners all the way up to experienced printers. For this course, you will need an inkjet photo printer, computer, and some sort of image editing software. The course is structured so you can complete it in a day or two, so you can get to the fun part of making great prints. You should take this class to sharpen your printing skills and to produce a final project, a completed and professional looking final print! 





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Gary Detonnancourt

More Than A Snapshot

Gary has been an educator for the last twenty-Two years in the areas of science, technology, and photography. In 1998, Gary was awarded the technology teacher of the year award for the state of Rhode Island by Microsoft and Technology & Learning Magazine.

Gary has used these talents as a technology educator to create an online photography training website called morethanasnapshot.com .

Gary Detonnancourt

[email protected]

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