Learn to Paint an Abstract Landscape Painting with Acrylics | Jacquie Gouveia | Skillshare

Learn to Paint an Abstract Landscape Painting with Acrylics

Jacquie Gouveia, Abstract Landscape Painter

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10 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools & Materials

    • Paint Colors

    • Underpainting

    • Horizon Placement & Composition

    • Building Layers I

    • Building Layers II

    • Building Layers III

    • Finishing Touches

    • Final Comments


About This Class


In this 48 minute painting video artist Jacquie Gouveia, will teach students how to paint an abstract landscape painting from start to finish. Jacquie will discuss the tools she uses and the techniques she has learned and developed over the years. She keeps the process very simple and her instruction is extremely clear and easy to follow. Students only need 4 colors plus white to complete the panting. This video is perfect for beginners or seasoned artists looking to learn some new skills.

It can be very challenging to paint a landscape painting in a simplified and abstract way. Capturing just the essence and overall minimalistic color field of a scene can be a new way of painting for many artists. But in this video, painter Jacquie Gouveia demonstrates how simple and relaxing this style of painting can be.

You will learn:

  • How to keep your colors fresh and clean
  • How to mix paint colors
  • The basics of color theory
  • Various paint application techniques
  • How to layer your paints to add depth

Tools Needed:

  • Stretched Canvas (small like 12x12)
  • Spray Bottle (keeps the acrylic paints wet)
  • Gesso (white and clear)
  • Brushes
  • Palette knife
  • Acrylic paints
      * Ultramarine blue
      * Cobalt blue
       *Olive green (or a dark earthy green)
       *Cadmium Orange

To see Jacquie's paintings go to:

Student Feedback:

"I LOVE your paintings, and really enjoyed your video! I thought it was tremendously interesting to see how you approach painting: No focus at all on the line shape or "drawing" aspects of the brushwork – which is quite diff from how I paint! – and fully engaged on the color and textural dimensions.
As a result, your work is essentially very lively, thrilling color field painting with some landscape references. You "let it happen" based on the tool you are using, the characteristics of the paint you've mixed and the surface – and then react with your next color step/s. Wow. I can see how this would be a very fun way to work, rather than sweating specific representational details. "

"I bought your painting lesson as I had never used acrylics before. It was absolutely excellent. Your video was superb. You seemed warm and friendly and made it easy to understand with clear simple steps. You made it fun and also made me feel that I what I wanted to achieve was possible."

"Jacquie, I have watched this video at least 3 times and love it! Really enjoyed watching you creating one of your masterpieces and have learned a lot about painting from you. Highly recommended!"

"I think you did an excellent job here. You cover every step, including your basic setup, in detail. You made it simple enough for a beginner but in the end you create a piece of fine art even a experienced artist would be happy with. "

"My wife and I kept looking at each other marveling at how simple you made everything seem. We were amazed at your truly minimalist color pallet. Of course, it was your enormous talent that was really the star. We are both just mesmerized by the simplicity and beauty of your art."

"Your teaching style and the production values of the video made the process very easy to understand and comprehend. I am going to purchase paint, some brushes, get a few canvases and give it a go."















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Jacquie Gouveia

Abstract Landscape Painter

After many requests, painter Jacquie Gouveia, finally hired a videographer and created her first painting tutorial in 2016. She has sold over 100 videos thru Etsy and has received excellent feedback from her students. She loves sharing everything she has learned about painting and strives to keep the process fun and relaxing.

Jacquie Gouveia's paintings are collected throughout the US, Canada and Europe. She sells through both brick-and-mortar and online galleries such as Saatchi Art. ...

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