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Learn to Paint a Tropical Beach Step-by-Step

teacher avatar James Corwin, Professional Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Tropical Beach Painting 1

    • 2. Tropical Beach Part 2

    • 3. Tropical Beach Painting 3

    • 4. Tropical Beach Painting 4

    • 5. Tropical Beach Painting 5

    • 6. Tropical Beach Painting 6

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About This Class

Learn to paint a tropical beach step by step!

Watch as I do each step, then pause the video and complete the step before moving on. Rewatch any section and take it all at your own pace! 

Hang and show off your beautiful painting when you are finished. Takes about 2 hours to complete!

Use your own art supplies. You will need:

11x14 in canvas

3 brushes (large flat, medium flat, small round)

Acrylic paint (bright red, bright yellow, pthalo blue, ultramarine blue, ivory black, titanium white)

Table Easel

Artists Palette

Have a glass of water and paper towel available for cleaning your brushes.

Instructed by James Corwin

No prior artistic experience necessary. Instruction given is great for all levels of artistic abilities.

This course is for any artist who would like to create a painting in 2 hours or less. This course simplifies the painting into steps so that anyone can paint it from start to finish.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

James Corwin

Professional Artist


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1. Tropical Beach Painting 1: - for all you sunbathers out there have a beautiful beach for unified. Hi, I'm James Corwin. Thanks for joining me. I'm gonna take you step by step through a tropical beach painting, demonstrating here on the canvas and then giving you an opportunity to quickly each step unprompted posit video, complete the step and then press play when you're ready to move on. All right, let's begin. So, Mr with my big brush and we're gonna makes a bright sky blue We're taking my brilliant taylor blue Mix it with white You can see the beautiful blue sky We're making this just a hint of my ultra marine blue And now you find my horizon line So I'm just gonna come down halfway on my campus then going inch below Make a mark again Halfway down inch below Make a mark Just draw a line across That's gonna be And then when they come in 1/3 on the canvas Another mark And then about an inch canvas on the edge I want to connect those two lives It's like that now this is going to be my continuing to use This color makes it a little bit more of it. You bring this color appearance in the sky starting with darker blue just going across the canvas year. You know, I'm gonna add a little bit of white to that blue and once again across the canvas and blend , Settle ingredient, Add weight to the blue, paint the lighter color in now and then blending please Together it's okay and you guessed it heading even more. You're along the horizon. I have a beautiful, radiant blue sky, a little amusing, this blue It's gonna make it a bit darker again. But mixing the ultra marine blue with the brilliant Failla blue into my white Bring this color back into the ocean Here, filling in all this, Terry, just come out. He's my brush, too soft ocean in the horizon just to make it look like the ocean is extending. Go ahead now and Maxie's blues and have fun making ingredient and then I'll meet you in the next step. 2. Tropical Beach Part 2: Okay, go ahead and clean off your big brush. Really? Well, we're gonna mix our sand, take my wife Just a little bit of red to it. A little bit of just a hint of So we're putting in the dark tones of sand first. Uh, wait just on warm enough for red. You can create just using the primaries. Okay, beautiful. So my main colors blocked in, going in and complete this step and then let your paint dry before we move on to the next step. Great. Pick up your medium sized brush. Let's paint in some clouds. So the first layer of clouds take some white and just add tiny into black just to gray them down Ever so slightly out there. Now, I'm gonna wipe off much of this pain off my brush so I can begin to paint in very transparent clouds. Started here my horizon Working my way up. Now, the reason I added some gray or some black to my white to make a light grade, it's just so I could create the clouds that are kind of picking up the sea mist. So we're gonna add some bright white highlights. But some of these clouds underneath her carrying a lot of atmosphere dust. We want to make this look as natural as possible. So gonna add in these first have a main heart shaped cloud right here coming off of it. Just clouds more with speak clouds going up in the other direction. - Just a nice warm great here. So the angle of my brush strokes in the direction I take them. It's gonna shape out my rounder clouds. - Great clouds. You're welcome. Teoh. Wherever rest in the sky create types of clouds. Well, it's always one of my favorite things. Pink clouds. It's really easy. Oh, it's just going back and forth. - Okay , He looks nice. First layer clubs green. A slight bit of this color into the ocean now, adding a little bit of gray to my white. Just pulling this color crossed. Yeah, just in a few areas, just like just to start to get some of the sea foam waves. First tone of color count. Alright, closed video. Have fun painting your clubs and then press play when you're ready. Teoh 3. Tropical Beach Painting 3: Okay, go ahead and clean off your medium sized brush while the clouds are drawing We're gonna work some color into the beach, take my ultra marine blue mix it with just a little bit of just like And I'm gonna wait off much of this pain Dragon sand here. Just my add Just a little bit of like that. Just a dark in it. So we're putting this color down as a shadow that's gonna lie Knees, debris that's been washing up a little Chuck sticks going to extend out beach here first a zit comes into the foreground Spread out, get whiter So I just water line my beach in the foreground Great. Now I'm gonna take out my pointy brush I'm gonna add all the little sticks and debris. Take my pointy brush I'm gonna make a brown taking just a little bit of black on adding read and yellow I had a little bit more and then basically just going to scruple in the sand It's not much detail that we need to put into this here. So just kind of wherever I feel looks best, Nesic. It's towards the horizon. It's maybe a little closer together more concentrated as our perspective. Planes out just gave smaller, disappearing down the beach, feel pieces strapped around up here. You can see how doing this. Like I said, just so it should be a very easy step for you. You can see now. How about nice Blue Creates a shadow there? I think so. Go ahead now. Completely step. 4. Tropical Beach Painting 4: Okay, go ahead and pick up your medium sized brush. Now, we're gonna use, um, pure white. Bring out the highlights in the clouds. I began to Russians his highlights here, to my clouds. I want to many I still like the great No, just writing clouds, Couple spaces if you're right this place. And, uh, right now it's like any tropical beach. But it's actually a beach in Florida called Boca Grande on the gulf side into the speech a lot. And I love it. Okay, great. That's well, I'm working with this white start to bring this sea foam here, so starting at my shoreline, So take my Russia at an angle Almost similar squiggling and scribbling that I didn't speaker more white up in the shoreline. Some of this and also the same way I'm just gonna bring white sand. Just break little grains of sand, catching the light of the sun here into my grasses Sand might make a little bit more seeing color and soften up those. - Go ahead. That stuff next. Okay, well, hitting clean off your medium sized brush. Very dark. I'm gonna start first with my land here. Just gonna come into sand just a little bit. Rise in line down. I just Okay. No revisiting in the branches of starting up Russian these ranges. So I'm gonna create more of a mass appearing as I come out, have a branch that comes down and and then little branches that full I wanted to be mostly out of focus, so keeping it very soft transfer, adding in my mess. And as I come out and some branches, - I don't want to overdo it. So say that looks nice. Let that land dry now, and, uh, I'm gonna add some more colors into that, but first complete this step. 5. Tropical Beach Painting 5: Okay, go ahead and take your point. Brush. We're gonna mix a lighter shade of green Take my yellow and ultra marine blue Just a little bit of red. Tone it down more of an olive green brush screen here for my land Coming out into a sand. Okay, His color over the line Just They're so gonna bring this san first grasses dark in that with just a little bit. Never rinse off my brush Red and orange color. It's taking my red. That's yellow. It was a little bit of yellow, A little bit of my orange there natural pain in some homes trees but 6. Tropical Beach Painting 6: Okay, go ahead and brush. We're gonna make some palm trees. Must start with a little bit of makesem palm trees marks. Just Mr Palms. Yeah, And see how they're getting smaller. Is that go down the beach? Great of this step. Take a medium size brush in my culture I'm gonna paint in a shadow Smooth canvas Just pull out letting this just disappeared Fade into Start with my pressure Then as I pull away every leaf just takes black and ultra marine blue And said the darkest little bit right in there Just gonna dark in this just adds contrast head now and complete this step And then we'll finish with adding just a couple people. Fantastic. Go ahead now and pick up your pointing brush. I'm just gonna continue using my black and ultra marine blue painting. My people rolling Pressure palette rolling to find point. A little a person walking here, So stop body officials have a couple Sunday. They say I hope this is you right now are I would like it to be me sitting on a beach, Lester reading find and take a little bit of red and yellow that makes an orange yellow White had a little place, but I would like to enjoy right about complete this step, i e I hope you had a little feeling of tropical warmth painting this painting. I sure enjoyed teaching it to you. Thank you for joining me. I would love to see your beautiful artwork. So please share it with me. And I look forward to painting again with you soon. Thank you so much. Yeah. Okay. She was such a good very likely that would work, right? I hope you felt a bit of tropical warmth painting that painting. I sure