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13 Videos (1h 15m)
    • Introduction

    • Mixing Paint

    • Lipstick Plant Leaf

    • Jade Leaves

    • Marigold Leaf

    • Orchid Leaf

    • Purple Oxalis

    • Nasturtium Leaf Part 1

    • Nasturtium Leaf Part 2

    • Rose Leaves Part 1

    • Rose Leaves Part 2

    • Rose Leaves Part 3

    • On Your Own


About This Class

In this class I'll share how I paint leaves with watercolor using different watercolor techniques and seven types of leaves as examples.

The skills I'll demonstrate include:

  • mixing paint for a general palette using pan watercolor paints
  • observing a subject and creating preliminary pencil sketches 
  • wet on wet washes
  • wet on dry washes
  • lifting paint with a damp brush
  • layering paint
  • mixing color on the page
  • painting fine details

These skills can be used in many other watercolor applications.

The leaves I paint in this class are from the following plants:

  • lipstick plant
  • jade plant
  • marigold
  • orchid
  • oxalis
  • nasturtium
  • rose


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Love Anne´s classes!!
Angelica Venegas

I love to create and design, for make others happy

Very nice class , thank you ! Really enjoyed it !
Anne, this was a beautiful class. I am very new-no training, just passion to learn. While my leaves were not the greatest, in my mind, I learned to let my paint dry before adding the next lay and that it takes many layers for the piece to look nice. I also learned about mixing colour, using different much to practice. Thank you for your calm voice and I look forward to more of your classes.





Anne Butera

watercolor artist, pattern designer

For a long time I denied my identity as an artist, but in 2010 I decided to reclaim it.

Regaining my creativity didn't quite work out as I had planned. In truth, on my first attempt at leaping for my dreams I fell flat on my face. That experience, though painful, has put me on what I call a Mission of Beauty and Joy.

Today I work as a freelance botanical artist.

I strive to create something each day and am passionate about encouraging you to embrace your creativit...

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